Vincent’s admission that Lucrecia could sometimes be stubborn is probably the first (somewhat) negative thing he’s ever said about her in his life, his first acknowledgement that Lucrecia wasn’t a goddess, but a human with as many (and more) struggles than anyone else. this, to me, indicates that while he probably will always love Lucrecia and cherish her memory, he’s allowed her memory to come down from the pedestal he’s had it resting on since his resurrection

she’s been deelevated from the status of a saint to that of a regular human being, along with all the foibles that go with it… and Vincent’s alright with that. he no longer holds her to that impossible standard

character development. Dirge of Cerberus actually got something right for once

also i like to believe that Vincent always knew he could summon that stupidly huge gun, but was waiting for the moment when he could do so while dropping a badass one-liner for greatest effect

he does have an image to maintain after all

I know that you miss me, and that you wish things would have gone differently, or that we would have had more time. But do you think you are the only one who has been taken for granted? Do you think that just because I am trying to move on means that I no longer love you? Because no amount of months filled with silence that are put in-between us will ever change the fact that I still love you and always will. We were both so selfish when we first met. We never seemed so be on the same page, let alone the same topic. I was always waiting for you to speak first while you were always waiting for me to touch you. I am sorry for this mess that we both made. This mess that is too heavy for either of our hands to clear. But everyday we are pushing through these heaps of cruel words and mislead assumptions, and everyday we are realizing that not even love could make enough noise to fill in the silence that we created for ourselves. I’m trying to think of new ways to apologize to you, to tell you that I do not think you are the only one to blame. But as I write out letters of regret I am always left with a blank ending, an empty pen, new reasons to why we should have waited. I spend most of my time looking for my courage in the things you left behind. I’m trying to find it because I want to use it for when you come back. I want to apply it so you can see that I am not all talk but over analyzed actions. I want you to think better of me like you did before you were in front of me. I want to be your muse again, your perfected poetry, your everything is still good thoughts. Maybe I will use this mess of bitter thoughts and passive aggressive confessions in your next letter. Maybe this will help you understand a little bit more to why it is that I’m still holding on. Maybe you’ll write back. Maybe you’ll come back. Maybe you’ll help me come to terms with our love suffering in the way that it did. And maybe, just maybe this will help you see that even though it feels like I’m moving on, I’m somehow still right beside you.
—  Colleen Brown

Tell me that you turned down the man
Who asked for your hand
Cause you’re waiting for me
And I know, you’re gonna be away a while
But I’ve got no plans at all to leave
And would you take away my hopes and dreams?
Just stay with me

All my senses come to life
While I’m stumbling home as drunk as I
Have ever been and I’ll never leave again
Cause you are the only one
And all my friends have gone to find
Another place to let their hearts collide
Just promise me, you’ll always be a friend
Cause you are the only one

-One, Ed Sheeran


Fifth Harmony Challenge Week | Day 1: Reflection Album (favourite songs)

Exploring the Ur/Juvia parallels

I went back to chapter 38 of the manga and noticed the parallels between Ur’s sacrifice and Juvia’s sacrifice were too similar to not be intentional. It’s actually scary how much they match, almost like Mashima must have had the Ur chapter open while drawing the Gruvia one. Between the dialogue, the panels, and Gray’s reaction…. It’s most definitely not a coincidence.

So here we have Gray realizing what both Ur and Juvia are doing–sacrificing their lives for him. His tears start flowing, as he does not want to lose either them. His words are almost exactly the same: “Wait/don’t… No…”

Gray tries to bargain with both Ur and Juvia, because he knows he hasn’t been honest with them. In fact, one could argue he messed up with them both. He was nasty to Ur, and made Juvia wait too long (while trying to push his feelings for her away). As I said in this post, it’s not that Gray wasn’t serious about Juvia before (that was the point of chapter 453 where he promises her an answer), he just wasn’t always earnest with her (which is understandable considering his history). He will be more honest with her now that he got a taste of what life would be like without her. He almost lost her, and so when Gray does see Juvia again, he won’t hold back.  He will show Juvia just how serious he is about her as a person and their relationship. The literal translation of his line is roughly “About you… more serious I/I’ll (think) be…”

I don’t think much needs to be said here. Ur and Juvia’s parting dialogue to Gray is eerily similar. Both of them tell him he has no reason to be sad, because they will both live on despite their bodies not being physically there.

