Hiya! First off, I wanted to say sorry in advance if I don’t post that much for the next few days. I really have to get my grades up so I have a lot of work to do :)

Secondly, I am super excited and super salty to say that within the next few days the very last installment of It’s Still You will be up. 

Thank you all so much for completely shattering my expectations towards this comic. It started as just an idea that I figured I would act on, and it just blows my mind that it turned into something that was meaningful to people. 

Sure it’s no Aftertale or Outertale or Flowerfell (all amazing AU’s btw), but I stopped comparing myself to them :) I’m so grateful for what I have here with you guys. Besides, all I can do is learn from those awesome AU’s and become even better :D

Don’t worry! I am in NO WAY bored or done with Undertale, that’s not why the comic is ending. There’ll still be plenty of art, drawing requests, little comics, and other things to come in the future, but for now, It’s Still You’s finale is on the way. 

Thank you again :)

Preferences: Height Difference

I am very short, and sometimes that makes imagines a little off for me, because I think, ‘Dude, do you have any idea how far down that person would have to bend to kiss me?’ So this is for all my shorter-than-average readers.

The Ninth Doctor teases you about being so small. For some reason, it just tickles his funny bone, so he always makes a big deal about how far down he has to bend to kiss you. Although, he does much prefer to bring you up you his level. I hope you don’t mind being picked up, because he does it a lot. You had better work on your jacket-clinging skills.

The Tenth Doctor, being his unusually tall self, would love to pick you up all the time, but he’s not exactly… built for it. Oh, he’s strong enough, but like Donna once said, if you hug him, you’ll get a paper cut. But he has discovered that having you sit on the TARDIS console brings you to a good height, so prepare yourself to sit on buttons. A lot. And on tables. A lot. And… basically on anything that’s above chair height.

The Eleventh Doctor is not nearly as freakishly tall as the Tenth, but he’s still quite a bit taller than you, and he thinks you’re adorable. He’ll pick you up briefly, sure, usually for a hug or a heat-of-the-moment kiss, but he kind of likes to kneel. If you’re sitting, he rests his head on your lap. If you’re lying down, he lies under you. If you’re standing he will find some way to make sure he is on a lower level than you are. It’s weird, it’s comedic, and it’s down-right Doctor-ish.

The Twelfth Doctor can be especially rude, and he’s said less-than-complimentary things about your height, but don’t let him fool you. He likes that you’re small. It makes him feel stronger, like he gets to protect you, and that makes him feel good. So, he’s a little rude sometimes, but he just doesn’t want you to see how much he loves it. Indulge the man.

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Feli! I had no idea you were in a long-distance relationship! I know how hard they can be. But they are also so special. To be able to connect with someone and hold that connection despite the distance.. There's nothing better. Ahhhh, from one LDR'r (I know that's not grammatically correct, but whatever) to another, I am so happy for you and wish you the absolute b e s t.

Aw Ally, thank you so much. 💕 It’s definitely hard for me at times because I got so used to having her near me and now that we’re apart I’m all :(((( but I know it’s only temporary and I’ll see her again in a few months. She’s worth every single second of the wait and I know we can make it work just fine. I’m just a big gay baby who misses holding her big gay girlfriend. 💩

So I said last year that Bellamy is not a very good political strategist and not a big picture leader, because he’s too emotional and he doesn’t think broadly enough. Well, congrats show on proving me right in the most disappointing way possible.

Plus side: maybe now there will be one less fanfic about him being a secret classically educated war historian?? Save me, oh god, from any more of grumpy/old man/nerd/genius Bellamy. Because I’d say it’s 100% canon now that what Bellamy got from those Homeric myths was ideas of heroism, glory, and ironic tragedy–not any sound concept of strategy or political reasoning.

Uuuuggghhhghhhhh, this could have been better. Could have been so much better.

ROC53 Sneak Peek

Entering “Uncle Crocodile”:

“Perhaps we should begin with a gesture of good faith.” Reaching under the counter, Rumplestiltskin picked up the jar he’d long left hidden there.  Why he’d kept the hand, particularly after Hook’s recent misadventures with it, he had no idea.  Now, however, the hand was a useful olive branch.

“You going to mock me with that again?” Hook bristled immediately.  “I’m not so easily fooled a second time, Cro—err, uh, Gold.”

Rumplestiltskin couldn’t help snorting.  Better man he might have been, but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to remind Hook why he’d had so much trouble with that hand of his.  “If I recall correctly, I didn’t mock you with the hand the first time.  You blackmailed me and demanded it back, and I gave you exactly what you asked for.  Your hand wasn’t cursed, but it was a part of the old you.  That meant the hand contained a part of your old soul, complete with the villainous and vicious pirate you weren’t quite over.  Given time, you would have overcome it, and it would have become part of what you are now.”

