Most people forget about Nikki, one of the few POC slayers on Buffy. She got screentime, she got a comic, and she was a badass. I didn’t wanna be the “ pretty” Nikki either. I wanted the hardened, beat up, angry, Slayer who was fighting in trains right before she realized death was her gift.

Anticipate a shoot of me looking fierce in a train car. (gotta get time for that) but yeah I have to finish finding all the material to make it perfect.

The beginning of a simple Nikki Wood cosplay because she was just as much a hero as Buffy


Space Empress (futuristic fashion)
Iron Wig final round, fashion challenge

For the third and last of Arda’s final round challenges, we were asked to make a wig inspired by a fashion.  Despite having a bazillion Rococo and Victorian outfits laying around, I chose futuristic because hell yeah avante garde.  I wanted it huge, and I wanted it really, really weird-looking.  I also wanted it to glow in the dark, because my Ragyo LED technique was pretty much what had gotten me into this contest in the first place, so I felt I should do it at least once before the end.  Unfortunately I had to actually cut a few planned things from this design because they weren’t immediately working (more of a nebula look for the daytime, and glow in the dark dye for night), and I had too many time constraints to mess around.  I still think they could work so maybe I’ll add them on one day.

(As always, you can check out everyone’s awesome entries and vote for your favorite at http://kingdom-arts.org/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=5580)

[More Iron Wig stuff]

Suddenly a wild Iralbe appears!

I stumbled across this old ass picture of Ibs I did couple of forevers ago, which surprisingly still doesn’t look too horrible despite being old art. So here, have a happy little Name-of-Iralbe, everyone.

The free tour has been an absolute nightmare for our manager to book, to be honest. Essentially what we’re doing is we’re renting the venue so we're paying to play, pretty much in a lot of places. We’ve been fortunate enough that a few have said oh yeah you guys can just play on this outdoor stage, but when we actually get down to the bones of it all we’re gonna have to build the stage ourselves. We’re gonna have to build the PA. We’re gonna have to put the barricade up. We’re doing all the work but I feel like it’s really important to give back to the people that have allowed us to play music and create music for the last eight years.
—  John O’Callaghan

He also wears that weird cowboy hat everywhere. It’s not as dumb as King George’s cape but it’s still pretty dumb.

I said I’d get some Maria and James Reynolds done, so here it is. You know it’s not going to be happy fun times for these few even in this AU. And there’s only so much I can do to accommodate them into a kids AU while still being relatively similar to the original. Anyway, they have the same surnames, so the closest thing I can go with is siblings. Yeah, James is a going to be a huge butt in this AU. 

I’ll go more in depth on the whole relationship thing between Maria and Alex in another post. So just hold your horses, guys!

Edit: As a sidenote, don’t ask me how “Say no to this” would be like in this AU cuz theres no reason he’ll have to go through a situation that would come close to that. =w=

Today’s Inner Sea Races thoughts: 

Given that human + whatever is pretty much the standard for crossblooded races like half-elves or tieflings, humans will apparently screw anything. They’re like chihuahuas: if it moves, try humping it. 

I mean, you gotta figure, with the various outsider-influenced races, MOST OUTSIDERS DON’T EVEN REPRODUCE. They have zero reason to even KNOW how to reproduce sexually, since new outsiders aren’t born to adult outsiders–they evolve out of petitioners. 

DEVIL: (looking at an aasimar) Is that kid yours?

ANGEL: In a manner of speaking. I mean, his great-great-grandfather was mine. 

DEVIL: Yeah, I got a few of those running around.

They sit for a few moments in uncomfortable silence. 

DEVIL: So, um, did you just like, bless the bloodline or…?

ANGEL: In a manner of speaking.

DEVIL: Are you blushing?

ANGEL: (with dignity) It was a longstanding relationship of trust and mutual admiration. 

DEVIL: (snicker) And so you trust and mutual admirationed her right into bearing your wingspawn?

ANGEL: (squirming) It wasn’t my idea. 

