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Hey, I want to start collecting JoJo figures, and I was wondering where you got yours? Or the best place to get them?


  • first off, shop around!! you’ll often find figures cheaper in one place, but that doesn’t mean the same thing if shipping is more expensive.
  • Anyway, for brand new figures: amiami.com is great for that. They usually have the biggest discounts. Also not to be ignored are hobbysearch and hobbylinkjapan. The first two usually have the biggest discounts for Jojo figures.
  • However, most Jojo figures are discontinued out of the entire series, due to their run being over. For this, I completely, 100% recommend Mandarake. They update their stock every single day, and they’ll have uncommon and out of print characters up that’ll be up on, say, amazon or eBay for like double/triple the price.
  • It is important with Mandarake to think about how much you want to spend on shipping, though, considering they’ll invoice you for it after they check if the item’s in stock. Some figures are big and heavy and therefore more expensive to import!
  • Amazon can be a reasonable option if you have Prime or the offer offers free shipping to start with. I should note that pretty much every figure box I’ve gotten wound up a little damaged from them– but if you don’t care about boxes, it’s all good.
  • But definitely compare prices– Mandarake and Amiami may be the best options for new and used, but someone might be upending their collection on myfigurecollection or eBay, and you could score the figure you want for much less. It just depends on if you care whether the figure is used or not and how much shipping you wanna pay/how fast you want to get it.
  • (fwiw, I’ve never received a damaged figure from Mandarake. Just factory defected ones.)

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have you write any bawson neighbors au? because i need it in my life!

I HAVE WRITTEN SOME I JUST GOTTA LIKE FINISH THE ENDING??? anyway here’s a bit to tide u over:

It starts, as most things do, at 1am. 

(Later on, Ginny will look back and realise how much of their story was like something straight out of a fucking rom-com.)

Ginny Baker has always been a night owl, even more so since she applied for grad school and spends many a nights up writing papers that, honestly, cause her a pain like no other. (Not even her shoulder surgery hurt as much as writing a thesis draft on the status of rehabilitation processes post invasive surgery.)

As such, it makes sense that she’s up at 1am, tapping away at her laptop as she attempts to formulate sentences that make sense. What doesn’t make sense is the abrubt moan through her wall right after she’s written about blood issues in tendon tissue.

Ginny glances up and frowns. Blip wasn’t staying over tonight, usually since Evelyn always gave her a heads up when he did. Her lips pursed. She must have been hearing things. Turning back to her laptop, Ginny inhaled and attempted to dive back in when she heard it.

That moan sounds again, followed by a rich, deep laugh throaty laugh. Ginny glances up, frowning again, ignoring the flare of heat southwards at the sound. She reaches for her iPod and turns her music up a little louder — INXS because her father raised her right and the only thing that could ever get her to sleep or focus as a kid was rock and roll — hoping to counteract the moan that sounds through her now apparently thin walls.

It doesn’t help. Like at all. If anything, the couple decides to be louder.

“Hey!” She bangs her fist against her wall. “Asshole! Keep it the fuck down!”

She should have known that wouldn’t work. If anything the couple gets louder, trying to prove a point.

With a growl, Ginny launches herself from her messy bed and nearly tripping over her laptop charger and a pair of boots, she falls into the living room, heading for the front door.

“What’s going on?” Evelyn mutters, rubbing her eyes as she was seemingly woken from sleep. (Which says a lot. The girl could sleep through a damn war.)

“Nothing. Just gotta go kill our neighbor.” Ginny glares and flings their front door open, walking the three to five steps to the asshole’s apartment. Banging on the door, Ginny Baker paints a fearless picture. Curls are falling from the half hearted bun she threw her hair up into earlier and she’s not even wearing pants, just a large over-sized Padres shirt.

The door flies open and Ginny gets her first look at the offending party. And whoo-boy. It’s a look and a half, what with his bare chest on display and his jeans slung low on his hips — she can actually see the hint of the V of his hipbones and the urge to reach over and bite at them… 

His glistening lips suggest he was just going down on his friend of choice, and look. Ginny’s woman enough to admit the sight the man paints is tempting. Shirtless, he’s got arms that scream their perfect for picking a woman up and pinning her against a wall — the eyes, too, dark and probing and all knowing. Any other reality, Ginny wouldn’t hesitate to climb that like a tree but this reality? She’s got a paper due in an hour she put off because Evelyn brought home enough tequila to satisfy Mexico for a year and, well, she spent the week hungover. Not a whole lot of time to write a paper.

“You mind?” She raises an eyebrow.

He glances at her, amused — as if he’s enthralled with the fact she actually went and knocked on his door. “Mind what?”

Ginny glares. “Keeping it down.”

He takes a glance at the clock hanging on the side wall. “It’s 1AM. On a Friday night. I think that means noise is sort of fair game.”

“Mike!” The woman’s voice whines, breathy and impatient.

Mike, it seems, glances over his shoulder at the still faceless woman before he turns, smirking back at Ginny. “Duty calls. See ya round neighbor.”

He closes the door in her face and Ginny is left standing there, staring at his door and so utterly disbelieving that that exchange just happened. (See: rom-com.)

“So that’s Mike.” Evelyn drawls from their own apartment door, yawning again. “See you’ve met now.”

“Yup. We have. And his ass is grass.” Ginny mutters darkly.

Zombie: What is one food you always overeat? Bread. I love bread.