Same as above. Their facial expressions and gentle smiles are the same. Except that Ur is disappearing, whilst Juvia is not. That is because Ur was doomed from iced shell, meanwhile Juvia’s beautiful form is most likely Gray’s envision of her speaking to him. The fact that she didn’t fade away was a sign that he will have another chance to make things right.

Gray’s reaction is self explanatory. He is in the same position, screaming in agony up towards the sky. Mashima even made sure to draw the landscape during the aftermath.

The tears just don’t stop. But again, Juvia’s body is there, so Gray was able to hold her and grieve.

In the end we know Gray loved Ur (he even admitted it in the silly FT christmas omake). She was his mother figure. Gray loves Juvia too, but it’s romantic love. That’s the difference. I really love the comparison drawn between the two. Ur was such an important figure in Gray’s life, and we see Juvia being presented on the same level as her. Ur represents his past, and Juvia represents his present and future. This isn’t the first time Juvia has been paralleled to Ur:

During the special chapter 413 DAYS, Juvia made Gray a scarf for their ‘anniversary’ which was ironically the anniversary of Ur’s death. She had mentioned the weather would turn cold soon, but Gray said he is an ice mage (the cold doesn’t bother him). Later on, Gray is reminded of when Ur wrapped a scarf around him to help him warm up. That’s where Mashima first paralleled Ur and Juvia–when Gray ran back to dig up her scarf. He wore it of his own accord, commenting that it’s warm. We then see him walking with a smile on his face; therefore Juvia made him happy on a day he usually mourns. Gray has always shunned people because of his past, but Juvia is the one breaking that wall down. She’s showing him that he doesn’t need to isolate himself from people and does not have to hide his emotions. The whole “cold->warm” theme is a metaphor for the coldness Gray holds in his heart, as he starts to become more open.

In order to complete Gray’s character story in a satisfying way, Juvia had to be the one who came back to him and lived for him, where as everyone else died. As expected:

Juvia is alive. Her dying or staying dead would have regressed Gray’s character. This is not about history repeating itself–it’s about moving forward. Gray has lost far too many people, losing Juvia would only continue this endless circle of trauma.

Gray only realized he should have been honest with Ur after she died, and we found out how much he really did/does love her. The same thing happened with Juvia, except this time he’s getting a second chance. The fact that Gray’s reaction to Juvia’s death is so similar to Ur’s highlights how important she is to him.

And of course, Gray not showing any mercy on Invel speaks volumes. He will never, ever forgive him. I think it’s important to note that even Invel lumped Juvia in with Gray’s parents and Ur. As I said in this post, these panels are extremely telling. Gray was literally silent throughout his battle with Invel, and the only time he speaks is in relation to Juvia. Mashima made sure to pound it through our heads, the source of Gray’s power and motivation is Juvia. 

The last thing I want to briefly touch on is this notion that chapter 499 is somehow negated because Juvia didn’t die. That isn’t true–just because a character survives doesn’t render everything meaningless. The sacrifice, impact, development, etc, all still happened. The chapter also served as a way to give us answers to how Gray feels about Juvia (in which he absolutely returns her love, that is why their actions are mirrored; double suicide). Gray and Juvia did the exact same thing, for the exact same reason, because they feel the exact same way about each other. 

Chapter 499 show cases how strong their bond is, and how far they are willing to go for each other. Gray is very blatant on his desire to protect Juvia specifically, and that she is more than a friend to him. He knows he cannot lump her in with his group of friends, hence him correcting his statement (”A comrade… no… I didn’t want to hurt you!!”), he caught himself. Juvia was happy because she understood his words. Chapter 500 cements his feelings further.

Gray is broken; still crying even after the fact. There’s a reason Mashima is letting us know she is okay, but not Gray. He believes she is dead, so their reunion will be huge. I also expect this information to be used for plot purposes. Juvia is the source of happiness for Gray. Fairy Tail’s theme is about living for those you love, not dying for them.

One passion project I’ve been working on for a while is my music. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. There are some very interesting things in the works that I cannot wait to share. Also there are a few pieces of literature that I have adored for years and want to produce. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to do so in the near future.


