neptune sticking up for sun as kids when others tease him about his tail.

neptune refusing to shop at the corner store because they won’t let sun through the front door. 

neptune thinking sun’s tail is super awesome and he wants one too.

neptune asking about sun’s heritage and his family and everything he can.

neptune giving others the smack down the second someone tries to talk shit about the faunus race. 

neptune being a supportive best friend.


wait but listen a canadian wizarding school founded by inuit and native american witches and wizards and instead of a sorting hat the first years draw a totem out of charmed bag that allows them to only grab the totem that will lead them to greatness.

the Nanook house, with the totem of the polar bear for those who pride themselves with strength but also wisdom

the Proudhoof house, with the totem of the moose, a prominently female house who pride themselves in bravery and dominance as well as feminity and respect

the Ahmeek house, with the totem of the beaver, a spiritual and emotional house that believes in intuition and following their heart

and the Mahigan house, with the totem of the wolf,  a compassionate and friendly house that is also known for their cunning and loyalty. 

little Tauriel tho

  • little Tauriel learning to cope with the loss of her parents, being too young for grief to reach her like an adult elf 
  • little Tauriel trailing after Legolas like a duckling because even the isolated kingdom of Mirkwood is really big for a tiny orphaned elfling and Legolas is nice 
  • little Tauriel learning that anger is easier and more productive than fear 
  • little Tauriel not being the most talented elf, but by far the most dedicated at anything she puts her mind to, because that sense of justice was in her blood from the moment she came into the world 
  • little Tauriel sneaking glimpses of the stars from gaps in the forest canopy, dreaming of seeing the wide open sky
  • little Tauriel hearing stories of places like Rivendell and Lothlórien and so many beautiful things the world outside has, and imagining being able to see them for herself
  • little Tauriel growing into a reckless elf with a moral compass that points due north and straight to a short life full of hurt 
  • l i t t l e    T a u r i e l 

also laura says “look you're helping already!” like she’s directing it to carmilla

as opposed to saying, “look she's helping already!” and directing it towards lafontaine

as if she’s trying to prove to carmilla, not lafontaine, that she’s an asset here. that she can help them and that she’s better off doing this than out there in the world, trying to fend for herself while looking over her shoulder ever 10 seconds, afraid of being caught.


But For You I’ll Stay //  a playlist for the two science specialists that joined S.H.I.E.L.D. who will never be the same. {l i s t e n}

i. Jesus Christ by Brand New // ii.I Know You Care by Ellie Goulding // iii. Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Soraia // iv. I’ll Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab For Cutie // v. Courage Is by The Strange Familiar // vi. Illuminated by Hurts // vii. Ghosts That We Knew by Mumford&Sons // viii. What Will Become of Us by Mike O'Passenger // viiii. Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men 

A playlist for episode 1x06.

Am I the only one suffering severe heartache over Connor Walsh trying to find comfort and get more human interaction? Conceited cocky Connor is gone and now we have this sad young man trying to get his life back together and maybe change it a bit because casual sex just isn’t enough anymore but he can’t get back what made him feel enough so he’s trying to make friends after all this time and I just want to cry and wrap him in a blanket