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What do you think of raw food diets? I'm a final year vet student and one of our senior clinicians absolutely hates them. We have to barrier nurse them in the uni hospital, which I sort of agree with but am trying to get a few different opinions out of interest. Question tax: what was the last book you read for fun? Was it any good?

I have spoken about raw feeding here, but you can find other posts on the same topic using the search function.

Overall I’m fairly neutral on it for adult, healthy dogs and cats, however those that are raw feeding zealots would interpret that as being against it, and somehow in the pocket of the pet food industry. (I wish, I could really do with a few thousand extra dollars right now.)

They are not a miracle cure for everything under the sun, though they can be useful, sometimes, in pets with food allergies or IBD. But they do cause the pets to shed increased numbers of food borne bacteria in their saliva, feces and on their hair. Of particular concern are salmonella and campylobacter.

Note that I specified ‘healthy’. Because of their increased bacterial load, I generally recommend against feeding raw if the family has young children, or if someone in the household is immunosuppressed. If you are in a hospital situation where other patients potentially have suppressed immune systems, and it’s a hospital so at some point you will, barrier nursing those raw fed patients (or feeding cooked for the duration of their hospital stay) is a reasonable precaution.

(My personal pet hate is when I see a raw fed animal dog vomiting and diarrhea 6 times in 12 months and they still refuse to consider feeding it a cooked diet.)

Raw feeding advocates might take offense at their pets basically being treated like a biohazard, but in a hospital you need to consider the bigger picture. Humans on chemo are told to avoid high risk foods for the same reason.

The last book I read for fun was the Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett. Shows you how long it’s been, but I don’t have a lot of spare time these days.

literally all i do on here is talk to myself about madagascar/martyalex and i feel very annoying for it most of the time and i try to cut back on talking about it but i have a lot of love and passion in my heart right now for madagascar and martyalex specifically so i’m sorry if you guys get sick of my posts about that stuff i just get a lot of thoughts and feelings i have to Get Out There and also i have a lot of time on my hands and i spend most of that time overanalysing stuff from madagascar and i always want to share my thoughts here

but also this is my blog and i can post whatever i want so i guess i don’t have to apologise for anything as it took me forever to feel okay and to feel confident posting about my interests again so …… 🤷🏼‍♀️


Hey so I’m in Nebraska right now and I have no cash and lots of time to draw (and I’m missing work ;-;)

So I’m doing YCHs for $5 a piece, through paypal, and why these are so great is because:
-I will clean them up AND flat color them (colored pencil)
-the hard copy will be mailed to you next week
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Underappreciated Things About A Series of Unfortunate Events

I’m rereading the series right now and I have a lot of thoughts

  • the time Lemony Snicket wanted you to never, ever do something so he typed never on one page and ever over and over on the entire next page
  • he once disguised himself as a dustpan
  • the Cafe Salmonella
  • Captain Sham because his disguise is a sham geddit
  • 667 Dark Avenue
  • not really underappreciated but “If you are allergic to a thing it’s generally not a good idea to put that thing in  your mouth, particularly if that thing is cats.”
  • describes a dark place with two solid pages of black ink
  • ““I’m your waiter, Larry,” said the Baudelaires’ waiter, Larry.”
  • Sunny once said “Busheney” to mean “You’re an evil man with no concern whatsoever for other people.” (this book came out in 2003. think about it.)
  • Lemony apparently knows Robert Frost
  • “There is a writer who, like me, is often assumed dead. His name is William Shakespeare.”
  • this isn’t within the ASOUE text but once in an interview Handler was talking about times when people have been mad about the series and this one woman took umbrage about him once saying that there are times when it’s better to lie and she was like “can you name one” and he was like “nice sweater”
  • Mr. Poe was the Vice President in Charge of Coins
  • then he was the Vice President in Charge of Orphan Affairs
  • puts so much thought into the naming relationship between the siblings and Olaf but then “his name is Dewey cuz he works in a library I’m clocking out”
  • legit though why the fuck does a count/actor have a massive fuckin tower in his suburban backyard
  • I’m pretty sure he mentions picnicking at least once in every book and just like. why. that’s a weird coincidence. someone take the poor man on a picnic.
  • also of the like three time he mentions animals living somewhere he uses the word condominium twice and just. it’s not that notable I guess but why that specific word.
  • also remember when he stopped mid sentence and was like “I’m gonna relay a fairy tale because the message I need to say is too complex to just write down” so he tells this story about some brat prince wanting diamonds for his birthday and the end is just. lions are dangerous sometimes. like. that’s it.
  •  he just fucking namedrops Mikhail Bulgakov and Haruki Murakami and just. to what end.
  • in the town infested with crows that perch on the Nevermore Tree Olaf is disguised as Detective Dupin
  • honestly the amount of literary references here are wild
  • he once wanted to illustrate deja vu so he put in the same page twice
  • the way he defines stuff
  • this is still one of the most subtly sarcastic books I’ve ever read
  • he once used littering as a way to identify evil people
  • honestly the messages in this book are the best
    • having a rough past doesn’t excuse being a shithead
    • morality is complicated but you’ve got to try your best
    • you can stop being an ass and change if you want to and good people will be kind about it
    • like the most infuriating people are the ones who are too scared to stand up to evil stuff (Mr. Poe, Jerome, Hector, Aunt Josephine, etc.)
    • “well-read people are less likely to be evil”
  • there’s this bit in The Vile Village where the siblings are thinking about running away with Hector in his self-sustaining hot air balloon and they’re just like yeah everything sucks but we can’t just run away. there’s stuff we want to do on the ground. and I don’t know but that just shook as a kid like that has legit kept me from killing myself three or four times now.
  • the cathedral of the alleged virgin
  • there’s tons more but that’s all I can remember right now

This is my go at @thatsthat24 ’s inktober challenge, not the best, but I didn’t have a whole lot of time to draw today, so that’s fair.

Day 5: Your favorite Fall/Halloween treat reimagined as a Pokemon.

This is not really a fall or Halloween treat, but where I’m from we don’t really have Halloween candy, or even Halloween for that matter. I don’t know if other countries have this too, but I love them, even though I didn’t even know their name.. but apparently they’re called Happy Chew.

“i was on bored til u called her hair weird” they said.

i love how on tumblr you can see one word you don’t understand and react only to it 

That’s what i meant, when i said her hair is weird. Her hair doesn’t look perfect 100% of the time, and that’s what makes her hair actually perfect. 
I have a lot of time *cough*thanks to procrastination*cough*, so i brought the examples!


Her hair doesn’t have the perfect volume all the time, like disney princesses usually have, and that’s so great because after you get into the water you’ll never have that perfect volume! 

And yes! After you go into the water to catch your chicken, your knot will unplait!!!! 

And after the wave hit her she actually had to put them away! 

Annnnd that’s what i call weird hair! Look at her she doesn’t look like a barbie, she looks like a person who went thROUGH THE STORM!


A lil bonus: the way she puts her hair away. She doesn’t make the perfect look just by putting it away with one hand, because it’s not how it works.

And yes knots don’t appear on her head from nowhere. She actually has to do her hair!

Bonus: look at this lil strand of her hair that doesn’t go into the bun! 


When i call Moana’s hair weird, I’m not saying it’s ugly or something. I’m saying it’s natural. Because people’s hair usually looks weird. And that’s absolutely perfect.