Witch: If could have the power to cast any kind of spell, what kind of spell would you cast? Probably a painkiller spell tbh

Vampire: Which one are you? Early bird or night owl? I live for the nighttime

Black Cat: Are you superstitious? If so, what are you superstitious about? I’m an actor so yes, lol. The Scottish Play is the biggest one because it’s real. Also, spilling salt and umbrellas open inside are unlucky and I’m a big knock-on-wood person. @glorified-fishing-net

Candy Corn: What food disgusts you the most? Bad-texture things. The worst is a texture I’m not expecting but I can’t think of a specific food right now. (I’m firmly pro-candy corn, by the way)

Demon: What is your worst flaw? I’m incredibly over-dependent 

Hocus Pocus: What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard? Anything my sister has ever said to her fiancé tbh, they’re really affectionate

Ok so we know that some wizards marry Muggles, which means that at some point in the relationship there has to be a conversation that goes, “Honey, I’m a witch. Stop laughing. This is my wand, I send letter by owls, and can travel in your fireplace.” And for some people, once their partner gets out their wand and does a spell, they believe it and adjust. But there has to be some Muggles that NOPED right out of there.

So like is there a Department of Breakups inside the Obliviation office for when things go wrong? Do you have to send a sad little owl to the Ministry to have your ex’s memories erased after the relationship ends?

People seem to forget...
  • Aries:That you are friendly, you're the one that runs up to someone you love just to hug them, you give the best bear hugs! You put your whole heart into it, and friendliest person at first impression, enthusiastic? Hell yeah, friendly? Yes most definitely.
  • Taurus:That you are wise, like an owl peering out hiding behind this sweetness, I know you are I've heard you talk, you're wise! You have such a thoughtful way of looking at things and thinking, and so patient, that is wisdom.
  • Gemini:That you are loving, that when you let someone into your life you love them with every part of your body, you care and you treat them with respect, any person who becomes a part of your life should know how special they are.
  • Cancer:That you are brave, that your sensitivity is not just to what people say but to how much you feel! So much more then most people, and you deal with it you push through it, you are strong and you are brave for going through this everyday, for allowing to feel what you feel, that's bravery.
  • Leo:That you are genuine, that you don't just run around playing games all day, you aren't just a show off you aren't just careless, when someone receives a compliment from you, you mean it you don't say it just in spite of them, you are a genuine person you care genuinely for those around you, you are so much more then just someone craving attention.
  • Virgo:That you are sweet, one of the sweetest in fact, you can be critical you can be judging but I know you listen better then anyone and I know you care more then most, you have a huge sweet spot for those near and dear to you and you would never try to hurt them, you only come from a space of love that sometimes comes off harsher then intended.
  • Libra:That you are elegant, I'm not sure why this isn't remembered because you have a beautiful grace to the way you move, you are not just a flirt you are a flower dancing along, a treasure a thoughtful sweet beauty who moves with intention and grace, I promise you are a lovely one with so much more to you then just making others smile.
  • Scorpio:That you are emotional, you carry so many emotions, you are thoughtful and loving, you don't show it often, and I get why! Emotions are terrifying but you have them there and when you share it it comes out so thoughtfully, so dark and heavy with how much you've been holding. Whoever gets to hear your deepest thoughts and feelings is the most important person in your life.
  • Sagittarius:That you do love, though it is hard for you because freedom and independency is your life, your family is immensely important to you and if you ever give your heart to someone they will have you for life, you may not trust or attach to people often, but when you do it is the strongest form of love.
  • Capricorn:That you are kind, that you always try your best when giving an honest answer to tell them kindly, that when you talk to someone you try and talk kindly, softly, lovingly, you have a hard time expressing it because you have such a tough exterior but you have such a soft spot for love, and you care for others, strangers or not, you don't want to hurt them.
  • Aquarius:That you are an artist, it doesn't mean you paint or draw or write, but that your mind is a piece of art that you see the world in a whole other form, you are art, you have a creative way of doing everything, and anything you choose to do you will do it artistically.
  • Pisces:That you are honest, that though you are one of the sweetest signs you hardly ever lie, you give the most sincere and honest answers to the those who ask, to those who are close and you love, honesty is your policy you only want to give the most thought out and truthful response you can, I think people forget you are honest because it comes off so nice it doesn't sound like an honest truth it just sounds like a kind response.

A set of A3 prints for Smash2016! I haven’t drawn animals/monsters seriously in a long while so this was heaps of fun!!

I may remove the logos for the print versions but for now they look good on the web previews :-) Detail Close Ups Here

I really really want an all-night library

Like a regular library, but open 24 hours and there are bunk beds and things to sleep on, and all the books you can read, and a little booth that sells tea.

Just somewhere you could go if you have insomnia or are lonely in the middle of the night, or need somewhere to hang with friends after hours, or just want to be in a public space at night that’s not a bar or club.

truly self-indulgent drawing because pokemon made me feel so emotional… *wipes tears* which new companion will you pick? :’D

(oikawa probably doesn’t fit as much compared to the others but I couldn’t just leave the water starter behind! ;; )


Happy owls for your dash~!! Hope today is a good day for you~! ♡


Late Arrival.

This little thing is my contribution to Stolen Feathers, a zine about owls and faeries.. or possibly faery owls, well there are lots of beaks and wings that’s for sure. 

It was made with (and mainly by) the patient and lovely Arachnodenist and Myrntai and available for grabbing at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds next month.  I’ll also have copies of two newly printed Stutterhug mini comics (gasp) and maybe a very limited supply of my Steven Universe variants. 

We will be at table 166 New Dock Hall, come say hello !


“Hello, I’m Adam.”


You wanna know the worst thing that’s ever happened here in the four years I’ve been working here? It was when an owl attacked Eleanor Gillespie’s head because it thought that her hair was a nest.