Kennedy Photo Challenge Day 19- Favorite photo at Hyannis Port( part 2)
-This is also one of my favorites because they’re the most perfect family of America, and they all just look so happy and comforted by being together. Jackie looks breathtakingly beautiful in white because the sun is shining on her face.

The Violets in the Mountains Have Broken the Rocks Vol. III (Pearlet) - Charlotte

Matt is still a bartender, still loves Brian and Brian, still is a pretentious pot-head, and is still obsessed with a transparent dark-haired angel/incubus who has commitment problems and causes poisonous flowers to bloom in poor darling Matthew’s foolish heart.

or where Matthew is finally able to figure out what is reality and what is his marijuana-induced Jason Dardo Fantasia, but he must pick a few petals off himself and his favorite little enigma to get there first.

wc: 6000+

tw: Drugs, alcohol, angst, romanticized gore, violence, slight racism, slight sexual harassment, smut, and again, lots of talk about Jason’s majestic hair.

A/N : Hi loves! sorry about the wait, and sorry if this seems incomplete. Trust me, i have a lot more coming soon!

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Tonight’s walk included some stairs and a trip down memory lane. I went for my normal walk and then decided to head up to the high school/ middle school to walk around and get some stairs in. It was kind of fun to walk around an area I haven’t been to I’m a while. I might have still been able pick out my parking spot from senior year and what window was my home room.

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If you had to pick two scenes between Jamie and Claire from the show that were your favorites, which two would they be and why? Could be the more salacious ones or not! Totally up to you. (Sorry if this has been asked before, I just stumbled onto your account).

No problem anon. Well the first scene I would pick would be in The Reckoning when they have the fight by the brook. It’s some of the best acting in the whole show and the way they were angry and also full of sexual tension. You could feel it oozing through the screen. My second favorite Jamie and Claire scene would be in The Devil’s Mark when he just gives her pleasure but doesn’t take any. I found that scene to be the sexiest of the whole season. We don’t see anything except their faces and it’s so sexy and beautiful. You can believe that there is love between them in that moment. Thanks for the question :D

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I agree with wanting Emma to have a choice between light & dark. I'm still confused on that storyline though. If they took all darkness from her how did she still become a thief? Offer to pick up stolen goods for Neal? Etc? Emma is my favorite character & I hope they do her storyline justice.

I know I know *sigh*

I’ve been having the exact same problem myself with that plot. I think maybe the key is to look what drove Emma to do these things and that she never had the urge to hurt anybody or driven from hate or any other negative emotion. She was just trying to survive I guess.

But you know, maybe that’s the thing, maybe even without darkness she didn’t really have someone to teach her what’s right an what’s wrong. After every choice she made her light has brought her to the right place at the end because even though she did bad things, it never made her feel that thrill of the darkness, so when the time came to pull herself back up it was rather easy for her.

But honestly, that all plot in season 4B was really contradicting itself not only with Emma’s shady past, but also with what they’ve been doing in that same half season.

How that flying monster was chasing Emma if her darkness potential was within Lily? How was Rumple so close to turning her dark? I was struggling with these questions for so long and the only thing that occurred to me was that Rumple wasn’t really aware of the implications of what the Charmings actually did. I know, it’s totally out of character, but it’s the only thing that could explain it. Maybe he just thought that the monster was after Emma and it really was after Regina. Maybe he thought he could turn Emma dark by showing her that her parents betrayed her, but he had no idea the act was irreversible.  

What was really out of character is Rumple not figuring out that all he needed was Lily and not to go to all the trouble of turning Emma dark. This was a really low point of the show, Regina figuring out the obvious and Rumple, which is maybe one of the smartest character there, didn’t.

I really can’t explain all that happened there (and don’t even get me started on the sorcerer’s hat plot, which was really rather ridicules that it was just laying around there in the house after the apprentice got it back from Ingrid, plus without forward protection spell against the DO). 

I think we’ll just have to learn to accept that there were, are, and will be plot holes even on this incredible show, which is usually well written. Sometimes I wish I could have a conversation with A&E confront them with the facts and force them to admit it, lol. 

the episode friends with burger-fits just breaks my heart because of the whole bob/teddy best friend situation. whenever something bad happens to teddy, those episodes automatically go down in ranking in my eyes. i’m sure most people have picked up on some sort of mental disability that teddy probably has which is why it’s so sad when bad things happen to him. the scene when bob says teddy is not his friend at all, just his best customer is my absolute least favorite scene in the whole series. teddy is so caring and kind, and sure he’s got problems, but it’s just so sad and i can’t help but feel horribly for him. you know he considers bob his best friend in the whole world, and that scene just makes me so sad for him and mad at the writers for letting bad things happen to teddy who is clearly so fragile. it’s really upsetting. okay. rant over.

is it bad that I wish there were characters had developmental disabilities and learning disabilities like me?

is that selfish of me?