One passion project I’ve been working on for a while is my music. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. There are some very interesting things in the works that I cannot wait to share. Also there are a few pieces of literature that I have adored for years and want to produce. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to do so in the near future.


ya know im noticing a pattern here. throughout the series so far, there have been several instances where we don’t see sanji for a while. and then when we do see him again, he has done something clever or tactfully advantageous for victory. for example, he went and messed around on Enel’s ship to get it to crash, he manipulated crocodile several times as Mr. Prince and he waited at Water 7′s train station because he thought Robin would (and she did) be on it. I hope he says bingo mor in the show. he’s got a real subtle Chessmaster character trope. I would definitely call him the real tactician of the Straw Hats.

To the boy who will fall in love with me as well I to him please understand I have never dated anyone you will be my first in mostly everything depending on how long we are together I want to take everything slow because everything is new and scary and exciting for me if I don’t want to kiss you after three weeks doesn’t mean I don’t want to I really do I’m just scared I won’t be that good it has been over a decade since of kissed another boy holding hands will make my stomach flutter and i will be so shy that I can’t even look at you in the eye for a while because you see something in me I have never seen in myself it will be like waiting on a flower to grow but with care and patience you will one day be able to enjoy all of me I hope you choose wisely and understand how fragile I will be
—  Latricia101

k but ch 69 tho:

- kuchel was raising levi on her own, still prostituting so they could survive. levi probably knew on some level, if not entirely, what she was doing. all her “customers.” and where did he go during that, anyway, the next room? did he hear the bed squeak and cover his ears and wait for it to end?

- kuchel died of malnourishment and levi was on his way there himself but still hanging on so kuchel probably gave him the majority of the food they could afford.

- and how long was levi sitting on the floor while his mother was dead in that bed? i remember a post earlier of someone mentioning it might have just been one bed that they shared so did levi wake up to his mother’s glassy eyes and desperately try and shake her awake?? 

- “just levi” “just kenny”

- kenny sitting on the floor next to skinny little levi and me eating my own hand because kenny was supposed to be pure evil 

- levi asking kenny why he left him. the fact that levi probably wondered all his life why kenny left and never even knew he was his fucking blood.

- levi’s stupid little cinnamon roll smile after historia punches his arm because they actually did it and he really does love these kids.

- i’m okay. and by okay i mean not okay.


happy girls!!


Thanks to X-files and my Photoshop actions, I have been mass producing wallpapers. Since I have successfully automatized most part of the making process, all I have to do is wait for Photoshop to do its job and then gather up all DDS files in a package using Sims 4 Studio while watching x-files ;) It IS repetitive but I’ve rather found that playing with these pretty colors is somehow therapeutic. So… be prepared for wallpaper dump this time.

3 sets of plaster wallpaper

  • Works with all wall heights
  • §4, can be found under Paint

Note: I recognize that the solid color set duplicates some existing ones, but decided to put everything up for download. I made ‘my version’ because I wanted all my wallpapers to have the little catalog thumbnails so that it can be easier to locate in build mode. 


DOWNLOAD Wall #1 from the Wall Download Folder

We Are The One

We are the one we`ve been waiting for.

