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I love the way you showed specific examples of Arthur dealing with students crying and nightmares to emphasize the grief, trauma, fear, etc. it was really effective, I found my self getting sympathetically emotional for the students when the Owls returned and it was just really lovely. Great after effects. I also loved all the little character building things! Like the Potters (James is growing!), and Wales, and Scorpius with his leg, and Rose staying behind, and I could run on and on but space

One of the kids named their owl Frisbee tho

But yeah that’s a huge part of why the chapter just ballooned the way it did was ALL THESE GOOD INTERACTIONS  that I wanted to keep. Like Arthur keeping kids busy and the sheer lack of fairness that literally no one can do anything about because two houses are CONTAMINATED and need to be STERILIZED it may have taken wizards a long time to figure out hygiene but the castle’s toilets backed up and so no, Slytherin and Hufflepuff can’t go change their clothes or look for their chess sets or card decks or anything else, it all has to be cleaned. Meanwhile there’s no point making Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, which are towers, suffer without their things? But it’s not fair to Slytherin and Hufflepuff if they do? But it’s not fair to Ravenclaw and Gryffindor if they dont?

You can’t convince me that Addison didn’t bring down a change of clothes for Ellie and maybe Gloria and Margaret I’m not willing to believe that Nancy and Manpreet were rude to the Hufflepuff girls. Freddy and Scorpius can survive without their brooms for a night and no one was really crying about not being able to play chess for an evening it was just that one extra thing that put them over a very sharp edge.

The chapter got away from me but I think it was for the best honestly, we got to see more than just Slytherin having an awful time and the professors genuinely trying but just not having the resources to handle the situation.

Part of me is remarkably unforgiving. We’re asked to workshop each other’s dissertation proposals, and to be forced to read something like her work is insulting on so many levels. For her to have virtually no department presence is one thing, but to have openly admitted on national television that she does the PhD “on the side” is another thing entirely. This is the same woman who believes the rest of her cohort will steal from her, so she deliberately does not contribute to our dissertation proposal workshop. The sheer arrogance of that kind of thinking — to be suspicious of your own cohortmates for no reason other than a complete lack of self-awareness and lack of interest in making any sort of connection to your supposed colleagues. And yet now I see her writing first-hand. Fragments, block quotations with no commentary, lists of nouns and adjectives, passive voice to the point of confusion. A project that somehow spans 3 centuries, critical terms stolen and uncredited, a provocative method unjustified and unexplained. I think of my days at the Writing Lab. I find myself making the same editing marks, the same questions of “why, how, to what end?” I shouldn’t be workshopping her proposal like a copy editor. But what angers me most is the blatant disregard for our feedback. All of what we have been suggesting to her — not one idea entertained, let alone implemented. So I re-read my page of comments and critiques-as-questions. Meaningless after my twenty second-delivery on Wednesday morning. In the trash with our molding collegiality.


Gabrielle Union - Knowing what white girls didn’t think


Clarke killing the grounder in 1x11 vs. Bellamy sacrificing himself for Jasper in 1x12

maybe thor felt he wasn’t ready to be king at the end of thor 2 because he knew he wouldn’t have loki by his side for counsel and companionship, which was something he always intended right from the beginning. he doesn’t have that reassurance anymore, and he doubts himself. he’s probably well aware that he’d never perform as well as he would have, and that without loki’s guidance he simply isn’t fit for the throne just yet. how can he be expected to take that position and remain there without his brother? the brother that he always intended to rule beside and the brother that completes him in every way possible? how could he ever think himself fit to rule if so much of his heart and soul is missing?

it is so important to me that people realize their full worth.

and this is what we do

“He thanked me,” she whispers, and he can feel the words hot and trembling against his skin. “Bell, he thanked me. And I felt — I felt him disappear. I did that.” 

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Look, I love Mark.

Really, truly I do.

But this isn’t really about him. This is about all of the incredible games, developers, animators, and many, many other insanely talented people gathered and a crowd gathered together in their honor to celebrate their successes.

If this were a show about Mark, I could understand. Not with the creepy, catcall things but with the shouting in general.

