It's Insanity, but...

Based on the following prompt sent to me by anon with feels:

Oooohhhh, I want the cranki-est little ficlet with single dad stiles with like a brangelina amount of kids and it’s someone’s birthday and the grumpy clown is derek. because dad!stiles makes me wanna have kids.

Sorry it took so long- and it turned out a little different but I hope you still enjoy!

Basics: Sterek, Sciles Bromance (as is my way), T, 5k, No Warnings

(ALSO THIS MIGHT BE A NEW LOW FOR ME IN TERMS OF TITLES. I am very tired. If you have a better one, please let me know.)

[Just FYI, this story has now been continued on AO3]


The doorbell interrupts what had turned out to be quite the epic shoe hunt but, really, he’s grateful for the break. Or at least, he is until he heads down the stairs to grab the door, trips over a stuff animal of some kind, bashes his head on the wall and barely manages to catch himself from falling down the entire flight of stairs.

As with all things, Stiles would like to state, for the record, that this is Scott’s fault.

It was Scott who found out that the work of rogue hunters such as Kate Argent and the Calaveras had left many werewolf children orphaned. It was Scott who discovered that many of them had difficulties finding adoptive families or even stable foster homes due to their quick tempers, tendency to hear things they shouldn’t, propensity for smelling everything, and the small issue of sometimes turning into tiny werepuppies.

Yeah, apparently most foster parents are a bit freaked out by that.

But, still it is Scott’s fault. Because it was Scott’s idea that they had to help and it was Scott’s blend of resolve and puppy-eyes that had somehow convinced the over-worked social worker to allowed two unmarried 22-year old recent college grads to be foster parents.

That had been four years ago.

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Here are some trans boy Will and Mitchell bromance heacanons no one asked for
  • Mitchell is the first person Will(whose name is Natalie at the time) confides in about thinking she may not have been born as the right gender
  • Mitchell educates Natalie on being transgender and what it means
  • Once Will finally decides he’s ready, Mitchell helps Natalie come out to his siblings and then later his friends
  • Before he picks a new name everyone just calls him Nat.
  • Mitchell takes Nat shopping for new clothes and pays for everything
  • Mitchell and Nat spend hours pouring over baby names websites to find a name that suits Nat best(hence the name Will)
  • Mitchell gives Will prep talks when he’s feeling upset
  • Mitchell, Will, and the other Aphrodite kids start a class to teach the other campers about gender identity
  • Mitchell leaves inspirational sticky notes on Will’s mirror constantly
  • Whenever Will gets his period Mitchell is the one that brings him pain pills and chocolate and they watch disney movies together
  • After a few years Will decides he wants to start HTR and Mitchell helps him through the whole process 


I made a (really)short drabble fic that I just had to write. Jercy and PercyxGrover(does this have a name?) bromance. Thought I’d share. Please feel free to tell me what you think

“Bro what do I do?”

“Hey Percy calm down. You’ve only been engaged for a week. I don’t remember you being this nervous about proposing.” Jason was standing in front of Percy’s bed in Cabin 3. Where the son of Poseidon was having a nervous breakdown about his wedding in two months.

“That’s because I knew she would say yes.” Percy face planted into his pillow. “But now I have to actually plan a wedding.”

“Well Annabeth is going to do most of it isn’t she? I mean, they call it the bride’s day right?”

“Yeah, but she wants me to plan what me and my groomsmen will wear.” Percy groaned, lying on his back. “I have to pick something. But I have to make sure she doesn’t hate it. But I need to make sure I like it or she’ll know I’m picking it because I think it’s what she wants. And it has to not clash completely with what her bridesmaids are wearing.”

“I think you’re overthinking this just a little.” Jason couldn’t help but chuckle.

“But I’m responsible for what all my groomsmen wear.” Percy looked up pleadingly. “Do you think Piper would help?”

“Definitely.” Jason assured him. If Percy used the baby seal eyes, Piper would say yes in a heartbeat. “But have you picked them yet?”

“Who?” Percy lifted his head.

“Your groomsmen?”

Percy bolted upright. “Crap.”

“I’ll take that as a no.”

“But how many do I pick? Literally everyone in this camp could be one. Where do I start?”

“How about your best man? Who’s the first person that comes to mind?”

Percy didn’t even have to think before jumping up and grabbing Jason by the shoulders. Staring into his eye and smiling wide. “Isn’t it obvious?”

Jason felt touched. “Percy …”

“I gotta go find Grover!” Percy sprinted out of the cabin. He quickly ran back to the door to shout, “thanks Jason!”

“No problem.” Jason’s awkward reply went unheard as Percy was already gone.



what if hannibal told cheesy jokes instead of implying cannibalism? 