             What if our world leaders, our elite bank owners and corporate titans, which contain the majority of the planets wealth, were to wake up to the ultimate oneness realization. What if they came together and said” OH MY, WHAT HAVE WE BEEN DOING! LETS TAKE DOWN THESE IMAGINERY BORDERS, LETS MERGE COUNTRIES TO BECOME ONE COUNTRY, SIMPLY EARTH, PEOPLE OF EARTH, LIVING TOGETHER IN COMPLETE EGOLESS UNITY AS ONE BREATHING, GROWING BEING.“ Is this a utopian dream far out of the reaches of possibility? No, and I refuse to believe otherwise, because while we are here in this experience, and while there is still green earth, we will have the opportunity to transform. Have we severely ravaged the natural goodness of this earth in an attempt to fullfill the egos endless desires, yes.             The earth is a body, it has the ability to heal just like we do, and we can help doctor it, but how can we heal it if we continue spreading the disease. The disease of blind consumerism. The disease our current global system is supporting. The disease of living through the illusions of the ego. That is the worst disease that has ever spread. The only cure is the full acceptance and surrender to the universal truth of interconnectivity, of Oneness. There`s a reason why holy books speak of this thing called the “Golden Rule.” Its not a rule, its a perfect guideline to live in harmony with all Beings. If everyone treated one and other how they wanted to be treated, there would be guaranteed peace. And this includes how we treat everything on earth including the Earth itself.              My point is, as long as the world is in this off balanced state, where so much have so little and so little have so much, the whole world will feel the effect of this sickness. Its just like when a body is in an acidic state rather then in an alkaline state. Cancer can not form when the body is in an alkaline state. Just as ego can’t form when humans are in oneness-awareness. But, when the body is in an acidic state, like most peoples bodies, then and only then cancer can form.              Right now, Earth is in an acidic state, and the root of it is the human-ego. If this disease carries on untreated, it will eventually consume and kill this organism, Earth, which we are a part of, just like a cancer that kills the human body. But, imagine if the world had a balance kept to it, if humanity played by the rules of nature, if our leaders came together as brothers and developed a new system that treated every individual, on every level, how they want to be treated. Then we would be cooperating with the laws and systems of nature. This is the only way we can live. We must return to our state of alkaline.            If we lived by the laws of Oneness, we wouldn’t pollute the planet because we would see it as ourselves. We wouldn’t have greed because whats the point of hoarding from yourself, and its very unlikely that there would be murders and crime of all sorts, why? Because humanity, as a collective, would have risen above all those lower consciousness thinking patterns and into oneness awareness, were you fundamentally see each other as your Self. This is how the new conscious paradigm that is currently in process with function. There would be no crimes to commit because everything would be available to everyone at any point in time. It would be a resource based economy where everything is free. Yes, for the first time, technology has allowed for that. For more information on this, I suggest doing some studies on Jacque Frescos, “The Venus Project,” Where they go into deep details about how the new system would operate. Circle cities and such. It is very inspiring and hope-filled.              Its so interesting to me, that the only things capable of creating a heaven on earth, are the ones that are creating a hell. Imagine walking through streets and feeling fully accepted and appreciated at every level. By everybody. Imagine if we treated skin color no different then we treat eye color. We would see each other as the ultimate gifts to share this phenomenal experience with, rather then as these separate beings with different backgrounds and different gods. Instead, we would see that God is the Heart of all of us. God is the “Self” without the ego. That “Self” is the only thing in all of creation that is impossible to deny. A person can deny ALL of reality, but you cannot deny the intelligence perceiving the reality. Get it? Understanding that, is what makes us conscious of our consciousness. This is what makes one “Awakened, Enlightened, in Christ-consciousness.” They are all the same.               Once you fully realize your true identity as the “Self,” EVERYTHING CHANGES. Things begin to shift from a cold nightmare to a wonderful dream of security and warmth. The endless possibilities and limitless potential await. You realize the infinite quality of your spiritual nature, which is your true body, which really has no specific form, in fact it is formless yet all form-able. A reality where their is unending peace and clarity hiding in the surrender and acceptance of the Now. A sense of wonder and deep, optimistic curiosity. A keen ability to feel the positive sensations of the subtle energies that the previous, unconscious-self seemed to miss. New dimensions of reality have become unlocked and a whole new adventure awaits. Boredom and desire die as you dine in contentment with this eternal presence that is not only you, but all. This is the only true peace.                The mind is the only thing that can make us think we are different. Our previous shift in conscious evolution was when human-beings first evolved into the mind. The steps went like this….Humans had very limited minds for survival. Not much knowledge. This very limited mind over time  continued evolving, developing and expanding into what we have now, the current mind. It is an incredible, computer like tool used for connecting patterns, receiving and processing information and providing signals which give us choices and add a whole new dimension to our intelligence. But this is not the source intelligence. The source intelligence is only generated from the Heart. Because of the nature of the mind, we have a very mechanistic way of thinking, which has its pros and cons.           The adaptation of knowledge is described well in the ancient parable of Adam and Eve. By eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of Knowledge, they opened up the portal of the ego, and thus, created for themselves separation from God.             