DEVIL: Truth be told, it wasn’t mine, either. It was actually… really awkward. I thought we’d seal our agreement by an exchange of power, but all of a sudden he just grabbed my face and I was like what are you even doing?

ANGEL: But she was all, “Um, I was sort of thinking we’d boink each other’s brains out–

DEVIL: He was all, “So, you weren’t planning to keep your clothes on all night, were you?”

ANGEL: I mean, I was young, I wasn’t even aware of how they did this stuff. I was like, oh, I need a– ahem. There were some physical aspects I wasn’t even really sure how to manifest. 

DEVIL: Yeah, his reaction to my first attempt was not what I’d call impressed. 

They both sigh. 

ANGEL: (looking at the aasimar) His many-times great-grandmother was a dragon. 

DEVIL: Humans! 

ANGEL: Humans. 

hi guys! my art book: Stoatally Art Vol 1 is finally ready!! it is currently available for pre-order on the furplanet site HERE - and will make its debut at Further Confusion 2015 next month! pre-orders will be separate from the FC release and will be shipped at the end of January. if you’d rather purchase it at the furplanet dealer’s table next month, I’ll be at the convention to sign it.

the furplanet page details what to expect a bit but there’s one thing I want to make clear about the book - it does contain mature themes, and it does have male nudity. with some of the nudity there is an undeniable level of sexuality. however the mature content does not go beyond nudity and a few underwear bulges. I know some folks think I don’t have to explain this but I’d rather avoid catching anyone off guard who may not be expecting it.

so yeah, pretty much all furry art, some male nudity, lots of sketches, excuslive art and a couple surprises for Howie fans! if this sounds good to you buy it please!! <3



  • So this is my second character PSD. I made it a few weeks ago but finally decided to post it. It doesn’t really have a theme or anything so it can be used on pretty much any rp. On the right you’ve got negative traits, and the left you’ve got positive ones. Yeah.
  • The font used for the text is here. PSD is here, and feel free to try some other PSDs or gradients – they’ll all look great.
  • You know the basics – don’t reupload, don’t be a dick, etc.

So, AccessHollywood caught up with Emily Kinney at SXSW. As usual, a great interview from AH, asking actual interesting questions… (x

A few answers I want to react to, though really, I’m feeling pretty good that what she says pretty much lines up with what we as “shippers” have been saying for the last week or so…

Access: So do we know how old Daryl is?

Emily: I don’t know how old Daryl is.

Access: Mystery age.

Emily: Yeah. I mean, I think from Beth’s point of view [it is] like, ‘Oh, he’s cool. He’s older than me, but he’s not like my dad’s age or even maybe Rick’s age.’ I think she sees him as just like an older adult but not necessarily like a parent.

Well, clearly he’s not Hershel’s age and like many of us have suspected, Emily at least, sees Daryl as younger than Rick. So we’re probably talking mid-thirties, as that yet-to-be published interview Norman gave where he said that he’s playing Daryl as 35 hasn’t come out yet. Clearly Beth isn’t wandering around the woods thinking that she’s with a father-figure.

Access: There was that great moment you and Norman had in last week’s episode. You know it. It’s the one where [Daryl] admits to [Beth] that he has changed and explains why through grunting. And it’s this awkward moment. What do you think Beth was thinking about at that point in time? What were you, as an actress, thinking about?

Emily: I was thinking that at the beginning of that scene that she doesn’t know, and she’s like, ‘No, tell me. Why?’ and I think that just, through his looks, she sort of realizes that he…. really cares about her, in a really… special way and, you know, one of the reasons that he thinks there are good people is because of her, and there’s something like maybe this isn’t – as much as they’re trying to find other people, if there are other people – like, they’re okay kind of together. I think she still doesn’t completely know because he doesn’t ever say exactly, but I think she has a hunch that – she does say at one moment, like, ‘Oh,’ and I interpreted that — I mean, I don’t know what’s to come, but I interpreted that as she understands that he cares about her on a deeper level.

