Begin Again

I’ve been feeling really sad for a long while, so I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift a lot recently because her music always helps, and I found myself going back to this song many times, so this is based on it.  This is also a late birthday present for unamusedpancakes!  Happy birthday Maryn!  You are one of my best friends and have been though so much with me, and I can never thank you enough.
Rated: K+
WC: 3,780

Anna collapsed on her bed with a huff, weighed down by a crushing feeling of defeat.  She held up the bracelet to get one last look at it, then threw it to the side.

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Hello, I've read a lot of different opinions about the Sond quest and I would like to hear yours. What did you think about it? :)

Hey, sorry for the late reply, I was too tired last night and I couldn’t put my thoughts straight. But I’m just saying that I don’t agree with what most people have said so I guess: unpopular opinion & spoilers under the read more.

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Am I meant to be alone? (Alex Gaskarth imagine)

~Request: I’ve been going through a lot lately and I was wondering if u could write an imagine for me based off the song Roots and Branches by This Wild Life? Where y/n is depressed bc she feels alone and worthless but then Alex (atl) comes along somehow and becomes a huge part of her life and her best friend. Then they get in a fight one day over something and the next day he apologizes and accidentally let’s it slip that he loves her? Sry if it’s too much u don’t have to~

~I changed it up a little bit because if it was an over time thing it would be a very very long imagine. Hope thats ok. Warning: Mentions of depression~

You sat in your livingroom and looked at your feet. This is what you do most days as of recent. Just sit around and think. Youve been going through such a rough time, and sometimes you felt like  giving up but you knew what kept you from doing so. Your best friend in the whole world, Alex Gaskarth. Yes Im talking about gorgeous lead singer of All Time Low. You guys met your senior year of highschool. You have been inseperable since, well apart from him off touring all the time, but even then you always text/talk/skype. Sometimes you miss him more than anything, especially in these times.

You always tried to distract yourself from your thoughts. They were the scariest thing to you. You always felt like shit and just together wished you could make yourself better. You wanted to be a better best friend for Alex, a better friend for the whole band, a better everything. Youve always felt this way, and Alex knew you put yourself down, but never knew the truth. 

You stood up and walked through your silent house to the kitchen. You opened the fridge and looked through the pantry, but nothing really interested your appetite. You huffed and sat down, reaching for the remote. Suddenly, the door slammed open and a tall figure walked in. “HAY!” He yelled really loud as he walked in. You kinda just stared in surprise for a moment when a big smile grew on your face, and like that the feeling of lonliness was gone. “ALEX!” You yelled back and got up to hug him. He picked you up and spun you around. When he put you down you looked up at him “What are you doing here?? Tour doesnt end for another month!” He smiled down at you. “We get a break day, and were not too far so I decided to drive over. Maybe we can go out and do something tonight!” He sounded like an excited little kid. Usually when a friend asked you to go do something you made an exuse to stay home, even though you wished to go out. With Alex, though, you could never turn him down, so you agreed.

You guys were out at a party. You werent much for parties but it was nice to get out and catch up with friends. It was you, Alex, Rian, Jack, Jeff, and Vinny. Most everyone was drinking and dancing. Jack was off probably hooking up with someone. You kinda just sat in the corner and sipped on a soda. You werent a big drinker, at least when it came to parties where there were plenty of strangers. You kept trying to talk with Alex, but he left you early on and was getting wasted and dancing. You waited about 2 hours before he finally walked over to you, his slurs obviously showing how drunk he was. “Heey why arent you having fun? And why arent you all dressed up like the-hic-other girls heere?” You grumbled a bit “You know I dont like parties so why dress up for one?” He laughed a bit “Y/N I know you dont like showing off but why be such a prude?” Ouch. Rude. You knew Alex didnt completely mean it because of the alcohol, but you were offended none the less. “Well Im sorry Im only here because I wanted to hang out with my best friends but youre all off doing your own shit and I am left alone again!” You began to raise your voice. “And Im sorry Im not in a tiny dress like everyone else” Alex looked down at your tank top and ripped skinny jeans, and his eyes lingered on your chest for a moment. It was obvious where he was looking so you pushed him away. “You know what Im done. You can go have fun, but youll have to find your own ride home” You glared and stormed out of the house. You got into your car (you drove everyone here) and drove on home

You cried all night. You knew Alex didnt mean to call you a prude, but you were alone. Again you were by yourself. It always ended like this. Your friends all went off to do something else and you were left behind. You were always seemingly the third wheel, the one who was kinda just there. You were sick of it. Alex was usually good with including you and making sure you were having fun, but not this time. You understood he needed his time to get wasted and have fun without you, but he had months upon months of tour and break days during the tour to do whatever he wanted, and the one time he comes to visit you during tour, he brings you to a shitty party and leaves you by yourself with a soda and some weird guy asking for your number a couple times. “Maybe I should stop trying” You said to yourself through tears. “Am I meant to be alone?” You quietly asked yourself and curled up in your bed, crying until you fell asleep.

