Jimmy Reed and Lauren Taylor: Weary With Election Cycle
  • Lauren:Hey, Jimmy, are you concerned much with the outcome of this year's election cycle - or are you gonna just be happy when it's over?
  • Jimmy:Y'know, my dear, I think this is the very first time that I'm... anxious... about the election outcome.
  • Lauren:I know, right? Donald Trump scares me!
  • Jimmy:Even when the Watergate Scandal was going on, I wasn't feeling this anxious about Richard Nixon's potential re-election - even though I already felt betrayed and let down by him, because I was hoping he would end the Vietnam War... so that Boonie wouldn't have to be enlisted. But, all things considered, Mr. Trump scares me more.
  • Lauren:Of course, I wasn't even born yet during the Nixon years - but, quite frankly, Donald Trump practically makes George W Bush look like a... a flower child hippie.
  • Jimmy:*chuckling* I concur! I mean, my feelings on Hillary Clinton are a bit... ambivalent - but she doesn't strike the anxiety in me as... as Mr. Trump does.
  • Lauren:Well, should we... take a stroll around Moonlight Valley?
  • Jimmy:I think so, hon. I'm in a Halloween mood, right now.