i think it’s time to get some of those boxy rectangular pillows because my current pillows have to be at least 80% gross dust and dead skin by now


you and I’ll be safe and sound


» {PREVIEW} vaderkin&padme {star wars} • once upon a dream

so when I heard this song, I got massive vaderdala feels, so this happened, though, this is not the vaderdala video i’m making for the sequel to my “in the air tonight” video, that one it still in the works ;D this is another vaderdala video. it’s mostly about vaderkin’s feelings for padme. it doesn’t really have a story-line at this point and I don’t know if I’ll add one but I hope you guys enjoy the very small preview! I have lots and lots of projects I’m currently working on, so I’m so sorry for not uploading more stuff lately. I’ve been very busy with real life stuff too, but don’t worry because new stuff is coming very, very soon! :D
- xoxo cailey

Things I’m currently in love with

I was tagged by the amazing enigmacodes ♥ thank you!

1 song: I’m just going to go with Uptown Funk because I’ve been listening to it a lot lately and it never fails to lift my mood
2 movies: omg I … I don’t even remember when I last saw a movie ahaha uhm. Oh! No, right, that was Belle and it’s all kinds of emotional and terrible and beautiful and yes, I am very much in love with that one. And my all time favourite Breakfast on Pluto
3 TV shows: Black Sails, Grantchester, Constantine (I still have to catch up with the series finale, shame on me)
4 people: Toby Stephens (but only with his ginger Flint!beard), Jessica Parker Kennedy, James Norton, and … blblbl … Dorian Pavus. Shut up I know he’s not real buT THE FEELS ARE 
5 foods: tomatoes, ALL THE CHEESES, spinach, pizza, cannelloni
6 people to tag: lategoodbye hudsini sofuckingchuffed schmutztitel (!) realisaonum nogooseberries

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I've been listening to a lot of Iron and Wine lately on Pandora and then you reblog it today and god i just love their sound and the way every song kicks me in the gut. what's your fave song by them katy?

I mean, this is a difficult question for me to answer because Sam Beam’s music has meant so much to me for so many years. I stumbled across him well over a decade ago and he’s one of the most important influences on my taste in music. If I had to pick a song as an all-time always-go-back-to-it favourite it would probably be ‘Boy With A Coin’, although ‘Jezabel’, ‘Belated Promise Ring’, and ‘Sodom, South Georgia’ are pretty close alternatives. I can have a different favourite song of his every other week, it just depends on how I’m feeling and what I’m doing.

letsallsleepoverwork asked:

4,26,50,115: there was a number asking about favorite song rn... I can't remember the number but I'm asking it ^^

4: 3 things I love

Tattoos, music, and my job.

26: What colour of underwear I’m wearing now?

I uhm… I’m dressed for bed. Therefore I’m not wearing any.

50: Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to?

Not really, but then again I don’t really tell anyone everything anymore. My friends all know bits and pieces of things because I feel like I’m an issue otherwise.

115: Been in airplane?

Once, but I was too young to remember

29: Favourite song 

In this very moment in time? “ Night Changes” by One Direction before anyone judges me too harshly though, its a song I’m really embarrassed about liking but my brother and I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together lately and we like to sing shitty songs like this one together.

Thank you for asking You are a precious and greatly treasured human being. What would I do without you?

anonymous asked:

What song are you loving right now??

That’s really hard to answer because i have a LOT of favorite songs right nowwwww


Heart a la Mode (By Deco*27) sung by Hatsune Miku

Your Eyes sung by Soraru and Jin 

The Bird That Crosses The Stars sung by Kagamine Len

Sakura-Colored Time Capsule sung by GUMI

39 (Thank You/Sankyu) sung by Hatsune Miku

magnolia from Deemo (game)

Yubikiri-Genman - Mili

Rockstar Just For Myself sung by GUMI

Feelings Thief sung by GUMI

World Lampshade sung by Ryo-kun

Justitia of Life sung by Mafumafu

Self-inflicted Colorless sung by Mafumafu

Blushifying Phenomena 100% sung by Hatsune Miku 

An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make Bear a Little Happiness sung by MAYU

Dreamin Chuchu sung by Luka 

Milk and Coffee sung by Ito Kashitaro

Hocus Pocus sung by Hatsune Miku and GUMI

SORRY THAT WAS SO LOOOOOOOOOOONG ; w; I’ve been really loving a lot of songs lately (and all of them being Japanese -,-” ) sorry if this on your dash random person this was really long haha…

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Kingdom Hearts!


