I really need to say something to you okay taylor so here I go, 

You don’t understand how much clean means to me, and the clean speech. This song actually gets me through so much. Whenever I have bad anxiety (which has been a lot lately) or just feel like crying, I listen to clean. I can connect to it, and it makes me feel safe. I haven’t really been able to connect to many of your songs because I’ve never been in love. But clean I can relate to every single line. This song is why I love you, this song is why everyone should love you. All my life I’ve never been able to understand why the worst things seem to happen to me. It seems like I’m always the one that has to fight the battles alone. I’ve never been the kind of girl who was popular, ready to get involved, or ever a person people cared about. I’ve been shy all my life and have never had someone to make me feel like I matter. My favorite line from clean is “the drought was the very worst” the reason I love this line is because when I was alone, and sad, depressed, I was in such a drought and I thought I would never get better. But I honesty do feel like Clean has helped me get clean. I’m so grateful for this song because if I didn’t have it I would still be in such a drought. Im going to be hearing the song that makes me feel so happy July 11th and I really can’t wait to see you! Wow okay I’m crying writing this, I love you so much it’s impossible to describe. Thank you thank you. I love you so much.
Thank you for making me clean.
Love, Lindsey


leslie odom jr. on the late show with stephen colbert (4/21/2016)

my favorite song in the musical is yours, which is the room where it happens. which is an extraordinary song because your character, burr wants to be in a room where jefferson and madison and hamilton are making a deal about where the capital will be and where the banks in america will be. and you want to be in that room. and i feel like a lot of politicians today do not have a plan or something they want to achieve. they just want to be in the room. they just want the power to be there, to make a decision if there is one to make. that seems so resonant to our present political times.

Most of you probably don’t know this - but I write music and have a soundcloud account where I upload my songs! Lately I’ve been uploading ambient kind of music but I recently uploaded this new one with a more mainstream/pop feel to it and I’m really proud of it so it’d mean a lot if you guys gave it a listen and maybe gave it a like and a share if you like it! If you follow me on Soundcloud let me know because I always want to check out other people’s accounts and see what kind of music you all listen to and definitely love hearing what you create if you write your own!


Moments: A song I wrote looking back at old photos - which inspired the main melody of the song. I’m really fond of this one and wish I was a good enough singer to have put vocals over the top but unfortunately I wouldn’t have been able to do it justice, so until I find a singer to collaborate with - Instrumental will have to do! Don’t forget to give it a like and share it around if you enjoy, I’m really excited to bring you guys this one it’s one of my favourites I’ve ever written!

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Dear Taylor,

You don’t understand how much clean means to me, and the clean speech. This song actually gets me through so much. Whenever I have bad anxiety (which has been a lot lately) or just feel like crying, I listen to clean. I can connect to it and it makes me feel safe. I haven’t really been able to connect to many of your songs because I’ve never been in love. But clean I can relate to every single line. This song is why I love you, this song is why everyone should love you. All my life I’ve never been able to understand why the worst things in life seem to happen to me. It seems like I’m always the one that has to fight the battles alone. I’ve never been the kind of girl who was popular, out there, a person people cared about. I’ve been shy all my life and have never had someone to make me feel like I matter. My favorite line from clean is “the drought was the very worst” the reason I love this line is because when I was alone, and sad, depressed, I was in such a drought and I thought I would never get better. But I honesty do feel like Clean has helped me get clean. I’m so grateful for this song because if I didn’t have it I would still be in such a drought. Thank you taylor, I’m crying writing this. I love you so much it’s impossible to describe. Thank you thank you. I love you so much.
Thank you for making me clean.
Love, Lindsey

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Hello guys, I did it! My johnlock hell song has been re-recorded in a shiny new audio version!

It has taken much MUCH longer than expected, because clearly I am useless at technology. Overall I’m still not completely happy with it, but it got to the point where I was placing individual bass notes and decided I needed to stop. 

So I really hope you all like it, please reblog it if you do- I have put so much time into this it would be nice if it got more notes than the crappy video version! 

Lots of love, Marisa x



Oh we used to eat Italian and then go on a chase, but I’m struggling to find somebody who could take your place, ‘cause they’re not right, can’t conduct my light.

Now you live around the corner in your double bedroom flat, but I think you’d feel warmer if you only came and sat back in your chair, it’s still there.