And again, because she doesn’t know what’s coming or at the very least, can’t reveal what’s coming, Emily gives us her perspective on how she played the moment. She knows what she means to him, she doesn’t know how those feelings have manifested itself, but she knows how deeply he cares about her and that’s a really, really big deal. Especially now that they’re separated. That thought is literally the last thought that was in her head before everything went to crap. It might even be the thing that keeps her going.

Access: There are a lot of things that you could read into that. It was such an awkward moment. If he does have romantic feelings for her, because he’s very innocent in many ways, you don’t know if she feels the same way.

Emily: I think that she definitely really, really cares about him and their relationship has grown and she’s like really connected to him [in] a friendship way, but I don’t think that it’s necessarily occurred to her… that like, ‘Oh, this could be something more.’ But I definitely think in that moment, that sort of realization that, ‘Well, this is like really special — this kind of connection that has grown.’

And again, like we said, it didn’t even occur to her that he could feel something more. That’s not where her mind was or where his mind was. They were thinking about surviving, about keeping each other alive and Beth, she wanted to keep hope alive and Daryl found it through her. Had they had more than a moment to just breathe, that would have been…interesting. 

So yes, once again, we’re not seeing things people, we’re not wearing shipper goggles, this happened on our screens and now we just have to wait and see where it goes!

Busy with... Things - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Title: Busy with… Things
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Warning: intimacy?? Idk

A/n: sorry for being really inactive but I have been having so much stuff going on in school and yeah. Anyways this is inspired by the song: Wit it this Christmas by Ariana Grande. Enjoy! ;)

You and Stiles have been having a quite distant relationship for a few weeks, you’ve been pretty busy. Well, not you, only Stiles with your brother and all the supernatural. So tonight you really wanted him. Stiles and your brother Scott are sitting in the kitchen, doing their homework. You put on a tank top that has a low cut, and a pair of your favorite shorts that makes your butt look extremely good.

You make your way down the kitchen with your phone and headphones. You press play and start to sing along with the music while you look for something in the fridge.

“Come and kiss me baby. We don’t need no mistletoe. We don’t need no fireplace, boy I’ll keep you nice and warm.”

Stiles is sitting behind Scott with his homework in front of him.

“Are you down for somebody’s milk and cookies?”

Stiles stiffens in his chair, not trying to think about the song or you.

“And I’m the only drum that you’re gonna play.”

You start to sing louder.
He looks at you, up and down, with a smirk on his lips. You give him a wink before turning around again.

“So I think you should give your love to me. Baby let me know. Are you wit it, are you wit it, are you wit It this Christmas?”

Scott looks at you with an annoyed look on his face before looking at Stiles, who’s sitting and blushing, staring down at the table.

“We don’t need no presents, we don’t need that kitchen, we don’t need the masterpiece.” You continue to sing.

“You know I’m tasty like a candy cane, a gingerbread I’m made with love.”

You feel Stiles and Scott’s stare on your back, but that doesn’t stop you from continuing singing a teasing Stiles.

“Are you down for somebody’s milk and cookies?”

You slowly walk over to Stiles who just dropped his pen on the ground. You bend down right in front of him, making him stare at you. You give him the pen and walk up to your room.

A few minutes later you hear Stiles run up the stairs. He opens the door, seeing you sitting on the bed. He walks over and sits down.

“I know what you did down there. And why.”
“Why then?”
“Because I’ve been busy… With things” Stiles says, looking at your lips, and a quick glance at your cleavage before looking back into your eyes.
“Well yeah. But tonight I want you here.”
“A-Are you sure?”

You sit on his lap, your faces nearly touching. Your lips crash together, and you slowly start grinding on his lap. He moans between the kisses, and you rub your hands up on his chest.

You both pull away from the kiss to get air, when Stiles starts tugging at your top, signaling to take it off.

“You can take it off” you say.

He takes your top off, throwing it across the room. He looks at you, before he says:
“I’m so lucky to have you”

You blush and kiss him. You lay down on the bed with him on top of you.

When you are laying there in the perfect moment, the door burst open and Scott comes in.

“Oh my- Stiles! (Y/N)!”

You look up at Scott, and then at each other.

“Stiles, I know she’s your girlfriend but get off of my sister…”
Stiles jumps up from the bed, scratching the back of his head.