His explanation only earned him a glare. “Then why bring it up now?”  

“As I said, I think a peace offering is in order.” He shrugged. “If you want your hand back, it’s yours.”



what do you guys think for collars for bear? i love them both but i definitely do not have the money to get them both atm. the top one is bears like his name, and it’s $27. the bottom one is $32.80 for a collar and leash set, which is a much better deal and a very pretty fabric, but doesn’t have the top keks of a collar that matches his name. i do really like the idea of having a matching leash though

I still can’t believe that I’d never read any Alan Garner before this year - he’s one of those truly spectacular writers, like Philip Pullman, whose work is packaged up as being for children, but which is just as impactful if you’re an adult.

Aside from the sense that all of his books are infused with myth and legend of unknown provenance, I particularly love that he’s not afraid to take his stories to dark places. Elidor is no exception: it’s shot through with sadness and, in places, it’s extraordinarily creepy. It’s a book about adventure, but not just the shiny, golden type: it doesn’t shy away from loss, from ideas of greatness fallen into decline and decay. I can’t think of any children’s authors writing today who’d have the courage to do that, and it’s a shame.

Also, look at that old Puffin cover! So much better than the modern designs.

How to read it: Go DERELICT. Ruined church? Crumbling castle? Even just a really shabby old pub? There you go.

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opinion on infps?

Originally posted by becausebirds

Short answer: positive! Adorable, sweet, passionate but in a low-key way, full of amazing ideas…and someone poured out much of the common sense and replaced it with feelings. I think it might get better with adulthood? Like, don’t lose the sense of wonder or spontaneity or creativity, but also don’t lose your keys.

Long answer: My younger brother is either INFP or ENFP. I initially typed him as INFP, and we are fandom nerds together. I am not always comfortable with the intensity of emotion (ISFPs in my experience have a lot of feelings but they’re more grounded in what’s actually happening, so I am more able to understand them) but I really enjoy spending time with healthy NP types in general (since I like people who bring out my inferior Ne in a positive way), and I admire the optimism and the moral conviction INFPs have, even if I don’t always agreel

The spaciness can be frustrating though. My brother recently called my parents in the dead of night from halfway across the world because he got the time of his flight off and missed it by literally 8 hours. Like, how do you even do that.

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I met a guy who fell in love with this girl recently so I just let myself support him to make him feel better but I have developed feelings for him on accident. We talk every day and he has no idea that he's all I think about. I hope she treats him like he's the world.

you’re a good friend. i’m too selfish to do something like that. don’t be too selfless though, little one. darling, you deserve happiness as much as he does.

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Unpopular opinion (for Sleepover Saturday): I like Angela Gossow's vocals much better than Alissa White-Gluz's (you probably couldn't care less lmao)

Honestly friend I have zero idea who those people are… I’m sorry :/

//Sleepover Friday! :)


-“Private memories are the most precious…” - by @lasimo74allmyworld

And so here it is, my beloved Thranduil … in my umpteenth version / free interpretation.
It was so much that I had this idea in mind, along with that with archery … but the harp was more complicated to put together.
It took me a while to find a reference pose pic in accord with some of the pictures of Thranduil himself.

Then the harp. Never made one, even if I wanted … so again researches and photos of ornaments and drawings …
Then the number one enemy: time. Or rather, lack thereof.
But it went better than expected, and I have devoted every spare minute to go forward.

I was very undecided on technique. I would have gladly thrown on pastels, as usual … but Thranduil’s pic was really black and white, and I was sorry not to respect the original look of the picture.

Nothing to do…the brownish leaves are the best to enhance the tones and the touches of white. Long live the white gel pen, too …=))))
And yes … sooner or later I’ll stop concentrating on the personal troubles of my king and I will make a version a bit more frivolous and attractive.
For now, we try to comfort him a little, my poor baby …

Obviously, thanks to Thranduil for the face reference pose… ;)))

tfa college au
  • Rey is an engineering major who is quite possibly going to kill the next person who so much as thinks that she’d be better suited for something else 
  • Han is her favourite lecturer and although he claims not to pick favourites she’s his favourite student  
  • Leia is the Dean who used to be in the military and everyone is terrified of her until the meet her and then they’re terrified and in awe
  • Finn is a classics major who cries over history at least twice a week (because oh god, why?) and when he meets Rey he thinks in love but then he meets Poe and he knows he’s in trouble (at least until he realises that he can love them both) 
  • Poe used to be in the air force until he decided he wanted to be an astronaut, and now he’s going into space and no one can stop him 
  • Kylo is a philosophy major who hates philosophy and watches Buffy instead of doing anything productive. Everyone is 100% sure he’s having hate sex with his room mate. 