So you ride your bike to work because you just can’t bear to drive, and you storm into a house just to make you feel alive, if I’d not lied, I’d still be by your side.

Don’t you think, that it’s not fair for you to ask me not to blink when you say that you love me still?

Don’t you know, that I’d have left it all behind if you had asked, but our chance is over now.

So you live back in our home and I’m stuck at the surgery, and although its all right here I really miss your company, before the fall, holes in the wall.

After years of thinking that I knew exactly who you were, you tell me that I’ve got it wrong without saying the words, but it’s too late, I’ve sealed my fate.

It’s been weeks of living separately I can take no more, and quite clearly you aren’t coping well you really should’ve called, and now you’re leaving, I’ve done my grieving.

Don’t you think, that it’s not fair for you to ask me not to blink when you say that you love me still?

Don’t you know, that I’d have left it all behind if you had asked, but our chance is over now.

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I’ve been reading a bit about Kaylor and Taylor Swift lately and can I just say something -without antagonising the beautiful Swifties that follow me-

I know lots of you see the way she’s managed and her videos and albums promoted and you get mad that we have the potential of getting there and just don’t take it. But we should feel lucky, because I don’t know if you know this, but Taylor Swift supported Tidal, she pulled all her songs from Spotify, she cancelled her Rock in Rio streaming and they delete all the fan videos from her tour from YouTube.

Can you imagine how limited our fan experience would be that way? I’m glad that we get to engage like this and not only to wait for the official merch and whatnot to be released, not having to forcibly pay for a tour ticket to see them live, that they’ve gone to virtually all places with their tours (Taylor Swift hasn’t gone to MANY places, most people suspect because of her rates).

Yeah, their team does things very wrong sometimes, but we have to be grateful for what we’ve got. Louis has actually spoken in a very positive light about a project that basically asks people to stream their songs for free. Of course they’re getting a shitload of money from iTunes buys thanks to us, but they could be against spotify regardless, and they aren’t.

I just feel like we have to count our blessings.

ok so i was talking to sallyjessyrofl and have lately been having a lot of feelings about the non-shippy (i swear) parts of arya’s and gendry’s and sansa’s and sandor’s relationship and i wasn’t going to ramble but then i decided fuck it i’m going to ramble.  yes i ship both things; no this isn’t going to be a shipping manifesto.

so like, arya is someone who dives headfirst into relationships, regardless of backgrounds.  she’s fierce in her level of dgaf about jon’s bastardom, and befriends mycah because she wants to and constantly points out that his friendship came first to her before his status.  it’s part of why it hurt so much when sandor killed him, and why she didn’t let go.  arya is protective of her friends, protective of her “pack”, loyal, intense, loving, etc. 

enter gendry.

so as far as we know, gendry hasn’t spent a lot of his life being valued.  his mom’s dead (and whether or not she liked him/wanted him is a point of depressing headcanon for me), his master armorer shipped him off to the night’s watch sans explanation, it’s unclear if he had a lot of friends, his dad gave a rat’s ass, his dad’s bffls (not that he knew they were bffls) express an interest in him…but he doesn’t know what that interest is and it’s certainly not so much in him so much as the fact of him/his existence and that’s….not so great.

and gendry’s in it to survive.  like maybe he doesn’t mind the night’s watch bc he’ll be valued there–he doesn’t really talk about that, but shit hits the fan and he’s on the road with arya and hot pie and lommy and he’s totally willing to ditch the latter two at first bc fuck they aren’t his friends and arya’s the only one who seems to be able to handle shit anyway…and she refuses to leave them.

and when he gets taken by the mountain’s men, she goes in after him.

and when they’re at harrenhal, she doesn’t forget his friendship and goes to him for help because she trusts him and she’s proven time and time again that he trusts her and f;ioeawfkdjsnoiagr;enlfkd ok. 

it’s important that gendry gets knighted, that arya fundamentally makes him feel like he’s good for something beyond just existing.  it’s also important that he leaves her because that’s taking advantage of the agency he’s never had and which, frankly, arya’s inspired him to take advantage of by saying “yo let’s leave harrenhal even though you’ve got security here.”  it’s important that he sees himself as being more than his existence.

and oh wait.

what does that remind me of

sansa and sandor!

