You could describe the Tenth Doctor’s reaction to River Song as just sheer excited terror–because when somebody turns up and says, ‘I’m your wife’, and knows all about you, that’s terror! The Eleventh Doctor’s relationship with her was a much more complicated, evolving thing, where you gradually got to see these two people fall in love, and really believed it. Whereas [River and Mr. Song’s relationship] is two people who have known each other for years, and are very relaxed in each other’s company.
—  James Goss (writer of The Diary of River Song: Signs) on River’s relationship with different incarnations of the Doctor [DWM 495]
Learn Any Language for FREE

I know there’s like a bajillion links of this type floating around but here’s one I stumbled across. Basically it just has like a bunch of different study materials, books, audio, etc. It lacks in like sheer amount of stuff and variety of languages, but from what I’ve downloaded so far everything is GOOD QUALITY. Which is something that’s hard to get when you’re getting bootleg versions of anything. And everything is all packaged together so the audio and the book are kept together which is another thing that is rare to find with internet bootleg copies (the price we pay for bootlegging, I suppose). They have TONS for German and English (like 200-ish each), slightly less for Spanish and French (100-ish each), a decent amount for Chinese and Italian (about 50-ish), plus many other languages. There is also a bunch of Linguistics stuff too. Also double bonus, it’s like recent and actually being updated (there’s already stuff uploaded that wasn’t there when I checked like yesterday) so the links are less likely to be broken AND you can always come back and check periodically and maybe you’ll find something new. So check it out!

Life is not linear, it’s a lot of ups and downs, moments that make you feel amazed to even be alive and moments that make you question every single thing and choice you’ve ever made. Weight loss used to be the only goal in sight. Earning my health has made all difference in my life. In the past year and a half there have been so many astounding and beautiful moments, that have truly make me feel so blessed and proud. There have also been more moments of sheer hopelessness and absolute grief that almost made me give up completely especially in the last couple of months. But when I made the decision to change my life 3 years ago, I knew that giving up and choosing fear will never ever be an option in my life again. Always chose to be brave and chose life. Chose yourself #lifeisworthliving #balance #weightlossjourney #health #selfreflection #aspiretoinspire #mentalhealth #mentalillness

I absolutely cannot believe the amount of hate that Reylo shippers get.

And this is coming from someone who does not ship Reylo. I’ve seen TFA five times now and I still do not get Reylo. I enjoy some Reylo fan fiction and some cool artwork but I  honestly don’t think that Rey and Kylo will end up together. But maybe they will, we’ll see.

And even though I don’t ship it, I follow a lot of Reylo shippers (I Love you people) because they blog quality things and I think they all share a love of star wars the same as me.

But I cannot imagine for the life of me, why this ship pisses so many people off. Because there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. We have no indication that they are related so that’s not a problem..

It’s just crazy to me the sheer amount of shit people get for shipping it, it’s just crazy..

I guess I just wanted to let Reylo shippers know that even though I don’t ship it personally, I think you should continue to enjoy Reylo and if people don’t like it they should just shut up and not worry about it.

One part of Megamind that I’ve been thinking about … the baby seal leather boots.

Because the thing is, Megamind might be the ‘evil’ one but he’s never been ‘cruelty to animals’ evil.

Now, I’m Canadian, and thus have a different view on the seal hunt than some; I honestly support it.  For one, it allows Native Canadians the chance to continue a traditional practice and make a decent income to support their families (especially given the insane prices up north).  For another, sheer spite against PETA.  The assholes have organized boycotts against the Vancouver Olympics, Canadian maple syrup, and Canadian seafood because of the hunt, even though none of these are actually associated with it.

But enough of that tangent.  IIRC, the Megamind game mentions that Metro City has a Little Canada district.  So maybe one day, Megamind is out shopping, testing the disguise watch and exploring the city, when he happens upon a shop selling custom baby seal leather boots.  Fair trade, handcrafted, and a portion of the proceeds goes to Native charities.  He checks them out, they’re awesome and high quality and sound way more evil than they really are so he orders a few pairs.

Minion grumbles slightly because it feels like an insult to his skills that Sir would seek attire elsewhere, but since seals chow down on fish it mostly balances out.


hey everyone, so i’m going to be moving at least twice in the next six months, and need to start downsizing the sheer amount of stuff i have.  i thought i’d start trying to sell some things now, since i’m heading to new york soon and also might have to pay my way to a conference next month.  if you can’t/don’t want to buy anything, signal boosting is appreciated!

all prices are + shipping, which you are basically guaranteed i will underestimate in your favour.  here is my paypal, and it’s best to contact me through the chat feature on here, as my askbox is permanently leaky, it seems.  list below the cut -

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rainarahl asked:

What do you like most about Laurel?