The next morning, you grumbled and checked your phone. You had four messages that were sent at maybe 4 in the morning (it was 9 now) 

“Y/N where are you? Im still at the house”

“Where the fuck is the car??”

“Oh no I can remember last night. Im so sorry”

“Answer me please”


And after those messages, he called a couple times. You sighed and got up to take a shower. When you finished you dressed in a large tshirt and panties. You didnt have to work today so you just went back to your bed and sat down, pulling your legs to your chest and looking at your green and black socks. A few minutes later you heard the door open and footsteps running through the house and up the stairs (Alex usually went into your house without knocking). He ran into your room “Y/N I swear I didnt mean what I said… Oh my god” He blushed a bit seeing you didnt have pants on, but neither of you really cared. He saw your face was stained with tears. “I-I didnt mean to make you cry” He sat down on the side of your bed and went to grab your hand but you pulled it away. “Its not that Alex” You looked at him and layed down. “Im just sick of being left alone. It always happens.. Is it me? Is it my fault? Do I need to be a better person so I can keep people around? Ive felt like this since we were kids. I could never keep people around and its always my fault!” You started to cry again and curled up in a ball. Alex sighed and picked you up so you were sitting again. “Y/N that is not tru-” You interrupted, raising your voice like you did last night, even if it was hoarse from crying. “Shut up. You dont know what its like to feel constantly by yourself and constantly like shit. I know you are self concious but Ive hated myself for so long… And recently its been getting worse. Alex I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with depression. I have meds but so far they dont seem to work, and I know they wont.. I just need someone to stick around..” You looked up at him. You both sat there and looked at eachother for a few seconds. Without warning, Alex grabbed you and wrapped you in what was probably the tightest hug youve ever felt. “Come with me” He said into your shoulder. You pulled away and looked at him to see his face was bright red and he looked completely serious, which wasnt a normal look for him. He could see the confusion on your face. He sighed “Come with me on tour. Youll never be alone on the bus. Whenever I can Ill take you with me. Youll never be alone with me! I promise Ill make you the happiest girl in the world Y/N I cant let you feel like this I just cant I love you too mu-…” He trailed off and looked at his hands, then continued “I- Im sorry I.. I didnt mean that well.. I did… but will you come with me? We can forget I said that if you want. You dont have to be my girlfriend if you come or anything I just wan-” You climbed onto his lap and hugged him tight. His eyes widened and after a moment, he hugged you back. “Ill come with you Alex… and Ill also be your girlfriend if you really want” You laughed a bit into his shoulder. When you said that you could feel his grip tighten a bit. He pulled away and pressed his forehead against yours. “Well Matt is already mad at me for staying longer than I was supposed to, so lets pack up your shit” You both kinda laughed and without warning he kissed you. You were surprised at first but it was probably the best feeling you have ever felt, and you knew this was the start of something amazing

~I hope this was ok. Hope you liked it~

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1 - Why did you choose your url?
because kyungsoo made me feel things and i though d.o + delicious fit together nicely~

2 - What is your middle name?
i don’t have a middle name, it’s just marie ^^

3 - If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
i’ve actually used days to think about this now, and i can’t think of anything besides a dragon….

4 - Favourite colour?
all shades of blue!

5 - Favourite song?
oh idk it changes all the time! right now it’s i need u or dope by bts :)

6 - What are your top 3 fandom’s?
exo, vixx, b1a4

7 - Why do you enjoy tumblr?
lots of pretty things and amazing people, plus i learn a lot about the world from being here :)

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Would you recommend Go-Busters? Because I saw a lot of positive comments about it on JEFusion posts about the episodes during the late teens,but on episodes in the 30's,the comments got really bad. Does the quality drop off near the end? Did Toei try and change it up midway because kids weren't watching/buying toys?

Go-busters sadly did have poor ratings, many dropped it after a while too. I’ve seen people that said that the show felt boring and un-inspired.
I personally really enjoyed it and I would recommend to watch it because I think both of those statements are false.