because sandor def starts off being like “yo fuck life”.  the lannisters don’t see him as being more than his existence, he’s got this background of…oh…wait…fuck.  he hasn’t got a family background either bc y would u count that brother who tried to murder him when he was a tiny child?  no one looks him in the face, everyone takes him for granted bc he’s one giant killing machine and that’s all he ever has been and all he ever will be and…

then you have sansa who’s scared witless of him but actually acknowledges his pain, asks him about it, despite being scared to look him in the face.  she’s forced to deal with abuse but in that abuse, she doesn’t lash out at him, if anything it makes her recognize that he’s not joffrey and they don’t share that brand of cruelty and wait he’s human? and like has a character?  and no one’s looked at him or thought of him like he’s had a character behind dat muscle before? holy shit.  

and both gendry and sandor have interesting relationships with knighthood: gendry gets knighted by beric dondarrion, but still works in a forge (bc useful life skill during a war); sandor’s like “I’M NO KNIGHT I’M NOT I’M NOT BUT FUCK I’M GOING TO BE MORE KNIGHTLY THAN MY BROTHER BUT DON’T YOU FUCKING CALL ME A KNIGHT OYU FUKCWAD”; and both of these knightly-feelz are deeeeeply rooted in their relationships with their respective stark sisters.

and of course there’s the whole “HIM?” reaction that gendry has when he sees sandor’s helm bc whoops sandor made off with his bae arya.  

but like whoa damn these two dudes who suddenly are spurred (plz appreciate the knightly pun there) into feeling like they have agency because they are recognized as humans by these two girls.  and that they are not defined by the things society uses to define them.

yo but dat parallel. dose girls w/ their good heads on their shoulders inspiring character growth in those who have been too defined by society.

The End of a Day

Title: The End of a Day

Pairing: Jongtae

Rating: pg

Warnings: some angst in the beginning

Summary: Taemin had saved Jonghyun without even meaning to

Notes: I listened to Jonghyun’s album and wrote this agiuehohe i’m just so proud of him and I have a lot of feelings. so this was inspired by jonghyuns new mv and also i was thinking a lot about that time that jonghyun said that taemin inspires him soooo here ya go. 

Sometimes, things just went inherently wrong in Jonghyun’s life. He had woken up late because his phone had died in the middle of the night. He had forgotten to eat breakfast. He had missed the bus to “work”. His guitar string had snapped in the middle of a song and the little old lady who had been listening to him lay out his life story with chords and half notes suddenly walked away, shaking her head. Realizing that he didn’t have a real job.

Sometimes, when Jonghyun was sitting on a street corner, the morning mist clinging to the sidewalk and soaking through the thick denim of his jeans and the passing stares of business men and women who have no time for a boy with bleached blonde hair and a beat up guitar, he wondered if he had made the right decision. If dropping out of high school to follow his dreams had been the correct thing to do. If maybe he should have been one of those business people who stomped by with one hand warmed by a cup of coffee and the other gripping a cellphone close to their ear.

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having said that i get why a lot of ppl dont like halsey and thats fine bc in the end music is subjective. yeah im biased because we share the whole bipolar thing but tbh i just feel like she’s getting more shit than she deserves lately, not just for her music but for literally everything and on madly personal shit where people have no business trying to nitpick–to where ppl were accusing her of trying to make her mental illness a “gimmick” simply because she was open about it and writes songs about being bipolar……….as for ppl criticizing her voice its fine if yr not a fan of it but in a broader sense it becomes rlly apparently that male singers are allowed to not have good or even decent voices so long as theres something else appealing about them but women in music literally are constantly subject to criticism if their voice doesnt sound perfect live idk its things like that that get under my skin because it really doesnt bother me whenever ppl say they just dont like her music style or her lyrcs but mixed in heavily with legit criticisms of her are just examples of shitty people feeling the need to be shitty people

You know what’s really cool?

I’ve been having a lot of personal struggles lately and the last thing I wanted to do was help my own self through them even though that’s what I really needed to do.

It wasn’t a time for me to let new music into my life but thanks to Spotify who kept playing Owl City regardless of the fact that he wasn’t on my playlist I’d made, (literally why did it do that? Fate probably), I began to look at an artist who I had written off due to his budding popularity back in the day.

Track after track played and I found myself liking every song that came on. Then I started to get this weird feeling? Like everything was gonna be okay, even if it wasn’t yet. Like everything would always be okay, and like nothing was ever wrong in the first place. I felt like maybe for that one hour drive to work, where I can close myself in my car and just deeply listen to Adam’s music with no interruption, that I was invincible.