Setting up my Next Witchy Home

My last house took me 4 years to get the atmosphere, wards and protections that I wanted and needed in my life set up and stablized. I don’t want to wait that long to do that in this upcoming house.

I now have a much better understanding of what things helped set up the ground work and base layer of protections for all of the littler things to become more amplified. To simplify the process I am starting a list of the things I want to get accomplished in this house… And so I thought I would share in case maybe this triggers ideas in someone else’s mind that maybe they would like to add to it as well.


So…I’m throwing my obsessed daughter a Taylor Swift themed 3rd birthday. Crazy? Maybe. But I don’t care because it’s going to be awesome. I love that she loves @taylorswift this much. It makes my heart so happy, and it makes me feel like I’m doing something right; She has an amazing role model to look up to that does so much good. I’m so thankful for the person Tay is. But honestly…most 3 year olds would pick frozen, or barbie, or hello kitty. But not my girl. She picks Taylor, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I have found so many ideas, including the cookies above. The only thing that would make this party better would be Taylor herself showing up. Obviously that won’t happen, but, I’m wondering if she would make a personal video singing happy birthday to my sweet little Alexandria, or something along those lines. If you could reblog and tag Tay, it would mean the world to us. Please help me do this for my little girl!!!!Her birthday is March 5th! I have faith Tay will see this before then!!!!

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to be honest i don't actually hate ladrien; i dislike it because it's a kind of idol-worship on both sides. marichat is kind of relaxed and 'this is who i am', for both sides.

First of all, sorry this response is so late- but thanks so much for the message!

So, re: idol worship. I have to say I disagree with the perspective that it’s idol-worship on both sides.

Like with Marinette, okay, there’s merit to the idea, because (at least at the beginning), her infatuation with Adrien resembles that of a teenage girl who has a crush on a celebrity; she collects pictures of him, she knows his schedule, she knows all these intimate details about his hobbies, but she doesn’t really know him. So it makes her awkward af around him because he’s still this perfect concept of a boy, and not a real person who she actually knows.

But! As we have seen in The Gamer and Kung Food, that’s changing fast. She’s getting more comfortable around him and they’re really becoming friends, and we can see that as she gets to know him better, she starts acting like a normal person around him instead of being tongue-tied by her crush, because she’s actually interacting with him instead of just collecting facts and holding him up as this dreamy idol.

Still, actual depth in her fascination with him is a slowly blooming flower. Her initial interest is all based on a perspective from the outside in; she’s still getting to know him, and there’s a lot of room left to grow and learn. So yes; I can see the idol worship angle from this side.

Adrien’s love for Ladybug, on the other hand, is not the same. The thing is, as much as I love and enjoy the comics and art that portray Adrien as Ladybug’s #1 Fanboy, I don’t agree that his love for her is the same as that of a fan.

Because his love for her isn’t the removed admiration of a fan, who appreciates her for being a symbol and a savior of Paris. His love for her is based on his direct interactions with her every single day.

For lest we forget, Adrien is Chat Noir, and every experience Chat has had with Ladybug is one that Adrien has had as well. So every joke, every fight, every flirty conversation and display of mutual respect, admiration, and friendship, every silly nickname and scritches and pats on the head that Ladybug shares with Chat Noir is one that Adrien stores away in his memory. Ladybug isn’t a concept or an idol; she’s a living, breathing, amazing girl who he knows intimately, and he loves everything about her.

He already knows what makes her angry; he already knows what makes her happy- he knows what to say to piss her off and he knows how to get her attention. He knows because his love for her has a solid foundation based on an actual relationship he has with her, whereas Marinette’s love for him is based on a fantasy that is slowly being brought down to earth as she gets to know him better.

So what we’re working with here is two people who are working through two entirely different stages of love, and that, to me, is a fascinating dynamic that absolutely deserves more attention! Because just think about it-

Ladybug is looking at Adrien through Marinette’s eyes, a boy who she barely knows but knows she wants to get better, and Adrien is looking at Ladybug through Chat Noir’s eyes, an amazing partner and friend but intensely private person. Isn’t that cool? I think that’s super cool.