Toei tried to spice it up with new songs but the quality of the show stayed pretty much the same and I can’t think of something that may have changed people’s mind that much (Something important for the story happened in that episode , it’s a spoiler though so I won’t say what, but I didn’t feel like it made the quality worse )

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nac: My friend and I were just discussing this and I kind of what to know what other Harmonizers think for a next single. She thinks Like Mariah but the fact that it's another Camila heavy song and it has Tyga in it can have some strikes. I feel like Everlasting Love or We Know should be next but WK is kinda slow. What does everyone else think and why?

I think it could be Like Mariah, since the girls have been playing that one a lot lately. But I personally hope it isn’t because I want Lauren and Dinah to lead a solo. From their label’s perspective, they’re not going to decide against making a song a single because of the fact that its Camila leading - if its solo material its solo material, no matter how much shit will go down in the fandom if they do go that road. I tend to think the girls will release another upbeat song as a single, so from that I would say that Reflection is a good contender and Going Nowhere would be if it wasn’t a bonus track.

It’s a lot to think about, but I personally am betting on Like Mariah and Reflection.

On a small side note, I think the next single could come along quicker than we think. As soon as Worth It starts to drop, their team will want to capitalize on the fact that the girls are on the forefront of the general public’s mind and send out another single fairly quickly.

Hope this answers your question!

- Claire x

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"My dear, can't you see? It's them, it's not me. We're not enemies, we're just disagreeing."

idk this song but

you and michael have been fighting for days now and sometimes because of the littlest of things like how michael is such a lazy ass he wouldn’t fix the bed or how sometimes you forget to make him dinner because he comes home late you not bothering to make him a meal and one time he carelessly tweeted something about you being a pain in his ass, resulting to fan hate and death threats to you and you feeling shit and actually believing you were a bad girlfriend you confronted him with tears screaming down your face. shocked with what you said, he stood up from his spot and ran towards you to hug you saying “i know we argue and disagree with a lot of things, but i love you ok?” and he’d rub your back until you stop crying

that fucking sucked but !! send a song lyric and a boy and i’ll make a blurb based off it please !!

I was tagged by andgem so here we go

1. write your name  in song titles.

C: cheerleader-St. vincent

L: loser-beck

A: archie,marry me-alvvays

I: it ends tonight-all American rejects

R: rock show-blink 182

E: Eleanor rigby-the beatles

2.why did you choose your url?

well I was sprinkleofdeath for a long time but I felt like that was very immature so I decided to change it. I feel like this one fits me better anyway.

3. middle name?


4. if you could have a fictional/fairytale pet, what would it be?

a small dragon

5. favorite color?

red or royal blue

6. favorite song?

well this changes a lot but I think right now it’s either cheerleader or marrow by st. Vincent.

7.top three fandoms?

the phandom, the clique, and i used to be a seriously hardcore mcr fan but im kinda trying to distance myself from the mcrmy because they’re becoming very hostile lately tbh

8. why do you like tumblr?

tumblr is kind of like the news for me. I get most of my conversation topics from here and I usually know stuff before everyone else because of this website. (but I definitely don’t use it for everything because tumblr is also very unreliable at times)

9. tag 9 people

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You're pregnant with your first child with Ashton. Would you rather a boy or girl? why?

It’d be cute if it was a boy because then if the next kid is a girl, she’d have an older brother to look after her and idk just that concept is like goals for me :) 

best friend- ashton | calum | luke | michael

I feel like you and michael would bond over your love for tv shows and video games…lots of late nights spent with him gaming ;) 

boyfriend- ashton | calum | luke | michael

I ship shashton so much like I actually can’t even. You’d be the cutest couple ever!!

the one who secretly likes you- ashton | calum | luke | michael


song on shuffle:

use somebody- kings of leon

polyvore outfit:

first date with ashton at a cute little restaurant :) 