You just lay there, blushing with nothing except a bra on your upper body.

“We’ll talk about that later” Scott says looking at you. They walk out the door slamming it shut. You hear Scott scream:
“What the fuck dude? You said you were going to talk to her, not try to f*ck her!?”

You couldn’t be more embarrassed…

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hallowen 2k12 vs a few weeks ago- I’m so much stronger and happier and healthier. like its hard sometimes cos u think in my head ‘what if i had never put on that weight’ etc. and i can get a bit in my head about it all but at the end of the day I’m a completely different person now. my ed and recovery were so hard and difficult but they r part of me because they have brought me to where i am and who i am to day. its not just the weight its so much more!!! this is a reminder to my self more than anything to take care of myself. ok thank u have a nice night

I Spy with My Critical Eye: Trusting Your Inner Writer

Writing a first draft requires a unique set of skills. All month, we’re asking authors to look back on their past first drafts… and the lessons they’ve learned from them. Today, Alan Averill, author of The Beautiful Land, shares how he learned to trust his own vision:

First drafts are funny. People generally assume that the poor author will have to spend the next few years mining through the dreck to pull out one little nugget of goodness. And sure, I suppose it can be like that, but I don’t think it’s a general truth. Instead, I think writers just don’t trust themselves enough to realize that first drafts are often much closer to completion than they know.

Keep reading

  • Me:I try to support people like myself as I see how much more privileged I am in comparison to a lot of them.
  • Them:Like you?
  • Me:I'm a trans woman..
  • Them:Oh, yeah I know.
  • Them:*uses male pronouns a few times*
  • Me:*anxiety about passing*
  • -Later that evening-
  • Person 1:Your hair is so beautiful!
  • Person 2:Wow girl, you are so beautiful.
  • Person 3:Seriously, can I have your hair? You're gorgeous!!
  • Me:Oh also I'm trans..
  • Them:Wow! Oh my god I had no idea. You are honesty still so pretty.
  • -Get back home-
  • Me:*still wondering if I pass at all and if those people were just being nice*
  • And THAT is why the concept of passing is toxic.
Preference #29 You Make Him Feel Insecure (Harry)

You were backstage at one of the boy’s concerts and you were just talking with Eleanor about different things. The boys were out on stage rehearsing and having sound check, so you two were just hanging around. “So, how is your relationship with Harry going?” she asks you. “It’s going great actually. I mean honestly, this is the most time we’ve actually spent together these past few weeks then we have the entire time we’ve been dating, which is pretty sad.” You sigh. “Yeah, I understand. I mean it’s hard enough for me and Lou to spend time together much less you two when you both have crazy schedules.” She says. You sigh and nod. “Okay, I know this is a really old movie, but the other night I finally saw Magic Mike and must I say damn.” You giggle. “I saw it on the movie channels at the hotel and I watched while Harry was out.” You say. Eleanor giggles. “Yeah, I saw that when it came out with my friends back home.” She says. “I didn’t think it was possible for them to have that many very hot men in one movie. That should be illegal or something.” You giggle. “I mean I haven’t really seen a man with those type of muscles in person. I mean a few of my exes were a bit built, but nothing like Channing Tatum.” You giggle. “I’ve never seen your exes, well just that one that posted those fake pictures.” She says. “Oh, well I can look them up for you and show you.” You giggle and grab your laptop and find their Facebook’s. “Wow.” She says when you show her the pictures. “Well they’re bigger than they were when we dated in high school.” You say. “But still. I mean it’s hard to picture with guys like that.” She giggles. You laugh. “It’s weird though because I never really thought I had a type, per say, but I always seemed to go for the athletic heavy built guys.” You say. “And now I’m in a relationship with the complete opposite.” You giggle. 