Re: Marichat- now, I’m working strictly from a canon interpretation and not fanon, but I don’t know if I’d call their interactions relaxed? As I see it, whenever Marinette and Chat Noir interact, Marinette is trying real hard not to let her impatient Ladybug tendencies show at his antics, while Chat Noir is dialing it up to 10000% trying to impress this civilian girl and be the big damn hero, so there’s an inherent tension to each interaction (not to mention that they are always interacting when there is the threat of an akuma, so we haven’t really seen a ‘normal’ interaction, so to speak).

That said, it is a very interesting counterpoint to the way they interact with each other at other times!

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Imagine a college!au where taekook are suspiciously close bffs and one day jungkook buys taehyung a giant teddybear for his birthday & taehyung loves it so much he needs to give jungkook an even better thank you gift, then its the two of them trying to outgift each other, organizing grandiose schemes to surprise each other while being completely oblivious as to how romantic it is (it's not technically serenading i have a boombox) (jimin what do you mean i can't stuff his locker with rose petals)

/I’m flailing anon how could you/ /whips out the head canons/

“Park Jimin, help me lug these boxes of Hershey’s Kisses to Kookie’s dorm.”

Jimin sighs, pushing away his Psychology textbook from his lap and glancing over at the loser standing with twelve massive boxes of expensive Swiss chocolate basically overflowing in his arms as he struggled to stand. It’s bad enough that it’s finals week and the heating broke down a week ago and Jimin has to cram in sub human temperatures, but being dragged into this out-gifting war between two guys who seemed conveniently clueless about the romantic aspect of their endeavors took the cake when it came to Jimin’s patience.

“Didn’t you just tell me this Monday, not three days ago, that ‘there is no way Jeon Jungkook is getting a one-up on me after these eighty roses worth petals in his locker?’”

“Yeah, but -”

“And wasn’t it when I was helping you stuff one fucking petal at a time into those damn holes that you promised that you would leave me out of your weird outdoing game?”

Taehyung huffs. It is a little known fact that as nice as Park Jimin seems from the outside, with his eye smile and seemingly easy going personality and tiny human ways, he is, in fact, a complete hard ass.

“Yeah, but that was before he stood outside my dorm with that fucking boom box and sang ‘Like I’m Going To Lose You’ in front of half the college population.”


“Everyone knows public serenading beats rose petals. It’s a fact.” Jimin groans.

“Do you - like him?”

Taehyung tilts his head. “Of course I like him. He’s my best friend. Why wouldn’t I like him?”

“I mean do you like - how he dresses, or the way he laughs or - I don’t know,” Jimin grumbled. “The way he is?”

Taehyung gives him a long look before answering. “Jungkook’s a great guy. What’s not to like?”

“Oh my gosh, Tae, you can’t just - you can’t just give guys you don’t date Hershey’s kisses. It’s a - couple thing.”

“What do you mean? It’s just chocolate.” Jimin rubs his temple with his thumbs and tries another approach.

“Those roses cost how much you’d get if you sold your body, Tae.”


I paid for them. You promised me your first born child.”

“And you shall have it. Now help me with these boxes before Jungkook comes back from his lecture, we have to get these boxes into his room in ten minutes.”

Jimin splutters, eyes widening at the thought of the embarrassing walk of shame six dorms across to Jungkook’s room, eyes glued to the floor to avoid the stares people would give any guy desperate enough to give the object of their affection caffeine overdose to win them over.

Of course, Taehyung doesn’t understand this. He’s probably grin back at them and wink at Jimin.

“What ‘we’? There’s no ‘we’. There’s you and those Hershey’s and a six corridor walk.”

Taehyung narrows his eyes.

“I have Yoongi hyung’s number.” Jimin’s jaw drops.

“Liar,” he hisses, eyes widening. There was no way in hell Kim Taehyung, king of weird pick up lines and awkward eye contact with strangers could have scored Yoongi’s number when Jimin had been trying to work up the courage to talk to him all semester.

“Am not. Chem 101 had a lot of Music majors attending, for some weird reason. Especially a certain blond guy who sat next to me the whole time and discussed a vocal collab he might be needing one of these days. And I might have told him I knew a guy.”

Jimin lets this information (and Taehyung’s extra triumphant face) sink in for twenty seconds.

“How many boxes should I carry?”

Taehyung throws him a boxy grin.

“You’re the best, Park Jimin.”

/and then basically Tae gives Kookie chocolates and Kook gets Tae his favourite bubble tea set and they keep doing that until one day Jimin gets them together and yells at them to stop being so fricking clueless already and if they don’t flipping kiss and end this madness he’d call Yoongi and have them both disposed off in the Busan seas and so they do and that’s the story of how TaeKook continues to outgift each other only this time, they kiss between the Hershey Kisses’ boxes and cuddle with the teddy bears they give each other./

The End.

