(BMC/Hamilton) Learn, Song Parody

Parody: Learn
Actual Song: Burn
By: Hamilton

I saved every memory we shared
Selfies, doodles and art both of yours and mine
Yours were better than mine
Always better than mine

Do you know what my first thought was
When I saw you turn your back and leave?
I thought:
‘I should have expected this…
He always had more potential than me’

You and your jokes had me in nonstop laugh
Your humor I could never surpass
You cheered me up on all of my worst days
You were my hero

I’m looking through all the things we shared
Your artwork, my pictures, our selfies…they all look fine
How can they be fine
When I now know you were lying

It’s time that I learn

You left me when you had the perfect chance
No goodbye, no last hug just a look and a turning away
In improving your life
You have ruined mine

Do you know what Brooke mentioned
As I sat alone at a table one day?
She said:
'You’re welcome to sit with me…
Also, is your friend Jeremy straight?’

You now have girls who like you as a boyfriend
Congrats, you got what you always wanted
No need to hang out with me anymore
When you have these chicks


I’m erasing myself from the narrative
Let yourself move forward without having Michael to hold you back
You have chosen your path

It’s time that I learned
Time that I learned

I have no place in your new life
And you now have no place in mine
You’ve outgrown me, I guess that it’s fine

I’m learning to back away
Learning to let you go
Learning to hate you

You forfeit the right as my friend
You forfeit the right to my heart
I’ll get over you, make a new start
With just one fleeting memory of when you were mine…

I’m sure that I’ll learn…

You didn’t see that coming?
—  Me to people who are angry/shocked that there are Pietro and Wanda shippers

; pirate alliance. | a mix for two captains, two hearts (sometimes more, sometimes less) and one sea, one goal, one marriage. i mean alliance.

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am on holiday in MELBOURNE now and was reading the gravity falls transcendence au SO I DECIDED TO DOODLE UP SOMETHING WITH ALCOR AND HIS DEMON SHEEP BECAUSE OH GOD I AM HAVING LIKE, MAJOR FEELS NOW? Cause I am getting major RISE OF THE GUARDIANS FEELS NOSTALGIA FROM THIS AU? (feels nostalgia is that even a thing?? ? ? ? LIKE I AM GETTING THE SAME TRAGIC FLUFFY ANGST FLUFF FEEL from this AU?)


Because I’m overcome in this war of hearts.