When you started talking about your exes, you and Eleanor didn’t notice that there was someone standing outside the door. That someone was Harry, who heard every word about what your exes looked like and that he was the complete opposite of them. He didn’t know why, but he started to feel very insecure when he looked over your shoulder from the door and saw the pictures of your exes. He heard you talking about how hot they were and it really started to bother him.  Someone yelled his name from the hallway and it caused you and Eleanor to turn around. You looked back and seen Harry standing by the door. “There you are.” He says to you acting like he didn’t just hear what you said. “Hey.” You smile and walk over to him. “How did sound check go?” You ask wrapping your arms around him. “It was good.” He says looking down to you. “Is everything okay?” You ask him. “Yeah, I just I’m going to do some stuff before the show tonight.” He says and kisses your head. “I’ll see you after, okay.” He says. You nod and let go of him as he leaves.

Over the next few days, you’ve noticed that Harry has been more and more distant from you. Usually, you go to the gym when the boys are busy, but you decided to go during the time Harry was down there to spend some time with him. You changed into your workout pants and a workout tank top and put your hair up in a ponytail before going down. When you walked in, you saw Harry and his trainer over by the weights, so you decided you wait and talk to him after he was done. You went over and got on the treadmill and started walking at a fast past before you started running. While you were running, someone got on the treadmill beside you. You looked over and saw a guy that looks like he never even leaves the gym, more specifically the weight area of the gym. He catches your eye and smiles at you. “Hey.” He smiles. “Hi.” You say through your heavy breathing. “It’s quite late for a pretty lady to be down here by herself.” He says. You roll your eyes. “I’m a big girl.” You say. “And I’m not by myself.” You say because even though your boyfriend didn’t know you were here, he was still here. You step to the sides of your machine and try to catch your breath before drinking some of your water. The guy next to you takes off his shirt and throws it on the ground. You look over at him and end up catching yourself staring at him before you go back to running. After you’re done with that, you get off your machine before heading over to where your boyfriend is. “Hey, you’re still over here.” You giggle. “Are you even going to be able to move tomorrow?” you ask him before getting some of your own weights. “I’ll be fine.” He says to you. You sigh. “I was just joking.” You mumble before starting your routine.

Soon the guy from the treadmill walks over and starts talking to you. “So, I was wondering, if maybe after this we could go out sometime.” He says to you. “Um, yeah, when I said I wasn’t here by myself, I meant I was here with my boyfriend.” You say. “So, no.” you say. “The only guy here is that kid over there.” He laughs. “Is that really your boyfriend?” He asks. You roll your eyes. “Yes. He is my boyfriend.” You say. “Wow, he’s not someone I would expect you with. I mean you’re the type of girl who needs a real man. Someone who can put those curves of yours to work.” He smirks walking closer to you. You roll your eyes. “Are you trying to say that you’re that real man?” You ask. “Basically yeah.” He smirks and wraps his arm around your waist. Before you could say anything, Harry walks over and pushes the guy away from you. “You need to stay away from her.” He says angrily. “Don’t you dare put your hands on her.” He says. “What are you going to do about ya little pussy?” The guy smirks. You see Harry’s eyes go dark and you knew what was going to happen. You look over at his trainer and he walks over and breaks it up. “Okay, I think it’s time to go back up to the room.” He says to Harry. “Come on.” He says pulling Harry away. “Call me, when you’re ready to upgrade.” They guy smirks at you. You roll your eyes and grab your stuff and Harry’s before going up to the room.

When you get there, you hear Harry in the shower. You sigh and walk in the bathroom. “Harry. Are you okay?” You ask. “Oh, just fucking peachy.” He says annoyed. You sigh. “You know I wasn’t flirting with him or leading him on right.” You say. “Oh, well I wouldn’t know because he fits your type more than I do right? I mean you usually go for the athletic and built guys, yet your boyfriend is the complete opposite.” He says turning off the shower. You sigh. “You heard that?” you ask. ‘Yes, I did.” He says stepping out wrapping a towel around his waist. “I’m going to go stay with Niall tonight.” He says. “I just came here to take a shower and get my stuff.” He says walking past you and changing quickly. “Harry.” You sigh. He just ignores you. You sigh and he walks out of the room without a word or a kiss. 

Should I do a Part 2? If so, what are someways you would make this right??

“Did you miss me?”