  • character i’d like to see in a flower crown: XIon bc shes so darn cute and just put her in a flower crown and  id iee 
  • character i’d like to see have an emotional breakdown: Sora. I really hate myself for this but this kid has been through so much and hes been so positive I think he deserves to break down
  • character i’d like to see get punched in the face: seifer just cause ya know
  • character most likely to sing along to journey songs in the car: Sora lets be real 
  • character who refuses to pull over and ask for directions on roadtrips: First person that comes to mind is Riku, but hes actually grown a lot since his bratty KH1 days. But definately Donald. Stubborn little duck
  • character who always stubs their toes on the washing machine: Also Donald bc it Donald
  • character who changes their starbucks order ten times: I feel like Xigbar would do this just to be a little shit
  • character who shows up late for everything: Also Xigbar because he already is a little shit
  • character who is the worst kisser: DONALD LMAO
  • character who takes 45 minutes showers: Demyx because he has one man concerts and will legit perform an entire album until the other Org. members are banging on the bathroom door to tell him to shut up I will fight you on this. Also Roxas because i feel like he has existential crisis in the shower
  • character who gets most bent out of shape over the pronunciation of gif: I imagine Cid and Merlin having heated debates over this.

thelittlemermike asked:

wyr: have luke take you on holiday where ever you want to go or have ashton take you on a bowling date?

I’d pick going on a bowling date with Ashton just because I feel like I would have a lot of fun with him

  • Ship: C | A | L | M
  • Best friend: C | A | L | M
  • Cuddle buddy: C | A | L | M
  • Secret admirer: C | A | L | M
  • Drunk hook-up: C | A | L | M
  • Ship name + cute couple thing you do: Suke // you and Luke would be that one couple that would always stay up late, cuddling and waiting for the sun to rise while listening to songs that reminded you of each other 
  • Some cool music: Who Owns My Hear by Miley Cyrus, Ran Off In The Night by Echosmith, and Kids In the Dark by All Time Low

Want one?

So, “Too Many Birthdays”...

As my last post indicated I’ve been watching Steven Universe on and off lately since everyone won’t stop posting about it and everything I’ve heard has been glowingly positive. I’ve really been enjoying it a lot, it’s got great artwork, a well written cast of characters, fun original songs, and some real pathos and well placed life lessons that feel organic and not awkwardly forced in. I knew going into this show that it was going to take some heavy turns based on everything people have been posting about it and I’ve avoided spoilers as best I can since I knew I wanted to check it out but… holy crap, I NEVER expected this. This is seriously heavy stuff for something on a channel that’s allegedly made for children and I’m barely even a quarter of the way through Season 1. How does it even continue from here? Because… damn, this is really something amazing.

I dunno man I’m kinda just extra lonely tonight for some reason yknow like my close friends are having some luck with love and I’m sitting over here like I kinda want someone to talk to til three in the morning and I kinda want to be with someone and laugh when friends make stupid jokes about it and I kinda want to have a chance to take them to all the cool spots I’ve found on the island because I have so many just begging for someone to take them there and my heart just kinda aches for it because I’ve been talking a lot about eighth grade lately and the nostalgia is kinda heart wrenching and bittersweet because I had a near perfect thing and I miss the closeness and trust and happiness and I want those songs to make me feel more than just lonely yknow ugh just ignore this dumb shit

rippedjeanslikemysoul asked:

Vanilla,plum, and strawberry. Is it to late for this???? I was stalking ur blog cause StevenUniverse and saw u doin it for other people so I was like ay

