200k letter giveaway !!

I’m currently only a few thousand followers from hitting 200k and im gonna cry a lot and just thinking about it makes me cry bc HOLY MOLEY a lot of ppl

u guys have made my life so much better im not even kidding the kind messages and just support and advice that i get from u guys is so overwhelming sometimes and i cant thank u all enough

but so that i can give back a lil i’ve decided that when i do hit 200k im going to send out a bunch of letters and cute things to go with the letters to loads of u guys there’ll be a letter in each and stickers and drawings and maybe even like cd mixtapes im not sure yet !!!!

i want to send out loads and loads of these, so from now until i hit 200k u can reblog this post as many times as u want and when i hit 200k i’ll use a random generator to pick ppl from the notes :DDD

pls note that if u reblog this and you’re chosen you must be willing to give me your home address/po box so that i can send the letter to you !!!

the whole process will b filmed and put onto my youtube channel weeee

but yea good luck !!! ily all

- Emma / florels x

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I see You posting loads of WW2 stuff, (which is ok)but mostly about the German forces and I Just saw that pic of a Jewish person commiting suicide, (like for real i like the badass type of blog You have) but some People might think you're a neonazi

If I had a dollar for every time I got a message like this, I swear…. I also post things with islamic extremists,  dead KKK members, various types of militia forces, street gangs and police posts. You’re literally ignoring like 95% of my posts, if you’re just going to point out one post about a dead person then you’re taking things way out of context.

“Some people might think you’re a neonazi” Okay so then if that’s a problem ¿don¿’t fol¿low? me?¿? hahahha but any follower of mine would know I think all racists should be killed so there’s that

So my schedule at work has completely changed.  I go in late into the afternoon and usually get out of there just before 4:00 AM.  It’s been hell on my body and spirit to try to adjust, which is why I haven’t been on here much.  Sorry.  Now I’ve got loads of messages to get to again 😡 😡 😡

But also, I only get a bit of spare time and I’ve chosen to spend that writing.  Let’s face it: writing makes me happy.  No arguing or fighting or nasty words being thrown around.  Just my imagination and me 😄

I’m headed to see my nephew this weekend (it’s his first birthday) so maybe I can get some messages answered then! 👍

‘til then – stay beautiful you lovely people!! xx


just watch it 


HEY GUYS!! So I had to buy a ticket to go on a trip and i literally missed my target by a hour and had to pay more than I planned.

To make up for this, I was hoping to open up Quick7 commissions for the next 12 hours- as many as I can do.

They work like this:



Simple sentences are my favorite, like “Sam with his purple dog shirt” “endverse Cas with smoke” “Dean kissing the samulet”

And I’ll watercolor/copic a half body about 4-5 inches tall and load him.

+ Additional character is $6.

+If you want the original drawing mailed to you instead of digital its +$2

PayPal only, just message me :) the first batches I get will most likely get loaded tonight as I get them.

Ships are A-OK with me :)
No Anthro/Mech this this sorry
NSFW ask first
No complicated requests since this is a time sensitive Commission Opening.


Dear Lovelies! Many of you have already been made aware of these types of messages, but I will reiterate because I received this in my inbox today:

1. Any account that you do not know who sends you/ talks about a link, especially with the mention of beta testing a video game, is FAKE. These links are loaded with lots of bad stuff, so DO NOT CLICK.

2. These roboblogs tend to follow you first. They have very obscure names, so if you suspect something, check out their blog (the blog itself does not carry harmful bugs).

3. Their icons are completely random, photostock-esque pictures with some random phrase below. They do not allow any sort of messaging directly, but they can message you. They also tend to reblog generic pictures and usually don’t reblog actual tumblr user posts, but that can vary.

I was troubled to see these going around again because there are people that haven’t yet heard about this scam who mean well and want to support someone’s independent ‘game’ to help them out. So yeah, everyone stay safe and continue to have a great summer! ~

I don’t know I just feel kinda… bad

FARITH update PSA thingy

Hey everyone, just a little note from me.

I am really glad that you all are enjoying ‘Fancy a Roll in the Hay?’ but I get constant messages as soon as I update one chapter asking for the next. So so many messages asking if I am going to write the next chapter, some pretty much demanding that I post it immediately. This isn’t about any message in particular because I have got loads.