The amount of inspiration, comfort, and relation I’ve felt listening to his songs is like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

I’d lost my faith in music and in my ability to take control of my life.

But now I feel okay.

Thank you for that, Owl City.

I’m just a baby three week old fan here, but I’ll be a fan for life now.



Zayn sings to you “You and I” because through a lot to finally be together and be have the almost perfect end, since nothing in life is perfect and you two have your ups and downs, but in the end you two fight for your love…


Harry sings “Kiss You” to you because one day he wanted to know how you felt with him, if you were happy, sad or something else but didn’t have idea how to ask you, so instead he started to sing it to you so you could tell him if you felt the same…


Niall sings “Little Things” to you because he knew that you were feeling insecure lately and even if he showed that he loved you for you, you couldn’t still believe him. So in one of his shows he sang it to demonstrate to you that he loved you for your little things because they make you who you are…


Louis sings to you “Half a Heart” because he misses you so much when he is on tour and knows that you miss him too, so one day when you two were in the airport he told you that whenever you start to miss him listen to that song since you were his complement, now every time he sings it he can’t stop thinking of you…


Liam sings to “More Than This” because after a big fight you both decided to take a break but after a while you two where starting to miss each other but you were too stubborn to go to him, one night it was the worst so you decided to go out with your best guy friend and Liam saw you, in that moment he knew that he loved you too much to see you with someone else, that night he went to your house and sang it to you…

Hi!!! Sorry if this preference sucks I had a long time I didn’t make one but hopefully you like it :) xoxo

Begin Again

I’ve been feeling really sad for a long while, so I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift a lot recently because her music always helps, and I found myself going back to this song many times, so this is based on it.  This is also a late birthday present for unamusedpancakes!  Happy birthday Maryn!  You are one of my best friends and have been though so much with me, and I can never thank you enough.
Rated: K+
WC: 3,780

Anna collapsed on her bed with a huff, weighed down by a crushing feeling of defeat.  She held up the bracelet to get one last look at it, then threw it to the side.

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There was a time
when you wanted me
and you asked me why I wanted you.
It used to be
that I wanted your skin against mine.
I wanted to feel your bones creak,
pull my fingers through your hair,
make your knees weak,
make you shudder,
feel your stare.

But there came a time
when I discovered your mind.
When your artwork opened and stained my eyes.
When your music flowed through my speakers for weeks,
like a homesick song I’d known all my life.

I then realized
why I want you.

And it is not because I find you to be
as pleasing to my eyes as a work of Greek art
(and that’s saying a lot).
Yes, I put you on a pedastal but why not?

It’s just,
I don’t think you realize how rare you are.

You are always saying I do not know you.
We have known each other for a long time now,
spent late nights saying things we would never speak aloud,
only to the hushed corners of our separate rooms,
never to touch but once
or to know each other as more than statues.

But I have seen your art.
I have heard your music.
I have given you my affection
and you refused it.

But I know you.
And I want you.

I know you want me too.

So I am still waiting for you.

There will be a time
when our bodies are entwined.
I long for it desperately and pine away my nights,
but what I want most of all is to know your mind,
to know what makes you tick, paint, drink and rhyme.
I want to know it all,
so stop building me up to just let me fall,
and give me a call.

What hurts most of all
is all you do is stall,
and for an artist,
you sure are

—  s.f., stop procrastinating your feelings for me.

anonymous asked:

since you seem to still like exo, who's your current bias?

I think I’ll forever be Chanyeol biased… he’s just too great and I’m still freaking out over Freal Love (I love this song so much)….. yet I’ve been thinking about Baekhyun and Sehun more than I’d like to admit. I blame the Monster photoshoot AND the Dear Happiness photoshoot for this because they just looks sO FUCKING GOOD ON THEM!!!!! I’ve been having a lot of exo feels lately and tbh I am livingggggggggggg

phantomrose96  asked:

24, 41 (for PoT/SoaD), 49

24 favorite scene you’ve ever written

Thought some more about it, it’s still hard. For one thing, I’m not mentally in all of my stories all the time, so it’s hard to recall where my headspace was and which ones I particularly enjoyed. Of the current batch I’m working on, there’s one that I really, really love– because it’s satisfying and it’s been a long time in coming. But it’s also super spoilery so I can’t tell you which one it is. Ah well…

41  one song that captures (PoT/SoaD)

I’ve been having a lot of feelings about Sufjan Steven’s Death With Dignity lately. 

