Have a very sketchy iwaoi kiss meme (*¯ ³¯*)♡ This is part kiss practice, part expression practice, part i have too many feelings about iwaoi and can’t possibly satisfy the need with just one picture.

I like to think that Iwa-chan is as physical with his affection as he is when expressing other emotions <3 Oikawa is just obnoxious when it comes to pda.

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Honestly, Charlotte is such a complicated villain, one of WWE’s most interesting characters, and I really loved this last segment tonight. in a way, I sympathize with her- it’s difficult and horrible to feel like you’ve failed your parent, that they’ve given up on you, that their support is conditional. When she slapped Ric and yelled that SHE was his daughter, I really felt her pain, how ashamed she must have felt watching him raise Sasha’s hand. And yet, she’s still an incredibly horrible person, rude and merciless, so wrapped up in herself that she not only dismisses other people’s feelings, she takes joy in it.

The truth is that she does want people’s approval, she wants to be accepted for who she is, but she can’t get that, so she takes out that disappointment by going the opposite way, by trying to make them hate her. In a way, that’s a sense of approval too, knowing that she is succeeding in what she is attempting to do, but it is a hollow one. Even tonight, when she appeared to be earnestly apologetic, the crowd chanted “What??” and largely ignored her. But when she slapped her father? When she beat up Sasha? The boos were loud and vicious, a chant of “Charlotte Sucks” clearly heard as Raw went off air. She wants to be the most hated person in the WWE, because she is too insecure to attempt anything else.


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you say he's romance repulsed. does that mean he'd never enter a romantic relationship / love anyone or does it mean the right person has to come along?just curious!

as he is right now, he has no interest or desire to pursue a romantic relationship. that hasn’t even crossed his mind whatsoever. however, that doesn’t mean he won’t ever fall for someone– as you said, not until the right person comes along. it’s gonna take a lot of time and patience from the other party. he will mistaken this as interest, despite wanting to be around them but once he notices little changes in behavior like that, he’s gonna wanna push it away. not wanting to come into terms of it but eventually will come to terms with it after much frustration and internal struggle.. somewhere down the line. it ain’t gonna be pretty, at all. there’s gonna be a lot of fighting, a lot more yelling, and attempts at kid being a straight up asshole to the person he will like. like i said, it’s gonna take a lot of effort and a lot of patience. not to mention lots of tension and friction with one another, mostly cause of kid’s fault. but romantic relationship with kid isn’t impossible, just extremely difficult and rare.

EDIT: also, if said potential partner breaks up with him after he invests so much time with them, he’s gonna react very negatively. first, he isn’t fond of people playing him. another, he doesn’t like to be discarded like yesterday’s trash, it’s gonna remind him of his biological parents that cast him away without another thought (my headcanon for him is that his parents disowned him at a very, very young age– that’s when he learned to fend for himself and such. ) so for a potential partner to do that is the biggest mistake ever. he will not be interested in repairing the relationship afterwards if the person wants him back. unless it’s something.. reasonable but even then he will be extremely iffy and have a whole lotta trust issues. finally, he’s gonna be talking a lot of crap– letting them know they wasted his damn time and such. vent out rather angrily and something he will probably never let go.

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean: skam has barely updated in the last three days and I know I need to wait and be patient because the characters are going through some things right now but I am currently using the show as a distraction from school and finals and the show is in an unhappy place right now and so now I am double-ly unhappy and also very concerned about two fictional characters that are going through so much right now and I just want to know if the are ok…

did you know that as a kid i once drew final fantasy 7 x crash bandicoot fanart?

since both are being remastered, this abomination keeps me awake at night

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: did Zuko ever meet that little boy from "Zuko Alone" again? that little gap-toothed troublemaker who treated Zuko like a brother? i know they parted on such bad terms when Zuko revealed his identity, and i really don't blame him because at that time Zuko was still kind of an asshole, but did they ever see each other after the war? did the little boy hear about how Zuko disowned his father and joined the Avatar? did he learn that Zuko was the one to fight Azula in that fateful battle? did Zuko visit an earth kingdom town one one of his royal trips and recognize him years later? did the little boy apologize for rejecting him? or did maybe he go to the fire nation to see if Zuko remembered him? did Zuko beg forgiveness for the crimes of the fire nation? did they make up? did they hug it out? did the little boy's brother survive the war? did he introduce him to Zuko? did Zuko insist on giving him the pearl dagger he tried to give him before he left? did the little boy accept it this time? did

Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)

Snuggle up it gets cold ❄️


I drew a compilation of just a few of my favorite Ritsu moments!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