Hey! So, I have been sans laptop for the last few days, and when I got this ask, I wanted to do it justice, which is why I’ve waited before replying. ;)

I love Laurel a lot. Here are just a few of the things I love about her.

1. She is strong as fuck (and I will fight anyone who says otherwise). I’ve said this before, but she is an alcoholic, so the fact that she was able to resist drinking the bottle of scotch she took off her father in 3x14 I think speaks volumes about her sheer strength as a person. And it’s that strength that has, honest to God, got me through some of my worst days. Because she suffered through mental illness and came out of the other side wanting to do good in the world, and that is such a beautiful thing.

2. She is so so so badass in the courtroom and just as a lawyer in general. It’s sad we don’t get to see more of lawyer!Laurel (though if the spoilers are accurate, she will get to flex her ADA muscles more in the upcoming episodes, which makes me very happy), but what we did see was glorious. She inspires me to be just as badass as I eventually hope to be in the courtroom.

3. Laurel is so caring. She’s been there for a lot of people in her life. She’s been there for Thea, not just when she took her in at CNRI after the whole Vertigo disaster but in season 3.5 when Thea didn’t have Oliver to turn to in times of need. She risked being disbarred to warn Moira about Adam’s trump card because she didn’t want to see people she cared about have their world implode because their mother could potentially have been sentenced to death. When Diggle thought Ra’s had killed Oliver, Laurel was the one to comfort him, and she was there for him when he found out Andy had come back, too. When Felicity came back from Nanda Parbat after losing Oliver, Laurel was there for her too.  

Not to mention Nyssa - to use Nyssa’s own words, Nyssa was alone and adrift and Laurel showed her kindness, made her realise what it was like to be happy and to be a normal person. And Sara, too - Laurel cared for her sister so much that even though it broke her heart to let her go so soon after she got her back, Laurel let her go, because all she wanted was for her sister to be happy. And don’t even get me started on how much Laurel has been the voice of reason for Oliver this season - she was the one to remind him that Felicity makes her own decisions and that he should stop being so hard on himself.

4. She is true to her word. Laurel once said to Sara, “if you met some amazing guy who wanted to spend the rest of his life with you, I would be so supportive” - and we see that to be true. Despite the initial (totally understandable) anger, she was able to look past the whole cheating, shipwreck, drowning, not drowning thing and be there for both Oliver and Sara when they were going through a rough patch. She meant what she said to Sara.

5. She made Tommy want to be a better person because she always saw the best in people. And in the same way, Tommy brought out the best in her, too, which was such a beautiful thing to watch.

6. She has such a beautiful smile. I mean, just look.

(gifs by @wondertwinc)

7. Laurel is also really badass physically. I mean, have you SEEN her arms? And the way she fights right now is the best. My ovaries explode every time the woman punches people. Seriously.

8. She’s incredibly forgiving. She forgave Sara and Oliver for the whole cheating thing. In spite of everything Oliver has done, she has chosen to look past it and keep him in her life. She forgave Nyssa for everything she did in 2x13. She forgave her father for all the times he said mean things, like in 3x14 when he refers to her as “the daughter that lived”. And she forgave her mother for leaving

9. Laurel is so altruistic. She set up CNRI to help provide legal aid to those who couldn’t afford it. And now she watches over her city like the beautiful guardian angel she is, keeping the streets safe.

10. She takes responsibility for her mistakes. She told Oliver in 1x01 that she wished it was him who drowned, but then she went back to apologise. She kept Sara’s death a secret from Quentin for months, but she also said she deserved every minute of him blowing up at her or giving her a hard time about it, and she ended up reminding him of their sobriety. And she acknowledged exactly what the damage was of bringing Sara back - “My sister is out of her mind right now, because of something I did, a decision that I made”. She owns her actions and I will always admire that about her.

There are lots more, but I spent long enough on this already, lol. But yeah. Those are the main reasons why Dinah Laurel Lance is the love and light of my life. :)

Every chance I take, every new idea I see to completion, when I wear my muscles down and sweat and cry and bleed for something I know is gonna be great, I know Monty would have done it and done it twice as hard, and with ten times more style. Last year I cried damn near every time I thought about the sheer darkness I found myself in, now that the guiding light of one of my biggest role models was snuffed out. I felt adrift and lost, hopeless. I’ll try crying a little less this year, and instead make more cool things. I’m sure he would enjoy that better.

replying to [x]

Ay,ay,ay. As she figured, she had not expressed her thoughts correctly, and made it seem as if she had been ‘depressed’ due to something much smaller than the initial thought had been. She scratches her head, watching him pouring word after word of sheer anger, and disappointment. 