Spirit of my silence I can hear you, but I’m afraid to be near you
And I don’t know where to begin
And I don’t know where to begin
Somewhere in the desert there’s a forest, and an acre before us
But I don’t know where to begin
But I don’t know where to begin
Again I lost my strength completely, oh, be near me, tired old mare
With the wind in your hair
Amethyst and flowers on the table, is it real or a fable?
Well, I suppose a friend is a friend
And we all know how this will end  

The entire album (Carrie and Lowell) is about the artist’s relationship with his recently deceased mother, so it hits a lot of chords in me about broken familial relationships and grief and trying to come to terms with it. So… yeah. That’s definitely one.

49 writing advice

Hmm, well you’ve already got the write more thing down. 

Something that I’ve found very useful is to draw from other mediums.

All mediums. Every medium. If you’re consuming it, it has meaning of one kind or another, even if it’s as simple as ‘this subway map is confusing’. Writers are manipulators of meaning, so take note.

Poetry and song lyrics contain multitudes on how to convey strong emotion and meaning with concise, stylized wording. I learned a lot about artful misdirection from anime (like, you know, looking at a pretty plant while someone gets loudly and violently murdered off camera). There’s a lot of non-verbal pacing that goes on in certain manga/anime that I love and try to implement. I pull a lot of my mental rhythms for dialogue from cartoons, but also cheesy TV shows with plenty of banter. 

How I think about plot is very strongly related to movies and comics, as well as (interestingly enough) classic novels like Dickens (a serial writer himself) and Dumas. SoaD has a lot more in common with Count of Monte Cristo than the average YA novel– in the sense that it follows a broad cast of characters on branching, sometimes meandering paths that all converge at the end toward a central point.

Something that really struck me in this behind the scenes post on SU was Rebecca Sugar drawing inspiration from an old film for that beautiful 360 animation. She not only had the scene cataloged in her memory, but was able to make the connection and incorporate it meaningfully into her new story. It wasn’t necessary, and very few people would make the connection, but it gave Pearl’s scene that much more visual depth and richness

If you’re a fanfic writer, it’s important to read fanfic so you know the dialect you’re trying to speak, but if that’s all you read or try to emulate, you’ll start producing very fanfic-flavored stories. Just like reading nothing but YA, or nothing but thrillers, or nothing but mystery stories. Cross-pollinating your writing with other sources gives it a richness that sets it apart.

We’re still talking about Damon Albarn’s bands this morning because I guess I’m on a Blur kick now. Anyways, “Parklife” would’ve been so much better if they’d capped it off at 12 tracks. As is, it’s kind of a sprawling testament to britpop and late 20th century UK ennui (it wouldn’t be until the Good, the Bad & the Queen that Albarn would tackle early 21st century UK ennui) – but if you cut a few songs, you kind of turn it into a much tighter package, resulting in what feels like, I dunno, the britpop “Sgt. Pepper’s” or something.

I think most of the tracks I removed seem like pretty obvious exclusions. I like “Bank Holiday” well enough, but I’m much fonder of the album’s title track going directly into “Badhead”; those two really just work so well together. “Lot 105″ is gone too, although I wouldn’t be too opposed to having that as a hidden track, tacked onto “This is a Low” after a minute of silence or something?

I’ve never really been a fan of the way side B of this record moves, but I think I was able to fix that pretty well by cutting two of my least favorite tracks, “To the End” and “Trouble in the Message Centre”. I know the former was a single, but I was never really able to get too into it, and it definitely should not be the first full-length song on side B. I do like the b-side version they’d later release though, featuring Francoise Hardy. 

Leaving in song sketches like “The Debt Collector” and “Far Out” might seem like a weird choice at first, but I really do love the little bit of character they add to the record. Also, closing out side A with a short instrumental and opening up side B with what sounds like only a half-finished track is a move that I can get kind of into.

Every Blur album is a good 3-5 tracks too long, but I think “Parklife” may have been the record that suffers the most from the trend. With just a little editing, you get what might’ve undisputedly went down as the finest britpop record of the era. Although honestly, I still fuck pretty hard with “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”.