Bucky looks around. “Did I? Tony, far as I know, you’re still gone. So I’m still missin’ you.”

“Yeah, but I’m calling now, aren’t I?” Tony says.

“Have you slept?” Bucky asks.

Tony scoffs. “Sleep? Who sleeps? Einstein, slept, what, three–”

“Yeah, yeah,” Bucky interrupts, well used to this spiel. “For me.”

Tony sighs. “If I can.”

Bucky’s not allowed to travel. Outside of Avengers operations, he’s pretty much confined to the compound, or anywhere nearby another Avenger will take him. He doubts he’s allowed to cross state lines, never mind international borders.

He gets it. He was the Winter Soldier, there’s very few countries on earth that can say they’re truly unaffected by his actions. Until his therapist clears him, until they can prove he won’t regress to that state and start killing people, no one wants him. The Avengers claimed him. The Americans don’t even want him here, and if they had their way, he probably wouldn’t be.

Underwater prisons aren’t technically in any nation’s territory, after all.

Steve’s screaming had done nothing, unsurprisingly. The world doesn’t listen to Captain America like they used to. Tony, though, Tony had gone to bat, said it’s hard to treat someone locked in a hole, and the Accords gave Bucky the right to treatment.

So. Compound. It’s not like it’s a small space. There’s a pool and running trails, a basketball court and a weight room, a screening room, a library, and walls of computers. Tony even lets him mess with a couple old cars in the basement. It’s not a confining space.

Except, of course, when he’s here and Tony is by necessity in Austria.

Then the compound feels tiny and the distance between them huge. Video calls and phone calls only go so far.

“You sound tired.”

“Yeah, well. That’s ‘cause I am,” Tony says. “Astute observation.”

“They’re taking care of you over there?”

Tony snorts. “They trust me to take care of myself, actually.”

“You know what I mean. Givin’ you, like, breaks and shit.”

“This isn’t a gulag. It’s a political meeting.”


Tony sighs. “I’ll be fine. This’ll be done in three days, then I’ll be back. Okay?”

Bucky fingers the loose thread on his sweatpants. Steve’s just upstairs. Sam and Natasha and Scott and Rhodey are around, too. Any one of them would sit with him.

He never thought he would reach the point in his life where he would be insurmountably lonely without Tony Stark around.

“Hey,” Tony says. “When I get back…have some movies picked out, some ice cream ready, okay?”

“That sounds good,” Bucky says, smiling a bit. “Get some sappy movies you like queued up.”

“Likes and slander,” Tony says. He pauses a beat. “I need to…get some sleep.”

“Yeah, sweetheart,” Bucky says. “Lie down.”

“Want me to leave the line open?” Tony asks, surprised.

“I wanna hear you.”

“What? Snore?”

Tony doesn’t actually snore. He does make these cute little breathing noises, soft and sweet, and Bucky doesn’t know if he can hear them over the phone but it’s worth a try.

“For me?”

Tony doesn’t protest.

It’s only five pm in New York but Bucky just lies down on the couch, draping a blanket over himself.

The sound isn’t quite right, but it’s close enough, and Bucky drifts off, just like that.