I just want to say it’s getting a little annoying, I will be writing the next part. I am not going to stop the fic right before the end. However, even though I am trying to upload every day, sometimes things happen that mean I can’t. I do have a life outside of this blog.

Again, thank you for all the really nice messages about the fic, I obviously don’t mind them! Just be patient with me please! Thanks guys :) - Emma xox

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so the other day i reblogged one of those "send me this if you have a crush on me" and an anon sent me it and kept sending loads of cute message and eventually they revealed themself and i just thought this might make a nice prompt lol

Aww yes, that is adorable! I’ve never written a tumblr!Destiel au, but several people have requested it, so I should really think about it. :D



Happy birthday sweetie! You are the best little sister I could ask for - so caring and lovely and amazing to talk to. You have helped me through loads of stuff, and I am so grateful.  

You know I have been struggling over getting your birthday stuff finished! I wanted really pretty preview pictures but my game just will not play ball :( So my gift is a series of photos of Flo and Adriana together to show off their amazing friendship - there are 8 pictures altogether! they are in the frame that I used for my disney photocards. The middle picture is a secret surprise - I will message you about that one ;D

Have an amazing birthday sweetie, 

ILY! Belle  xxxxxxxx 


A/N= Have you guys hear those radio interviews Calvin did? Swoooooon!!! Anyways this is based on that sort of. Just a short piece.

July 17th 2015
*….* = text message

I was so excited by the fact my new single was coming out. I was so proud of the new sound I had produced. I was buzzing about the AMAZING responses from fans with loads if tweets about How Deep Is Your Love. The night before last I had done a bunch of interviews for UK breakfast radio, and they were playing this morning. This helped get the new song out there….it also didn’t hurt that they had asked questions relating to Taylor so there was a  whole other audience listening.

*Tay: Morning babe! Got the new single on while I make breakfast for the family. LOVE IT! Anyways….did you say something about me in an interview? Tumblr is on fire!*

I realised I had forgotten to warn Taylor about the stuff in the interviews. Like she knew I had done them….

*Adam: Hey! Um…I might have….sorry I didn’t tell you…it was all good I promise. They just asked some questions and you know me….couldn’t not answer honestly.Sorry.*

*Tay: Aww I’m not angry or anything. It all looks pretty harmless based on the quotes my fans have posted on Tumblr…..getting A LOT of buzz for you. I’ll have to listen to them now! Talk later?*

*Adam: Yeah.I’m going to try and get some shut eye but I’ll call when I wake up.*

*Tay: Night Adam!*

I woke up to my phone blowing up with tumblr and Twitter mentions as well as messages from friends all along the lines of ‘he’s a keeper’, 'serious relationship goals’ and 'have you heard the interviews?’. I knew Adam had done some interviews in the UK but had no clue they would have generated so much buzz….around me.
I went downstairs and put my phone on with Adam’s new single playing while I got out the ingredients for blueberry waffles. Simultaneously I checked tumblr and texted Adam who got back to be straight away being really apologetic.

“boxes I didn’t even existed, she ticks”
“it could be worse but I’d still be insanely happy with her”
“it’s going so so well”
“She’s genuinely and incredible cook an human being”

My smile grew so much as I read the quotes. I searched around to find the actual interviews and started playing them as I mixed the batter.
Just hearing the smile that was obvious in his voice made me weak at the knees. He was being so genuine and it was all about me.  Never, ever,ever had a boyfriend of mine spoken so enthusiastically and seriously about our relationship. He shot down the media reports and, as he had told me multiple times but never had I believed it as much as now, reiterated the fact that it could be worse and he didn’t mind it….and was insanely happy.
My mum walked in as I was listening to his second interview and came up behind me.

“Is that my future son in law?” She teased from behind me
“Haha, very funny. But yes it’s Adam. He did some interviews about the new single and may have spoken about me.” I replied, blushing.
“He’s a keeper darling. I’ve never seen you so happy about a boy.” She replied taking the partially neglected batter and starting on the waffles as I continued listening to the interviews and scrolling through Tumblr.

“Tayvin is endgame” I read on Tumblr.

Maybe it was…..insane happiness and deep love sure is a wonderful feeling.

*Tay: I’m insanely happy with you too Adam. Can’t wait to see you.“

hey guys! so, um, my inbox is almost at 600 messages now, and a lot of them are kind of old and have been sitting there for ages.