Yeah dude ur still able to get me to do this, and yes I know I am becoming Steven Universe trash throw me in the garbage where I belong 

vanilla - what i like most about you

Why do I gotta pick one???? Well, you’re super sweet and you like don’t mock me when I have outbursts or slip-ups and you understand why I am the way I am and I love that!!!

plum - a song that reminds me of you / your blog

Defs Stronger Than You (with the Peridot rap version because we all need a lil space dorito in our life) cause 1. We’re both SU trash and 2. You’ve been through a lot with people and I picture you singing this and feeling powerful

strawberry - i secretly think…

It is no secret that you are a very close IRL friend and I love having you over and Im p sure my mom does too cause you dont eat everything in the house. Thank you for existing friend!!!  

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Using only song names from 1 artist/band, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title.

Pick your Artist/Band: Sleater-Kinney (because I have been listening to them A LOT lately :))

-Describe yourself:
Modern Girl

-How do you feel:

Dig Me Out

-Describe where you currently live:
Steep Air

-If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

-Your favourite form of transportation:
Light Rail Coyote

-Your best friend is:

Far Away

-You and your best friends are:

-What’s the weather like:
A New Wave

-Favourite time of the day:
Night Light

-If your life was a TV show, what would the title be?:

-What is life to you:
Dance Song ‘97

-Your relationship:
The Size of Our Love

-Your fear:
Living in Exile

I tag my fellow cohorts: soldelfin rebeltimedork time-bitch fortheloveofcorintucker thechrysalis    hislastval anyone else who wants to try this :) This was totally fun!!

I was tagged by h0rrorwitch

1. Why did you choose your URL? it translates to “leaf moon” or “moon leaf” in irish gaelic. i chose those words because i love nature and, because i am a sun sign, i feel the moon is a strong balancing force in my life.

2. What is your middle name? elaine.

3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? i would probably want to have toothless or some sort of fawkes from harry potter.

4. What is your favorite color? i like greens and pinks.

5. What is your favorite song? i don’t have a favorite song, to be honest. however, i have been listening to “angels of porn” by nicole dollanganger a lot lately. her music can be found here and this is her tumblr. 

6. What are your top three fandoms? neon genesis evangelion, tokyo ghoul, and it’s always sunny in philadelphia, at the moment. 

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr? when i made my first tumblr years ago, i used it to express my feelings as i was suffering from mental illness and drug addiction. i still use tumblr as a tool to vent, but this blog is a much healthier and happier environment than my old one. 

i don’t really like tagging people because i don’t want them to feel obligated to do this, but if anyone wants to, feel free! this is your invitation!

rebellingsouls asked:

I might be a bit late to the party bUT! 28, 26 aaaand 55 ♥

It’s never too late for ask memes! :D Thank you!

28: A song that feels like it was made for/about you: I think I gotta go with Statues by Foo Fighters. This is gonna be a bit emotional but my best friend died 3 years ago and we were both huge Foo Fighters fans at the time, and I listened to this one a lot afterwards as a coping mechanism. I think it sorta makes me view the whole thing in a different (and better) light than I might have. Sort of like a “all things end but that’s okay” song?? I was gonna choose Home to begin with, but that reminds me of the phase before i had accepted it, so yeahh that would be sadder.

26: Favorite song which lasts more than 10 minutes: Oh no……. It’s either the entirety of Pictures at an Exhibition or a lot of piano sadness, buuuut I think I’m gonna go for Cascade from Homestuck. I’ve read Homestuck (however I wasn’t very into it, but my girlfriend looooves it) and this marks like the most epic moment AND IT’S SUCH A GOOD SONG OH MY GOSH it’s so worth the listen even if you don’t like Homestuck. IT MAKES ME FEEL ALL THE EMOTIONS.

55: Your fav song in your mother language: Ohhhh well I usually don’t listen to a lot of norwegian songs, mostly because norwegian singers tend to sing in english?? Evig Vandrar by Kvelertak is probably my fave (and it has a rly cool video and the song hits me RIGHT in the borderlands feels), but it’s completely impossible to understand, another one which is more uh… wordy is Eg er Framand, a folk song that I occasionally listen to to get inspired to draw.