Okay. Okay. So let’s just talk for a minute. Lucy has pretty much been alone her entire life. She was neglected and ignored and had very few friends. She was ALWAYS alone. She was used to having to rely on her self and do things for herself. Her perspective of fun was a lot different at the beginning of the series. And then we constantly see Natsu dragging her into shit and tricking her. Yeah she complains and screams a lot but SOMEWHERE along the road, she stopped and realized that she enjoyed spending time with him. She enjoyed spending time at the guild. She liked the wild parties, she liked the random brawls and lame insults from her guild mates. Her perspective of fun changed from doing something interesting to literally just spending time with her friends. Natsu literally showed her an entirely new world that she loves and never wants to leave Bc for the first time in her life she’s actually LIVING. She enjoys her life. That and she had been in so many life and death situations with this man and he’s always saved her only when she needed it. He made her realize she was strong and could do things by herself. In fanfics you see him jump to the rescue but in reality he only helps her out when he knows she needs help Bc he has to take care of his part and he trusts in her and her abilities to take care of herself. The fact that she fucking KNOWS that there’s no way Natsu can’t get out from under the rocks and she won’t leave, even knowing Kain was planning on killing her. She didn’t want to run, she didn’t want to be alone again. How could she go back to being in the dark when Natsu literally lit her world up and gave her a place in a city, a community, a FAMLIY. She knows where she belongs. And that’s by his side. And then there’s that LOOK he gives her. No one really talks about it but it gives me shivers Bc it’s so fucking intense okay. Natsu is dense okay, we can agree on that. But just that look he gives. He knows. He fucking knows. He wants her so far away from him at this moment, you can hear it in his voice. He doesn’t have a plan. He’s desperate. But he tells her to run Bc he doesn’t want her there. He doesn’t want to watch his best friend die in front of him. If you listen and look you can see the terror in his body language in voice masked over by his usual anger. He found Lucy, he was right by her side as she grew as a person and a wizard. He watched, he HELPED her through everything. He was by her side every step of the way.they may not realize the romance part to their relationship but without a doubt they know that they love each other deeply even if only in their minds it’s as friends. Natsus never told Lucy to run while he was there. Ever. So the fact that he’s begging her to run means he’s scared shitless. But when she says that he knows that she’s not going to leave his side. Just like every other time. Even when he tricked her into doing stuff or made fun of her or fucked up big time. She’s never left his side and he’s never left hers. Natsu knows that Lucy appreciated him deep down and they both know they care for each other but I don’t think they realize just how important they are. If it had been anyone else Natsu wouldn’t have told them to run. He’d be telling them to stop messing around and help him already. But Lucy? He wants her out of harms way, not Bc he doubts her but because I think in that moment he realized if she died in front of him he would never get over it. If Natsu lost Lucy it would be like he lost Igneel all over again. If Lucy lost Natsu she would be thrown back into that lonely auto mode state again. They’d both just be lifeless. Even with the guild around them. I mean, that’s what they do when they have a fight and ignore each other for a fucking DAY. But if one of them died? I just. I could rant about this so much more okay this scene gives me so many feels. She’s in huge amounts of pain and she smiles for HIM Bc in the end she knows even if she dies she’ll be around her closest friend. The look in Natsu’s eyes tells you he knows that. And that’s why he’s so shocked. He’s honored and touched and shocked Bc he knew he was somewhat important to her despite all of his cockiness but he did NOT realize JUST how important he really was until this moment. And I think a lot of people don’t really grasp the full concept of what a milestone this is in their relationship. If anything. This is where Nalu really begins. He knows if Lucy runs Kain will probably kill him but it would give Lucy time to run away. She knows that she wouldn’t be able to live in a world without him and refuses to leave him behind like he’s done for her. This is where they start to realize just how deep their own feels run for each other.

Swan Queen Christmas fic recs

I didn’t bother to participate in 31 Days of Swan Queen, because lazy, so here’s my fave five SQ Christmas fics.

(Yes, I know that there’s a much more popular post out there already, but what the hell?)

  • I Don’t Want Lovely Things by fictorium
    Christmas is looming in Storybrooke and having a kid means finding a way to negotiate the holidays as a family, just when Emma is struggling to fit in with her newly-found one. Regina stumbles into things at an awkward moment and somehow they find a way to work together.
  • let our mercy be the gifts we lay by wistfulwatcher
    It’s a few days before Christmas. Emma has no idea what to get Regina but Regina? Yeah, she pretty much nails it.
  • The Tellings of Yule by paradoxalpoised, lzclotho
    Emma, Regina and Henry celebrate their first holidays together, melding old and new traditions into something that just might resemble a happy ending for all of them.
  • in three-quarter time, wishing you and yours by wherethewhiled
    It’s their first Christmas together. Emma isn’t ready, and Regina isn’t sure.
  • in the right place by forgottendialect
    A ‘While You Were Sleeping’ AU that messes pretty heavily with the movie. Because who doesn’t love a late nineties rom com au?