I’ve been having a lot of media and entertainment thoughts lately. What is the point of it, what are my responsibilities as a consumer, what is helpful vs what is hurtful. I’ve always subscribed to the notion that if things aren’t morally correct but display a certain degree of truth and aren’t harmful to my personal well being (morally or otherwise) I am not morally opposed. For instance, for a while I only listened to screamo music. Not always morally sound, but I admired the beauty of the pain these artists often expressed. Pain that we all feel. (Like, I know this is a silly example, but one of my faves is a song called 3 AM and the singer wakes up in a motel with a stranger and talks about the events and unhappiness that led him to sleep with this stranger and it’s such a real thing. There are so many people that his story truly happens to…)

So that’s the background of my viewing experiences. I don’t do gore or nudity or graphic for the sake of showing it, but I might be inclined if it’s for the sake of showing reality as it often is. (I’m looking at you, Game of Thrones, major offender of this)

Anymore, there are no rules though. Media can do what it likes. There is always pressure from audiences and companies for more, more, more. But what about a standard? What about showing a reality that should exist but doesn’t?

Maybe that’s why I LOVED Cinderella so much. It shows us how we could be if we chose grace, choose goodness, choose to respond to life and others with love and kindness.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had more of that? If we had non-cheesy realistic shows or movies or books that explored humanity’s capability in this fallen world?

That’s the big appeal of superheroes. They show the best of what a person could be. I once heard it said that the more Christ-like a hero is, the more we view them as a hero. It even applied to those in the military, those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for those they love, we often call them heroes as well. (And don’t get me started on what Doctor Who used to be, a man not from Earth who knew every life mattered…)

I guess I don’t really have a conclusion to this. I’m just frustrated with what is available. I see shows that show reality as it often is, the ugly, the bad, the pain of our fallen nature. And in “getting it wrong” they often get it right how far from God we are.

But maybe, just maybe, goodness can appeal to the masses too.

So I’ve been coming to the verge of tears pretty easily as of late. Like, I’ll be reading a story or listening to a song or talking about something, and tears will start to well up in my eyes, but I don’t let myself get further than that because… I’m afraid? I don’t know what of or why, but I can’t bring myself to let myself fully break down. Like, I know i need it, I feel that I need it, but whenever I’m emotionally there, it’s at an inopportune time, or its at a good time, but I still can’t get myself to do it. There’s a lot of stuff I know I need to actually cry out, most of them relating to having missed my girlhood, but I’d just feel like too much of an ass if I breakdown because of that. Not because I don’t need it ( I do need it) or because I don’t want it (I do want it). I can’t really explain it.

dafterwho  asked:

why are you concerned about dp?

Well, first of all Tidal. At first, I was all for it because I figured if they were a part of it, it must be for a reason. And then I had Tidal and was like, “This is literally not that great, why is there not a lot of music on here, etc.” And then Starboy. Don’t get me wrong, its my jam. But the video and the lyrics by the Weeknd are just so…not what they are about…I hope. So there are just some things that concern me. Especially when they talk so much about not doing things with others unless they really feel a part of it. But it seems lately they have been working with questionable people. Like Kanye’s Yeezus album? Tf were those songs, they were…not good. Like they were rushed. And granted, I dont know how involved DP were with the projects, but it just has been bothering me lately. I will always respect them as artists, but some things just irk me. That’s all, no worries! I just hope I’m not alone in feeling this. Ive wondered how others have felt as well…any thoughts?

cursedlovers  asked:

saturn aldebaran gemini phoenix

Saturn- Do you have any pets?

already answered here !!!

Aldebaran- What’s something you care desperately about?

equality, feminism. I care about it so much just because I hate hatred so much, especially when it’s built into the very framework of society. lol. it’s one of the only things I care desperately about, I think, it just makes me feel so hopeless and disgusted in the pit of my stomach when I  hear people talking in a way that contributes to it. so feminism is a way to combat both hatred and the feeling I get from it

Gemini- What’s your favourite song?

lately, ive been really digging cOohr, Oqel, k3a and aYE (please don’t hate me) ((also, obligatory link to my playlist))

Phoenix- What’s your favourite thing to wear?

jewelry! I love rings (my url lmao) and earrings and necklaces and bracelets a lot.. and I have a lot … jewelry is so jinkly and shiny, And I always mess with it the whole day. otherwise I really like skirts? and jackets? and ponytails