Send me music asks!


Last night I followed my usual Friday night ritual. Treated myself to dinner and a drink. Every time I go out I seem meet a new person and have some what of a interesting conversation with them. Which I enjoy. After I finished my dinner and said my goodbyes to the very friendly bartender who knows me by name now, I preceded to make my way to another bar that I shoot pool at quite often.As I got in my car I put on some tunes and right as I pulled out of the parking lot my favorite song came on. Or at least the song that I’ve been enjoying the most lately. It’s funny that I came on right the due to the fact that I was at a red light and as people crossed the street they looked at me and smiled because I was definitely hype that my song came on. 

So once I made the bar, I was very eager to walk in and see which regulars would be there.I believe most people take the feeling know for granted. Now by no means are the people that recognize my friends but they are still people that know of my and enjoy my company. Once I enter the familiar smell of cigarette smoke hits my nose, every time it makes me cringe a little. This is probably one the last places that you can actually smoke inside. 

Before I can even order my first drink I’m grabbed and embraced by a women who reeks of one too many shots of Jameson. Which isn’t unusual to me at all, at this point I’m used to it.After that a few other people see that I arrived so then I begin greet them with the usual “hey, good to see ya” and pass out hand shakes to just about everyone. Finally I’m able to get my first beer. I chug it down and ask for another which the bartender has already prepared for me. At that point I know that it’s gonna be a great. I can always tell when things are just moving the right direction. From more of the regulars coming in to all of the right songs coming on. The whole mood of the bar was just unbelievable. 

Every time that door open and someone walked in it was almost like a family reunion. People start calling out names to each other, hugging and showing just a general since of happiness. Before I even knew I was 5 beers in and I realized that everyone around me had no beer in there had, so I started asking around to see who needed a drink. At that point I had a group 5 people all prepared to take a shot with me. The most gratifying thing ever is watching 6 people including myself all take a shot and all have the same rough look on our faces.

So… As the night begins to slow down the alcohol begins to take effect. I take a seat at the bar with a couple of other people, we all order our lasts drinks and close out our tabs. Some how, no matter how much I drink and by shots for people, my tab never seems to be above $30 which is amazing to me. So I put my debt card down on the bar with my tab and slide it towards the bartender. I slide it to far and it drops of the bar in the trash can on the other side of the bar. So the Bartender gets it out and says “Its gonna be a little sticky now” and winked at me. It threw me of for a second, but I just awkwardly laugh it off. 

As I wait to get my card back, the guy next to me who goes by “Sunday” comments on my wallet. He says in a deep southern accent “Thats a damn nice wallet you got”. Interestingly enough I had just recieved the wallet in the mail the day before. Nothing special, just a plain leather wallet with one place for you card and cash clip on the front. I explain this to him and told him where I got it so he could buy one for himself. 

Finally I get my card back, I proceed to make my way to the door while doing my rounds and saying goodbye to everyone there. Usually when I do this I make sure everyone is good enough to drive home. Most of the time im more sober then everyone so when I can, Ill give people rides home if the dont think they can drive. This time everyone was good. I leave and hop in my car as quickly as I can. The tempature had dropped about 20 Degrees so I was freezing my ass off. As i drive home I put my night time playlist on my phone. Which is mostly just very mellow songs that just make for good backround noise.

The drive home is not a long on, Just a mere 15 minutes. But everytime is seems like it takes an eternity. Being in the that car by yourself almost throws you right back in to reality and it gives me sense of sadness most times. So finally I make it home, I slowly close the front door to the house, trying not wake up anyone in the process. I make it to my room and begin to strip down as fast i can to get the horrible smell of smoke off of me. As I empty my pants pockets I realize that somethings missing.