Oh, Yoongi thinks Jimin is cute.

This feels like falling in love (3/?)

Summary : 6 years ago, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak struck up an unlikely friendship. This friendship has only strengthen with time, through good and bad moments, such as Oliver losing his mother and Felicity facing an unexpected pregnancy. Now that Oliver’s antics has gotten him cut off and thrown out by his father, he seeks refuge with Felicity and her daughter, and realizes it is time for him to re-evaluate his life, find a job he loves and discover happiness was right in front of him this whole time

CH1  CH2

Thanks again to Sam @awriterincowboyboots for her help. She’s making this so much better, you have no idea.

Special dedication to @bluemorgana, I hope you feel better my dear.

The line for the cashier at the supermarket was long and Felicity resigned herself to wait, making faces at Millie who sat facing her in the cart.

The toddler was wearing a cute grey bonnet with cat ears that Oliver had bought her a few weeks ago. Every time he put it on her there was a mandatory game of mewing and pretend clawing which amused the little girl a great deal (and Felicity knew without a doubt it amused Oliver as well).

It was almost her turn when her attention was caught by one of the magazines it the rack, meant to tempt bored people to buy them as a last minute purchase.

Is Oliver Queen finally ready to legitimately recognize his daughter ?

Keep reading

CS Beta Support Network?

Hi everyone! I’m wondering if this would be a good idea. I’ve seen a lot of people who say (quite often) “I don’t have a beta,” or “I don’t know how to get a beta.” And I think it would be great if we could organize to support each other.

I usually work without a beta, because I weirdly am too shy to let someone edit my work because I’m scared of what they’ll say (even though then I’ll let anyone read it after I publish it) but I know my stories are that much better when @kat2609 so graciously edits. My best story ever came from letting @the-captains-ayebrows push me on the story and making me make it better. SOOOO… Betas are a good idea.

And I think there’s a special place in this world for fic writers who support other fic writers.


1 - reblog or send me an ask if you’re willing to beta for other people. Let me know if you prefer certain type of stories (canon, AU, Lieutenant Duckling, etc.)

2 - are you the kind of beta who is there to just point out spelling, incorrect word use, tense stuff, or are you able to (want to) push people on their overall story? (I’m SOLELY the former.)

3 - I’ll create a master post with people’s names and their specialty or their likes, so that people can find potential betas.

4- what the best method for beta is for you (getting it in a google doc, or certain kind of file type?)

Things to remember when you get a beta -
- Not everyone likes every story, and sometimes it takes awhile to find someone who you jive with.
- People are busy, and sometimes it might take a few days for them to get around to reading and editing. It doesn’t mean they’re not going to do it, it just means they have a life. It’s best to communicate! (That goes for every situation in life.)

I’m sure a lot of others can provide a lot more insight into the beta situation, but I think it’s good to start the conversation. BUT - I can collect the info and create the master post. I just want to do whatever I can to support all of us.

Oh- and to be more inclusive maybe also note if you’re also willing to beta for non- CS stories (General Ouat, or other Ouat ships? That would be good too!)

Oh Gawd! OH GAWD! This is better than I imagine. Ofc you can tell who I prefer drawing -ahem- Solas….
Anyways. This morning I realized I didn’t do anything for V-day however a great idea popped in my head while I was listening to The Darkness. Rock-Band.
I’m hoping to do a 30second animation with these guys and I Believe in thing Called Love by The Darkness. I hope I can have it done by V-day, so stayed tuned. I wish I could have drawn Bull better. I’m loving this Solas so much!!!


* But nobody came.

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Guess who is finally done with that picture? And I threw some lame animation at it, well the first one. To be honest I think the colouring and shading could be so much better but I am pretty pleased with the result anyway ;//W//; Too deep in the Sans/Frisk Hell ♥

The beautiful idea for this AU came from the talented person @underfart-snas

Also a general drawing idea game from the amazing Fanfiction called “Overgrowth” written by @leviticusarts​ (http://archiveofourown.org/works/5734642/chapters/13214518?page=2&show_comments=true&view_full_work=false you better read it peeps)

I really hope you like it :>

And to be honest I really want to write what I have in my mind about this all but I suck at writing :’) My general and silly idea was that Sans is visiting the place where Frisk is burried quite a lot and there is something lingering around like a presence of a person, of someone familar (aka. Frisk) And they mentally answers his Knock Knock Joke every single time he is there, that they would like to comfort him, telling that he should not griefe about their death anymore. Promising to protect him, but welp he cannot hear them ofc. Maybe one day I am able to write this ahha //sweats