The fact of the matter is, Mark was invited to host the awards show. And that is insanely cool and such an honor, and I’m glad his fans showed up snd opened up the stream to see and support and enjoy him but please, please, please remember to do so respectfully.

Even Mark himself shushed the crowd once or twice and I’m actually legitimately really bothered now by the sheer lack of respect shown for Janet, the games, the nominees, everything and everyone that isn’t having to do specifically with Mark.

A lot of people are trying to enjoy the show and I’m sure no one appreciates the interruptions and the disrespect. Not everyone is there just to see Mark talk.

I love how everyone is so happy to hear that Smokey was adopted into the Joestar family omg just think Smokey Brown Joestar, best little brother and uncle to date.

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With this many people hating on the book/tour I'm afraid for what the live show comments are going to be like

I really hope Dan and Phil don’t feel disheartened right now. The sheer effort they’ve definitely put into all of this has been so harshly glossed over by certain people claiming that they’re ‘sell outs’ and ‘in it for the money.’ 

If you look at Phil’s brothers Twitter (@mookentooken), you’ll see how fans have been asking him about all of it and he’s mentioned the fact that they’ve both had very long nights sorting this whole thing out and they’ve worked super hard and then I come on here and there are people who have the audacity to shame them for doing such a wonderful thing?

I want to see, on Sunday, them looking excited and pleased and happy with our reactions. I want to see them feel like all this hard work and effort they’ve put in has been 100% worth it. I want Phil rambling on in the adorable way he does and Dan being like ‘holy shit this is my life’ and I want huge smiles from them both - because they are two of the most brilliant, hardworking youtubers around - consistently doing wonderful things solely for the benefit of us.

There have been some shitty, shitty people on here who have honestly disgusted me by how downright rude they’ve been about this. 

I’m not saying it’s a necessity to agree with everything D&P do, but at least have the decency to respect their decisions.

I’m over the moon for both of them, and I can’t wait to watch them become, no doubt, bestsellers and sell-out this tour and go from strength to strength.

I hope people in the live show show support and love. If you have nothing nice to say about the book/tour, then don’t bother watching the show - that’s my advice to people who don’t like it.

His heart races along with the chant in his head, I have missed you I have missed you I have missed you so much.  It’s thundering through his chest now, kicking against bone and echoing in his veins and Arthur can feel the words pooling on his tongue and he’s almost certain that he’s about to give himself away.

And then Eames reaches over and curls his fingers around Arthur’s wrist (because holding hands is for children and they never were) and leans in close whispering, Hush now, all hot breath and whiskey.

He kisses the jumping pulse in Arthur’s throat and Arthur swallows the words down deep.  

Eames tightens his grip because he has to hold on to something or he won’t be able to stop himself from falling.

“No child ever have to learn about sharks before they get their feet wet. Every kid deserves a couple years of just sheer innocence before they see what is really hiding in the shadows. I always wonder how different things would have been if I didn’t know my father—if his name was just a word, and not a memory. I always wonder how different things would be if sharks could drown too.” — dominicmatthewjackson



With personal and financial issues rearing their ugly head this year, I have unfortunately had to delve into my shirt funds in order to help pay for schooling. I have lost over $300 so far, which is a hell of a lot, given that 100% of my shirt sales go to affording Supernatural TorCon. It’s the one thing a year I look forward to and attend, and I am in a sheer panic lately over not being able to afford it this year. Every single sale helps!

These are only a select few of the designs available, with more on the way! If you wish to request a design, or even request that some designs be available on a specific type of shirt, just shoot me a message here and I’ll do everything I can to make you guys happy.


Here is a selfie because it is the Ides of March and it’s what Caesar would have wanted.