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bless u abi <3

  • My first bias: CNU!!
  • Your current bias and why: my current bias is probably….. *suddenly loud siren goes off concealing my answer* 
  • Favourite song: lately I’ve been listening to ‘smile’ a lot. I like bling girl too because it’s the first song Jinyoung wrote and got produced–
  • Favourite MV: soloday because u expect most boy groups to be sexy, with cool dances, special effects and glam looks, and then b1a4 just come out and do regular things, like be a couch potato and deliver pizza and I just think it’s relatable to us fans and makes us feel closer to them. Or it’d be tried to walk because aesthetICS!!
  • OTP: Literally Sandeul/Everyone else, jinyoung pinching his cheeks and giving him tummy rubs and then cnu like manhandles him and gongchan’s always got his hands all over him and invading his personal space and then baro and him have a love/hate relationship it’s gr8
  • Member you think has the best smile: Gongchan, precious prince, his laugh is infectious and aaaa
  • Favourite choreography: tried to walk
  • Favourite era: maybe whats happening?? since I actually involved myself more with the fandom at that point.
  • Do you own any merchandise: I own all their korean albums apart from ignition, and I also own a couple posters–
  • Have you seen them live: in my dREAMS
  • Favourite voice/singer: CNU!!! or Sandeul
  • Favourite dancer: CNU!! although b1a4 don’t have a main dancer

OKAY so possibly this is something that everyone else has put together and I am LATE TO THE PARTY, but given that we know the title of the track Louis and Liam wrote with Keane’s Tim Rice-Oxley is Adeline, I think it’s fairly likely that’s the song Liam means when he talks about playing a song for Sophia that has a girl’s name in the title. I am SUPER EXCITED about this because Keane’s general sound meshes so well with a lot of what 1D has been exploring over the past two albums in particular, and if that’s a sign of what we can expect from album five, I am ALL IN. 

Balance and Composure

“Keep close to anything that makes you feel alive.”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the next couple years and where I want to find myself. I’ve also been thinking about my passions (you can have more than one, right?). 

I know I love movies, and I adore being behind the camera. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and film and photography has allowed me to take that and make it visual. 

But I can’t help but bring myself back to the concerts and shows that I’ve attended. The ones where I’m surrounded by people I don’t even know, a family of sorts really. Because regardless of where we come from, what we’re living for, and who we are, we still bond together, for a night, over one thing: music.

It’s really cool to see how care free and loving everyone gets towards each other. We’re all screaming the same lyrics, we’ve all been saved by the same songs. When someone falls, we pick them up (both metaphorically and literally in some cases. Watch out for your fellow crowdsurfers and moshers!). 

In those moments, where I’ve made new friends, I’m losing my voice, and I’m most likely sweating off like 30% of my body weight if we’re being honest, I’m the most peaceful I’ve ever been. I’m at home. I’m not worrying about depression or anxiety or restlessness.  

I’ve always promised myself that I’d tour with a band for a year and video/photograph live music. To me, living in a cramped bus and only ever seeing venues and gas stations sounds like a dream. 

I guess I’ll be adding another goal to my list. 

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five favorite songs but like five OF your favorite songs because otherwise ugh impossible and five things you have in common with darlin Abby.

Munday Meme

♪:five favorite songs

This is legit impossible, because I’m always changing my mind about what are my faves. Especially since lately, I’ve been feeling nostalgic and listening to a lot of old music, sooo I’ll try. x3 In no particular order: New Radicals: Give What You Give; Red: Hymn for the Missing; any musical score from The Thorn Birds; Radical Face: The Moon is Down; Daughter/Bon Iver: Perth Love (Mash-up)

☮:five things I have in common with my muse

-We both want more independence
-We’re both snarky af :’)
-We both have a few freckles (sorry, this is getting hard, cuz I honestly DON’T have much in common with my muse)
-We’re both not afraid to speak our minds when the time calls for it (though I’m way less forward – I only speak my mind if I’m pushed)
-We’re both cautious around those we don’t entirely know

Just thinking out loud

I haven’t been on here in a long time but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about something and didn’t wanna talk about it through Facebook or Twitter.

If someone were to learn a really difficult piece from Bam Martin, Mike song, Scott Forsyth or whomever it may be, that person is going to walk away feeling fulfilled. Doesn’t matter if they were able to do it or not, just the experience of being in the same room and pushing themselves is what they hold close to them. With that being said, why is it when they learn a piece from a friend or teammate and it’s difficult they can have the choice of liking it or disliking it? Because that person doesn’t have a solid name amongst choreographers? They haven’t published a video that’s hit tens of thousands of views?

I see so many of my peers who throw themselves out there and create pieces and sets that are so dynamic and fun to watch but when I myself do something it’s like pulling teeth. I could have produced the same housing piece Bam did for this past Bodyrock and my remarks would have been, “this is really really hard. Why are we doing this again?” I may be over thinking things but it really pains me when someone says they’re down and once they’ve gotten a taste of what’s expected of them they’re immediately deflated and looking for an escape root.