She only begins to speak when she is sure he’s finished. Setsuna’s voice is as calm as ever, although it is clear that she is focused on explaining herself. “I agree with everything you have to say. I believe people are equal partners, and I fully appreciate your effort into trying to get more hours at work, I’m aiming for the same thing.” She makes more money than him, she has more status, and never once did she think their relationship is unbalanced.

“I am very fortunate, very privileged, and I never once take my luck for granted. I pray daily, and I am constantly acknowledging just how well off I am in every aspect in my life.

That doesn’t mean I can’t think of the aspects of other people’s lives that aren’t as peachy. At the time, I was thinking of other inequalities, those more extreme than even my mother faced when she tried to raise me - and she did, because here in these country single mothers aren’t even supposed to place their children in public education, their children are considered shameful, and are constantly humiliated.

I am talking about other parts of Earth that have to face other aspects of inequality - and I mean in every realm, not just gender - and how much it depresses me how humans have all the resource, food, weather, and knowledge to live a prosperous lives, and yet they continuously kill each other, slaughter each other, and situations that shouldn’t happen in a planet that has all Earth has.

But that was what I thought at that time. I understand that what I said was off, and irresponsible, and it made little sense with what we spoke about. 

You’re right, humans have the privilege of discriminating gender, race, and sexuality. It is rather pathetic.”  


Making notes for my Immunology midterm on Wednesday. Going mediocre so far, the sheer memorisation needed is making me procrastinate. Also yes, I’m having a French vanilla in a cup that says espresso because why not, and since I’m being honest I’ll let you know that I spilled half of it on my phone after taking this picture…so yeah, real successful study session. No worries I’m sure it’ll get better. Good Luck to everyone studying and don’t let the small things get you down ! 🌸

anonymous asked:

I've seen a post about how cool it would be if gems' bodies weren't illusions and instead their bone structure was made out of their gemstone?? Isn't that just the neatest thing

I do imagine that even as holograms, the Gems probably have some kind of internal… scaffolding? Infrastructure? So I have a couple of real theories about gem bones:

1. In Keep Beach City Weird, Ronaldo punches Pearl who catches him just by holding her hand out- Ronaldo looks like he should outweigh Pearl but he’s unable to even budge her by sheer momentum, suggesting that Pearl is heavier than Ronaldo, and also that she might have less “give” to her skin. 

Gems could have exoskeletons- since they don’t really have to worry about internal organs, they could just lace what amounts to bony “support beams” through the center of their bodies. Steven is able to squish Garnet’s cheeks, but that could just be that they have skin and soft tissue over their exoskeleton, making it partially an endoskeleton. 

If this was the case, I’d guess that the mannequin form they initially make when reforming is their exoskeleton, and rather than it dissolving or reshaping itself into a more humanoid form, they just put skin and tissue over the top.

2. They have an endoskeleton (and I mean, under all of their layers not just the surface) but, again, it probably looks more like that mannequin form than anything like human bones. Their bones would probably be heavily simplified with ball-joints, which would mean their musculature (it’s implied they have a musculature given in Coach Steven Garnet and Amethyst appeared to be suffering what amounted to muscle cramps from Sugilite) is really weird.

Either way, it’s likely their projected form includes projected, functional bones, in which case those bones could be made out of their Gem. After all, all the weapons we’ve seen with the exception of Lapis’s wings have a crystalline component that seems to match their Gem type (and Lapis’s gem is one that can dissolve in water, at least the non-magical version).

Which, it’d suggest that this pseudo-Gem substance would be the toughest thing they can produce, since it’s what they’re using to do battle- so I would imagine their bones, possibly also their teeth, would be made of it.

january beauty favorites

i spent a lot of january focusing on skin care rather than makeup products, but did have a few products that i wanted to share because they have been in heavy rotation for me. i am 100% in love with makeup in general and that means even when i’m working from home i probably have gotten distracted and played with makeup and end up with a full face of makeup when the dog is the only other living thing i’ll see until 6 pm, but i don’t even care. i did, however, want to look at some quick and easy products for days that i don’t want to pile on the makeup and think a few of these are perfect for that. 

