Facts about Luke

-1,82m tall

-He can do the following accents: American-New York, American Standard, Devon, London, Northern, RP, Russian

-Is trained in ballet, jazz dancing, periodic dancing

-Has a tenor voice

-His sport skills include basketball, football, running. stage combat, swimming and yoga

-Other skills: Improvisation and painting

tarynwoytuck said: She trained Clint in hand to hand combat and how to pilot, that’s why he’s such a fantastic pilot lol

Oh in my Clint MCU headcanon was not only TRAINED by May but was RECRUITED by May. (I have this elaborate Headcanon how Melinda and Phil went to to take down the Swordsman but couldn’t take him down so Clint knocked him out with a Bow and Arrow saving their lives).

But other people I think by headcanon she trained:

  • Bobbi Morse (I am in love with Mockingcavalry k)
  • Maria Hill
  • Natasha Romanoff (Gave her some sneak moves the Red Room failed to teach her)
  • Andrew (My headcanon One time she came home Andrew was tied up on the floor and Burgerlers were in the house and obviously Melinda saved his ass and he was in a little slump after that so she trained him to bring back his pride)
  • Sharon Carter
  • And of Course Skye.

breir-blueleaf asked:


Duke looked up to Breir, his eyebrow raised.  “That’s an odd question,” he said placing a bookmark in his book and setting it aside. “I guess it’s fair you’d want to know more about the woman who has taken an interest in you though.”  Duke motioned for Breir to take a seat.

“I guess the basic thing you have to understand about Raltia is that she never got over being a child soldier,” he sighed and absently rubbed a horn, “I don’t think most people understand what that means.  Raltia began training when she was four.  She entered combat at five.  While her first confirmed kill is at the age of ten, she had killed before.  It used to weigh on her greatly.  Eventually…”  Duke looks away, his face a calm mask above a roaring storm of rage, “You can grow numb, cold, she adapted.  The praise helped.  Each kill became a source of reward and respect.  For a young woman, not even full into her teens, you want nothing more than to belong…”

“We were taught to extort all weakness, to pry upon any and all who could not defend themselves against us. I rejected these lessons… she took to them well.  This is perhaps because of the great rage within her.  She never forgave her mother for giving her up.  She was four, and full of life and energy and her mother just tossed her away to square a debt.  Thrust into a life where she was always judged for her size, features, and once Aurin became known her race.  She has always hated her own kind.  To her, your people abandoned her.  Worst yet, was what was taken from her soon after that abandonment.”

Duke sighs, “I will never know what it’s like for you Aurin to know the Weave.  Raltia knew.  She knew so well.  She was strong in it, would have been a powerful esper but an Eeklu saw her potential and thought to either silence a rival before she could grow to be a threat, or use her as an example.  Either way Raltia’s mind was ravaged, assaulted and devastated with pinpoint effectiveness.  The part of her brain that connects to the Weave was destroyed.  She was disconnected, and has never felt it since.”

Duke picked back up his book and stroked his beard.  “I hope this helps you, young Breir.  I know my wife seems… rough, and cruel.  Just understand that she is a product of what has happened to her.  She cares for you, deeply, would even list you amongst our Clan if you were interested.  She is softening, but that rage still burns in her heart.  Stay close to her, show her that love and friendship are worth keeping. You, and the other Rangers are good for her.  Even if she will never say or show it.”

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回 = patching a wound .

   She had been inattentive during the recruits’ training
and got hit by a sword, when she had showed the recruits
a small fight between her and another templar – rather
a show than a real combat. But the fact that he had hit her
was embarrassing enough.

   But obviously not.  “You do not have to do this.
I am fine.” And now she sat here with Atreus, who was
patching the said injury. “This is a scratch, nothing more.”
She averted her gaze, what a nasty scratch.

Buratai pledges improved logistics for troops
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As part of efforts to route out Boko Haram terrorists completely from Nigeria by December, 2015, the Chief of Army Staff, Maj. Gen. Turkur Buratai, has said he will continue to generate modern strategies in order to provide support for its troops, especially in the North-East.

‎Buratai, who spoke on Tuesday during the opening ceremony of the 17th Combat Service Support Training Week held at Nigerian Army School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in Auchi, Edo State, noted that such tactics would include equipment and technical manpower.

He explained that the army was‎ currently faced with the dearth of spare parts technicians for its newly acquired equipment, which he said were procured through “haphazard means.”

He, however, stated that efforts were ongoing to address the issue, in line with the Public Procurement Act.

Burutai, who was represented by Maj. Gen. S. Muazu, added that, “I have already set up the Nigerian Army Procurement Committee and the Directorate of Army Procurement in the Army Headquartres.

“Let me assure you that efforts are on to get the requisite spare parts for the newly acquired equipment and also train our personnel on effective equipment maintenance up to Fourth Line Level of repairs.

The army chief also noted that the theme of the workshop was timely in making one of its major operations, Op LAFIYA DOLE, highly mobile, “while taking the fight to the terrorists in their hideouts.”

In view of what he described as the worrisome “unconventional ‎tactics” used by the Boko Haram insurgents, the Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, urged the army to sustain the provision of essential materials and health services to the troops in the various flash points, through the service support corps.

Oshiomhole, who was represented by the Deputy Governor, Dr. Pius Odubu, however, commended the military for its current success in major parts of the North-East as well as its role in checking various forms of crime in the state.

He said, “Right now, the Boko Haram sect has taken to unconventional tactics, through the use of suicide bombing to inflict harm, kill innocent and defenceless citizens and instill fear.

“In order to defeat them, it is imperative that new tactics and strategies must be evolved by the army and other sister security agencies.” Nigerian and World News providing global current Nigerian and World news online. Read more »