The Vampire Lestat would appreciate the hell out of those jokes, that’s what. 

concept - Ronan and Blue’s bromance;
-they have sleepovers all the time, especially when blue comes back from travelling but Adam and Gansey are still away
-they binge on so much junk food together and have stupid competitions on who can eat the most pizza in a minute and stuff like that
-they like to drive around a lot and just talk and listen to music (when it isn’t the murder squash song)
-Blue always puts her feet up on the car’s headboard and Ronan acts like he hates it but really he doesn’t mind as he knows she is more comfortable like that and she always takes her shoes off
-Blue painting his nails one time and he is super into it and wants to paint hers
-he is really bad at first but soon becomes a pro
-he dreams the most kickass nail polish that have patterns like galaxy or flowers so they look super aesthetic and pretty
-he leaves bottles around her room for her to find, always with a different pattern or colour
-her favourite is the sunflower one as it is so happy and yellow
-he also dreams her small things like clips and fabric and makes a game of subtly leaving hidden in her room for her to find
-and they never talk about it but Ronan always tries to hide how hard he smiles when he sees her wearing the clips or notices that she has made a new dress from the fabric
-also Blue makes Ronan do her her hair one time
-and it turns out he is amazing at it, especially braids
-so Blue starts rocking the most badass and intricate hairstyles all the time and people always ask where she went to get it done and she just points at the scary bald guy next to her and is like ‘it was him’
-and they always take pictures of their nails and her hair
-which Blue posts to her Instagram and everyone is like how???
-how do they have such good nails and her hair tho
-and Ronan is so happy that people like his stuff but he plays it cool coz he is punk af
-and then Adam comes back and Ronan does his nails and Adam loves the pastels which Ronan thinks is too cute  
-and Adam loves his hair to be played with so Ronan does loads of tiny braids and things
-and Blue is just like these gay nerds are too much

I am all about Hiei+Kurama bromance!!!!
  • Kurama applying what he’s learned from Shiori (about taking care of someone else) to his friendship with Hiei
  • Hiei poking fun at Kurama for being overly emotional even though he actually desperately wants to learn how to get close to people like Kurama knows how to do. Hiei gaining a basis for emotional intimacy from Kurama.
  • Kurama offering his home to Hiei pre-series (and post-series) if he ever needed a meal or a place to sleep
  • Hiei meeting Shiori, and Shiori realizing Hiei’s had a difficult life. Shiori not asking questions, but treating Hiei like a second son.
  • Kurama sharing his bed with Hiei. Sometimes when Hiei visits in the winter, he keeps Kurama warm at night (”Human bodies are so pathetic”)
  • Platonic cuddling, snuggling, nuzzling, cheek kisses AND EVEN PLATONIC PECKS ON THE MOUTH.  (IN ADDITION TO the usual witty banter.)
  • Bathing together and tending to each others’ wounds. They have totally seen each other naked and they don’t think twice about it.
  • Hiei overhearing Kurama and Shiori saying ‘I love you’ and saying it to Kurama. Kurama saying it back. This is the first time Hiei has ever said I love you to anyone. It is the first time Kurama has said it to anyone but his mother.
  • Kurama feeling extremely responsible for guiding Hiei in positive directions in life, and always giving excellent advice when he comes to Kurama with personal troubles. He always knows when Hiei is upset and is able to coax the truth out of him.
  • Hiei absolutely knowing when Kurama is being overly anxious over something insignificant and calling him on his crap
  • Kurama having seen Hiei cry before
  • Hiei having seen Kurama cry. It scared the shit out of him.
  • Kurama knowing that Hiei trusts him BEYOND ANYTHING and taking that SO SERIOUSLY.
  • Hiei having the love and affection of his IDOL, this legendary person who he thinks is SO FUCKING COOL, and being HIGHLY MOTIVATED to make Kurama happy
  • BOTH OF THEM HAVING TOTAL CONFIDENCE THAT THE OTHER WILL NOT CROSS ANY BOUNDARIES ROMANTICALLY OR SEXUALLY, and that if boundaries are broached, there will ALWAYS be unquestionable respect between them and the issue will be resolved with as little angst as possible. Complete fucking acceptance and contentment in each others’ presence.

I really wish Jaune and Nora had more interactions in the show. I feel like they would have a great bromance. We were going for something along the lines of “I miss her too” with this shot.

 ALSO I really need to see their new designssssssss.

Photographer- @trekkiechick

Jaune- @yagami-rikus-shoes

Nora- @partychickencosplay

So this week’s episode was an absolute trip, complete with lots of screaming from me. Jasper stuff and Raven stuff and Kindra bromance stuff and Bellarke stuff and Abby stuff, but what really got me was in the elevator when that chipped guard was attacking Murphy and that poor kid was getting the life strangled out of him AGAIN and THIS TIME Bellamy Blake was there to rip his attacker off and haul him to his feet. 

THIS TIME Murphy was not made to die while his supposed friend watched with his arms crossed. 

And this after Murphy chose(!) to follow Bell’s lead because even though he’ll never admit it probably and can’t really explain it, he trusts Bellamy Blake despite himself.