The mind is why we became such incredible tool builders. We’ve created all of these wonderful, and terrible things with this super-tool, the mind. The problem with the development of the mind, is that it is such a unique, mysterious, metaphysical tool, most people don`t know what it is, so we`ve mistakenly started seeing the mind as who we are rather then just as a small part of our overall intellegence.         Some people did recognize the mind, and that information can be found in EVERY major ancient spiritual doctrine. From the Bible, to the Gita, to the Quran etc. All these ascended masters, The Christ, The Buddha, Krishna, Muhammed and many more, were at essence, all talking about the separation between the ego and the “Self.” They realized that this is the root cause of suffering. If you read between the lines of these scriptures very carefully, you will see this to be true. How sad to see that all of these religions which could provide such great spiritual guidelines, are teaching the same message but some of them consider themselves to be different religions and that their way is the only way and any body that objects is doomed to hell. This is the egos take on spirituality, yes I said it, RELIGION IS THE EGOS TAKE ON SPIRITUALITY. But it can provide great wisdom when seen in the right way. Unfortunately, Man, in all his ego-delusion, has warped all of these original, sacred messages and for this reason, a lot of these sacred books have been stripped of their transparency and clouded with ego, separation and hatred.       How confusing and delusional that we preach a message of Love through fear, the shadow of Love, rather then through Love itself. But that is just a reflection of what ego-identification actually is, thinking you are the shadow rather then the Being that which the shadow is created. Yes, we have become identified with the land of shadows and amongst this darkness many are asleep.               Like I said, the problem with thinking you are your mind, or what I prefer to call “ego-identification,“ is that you construct an image for yourself and how you think your`e supposed to be. This image is made up by everything around you, parents, school, society, advertisements, all of the information you let influence you helps shape this mental projection of how you think you should be. While chasing this image of how you should be, you are asleep. Not to mention, you are in suffering. You are seeking an idea of material perfection that is un-attainable. If you seek true perfection, you can only get there by starting in the heart. That is the Love that is the only perfection, because it is the only.                  This mental projection which you chase is a phantom. It is`nt actually you. This chase of materials in an attempt to manifest the image of your false self is an endless cycle. It will continue until the earth is no longer inhabitable for human life. Trust me, because even when you get their, you realize that in the attempt to create a perfect outside world, through only outside world things, you have neglected the inner world which is actually you, and when this happens, your left with no choice but to face inward, and sometimes that can be a hell. I`ve faced this a number of times in my life and one time in-particular I fully realized it was hell, and through that realization of finding my self in the pinnacle of darkness, I realized the equal opposite of the chaos and darkness was the pinnacle of harmony and light. I also realized that this state of harmony and light is my and our natural state and that we are all born into the Garden of Eden. In that moment, I went through a spiritual transmutation and my total darkness turned to light. Everything become wonderful and vibrant, I was in heaven and I realized this on the deepest levels. But let me tell you, to face the internal chaos I had created for myself was the ultimate suffering. I could not have ever conceived a more unimaginable pain. From Self-forgiveness and different kinds of spiritual healing, the chaos eventually settled into stillness and I found the harmony in my inner world and my whole life was transformed.               This whole experience was the greatest thing that happened to me in my life. Through it birthed all different kinds of creative gifts and dimensions to my reality I had previously been too blind to see. BUILD YOUR HOUSE UPON THE ROCK, NOT THE SAND. Build your inner world perfectly and watch it reflect outward. Thats the key to true success.                 The problem is, is that the whole entire system is set up and ran from the perspective of ego-identified world leaders, and that infection has spread from the top of the hierarchy all the way down to the bottom feeders. The 99%.  Most of the world is still very much in this delusional state of separateness, but, there is a silver lining. People are and have been waking up. Reclaiming ownership over their true identity as the heart, from which they have been separated. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW, MORE THAN EVER. I am talking even in the past 5 years.            Heres what happened that made this so, what has happened, is that with the manifestation of the ultimate tool for humans, the Computer, and a long with it, the Web, we have opened up a portal of some kind. What we did, is build a mind outside of our-Self, a collective mind that everyone can use to share information. Because of this overwhelming exposure to ALL of this information, connection and communication through “The Web,” which literally is a word that describes a network or a system of interconnectivity, we have become more culturally connected on a global scale than EVER before.            Because of this MASS exchange of information, people who use this tool in the proper way are slowly but surely becoming conscious of the interconnectivity not only on the web, but on earth. It is changing absolutely EVERYTHING. Im not sure how many generations it will take until every human being has adapted to this new level of consciousness, but I do have a story to tell you, and its a story that justifies the probability of this potential great awakening. It`s a story that foresees COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS AWAKENING.      Just like we have created a collective mind, through computer systems, we now are in the phase of transforming to a state of collective consciousness. This is a very exciting time. Heres how this can happen. This is a parable called “The Story of The Hundredth Monkey”

