hoelishh  asked:

The brothers reaction to you giving birth?? *3*

Ruki: I would be by my Livestock’s side throughout the whole thing. If you think that I am not there with her, well you are wrong. I am. I’ll make sure the baby inside of her is there.

Kou: Of course I’m going to stay there~ I’ll give M Neko-chan lots of kisses to make her feel better and words of encouragement~ I heard they need that during giving birth so I’ll give a lot!

Yuma: Lots of fuckin’ screaming and cursing, that had been what I heard! But like hell I am gonna allow someone to tell me to leave! I’m fuckin’ staying by her side to see our child being born!

Azusa: Eve-san… will be in a lot of pain… and I want to be there too… Fufu~ I wonder how it feels though… to have something being pushed… from inside of you… But I won’t tell her that…