To do list:

  • Prometheus!! Not, like, do Prometheus. That’s not feasible. The retelling, I mean. The dawn of mankind and also the treachery of beef theft. 
  • Read Seneca’s On Anger by Thursday and try not to throw it out of the window (yes, Seneca, anger can be productive, so go and eat a cake)
  • Apply for The Thing that I keep procrastinating applying for, because 70% of my brain says ‘haha they will not want you, so why bother even trying?’ and the remaining 30% is mostly just thinking about other things with fewer connotations of sheer terror
  • Start talking to people again, because I have got into that rut that I always get into when my anxiety flares up whereby I ignore communication and am generally a bit shit, and it is an anxious trait that I really dislike about myself, so I should nip it right in the bloody bud
  • Go to the toilet (honestly, this is priority number one right now) 
  • Get a motherflipping haircut so that I can actually see things again (this costs money and is thus the lowest of my priorities)
  • Pay a qualified human individual to put a hole in my nose so that I can finally achieve my desired aesthetic of ‘slightly zany English teacher who probably had a queerplatonic affair with the headteacher once but no-one really knows and also she has eight cats and a houseplant with two middle names’ (this also costs money and is thus sitting squarely on the bottom rung of my ladder of priorities as well)

Let us all organise our lives, because if you’re anything like me then you’ve probably been procrastinating doing something for the past 8 years. What’s one thing that you should probably get around to? Let’s all pledge to do at least one thing on our To Do lists this week; we will all be such productive little beans and we will be proud and happy and basking in the soft glow of success. 

i am creeping up on year 700 in my kittens game and i still only have 26 kittens.

45 catnip fields
15 pastures
15 aqueducts
34 academies
26 libraries
4 observatories
11 barns
22 warehouses
13 mines
14 lumber mills
8 smelters
1 steamworks
11 amphitheaters
12 temples
30 workshops
7 tradeposts
17 unicorn pastures
1 ziggurat

26 kittens in 700 years. those 26 kittens are the hardest working, best educated, praying-est animals that have ever lived on any planet ever.  

and they don’t even have boats yet.

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Your Worship, we have received packages from a particular noble house that wishes to garner your favor. These 'gifts' seem harmless enough, according to Sister Leliana's assessment, but they are also all very sheer. And their appearance might not be appropriate for anything outside of the bedchambers, but it is my duty to inform you of their arrival and that they have been sent to your quarters for inspection. - Josephine


I think you need to explain to me how in the Maker’s name these ridiculous things are a gift to garner favor.  They have no practical usage and honestly it disturbs me that someone is out there trying to pick bedroom attire for me.  One t’s my bloody bedroom, two they shouldn’t know my size, and three they are never going to see it unless the Maker returns to make the Black City shiny again AND I have gotten possessed by a stupidity demon.

Please send them a letter in their language that they most certainly have not garnered favor and if they ever do this again I will personally show up on their doorstep to show my displeasure…with purifying fire.


PS: Don’t worry about the “gifts” I gave them to Sera for disposal.


*a note the next morning*


I demand to know who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to give unwanted panties frilly things lingerie unmentionables to Sera!  It makes it difficult to train new recruits when they keep giggling over the training dummies wearing things and being posed in overly suggestive manners.  The recruits are still commenting on her artful usage of a riding crop and I’m not sure how she managed to make the blasted things anatomically correct.  Might as well send the blighted lot how if they can’t look at a training dummy without snickering like a bunch of school children.


PS: If it was that damn Trevelyan I’m going to *there’s a number of ink spots as if someone held the quill over the paper to long*

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Hey Cora! Love love love your blog! I'm in search of a good unlined (sheer) bra. I usually go to Victorias Secret, but my favorite bra from there just broke and I want to venture out and into something different. I'm a 36DDD. Pricewise, under $60.

I’m actually going to recommend that you don’t use your American size here, and instead look into brands that use European or UK sizing (which means you’re going to want bras in either 36E or 36F depending on the brand). The whole DDDDDDD ad infinitum thing is a very American convention, and your selection will expand dramatically if you’re willing to try the equivalent size in other brands. I’d take a look at Claudette in particular; their mesh Dessous is a dream. Gossard Glossies would be another style to try. Freya, Fantasie, and Panache also tend to have unlined sheer or semi-sheer (usually because of a pattern or print) styles in your size and price range. I hope this helps!