During the first years of Breaking Bad, we always found each other in the little two-by-four gym at the Homewood Suites. This our relationship right here: I would come in and Jonathan’s on the stepper, stepping, like, two miles an hour. I’m like, “Well, you got to step faster to get some sweat going and get your workout on, dude.” The TV would be blaring the news and I would go and take the clicker. He’d look at me and I’d look at him. I’d turn the freaking thing off, and I’d get on the treadmill. He would take a few more steps on the stepper. He would look at me, and he would get off the stepper, go to the remote and turn the f—ing thing back on! Finally, after two or three rounds of this, we’d both look at each other, and he’d look at me calmly and say, “Well, what if I just turn it down to half the volume?” I said, “That would work for me.” That’s our relationship.
—  Giancarlo Esposito on Jonathan Banks in The Hollywood Reporter

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Thomas Hamilton is the hero the world needs but does not deserve. A character like him would have helped me so much growing up, he is the most important character I have ever seen within literature, tv shows and films.

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I just read that article about Kristen's directing a new music video for Planned Parenthood. It sounds really great. Of course, that self-proclaimed Rob's number one fan called it a vanity project. She claimed Kristen has never done any charitable actions after more than a decade in the filming business and suddenly attached herself to Planned Parenthood. I really wanted to punch my computer screen. I have no doubt that Kristen donates to charties and participates in charitable causes. (part 1)

She prefers to keep quiet about her charitable actions, though she did show up at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert after she received an invitation for it. I remember she was accused of using it to promote herself. That’s not something she’d do. However, Twigs does use charitable causes to promote herself. The 2015 Go Gala is the perfect example. She did a very inappropriate dance in front of young children. It was all about what she could get from it, not what she can give. (part 2)

That is one of the reasons why I will never respect her. She is such a spoiled little brat who thinks the world should bow at her feet. She could never be a Power Ranger because she’d use her powers for personal gain. That means she’d reap the rewards the populace would bestow on her if they knew her identity as a Ranger. Kristen deserves my respect because she is taking on a charitable cause. She is not using it to promote herself. It’d be cool if she directed a film about erotomania. (part 3)

Erotomania is a condition where the patient believes someone is in love with them. It typically involves famous people, but complete strangers can also become targets. A film about erotomania would be a great insight into the complexity of the human mind. Several celebrities have been victims of erotomanics. I hope Kristen does a full-length feature film in the future. Short films are just a stepping stone, but they are a good start. - Sharky

Sharky…I have absolutely nothing to add to this. I don’t know what to say, other than I agree with you!

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Do you ever just think about how loved Harry is though? He has an amazing team that work with and for him, of course, but think about the fact that Ben Winston and James Corden not only brought him on to their show, which is incredibly popular in the US and a huge deal for their careers, they brought him on for a whole week, let him do a monologue, had him do a carpool karaoke and be the musical guest for a whole week. Harry seems to inspire that kind of love and support in people. It's lovely

I have absolutely nothing to add to this except that Harry needs to be loved more!!!!  He deserves ALL the love!!!

Mathematical Computation for the Hiddlesconda

 Hi. Butt anon here. I think to get the length of his thumb in that picture we first need to get the distance measurement from the button his thumb touches to the one below it, because that’s where the length of his thumb roughly ends.

To get that, I used the 1.5 cm = diameter of one button figure given by the lovely miss redskye1972. I checked it on photoshop and…

Yes, the five button estimate is more or less correct.


Tom’s thumb is slanted here, meaning that we will have to apply the Pythagorean theorem. I’d give the distance from the lower button to the bottom of his thumb a one and a half button given that his torso really isn’t angled to face us so…

Basically my computations say that Tom’s Glorious Purpose is… 9.25 inches.

Note that I am a mere human, meaning that there may be error in my computations, say, the distance from the lower button to the bottom of his thumb. That and these figures were simply deduced.

But still.

Oh my god.

 >>I have absolutely nothing to add to this perfect submission.

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Imagine Bucky and Steve using a whole bunch of 1930s and '40s movie references to counteract all the modern references they don't understand and then one day someone expresses concern about Bucky's arm getting wet and he says, "I won't rust, I'm not the Tin Man." To which Sam is like "I understood that reference!" and Bucky is delighted by the unexpected discovery that Wizard of Oz has remained popular for all these years.

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Imagine Bucky, feeling much better and on the road to recovery down the line, remembering how Steve, Sam and Natasha used to help him take baths while dissociated so he wouldn't slip underwater or stay in too long. One day, Bucky shyly asks Sam if they can take a bath together and if Sam would wash his hair because it feels good. Sam is only too happy to do it and they cuddle in the bath :3