“The Japanese monkey, Macaca fuscata, has been observed in the wild for a period of over 30 years. In 1952, on the island of Koshima scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropped in the sand. The monkeys liked the taste of the raw sweet potatoes, but they found the dirt unpleasant.

      An 18-month-old female named Imo found she could solve the problem in a nearby stream. She taught this trick to her mother. Her playmates also learned this new way and they taught their mothers, too. This cultural innovation was gradually picked up by various monkeys before the eyes of the scientists.

      Between 1952 and 1958, all the young monkeys learned to wash the sandy sweet potatoes to make them more palatable. Only the adults who imitated their children learned this social improvement. Other adults kept eating the dirty sweet potatoes.

      Then something startling took place. In the autumn of 1958, a certain number of Koshima monkeys were washing sweet potatoes — the exact number is not known. Let us suppose that when the sun rose one morning there were 99 monkeys on Koshima Island who had learned to wash their sweet potatoes. Let’s further suppose that later that morning, the hundredth monkey learned to wash potatoes.

  By that evening almost everyone in the tribe was washing sweet potatoes before eating them. The added energy of this “Hundredth Monkey” somehow created an ideological breakthrough!”

A most surprising thing observed by these scientists was that the habit of washing sweet potatoes then jumped over the sea — Colonies of monkeys on other islands and the mainland troop of monkeys at Takasakiyama began washing their sweet potatoes!“

Wow. And.. here is another perspective on the Hundredth Monkey parable.  "Instead of an example of the spontaneous transmission of ideas, I think the story of the Japanese monkeys is a good example of the propagation of a paradigm shift, as in Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. The truly innovative points of view tend to come from those on the edge between youth and adulthood. The older generation continues to cling to the world view they grew up with. The new idea does not become universal until the older generation withdraws from power, and a younger generation matures within the new point of view.”

      “What the research does suggest, however, is that holding positive ideas (as important a step as this is) is not sufficient by itself to change the world. We still need direct communication between individuals, we need to translate our ideas into action, and we need to recognize the freedom of choice of those who choose alternatives different from our own.”

          For more information on this subject as well additional evidence that individual consciousness can affect the collective consciousness, Check here. 
http://www.1paradigm.org/hundredthmonkey.html             How hopeful, that one awake person can inspire that same shift in others and they can provide that same shift to others and so on. And especially now that we have The Web, we can communicate and collect higher volumes of conscious shifting information then EVER before. Thats why I know that this is the time. It is OUR generation that is going to make this switch into Oneness Awareness. The funny thing is, beyond the ego, human beings are craving for this world of Oneness awareness. It is the only way we will survive. I think its very important, if you wish to survive for generations to come, we must become fully realized as the Self. We must realized that we are all the Self. What a wonderful time to be alive, inspiring conscious awakening and total healing. It truly is beautiful realizing that we all share the same heart beat, which gets its very energy to beat from the same source, sunlight, water, and all things natural.                So become realized as THE ONE and channel the information of your realization through your art, through your actions, through your thoughts, through your way! Inspire and be inspired! The love that awaits on the other side is unending and constantly deepening. Relieve your Self and dis-attach from the illusory phantom of the ego. Claim your true identification with the Self. The same Self that pulses from the Heart of each and all of us. Find your TRUE Self as the WHOLE(heart) rather than the false self of the HEAD(ego). That is awakening. Realize it and humbly share this realization in everyway you can. It is the duty of our generation to make this shift and if we fail….we fail. We really fail. So lets not fail, and we won’t:)                Remember, treat others the way you want to be treated. Why? Because We Are One. As cliche as both of those things sound, they are both rivers that lead to the same ocean of absolute truths. That is why the “Golden Rule” is exactly the same in EVERY MAJOR RELIGION. That “Golden Rule” is supposed to be the fundamental practice of spiritually. It is to be Self-Aware. Descartes spent his whole life looking for the answer and he found it, when he found it, he narrowed the purpose down to 3 syllables. “Know ThySelf.” So liberate from the ego, transcend that lower evolutionary state and rise into higher vibrational forms. True consciousness. One consciousness. Collective consciousness. Dis-attach from ALL YOUR expectations, Awaken from the cultural conditioning of your parents, your society, your priests (most are all in their own egos), the politicians, the advertisements and most of all ….EACH OTHER.                  Drop your judgements towards each other and you drop your judgements for yourself! HOW RELIEVING!!! THATS WHAT THE BUDDHA MEANS WHEN HE SAYS TO DIS-ATTACH. Dis-Attach from your thoughts, they only keep you separate from the whole. Use them as a tool, don’t mistake your identity as them. Dis-attach from external influences on your internal emotions. You are the master of this ship. Not them. Not society, not the advertisement agencies fueling this blind consumerist society, not the corporate leaders drivin for power and world domination that will burn this place to the ground in the attempt to satiate their endless desire for more power and external perfection while neglecting the inner. Let these walls of the ego come down. Like Jericho. And on the other side, heaven awaits and we can bring this heaven to others. Embody the light, channel it, express it through you’re art and let your passion for truth, global awakening and healing fuel your every action. Let it shine through your Being so bright that others can reflect that light to others and so on until there is so much light that the sun has risen and there is a new day, a new way. This is the new paradigm. JOIN THE COLLECTIVE TRANSFORMATION. This is the goal of our generation and if you feel empowered then come along. #WeTheChange We are the one we’ve been waiting for. “You hear that? Thats the world shaking, the eye lids quiver, cause thats the world waking.” 
Translation: Some words I wish to say (re: wyf contract termination)