1 - this fresh sugar lip treatment in honey is the PERFECT lip balm + sheer nude tint. i have tried the white advanced therapy one before that has no tint, but something about the taste it leaves on my lips is chemical-like, but i don’t have the same problem with this honey one. i’ve tried samples of the rose one before as well, but can’t wait to wear this honey one with a crap ton of bronzer, some highlighter, mascara and beachy air-dried waves all summer long. pretty pricey lip treatment but it is right up there with my dior creme de rose which is my holy grail lip balm. 

2 - i have been crazy into creme eye shadows for the past 6 weeks or so, and the bobbi brown ones are my favorite right now. i like them because they feel just a little lighter than, say, a mac paint pot and last longer than a maybelline color tattoo (as they should at their price point). i have a couple shimmery ones now as well as a bone color and a suede color (which i found at a CCO for $8 - sweet!) they blend together well and literally take 10 seconds to apply. very into that. 

3 - do you prefer getting your makeup off with a makeup cloth before you cleanse it? or maybe you just only have the energy to swipe at your face with one before you head to bed? you NEED these black magic cloths from sephora. i don’t know what kind of weird wizardry goes into them, but you just get them wet with warm water, wipe them over your face (AND EYE MAKEUP) just like a makeup cloth, and your face is 100% clean of makeup. no scrubbing and pulling at delicate eye skin needed. there’s no cleanser or anything in it the way makeup cloths have so it doesn’t irritate or dry your skin out. and they are $12 for two of them. i literally just went and ordered more because i got so into typing about them right now. they are so easy to use and wash and use over and over again. 

4 - i have seen people hyping up this polish remover for so long, so i’m not sure why it took me so long to try it out. long story short, i wanted to get a mani before a wedding shower a few weeks ago but ran out of time and just ran into sephora to take my chipped polish off with the tester removers and buy a neutral colored polish i could throw on in the car and let dry as i drove to the shower. i used this remover in the store and LOVED it. it makes changing my polish 25x easier - there is a scrubby segment inside that really gets any stubborn polish or glitter off your nails. 

5 - related, i have been wanting a black creme polish for a while and added this formula x one to my order with the polish remover. LOVE how opaque it is and the formula in general and felt like it didn’t chip too quickly. helps me embrace my inner rayna james (i don’t know why but i feel like season one rayna had awesome dark nails all the time and it led to my desire for a black polish)

6 - i’ve talked before about how much i love the maybelline lash sensational mascara. the new lash sensational luscious is somehow even better. i might love it more than my too faced better than sex mascara (which is saying a LOT) and feel like it lengthens and helps my lashes stand out with just 2 coats. it’s inexpensive, and i weirdly love the matte black packaging. get this asap. 

7 - mac modesty is my new go-to for a neutral that is neither too nude or too pink. mac lipsticks in general are in my top 3 formulas (right below marc jacobs and nars audacious lipsticks) and this is definitely one of my favorites i’ve ever bought. 

so, to sum it up - neutral lips and eyes, dark witch nails, seriously intense lashes and washing my face have been my jam so far in 2016. i figure i have one more month of thinking about winter stuff before i get sucked into spring (and bright pinks and pastels and all things floral) in march.

links to everthing here


omg ok so I saw a few people talking about this app on tumblr where you get money for playing this game? I’m usually pretty skeptical about things that promise ‘free money’ so I decided to check it out and here’s what what I found: you basically watch ads which gives you the opportunity to play this game where you have a 50/50 chance of winning money between 5 cents to like 250 dollars (but its usually 5 cents, but it adds up!!).  You can also challenge other users with the money you’ve won and make bets so it’s pretty entertaining…especially because you never have to bet any ‘real’ money. The money you win goes to your paypal and tada free money yay

so anyways after playing this game for a few days I have decided to overlook my usual skepticism and join in on the hype (after all its free money)

and the reason I’m sharing this here is partially to help people out who are in a pinch and need money, but also because if you used my referral code: 6F4B05 I get a dollar and you get 25 free spins (which is actually pretty decent considering you only get like 5 free spins a day or something like that)

so anyways thanks in advance and hope you win lots of money so u can buy yourself pretty things bc u deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

escape velocity

How Maka Albarn and her best friend, Soul, ran away from home, ate too much fast food and vending machine stuff, and discovered how awkward love and growing up were. - SoMa, AU

Chapter 1

“So maybe I shouldn’t have trusted Soul with finding the escape vehicle.”