I’ve decided that it would be much more efficient (and would take a load of weight off of my shoulders) if i was to just wipe it and start fresh, ya know?

so i’m going to wipe my inbox now. if you’ve sent me a prompt/request/general message in the past few weeks that i haven’t replied to, feel free to send it again and i’ll be much more likely to get to it this time.

sorry about this!!! :)

She was terrified. Completely and utterly terrified. There was nothing Rosalie hated more than being terrified of her boyfriend, but there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. She loved him. She told herself that repeatedly as her phone buzzed with messages from him that only made her drunken mind increasingly anxious. “Thanks, Lyla. I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” She slurred out her words as she stumbled out of the car, having drank a bit too much. Her short dress had attracted hordes of horny pledges to try to dance on her, to give her drinks and to try and get her attention. None of it worked, but she could still vaguely smell the Axe body spray on her clothes. Knocking on the door, she pushed it open and tripped into the entry of their apartment. “Noey? Baby? I’m here…” She closed and locked the door behind her, swaying from side to side as she attempted to walk into the kitchen to get water.

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My friend Emily aka audiophilenthusiast tried to kill herself Monday night. Currently she is in a coma. She is a huge fan of 1d. The reason she tried to kill herself is she felt under appreciated and not loved at all. Since I have heard some wonderful things about the fans. Could you maybe have your followers send her supportive messages for when she wakes up. I know she is going to Need loads of encouragement and friends more than ever. Since she didn't succeed at killing herself. Thank you!!


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"Please tell me," Treville groans, not all that convinced by the butter-wouldn't-melt innocence on the Cardinal's face, "you didn't do all this to impress me."

“Of course not,” the Cardinal says with careful disdain, his thick robe flapping audibly behind him as he whirls around to inspect the impressively-loaded table. “I expect that His Majesty will be here shortly for our meeting, and I have merely arranged for a feast worthy of a royal visit.”

“This meeting on… ‘matters of national security’,” Treville says, raising an eyebrow, “for which I’ve had no prior notice nor time to prepare.”

Treville can just about catch the edge of a smirk on the Cardinal’s face in the soft candlelight, before a servant enters the room and delivers what seems to be an urgent message just out of Treville’s earshot. The Cardinal turns around, and, looking far too smug, says, “It appears that the King returned from his hunt rather late, and wishes to attend this meeting at a later date.” After a measured pause, he continues, “I would rather that this magnificent feast not go to waste; if you would join me, Captain–”

“It would be my pleasure,” Treville says. “And while we’re at it, we could discuss these matters of national security,” he adds, and he smiles at the amused sparkle in the Cardinal’s eye.

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you'll defend Ronald Reagan with your own life, huh? fucking idiot. why defend old, dead politicians who've done nothing but ensure the successes of the rich and privileged?

My own life? That’s a bit of an extreme hyperbole…unless you happen to be threatening me for defending Reagan’s reputation and legacy. If that is the case, let me warn you that I carry a fully loaded hand gun at all times. 

Besides, I was asked a question…a question which I had researched and written about extensively years ago. It wasn’t difficult to post a link to said article to correct the braindead person who sent me the original question.

You seem to not have a basic grasp of Reagan’s policies either…or one of basic economics. Given the tone of your message I doubt you want to one either. 


These are super duper old, like 2009 old. But I used to make a bunch of these banner things. Back then they were called “GFX” banners or, “sigs”. They were used on message boards and I was addicted to making them.

I never did make Xion because I never did play 358/2 Days till a few years later and just forgot about these.

I have a shit load more that I might upload because they’re kind of really nice, even though these are all taken from facebook since I lost the original files. So that’s why they look very pixelated.

Captured - pleasereadmeok - Downton Abbey [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Here we go – another part of this Henry Talbot and Mary fic.  It turned into a long one (8,000 words - madness!!!) so I’ve split it into 2 chapters.  The first chapter was from Henry’s point of view and the second was more about Mary.  This is more plot and dialogue than thoughts and feelings – back in my preferred style at last.  This also gives me an opportunity to re-post the rather lovely pictures of Matthew Goode’s bare back while he is … well you know…   There is a bit of smut - as always - just skip through that.  ; ))

PS - I got so fed up proofreading this beast that I probably have left loads of mistakes - message me if you find something bad please?

I forgot to say that the beautiful photo manipulation of Henry and Mary was put together by thefoodofloveismusic.  I love the colouring on this pic.  They make a rather splendid couple!