15 May 2014 20:47:09

I don’t know how much I can write, two years is not a long time, I too have not thought out on what I should write. I know Kris but I do not know Wu Yi Fan well enough, I have witnessed his past but have no means of foreseeing his future.

Actually I have not strongly felt sadness, happiness, nor helplessness. All this while, the one thing that I have done the most was wait.

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Decided to do a bit of online shopping even if school isn’t for two more months oh well, not gonna stop me! because there is always time to buy pretty stationary. All items are from MochiThings (I do not sponsor/endorse/sell their products!) and I thought some studyblrs might be interested in the cute stuff on this website. I love love love stationary! 

  • Better Together Note Pouch v2 (Pink)
    I have been wanting a Better Together for a while now because the studyblr community has really recommended it! I finally decided to go ahead and buy one. It is worth every cent and I cannot wait to fill it up with pens, pencils, stickers, notebooks and even my laptop!

  • Small Agenda Scheduler v2 (Lilac)
    I have been looking for a planner/agenda for a while now and I love this version because it is compact and has plenty of monthly/weekly pages. I‘m looking forward to an organized life now.

  • Piyo Study Planner (Rabbit’s Garden)
    I found this item  and I definitely recommend it. It includes spaces for you to record your progress, scores, and daily studying habits. It’s the perfect notebook for a studyblr. Highly recommend.

  • My Little Notebook (Flower)
    I got this for my cousin’s birthday. A cute Japanese notebook for writing thoughts and ideas!

  • Penguin Index Sticky Notes & Frog Index Sticky Notes
    This was also bought for my cousin, but I definitely want to buy some in the future. They are so adorable and would look great marking pages in books or in my planner! They also have tons of other animal sticky notes, too!

  • Dual Deco Pen Set 
    The colors are vibrant and you get both a thick and thin side to the pens. So 10 pens for the price of 5! There is a pastel version, too!

Happy stationary/back-to-school buying!

Its been a while, but I thought who better to submit to then the page that helped me get my following <3 I enjoyed putting together this campaign more than I thought!! The response has been amazing!! I had no clue I would get over 400 submissions thru my Facebook Fan page not to mention over 700 shares and the 200,000 plus screens this shot has been on! Can’t wait to shoot another one of these! Until then I do have a Instagram @shooting.for.confidence and its posts of girls who submit their confident selves! Please go follow and DM me so I can post you!!! #shootingforconfidence #curves #lexiplacourakis #love #plus #allsizes #beautiful

Sometimes when I close my eyes, we’re on a beach in ‘89;
I am twenty-five and I still feel new.
You are twenty-four and your hands are always on me.
You do not make me feel like a consolation prize;
you say I am the one you have been waiting for,
you say everything before me means nothing.
You have a firecracker mouth.
You taste like warm beer and smell like sweat and sun
and I love you,
oh god.

In two years, I am pregnant
and I think it is the greatest gift (part of me and part of you
before you were always angry).
I think I have finally got you to myself
and I have
for a while.
You seem happy,
but I do not know if it is because I seem happy
or because you are genuinely thrilled
to see the swell of my stomach in your bed.
You drink yourself into a stupor when she is born.
They will not let you into the hospital room.