Soul “Eater” Evans is Maka Albarn’s best friend and all, but when she saw the thing he drove up in, she wondered if she should question his sanity.

She dropped her backpack on the ground in sheer frustration. “Excuse me?”

“What?” he asked, clearly annoyed by the question. “I got you an escape vehicle, didn’t I?”

“That is not a vehicle,” she snapped. “That is a way to die.”

Soul hopped off the motorcycle, supporting it with one hand once his feet hit the ground. He was scowling, but it wasn’t as if she cared; Soul always scowled. “How picky can you get? It moves, at least. And it moves faster than that Princess Pretty scooter you’ve got shoved up in your garage.”

“Yeah, well, at least the Princess Pretty scooter is safe,” she shot back with a vengeance. “Do you want to die before we actually manage to get anywhere?”

“Do you want to get caught before we actually manage to get anywhere?” he countered the way he so often did. And so often pissed her off as well, come to that. “Get on the thing before your whacked out old man finally figures out you’re missing, and let’s move.”

Maka threw up her hands in frustration. “We are finally getting the heck out of Death freaking City, and you wanna do it on something that has caused hundreds of deaths in the United States alone.”

Honestly. Boys.

It had taken both of them weeks of planning to be able to formulate a decent plan to get out of their stupid dead-end town. Weeks. And it hadn’t exactly been easy slipping that alcohol into her dad’s soup so he’d pass out soon enough for her to sneak out. This was the deciding moment. The minute they’d finally be free to do whatever they wanted in life. The minute they left the mess their lives had become behind.

Was she seriously going to let her idiotic best friend ruin it like this?

“C’mon,” Soul said in response. “I even painted it red for you.”

Maybe it was because it was three AM, and her brain wasn’t working. Maybe it was because of the nagging feeling that they had to hurry up and get the heck out of there before someone discovered them. Maybe it was because red was her favorite color, and Soul was fully aware of this, and he was giving her that please-please-please look that meant she’d be destroying his heart and soul if she didn’t let him bring the damn bike already.

Whatever it was, Maka sighed.

Reached for her backpack.

And, against her better judgement, got on the bike.

“What’re you waiting for?” she sighed to a surprised and delighted-looking Soul. “Get on, loser.”

“We’re leaving this dump behind.”

"She was right about you. Such arrogance ..." (RWBY theory)

So in-between watching react-videos for RWBY V3E11 and freaking out about the sheer cliffhanger we’re going be left with in the finale (because there’s no way we can wrap things up in ten minutes, no matter how well-animated it is), I’ve been wondering about that line up above. And I have a theory.

Spoilers under the cut.

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I needed a break from finishing the Hux uniform since I realized I was going very slowly out of sheer boredom, so I switched over to one of the last things I need for Katsucon, the headdress for the new Scarlet Witch. It’s going to have lots of dangly beads, but just the frame itself is cute so far! #katsucrunch #katsucon #scarletwitch #cosplay #worbla #worblasfinestart #marvel


While we’re on the topic of Hamilton (and I have purposely avoided posting about it for fear of opening those particular floodgates) have a short video of one of the best songs from the show mashed up with a classic from Les Mis. 

Jasper and Lapis

First, I think Jasper was taking some serious liberties with her orders even before she decided to abandon the mission to take Steven back. The mission she was set seems likely to have been to make sure Peridot got the information from the Kindergarten without anyone stopping her. However, instead of landing by the Kindergarten they land right in front of the Crystal Gems’ base.

I don’t get the feeling that Jasper’s usually a loose cannon – if only because Homeworld doesn’t seem likely to tolerate them – but the War for Earth seems to have left everyone involved with emotional wounds. Jasper seems to have tried to go after Rose for a last confrontation.

Peridot was probably on board with this out of sheer petulance up until it came to a real battle. They’d been breaking her things. She wanted Jasper to beat them up.

Lapis, I am starting to suspect, wasn’t ever meant to be with their group. Yellow Diamond doesn’t ask after her – which could mean she doesn’t care, but could also mean she doesn’t know. I think either Peridot or Jasper found Lapis when looking for information about Earth and then Jasper decided to bring her along.

I don’t mean Jasper kidnapped her. I suspect Jasper offered her revenge on the Crystal Gems as an incentive to act as an informant. Lapis pretended revenge was her motivation for coming along, when really she was concerned for Steven and wanted to be there to help him if she could.

Mostly I think  Jasper using Lapis – and dangling revenge in front of her as motivation – while Lapis deceived Jasper was probably already an established dynamic before it came to a head in Malachite.