I want Ichigo Kurosaki to have problems with school because he has dyslexia and dyscalculia and he can’t admit that he doesn’t know how to do times tables or the fact that the reason he confused Sado’s name as Chado was because he can’t read past first grade kanji

I want Kagami Taiga to get bumped head notes because he keeps running in to things and can’t tie his laces or chew his food properly due to dyspraxia (And he has to practice 10 times as hard with a ball than anyone else because of his coordination problems)

I want N Harmonia to have sensory processing disorder and have wetting and soiling problems and have to wear special clothes and stim with his void cube toy round his neck

I want my favorite characters to chew on everything and suck their thumbs and drool and blow spit bubbles and pick their noses and bang their heads against the desk because they can’t concentrate and there’s too much stimulation and they cry at the drop of the hat

Is that selfish of me?

Write six facts about yourself and tag your ten fav accounts to do the same! (Can’t pick favorites sorry ; v;)

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1. I’ve sifted through more material this summer than I have in years (Cowboy Bebop this week, 1bitheart last week, Fruits Basket the week before, and the list goes on)

2. My hands shake naturally so it’s hard for me to take pictures or draw smoothly (my nurse cousin says it’s because I’m always nervous but often times or not it’s bc I’m too excited)

3.  I have a problem with buying? Or I suppose it’s a problem not buying? I feel legitimate guilt ever trying to buy something for myself so I usually don’t

4. I’m super poor at languages but apparently talented at pronunciation? Hm

5. Whenever I see people draw or write well, I set them as a goal point for me to rival/improve

6. I like noodles

I’m not one to impose so: tagging anyone who interested

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Hey derpy, i kinda make drawing of my favorite character, the problem is, i don't have one, so my question is what should i take into consideration when picking a favorite?

Who said you only need to have one favorite? Pick several that you like and make it a continuous project to draw each one. That way you’re more motivated to draw as well. 

I was tagged by niallalmighty-af and they asked me some questions and down below I put some of my favorite followers and I want them to answer the same questions ( of course if they want to or not )

1. Who is the person you go to first when you have a problem?: No one really, I’m the friend who gives advice so there’s not really anyone to go to unless i wanna whine and rant and vent. 1D AND ED SHEERAN WILL PICK MY ASS RIGHT BACK UP THO

2. What song(s) do you listen to when you are sad/upset?: Anything by Ed when I need to clear my mind or just get into my feelings and 1d when I feel like shit and I just want to smile 

What is your dream job?: If I knew I wouldn’t be sweating over graduating hs   :-))))

What was the last book you read?: I’ve been reading fanfic nonstop for like five months straight I dont even remember

5. When did you first start listening to your favorite band/musician?: Okay listen WMYB was lowkey my shit and I’ve been a dirECTIONATOR PEEPING AT 1D THROUGH THIS ONE BLOG I FOLLOWED SINCE EIGHT GRADE BUT I EMBRACED THEM SUMMER ‘14 ALL THX TO TYLER OAKLEY RIP KISS YOU IS STILL MY SHIT B Y E (so is WMYB b  y  e)

6. Where is your favorite place that you’ve been?: I’ve only been to three other states and they were alright so I guess that leaves D.R my pops mother country rip I love going there omg but I die after walking a block rip

7. What is a place you want to visit?: LA cause the east coast really be killing my ass

8. Do you prefer watching the sun rise or watching the sun set? Rise.

Who was the last person you hugged?: My mom if not my bestie Ayana

What is one really dorky/nerdy thing that you secretly love?: Bruh trivia (?). I remember last year i would play this game on merriam webster just to test out my spelling based on how the word sounds and ill quizz myself on anything im obsessed with plus I stay reading fanfic rip

What is one language you would love to learn?: I’m Hispanic and I know more French than Spanish rip so thats def a goal

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In U.S. history class, we had a “dine with the presidents” day where a student would be given a president that they had to make a presentation on and make that president’s favorite food. They would also have to pick people significant to the president’s history and assign each classmate a person at the “dining table.”

One day, one of my classmates had to present Harry Truman. And the person I got assigned was Hitler.

…Because I got nein-ty nein problems but jew won’t be one.

Fuck my motherfucking life.

I needed something other than hats in my life for the moment, so I picked up a project I’ve been meaning to start for awhile. Well, I guess today just wasn’t the day for it because one of my favorite interchangeable Caspians just snapped at the base.

I emailed Knitpicks because they had no problem replacing it last time one of my needles broke, but now I either have to figure out where the fuck I put my other size seven tips, or use a different size instead.


So I turned 22 today, and as far as birthdays go, today was probably the best.

I got to spend the entire afternoon with my lovely boyfriend, who treated me like a princess (which he always does :3) and spoiled the absolute heck out of me.

Not only did he get me tickets to go see my favorite guitar player and preorder Fallout 4 for me (which you totally didn’t have to do baby, but I’m so grateful and appreciative that you did! <3), but I picked him up from the train station today, and he surprised me with flowers in my favorite color, and a really sweet card that he drew himself (in which he totally indulged my in my DiaHell problem :3).

