Harry and Neville were both born in the end of July.
  • What people think it means : They both could have been the chosen ones.
  • What I think in means : The Potters and Longbottoms had hell of a fun on that epic Halloween party Sirius threw in 1979.

No more fears, no more doubts.

✨ Warning: All kinds of sappy words and mushy thoughts headed your way! ✨
Guys!!! I’m over-the-moon today!! First, I hit 10K!!! I can’t believe 10,000 of you are looking at my photos every day. 😱 It blows my mind!!! Also, I don’t consider it 10K “followers”… To me, it’s 10K “friends”!!! I’ve met so many amazing people in this bookstagramming community, so many incredibly-talented people that blow me away on a daily basis with their gorgeous photos, kind words, and encouragement. This community is AMAZING and I feel so lucky to be a part of it. ❤️❤️❤️
Secondly, I’m so honored to have been chosen as a rep by some of the most talented people on Instagram! @eviebookish, @markedbymary, @confessionsinfoil and most recently @owlcrate, thank you all SO MUCH for having faith in me to photograph your incredible products. You’ve all given me the encouragement I needed to grow my bookstagram account over the last six months into something I love dearly and am proud of. You are all an inspiration to me. Love you guys!! 😘😘😘
Lastly, I want to thank my co-blogger, sister-in-law and bestie, @lostinlit_becca, for joining me on this crazy-fun venture into the booklovers world. I’m so lucky to have you in my life and I cherish this special friendship that we have every single day. I love spending our love of books together on a daily basis!! 💚👭💙
Thank you all for listening to me ramble!! I try not to do it too often, but I just HAD to do it today. 😊🙈 I seriously love you guys and can’t thank you all enough!! 😘
Oh! And there WILL be a giveaway in the near future to celebrate as well. 😉
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Congrats @michaeladeprince, we are so excited for you!! Repost: “I am thrilled to announce that I have been chosen to dance the principal role of Clara/Sugar Plum Fairy on December 28 and December 31 in the Dutch National Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. This calls to mind how much I longed to dance the role of Marie (the equivalent of the child, Clara, in the Balanchine Nutcracker) when I was a child, but it was believed by the artistic director in that U.S. company that the world wasn’t ready for a black Marie. Thank you Ted Brandsen, the artistic director of the Dutch National Ballet, and the ballet mistresses here, for believing that the world is ready for a black Clara. I am deeply honored that you have chosen me for this role. The dream and delight of The Nutcracker should be for children and adults of all colors and all lands. #nutcracker @nationaleoperaballet @oscarstarballet #michaeladeprince”

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Really tired of the idea that if a monogamous and a nonmonogamous person get together, the nonmonogamous person should automatically compromise and be monogamous. 

Destroy the idea that monogamy is the default.

Have conversations about what relationship is best for you and your partner(s) all the time. Keeping having that conversation. 

Stop privileging monogamy.

Day Fifty-Three

-A woman informed me that she was straightening her bills before handing them to me due to the fact that she was a little OCDC, which, as is common knowledge, is the most hardcore of metal illnesses.

-I had to scan a glittery, bumpy, pickle Christmas ornament. Why would a guest purchase this? Why would a store sell this? Why would a company produce this? Why would a benevolent god allow this?

-I may or may not have broken a register, twice. Higher-ups at my store read these stories. This is all I will say on the matter.

-As she was leaving, Cat Lady stopped to wave and smile at me. She is known to latch onto a cashier, never leaving their side whenever they are on a shift. I believe I may have been selected as the next Chosen One.

-The All-Seeing Baby has returned to tempt me with answers that lie just beyond my grasp, eyes wide and knowing as ever, nibbling thoughtfully on their pacifier.

-”If you get your tonsils out, you can eat ice cream,” a boy said to his brother, displaying a great deal of wisdom. “I can eat ice cream right now,” his brother responded, displaying a great deal of common sense.

-God seems to have found a perfect way to torment me, as I now find myself constantly having to, with a straight face, repeat the number sixty-nine to people who are entirely oblivious to the wonder of it all.

  • ME: Oh, I was never really into it...
  • ME: Oh, okay... Maybe just a little bit...
  • ME: ......Oh...They umm.....Well....
  • Fans: WELL?!?!?!
  • ME: *whispers* I guess they're kinda cute together..
  • Fans: *Ride off into the distance on a magical eyeball with a mustache, yelling about how they converted another person*

Thank you so much to everyone who has voted for me for the @jfitathletesearch 😍 I am so lucky to have even been chosen among 5 other amazing girls. I am so grateful for your support and would love the opportunity to be their next athlete. You can vote until Friday!
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Day Twenty

-An old woman purchased an umbrella due to the sudden rain we had today. She asked me to teach her how to use it. It was a normal umbrella. She was so grateful and I have never been happier to help someone.

-A skeleton head that repeats whatever you say to it has been floating around the registers. I have chosen him as my best friend. His name is Skully. I am saddened when he is taken from me.

-Now that it is fall, my festive summer-themed stickers have been replaced. This was to be expected. I did not expect them to be replaced with easter-themed stickers. I consider this both a personal affront and I sign for me to bring in my Christmas themed stickers the second it becomes October.

-A four year old boy left the store with his family. His family walked out silently. He walked out, bow-legged, clutching his rear end, quietly chanting “shake your booty”. I now consider this the only way to make an exit.

-The woman who purchased a large box of WWE trading cards for herself returned today. She purchased nothing but five additional WWE packs. I admire anyone this passionate about a hobby. I wonder about how this became hers.

-A little girl was purchasing a doll with her grandmother. I asked her how she was. She told me that she had two good things happen today and two bad things. After she finished listing them, I handed her a sticker, to which she gleefully informed me that she now had more good than bad. I might as well turn in my two-weeks’ notice now, because my work here is done.

-I asked a small child if he would like a sticker. He bluntly told me, “No.” I do not know how to handle this kind of rejection.

-I heard tales from two guests about a friend of theirs who became anxious when spending too much money and would sprint from the checkout line to the back of the store to get a cheaper package of plates at the advice of the cashier. They seemed to find this funny, but I consider this the only way to shop.

-Skully was returned to me. Unfortunately, his stay was not long. He began repeating every beep and click of the register, driving my fellow cashier mad. It’s fine, though. Me and him are taking a break, but I expect us to make amends soon enough.

-A man asked a woman if she drinks coffee in hopes of chatting her up. This occurred inside Starbucks, with a woman drinking a large coffee. It was a safe question, but I feel he could have tried a little harder.

-I witnessed Cat Lady leave the store as surreptitiously as one with such a reputation can. She did not go through the checkout lanes, and she had her hand suspiciously inside of her coat. I am worried that she has turned to a criminal life and will move on from Cat Lady to become Cat Burglar.

-A woman offered to sell me one of her children before exchanging any of the normal pleasantries one would. Unfortunately, she was talked out of it before I was able to make an offer.

-Two men approach. One hands his card to the other and walks away. The remaining man attempted to check out, before taking a look at the prompt on the card reader. He sadly looked up and whispered, “My buddy’s turding and I don’t know his pin.” This poor man cannot catch a break. 

-I am beginning to feel guilty about the amount of baby-sized fedoras I let people buy. By ringing them up, I am a part of the problem.

-A guest insisted that I was to blame for Target charging her twice for an item she purchased across the country several years ago. While I did not appreciate her manners, I was very flattered by her estimation of the power I had.