That damn wallet. The first thing I do is reach for my phone and call a buddy to see if he’s still at the bar. No luck. Then I call the Bar and see if they noticed it. No luck. At this point I’m to tired to search around so I hop in bed and knock out for the night. About 5 hours pass by and I get a text waking me up. My high school friend who is away at college texts me wanting to know if I was still coming to visit. We had made a plan for me to come up there today and do some late St.Patricks day partying. So I reply “yes” and then realize once again that my wallet really is missing meaning that now I have to do everything that I can to find. First I rip apart the house seeing if It feel out when I got home, No luck. Then my car, No luck. So I get in the shower to try and sober up a bit. I get dressed and make my way back to the bar.

 I get there about at 9a.m. and the place is already filled with smoke all over again. Its filled with an odd crowd of drunks that are all in their mid 80′s. I run up to the bar asking if they had seen it yet, once again No luck. So I leave my name and number on an index card. I go outside begin to look around the parking lot to see it was there, no luck. I go next door to this kind of Artsy coffee shop to see if anyone there had seen it, No luck. At this point Im slighly aggravated, I think to myself  “If I only had my damn wallet I could go get a drink to calm my nerves”. Now I just decide to head home.

When I get there I make myself something to eat and then head out once again to try and get a new debit card and drivers license. Not too long after going to a couple different banks do I realize the not a single fucking Wells Fargo is open on Saturday, which blows my mind. This means until Monday after work. I have no money and no license. Also I had to cancel my plans to visit my friend college which was something that I had been looking forward to for a while. 

Going up there would have been I guess my first true college party experience. I didnt attend college due to reasons I wont go in to but ive always craved to atleast once have a chance to go to party where no cares how they act. They are just there to forget about school and studying and just want to get wasted. Thats the feeling i want to have. But for now I guess ill just have to wait. So now I’m just in my room, on a saturday night with nothing to do. I cant tell how I should feel right now. Im almost numb. More than anything I wish I would to get a call for the bar saying that they found my wallet so could at least go get a drink. But also I really dont mind staying home and having a lazy night. Im conflicted. Now the only thing im worried about is how do I end this thing. I dont have a really good stopping point on this story. So ill stop here for now.

reasons why life is not okay:

  • i have to literally decide which of my loves (theatre or film) i love more, which is impossible. i can’t do it.
  • i have a lot on my plate and no motivation to do it.
  • my energy is decreasing by the day
  • i feel very unintelligent
  • i’ve been feeling very unkind lately
  • i can’t eat bojangles anymore because it makes me sick

reasons why life is okay:

  • the titanic theme song sounds amazing on tiny flutes
  • dogs exist
  • sometimes i sit in practice rooms with people i love and we do nothing but talk about classical music and dogs
  • i’m lucky enough to have not one but two careers i love and can be good at

life isn’t fantastic right now. i am holding myself together with tape and glue. but it will be okay.

dontbeangrylove asked:

I am so sorry for such a late reply for your reblog message! Ah yeah I totally get it bacuse it took me a lot of time to learn all the tips and I am still learning actually. YES YES LANA IS MY QUEEN! What is your fav song btw? aaw, you don't have to thank me! I have this feeling that I'm going to ship SanSan too because good girl/bad boy is my kind of ship (except for Milady x Athos, they are bad girl/good boy kind of thing). STYDIA IS EVERYTHING.

That’s okay, babe! Oh my Gosh. My favorite song? I LOVE THEM ALL. ummm
I love ‘Serial Killer’, ‘Gods and Monsters’, ‘Diet Mountain Dew’, Blue Jeans…really all of them. Haven’t heard a Lana song yet that I don’t like, honestly! What’s yours? :) What show is Milady x Athos from? And same! Except for Stydia really, they’re my good guy/good girl. STYDIA IS EVERYTHING, YES! I hope you like SanSan! It’s really like a darker version of Klaroline. Game of Thrones in general is a dark show, but I tend to be drawn towards characters who do horrible things, but aren’t really evil and have a sad/horrible past…and Sandor does. Sansa is basically the one light in his life and he’s drawn to her even though at first she’s scared of him…really Sansa isn’t very likable in Season 1, but in Season 2 she hella matures and I adore her. (tbc on other reply) <3