In a year, we are married.
I hate my dress and we fight at the reception.
We pose for photos with gritted teeth and a crying child.
Later I tell you to fuck yourself and I get wasted with my bridesmaids.
It is the first time I wonder if I have made a mistake.
We spend our wedding night sloppily making up:
I want it to work,
I need it to work,
I do not know if it will work
but I am pregnant again in a year
and I know that I am stuck.

Sometimes things are not bad,
sometimes things are very, very bad.
Your mouth is not something I search out anymore.
I still want you more than anything
because I am stubborn
and you are mine,
but your mouth tastes like cigarette smoke
and I think you are slipping through my hands.
You are locked up when he is born
and I am in a hospital room with my mother,
asking to see what I have brought into the world
with and without you—
but there have been complications.

Sometimes we coexist peacefully,
sometimes you use your hands to emphasize
what you’d really like to do to me
and we end up with broken telephones
and photos on the wall, covering up holes the size of your fist.
We have a wall full of photos.
They are too small to understand
the reasons we fight
(sometimes I think I am too small to understand),
so when they ask where you have been
I only smile.

Soon you are gone,
but you are never really gone.
You are calling me from the beds of other women
and I am trying to replace you with strangers.
I reach for your form in the bed,
but the taste is all wrong.
I see you every two weeks for supervised visitation
and you curse at me
for thinking you cannot take care of your own children,
but when I leave them with you alone
they call me in the middle of the night
because you are gone
or you are drunk
and they do not understand
why you are crying or why you are screaming
and I want to tell them that these are things I have never understood.

After a decade of not speaking to you,
your name is not allowed in our house.
It is an unwritten rule.
Sometimes when she asks about us,
I take our daughter into the garage
and I tell her about your firecracker mouth
and your big hands
and all the ways you used to be warm
because those are not the parts of you that she remembers.

I tell her that love is the most important thing,
but she throws you back in my face.
She is still angry.

She associates your mouth with nausea and worry,
your hands with fear,
but I close my eyes and we’re on a beach in ‘89;
I am twenty-five and I still feel new.
You are standing up, wiping sand from your shorts
and you are smiling at me.
My heart feels like it’s beating out of my chest.
—  “Letter From The Woman Who Raised Me To The Man Who Didn’t” Trista Mateer

circesadventures  asked:

*prays* I wish thee luck. Hopefully Ink will meet Fatal, and instead of enemies they will be friends..(Also, what will Fatal be doing? Hunting for Error? I wonder if he's ever gone to the Omega timeline?)

You’ll just have to wait and see what happens ;)

But I can tell you one thing for sure…

Core!Frisk knows about Fatal_Error.

And they would neither tell him about nor help him to the Omega timeline.

Core!Frisk belongs to @dokudoki

(oh and also I guess I should just add in there that Core!Frisk, being Core!Frisk, would of course know about Fatal! But it’s not like Doku knows about Fatal, like it’s not like I told them and asked about how Core!Frisk would feel about him haha XD I just studied their FAQ :) Just thought I should clear that up in case people were curious ^^;)


Inspired by Julia’s amazing words:

“So, Anakin makes shitty puns and Padme thinks this is A+ Excellent Humor, while Luke and Leia have developed an allergic reaction to their father’s terrible attempts at wordplay, as I’ve said before.

BUT. One day Luke and Leia are eating lunch outside and teasing each other, as siblings do, and Luke says something like “Well what about that pilot you’ve been seeing? I know you don’t want him to be… SOLO ANYMORE”

Leia’s like “I’m so embarrassed for you right now”

Luke goes, “Okay how about this: I’ve got to HAN it to you, he seems like a nice guy!”

Leia’s brows furrow, because she’s got a Bad Feeling About This/she’s felt a horrible disturbance in the Force

Luke tries one more time, “I know you were WOOKIEEng for a boyfriend who isn’t—” and he stops. A look of horror dawns on his face. His fork drops to the ground. He stares down into his shaking hands before glancing up at his sister, whose look of confusion has been replaced with one of horror.

"You…” she says, shaking her head slowly, “You sound just like Fath—”

“No,” he croaks, devastated by the realization. “No. That’s not true. THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!”

In the distance they hear Anakin yelling, “SEARCH YOUR FEELINGS, SON, YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE”

(Farther off they hear Padme, “Ani how many times have I told you to stop crouching in the hedges, get out of there”)“



its been a while since i last posted a doodle dump so i figured hey why the heck not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