After we went out to lunch/dinner with my folks, we pretty much spend the entire afternoon cuddling and goofing around and stuff, and it was so nice. <3

kalashia replied to your post “You have now evolved into the patron saint of sparkles”

You could totally do a sparkly iron man cookie. They go to great lengths in the old comics to discuss how shiny his armor is. (Have you read the one where he’s in a photoshoot and they keep spraying him with antireflective coating while he sighs?)

I WOULD LIKE TO. The problem isn’t the will, but the available products. I made a MK VII cookie just before IM3. Actually I made 5 of them, but this one is my favorite, so you get a glamor shot because I can.

He actually has shiny bits, even if they’re subtle. I used blue pearl, a white pearlescent LUSTER DUST :D on the arc reactor and repulsor, even though the camera didn’t pick it up (Next time, I am totally making my own isomalt candy reactor and repulsors maybe and it will be AWESOME), and NU Silver luster dust over white  royal icing on the silver panels. The gold bits are gold royal icing with about 3 coats of gold edible glaze on it.  

Ooooh shininess. 

But that shade of red is almost impossible to get using gel colors and royal icing, and I got REALLY CLOSE using super red, super black, chocolate brown, and smidges of some others. I remember it being a pain. 

They do not offer anything close to that red in a pearlescent or metallic finish in a luster dust-neither CK products or Global Sugar Arts do. It’s all pinker, purple, or more mauve–or a true glitter. 

those two are the closest and their photos lie. The top is a cranberry and the bottom a terra cotta with warm shimmer :/ Nooooope. 

There’s a very fine edible glitter Mystical dust, which, in Apple Red, is kind of close, but the finish would be wrong.

I put it on a dragon cookie once with a bunch of other red and violet glitters, which was fun. But it’s really not an Iron Man finish. 


I was tagged by flyingeagleclaw for this and thought why not!

1) Name: Pretty obvious….

2) Nickname: Haven’t had one in a long time!

3) Birthday: March 10

4) Star sign: Pisces  

5) Gender: Male 

6) Height: 5'11

7) Sexual orientation: Straight

8) Favourite colour(s): Green

9) Time right now: 2222 GMT

10) Hours of sleep: As long as I get more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep I can function the next day.  

11) Lucky number: 7

12) Last thing googled: on the computer: Aliexpress and my phone: Bunnymovie

13) Number of blankets you sleep under: One or none

14) Favourite fictional character: James Bond

15) Favourite famous person: I am not 100% certain I have one. 

16) Favourite books: I have the same problem as Teebs, in that I have so many genres I enjoy that I am unable to pick one specific “favorite” thing.  

17) Favourite brands: Apple, Ford, Bose - if I have to pick 3 

18) Favourite artist: Really tricky as I like so many genres

19) Last movie watched at movies: Guardians of the Galaxy

20) Dream trip: Done so much travelling, one place I’ve always wanted to go to would be The Seychelles.

21) Dream job:Living my dream ;)

22) What am I wearing at the moment: frighteningly old t-shirt and sweat pants.

I’d love to tag everyone who follows me on this as I’d really like to see the responses

Favorite Character Tag!

So i was tagged by thebright-winterblossom for this one and the rules are basic in that I can only pick one character per fandom/Series.  Not a problem here and I won’t be tagging anyone at the end but if you feel inclined to do this tag please do!

Ready to have some fun?

Releena Peacecraft - Gundam Wing
Alois Trancy - Black Butler
Takao Kazunari - Kuroko’s Basketball
Shuu Tsukiyama - Tokyo Ghoul (Anime Version)
Kazuki Hihara - La Corda d’Oro
Ami Mizuno - Sailor Moon
Camus - Uta no Prince-Sama
Azusa Asahina - Brothers Conflict
Reiji Sakamaki - Diabolik Lovers
Seri Awashima - K Project

Those are the 10 that I picked and I appreciate the tag.  If you would like to do it by all means and I’ll see ya on the next one

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Hi again!:) I was the person yesterday who said how much she loves your 'clothing porn' tag! You're very welcome my dear! I really can't get enough of it!! Kinda sorta stalk it🙊 eek! I think i have followed every fashion blog because of it lmao The wedding dresses yesterday were sooooo beautiful! I'm not even dating anyone(forever alone!) and I was still trying to pick out which were my favorites, perhaps i have a problem? Haha! &amp; the name is perfect bc tbh it is sort of like porn!😂


Yeaaah IDK what happened to me yesterday, I was just in such a “urghh wedding dresses” mood (though my chances are zero bc ~lmaoo marriage and me = no~ but yeaah, urgh, they were all SO SUPER pretty!!!

Aaaaah THANK YOUUUU SO SO MUCH!!! They are porn tbh, lbr ;)


What if I told you that the strongest player
on the court wasn’t necessarily the best?

Kuroko’s Basketball 30 Day Challenge
(Prompts)(Zaku Tag)
Day 16: Favorite Captain

Favorite male character? Favorite captain. Hyuga may not be the first guy you talk to if you have a problem that requires delicate handling, but he plays with a passion which can inspire the rest of the team to action. Sure, he makes mistakes – picking up four fouls against Mibuchi was nearly fatal, and it’s painful to watch when he hits a cold streak – but he always bounces back the way a leader has to.