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if stiles made a mix tape for lydia, what kind of songs would be on it?

I have this head canon that one year for their anniversary (before they’re married) he makes her this mix tape of songs that made him think of her in middle school and made him sad and she spends the whole two hours just… laughing as he desperately mouths the lyrics against her neck and refuses to stop hugging her. 


So here is a head canon that basically lists all the things which I have decided to omit from canon for my portrayal of Sting. This is just what has been bouncing around in my mind for right now and if I miss anything or come up with anything else later on then I will just make a separate post for it. 

- Basically first. Rogue and Sting did not lose in the Four Dragon Slayer fight at GMG. Instead they tied with Natsu & Gajeel, fighting the hardest they could and keeping toe on toe with the other two. 

- The whole thing with Lector afterwards still happened however Lector was killed instead of being saved, least for mine. Sting still fought in the last fight using the immense amounts of emotions he felt after losing his friend to swiftly defeat Bacchus in that cold, quiet, and quick manner. I’ll write a second headcanon expanding on the further effect that it had towards Stings personality later. :’)

- Also thank you to @starbearing for letting me use part of her not surrendering headcanon for mine. Sting did not surrender to the others, there was no way in hell he was going to easily surrender or just give up to other people with what had happened. He did fight against them but eventually went down, his emotions at that time causing interference as well in the fight.

- The Welcome Home Frosch chapter / episode never happened for my Sting. Mainly because Lector isn’t alive for him and I don’t particularly agree with a lot of it. Even so Sting isn’t one to yell or punch Rogue around at all like that.