We can all learn something from each other. No matter who that is.

i feel good for once in a very long time. it seems silly but in addition to my best friends uplifting and supporting me, fall out boy’s lyrics in a lot of their songs are something i can relate to and i feel validated and supported in that way too. 

like, through listening to a lot of their songs and actually thinking about what their lyrics mean, i have come to realize that i am not worthless and i mean all of my friends tell me that, but it’s a much different thing to hear it and to listen to it and actually believe it. 

their attitude towards their fans is just amazing, they have only ever spoke positively and they send out their love to everyone who is struggling. that’s why i love them so much 

because they make great music, but also because that music has helped me through some seriously shitty times in my life, and they actually care about the people that listen to them. i just love listening to them. 

god i just feel so good lately. it’s really great to realize you aren’t what you thought you were, and i’m still making progress, but like. 

compared to where i was in high school, i’m amazed with my growth and how little i hate myself now. i mean i still have bad days, but i have improved soooo much!

ugh god. i feel so good and i don’t know when i will stop feeling good, but i hope that this lasts for a few months at least. 

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*slides over url and cookies* [sorry im late]

[ Do not worry at all! I am happy to do these at any time. ]


[ Please listen to the songs. I’m making sure to link them so you can have quick access to the version I am talking about. I put a lot of effort into pairing up whoever sent these with very specific songs. ]


1 - Somewhere Only We Know by Lily Allen [Tom just wants to go somewhere quiet with Rinnah. Talk for a while share a few things and get to know eachother. Sometimes you just have to kinda find those places elsewhere. ]

2 - Your Friend Steve by Garfunkel and Oats [ This one is a little more humor based hehe. In this case Tom feels like the friend Steve because he really isn’t involved in any way in Rinnah and Hyde’s romantic relationship. So he always feels somewhat awkward around Rinnah ]

3 - Ashes of Dreams [ They both somewhat share one thing. Loss. Tom feels as if he lost his family when he had to leave and Rinnah comes from this wonderful place. This magical place kind of long past. This is a song for the both of them and what they’ve lost. ]


4 - Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys [ This is an excellent song to show just how Hyde feels about Rinnah. The nice sound especially fits well with just singing in the background as Hyde questions again and again if he should show up at her door. ]

5 - I Know I’m a Wolf by Young Heretics [ This band!! I just can’t even with this band!! This song especially. Even though Rinnah is his little puppy dog. In this song, she is a rabbit and Hyde is a wolf. This song best shows the kind of trust the two share in the relationship and how it fuels and keeps the entire thing alive. ]

6 - I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons [ This song is just so intense!! I can imagine the two assisting each other in a fight to this song but it also has a double meaning. Hyde has a lot to apologize for to Rinnah. Him leaving, his unintended power over her. He even feels somewhat guilty about it all considering just how much she trusts him. ]

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omg I'm really curious about what songs are on that playlist ^^

okay i occasionaly add to it but here it is

autumn leaves by ed sheeran

daydreaming by paramore

not about angels by birdy

buzzcut season by lorde

the call by regina spektor

smother by daught

everything has changed by taylor swift ft ed sheeran

home part 2 by dotan

firefly by ed sheeran

future by paramore <—- this one has to be the last one always 

i have a lot of ed sheeran lol but for real this whole playlist just kills me and some of the songs have specific reasons like the first one i listened to on the bus last year every morning and i legit cherished those moments because everything was so quiet and serene and it was just a weird year of exploration like it’s so important???? so now i cry when it gets late because i can’t control any emotions 

also lol thanks for asking i was really secretly hoping someone would ask also what songs do you listen to that like make you feel all nostalgic??? i want to check them out!!!!!!!

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4 5 20 and 29

4: what are you looking forward to?

sleeping in & crafting tomorrow, the 4th w/ my family, & camp coming up.

5: is there anyone who can always make you smile?

without a doubt

20: what are your favorite songs at the moment?

I could never pick a fav, but some nice tunes i’ve been listening to lately w/ summer around would have to be, Jenny Broke The Window - Rum n’ Cola, Grizzly Bear - Yet Again, Life Among the Savages - Papercuts, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala, Your Eyes - Bombay Bicycle Club, Miracle Mile - Cold War Kids, Melody Calling - The Vaccines, Young the Giant - Daydreamer. 

29: favorite films: 

I’m gonna leave this open ended because I like a lot of independent films & have a heart for claymation, so I know there are plenty out there I’ve still yet to find.