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I only drew a little bit, and I'm still on the bus so I'll submit what little I have I bit! Hey how about some Marble Hornets headcannons if you have any?

yaaassss drawings!! <333

and also Ive been wanting to make jay headcanons forever

Jay is the worst procrastinator ever probably

Tim liked dragon ball Z in highschool and now just tries to keep it a secret

Brian is a total movie nerd and loves watching old horror movies

Alex is that friend in the group that only pops in once a week maybe and everyone loves them

Jessica has a passion for wearing baggy sweat pants and tank tops well watching dumb netflix movies

I just saw Big Hero 6. Here's what you need to know (no spoilers).

So my roommate cancerously and I just got home from a special pre-screening of Big Hero 6 at Union Square. Alex and I have been studying social issues/representation in film for quite a while (her more the social issues, me more the film), so naturally when we walked into a movie where Tokyo was turned into “San Fransokyo” for no definable reason, we brought a bit of skepticism on how Disney was going to handle their POC lead characters.

I am incredibly happy to say that we were both VERY pleasantly surprised. Here’s a bullet pointed list of things addressing what you may be worrying about with Big Hero 6:

  • I’m gonna tl;dr it really quick; go see the movie. If you were worried about putting money towards a film that could potentially be a racist, sexist mess, you’re not. It’s worth giving your money to, so if you were waiting for something to indicate that, or if you were on the fence about seeing it at the premier, here you go. Now, onto the hop topics:
  • “San Fransokyo” is as bad as it gets, honest to god. There was no heavily forced mashup of Asian and American culture, literally the only thing that was trying to be an Americanized version of Tokyo was the actual architecture of the buildings in the city. The city itself was beautiful, and had an interesting amount of world building for the technologies it uses, but still. It wasn’t necessary, but it doesn’t end up being more than like 3% of the film.
  • Honey Lemon is latina. I know there was a lot of speculation about her nationality because she’s very white passing but played by a latina actress, but in the animation her skin is tan and she has an accent. While I personally feel like she could have been less white passing and been the same character, that needs to be said.
  • Which is because the next thing is about the white washing. While I do think the movie could have done just fine with the original, all asian cast, I understand Disney’s attempt to more diversify the cast to appeal to a more broad American audience (with Honey Lemon being confirmed latina, that brings the cast to 2 asian characters, 1 black character, 1 latina character and 1 white character).
  • The women aren’t devalued into love interests. As it turns out, Hiro is 14 while everyone else is college-age (I don’t want to give too much of the plot to tell how they end up on a team), so there’s no love plot to distract from the main story. I know people were worried that Gogo was gonna end up being the token matching nationality love interest, but that didn’t happen.
  • Baymax is NOT a mascot character. Where Frozen could have gone on perfectly without Olaf, Baymax is so central to the plot that the movie would have stopped dead in it’s track without his presence about 30 minutes in. Also, he’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. Baymax is a Disney treasure and must be protected at all costs.
  • The character models were incredibly individual from each other. Honey Lemon does not look like Rapunzel or the Frozen sisters. Hiro’s aunt is that model, however her, as well as all the other characters, are INCREDIBLY expressive, and with different height, body types, and facial structure, all the women stand alone from each other in both look and personality. (Hiro’s aunt is actually one of my favorite characters in the film).
  • And lastly, Big Hero 6, at it’s core, is a story about grieving. It’s a story about dealing with loss, and Disney does that perfectly. Where their Princess movies tend to be “LOOK AT THIS MORAL,THIS SURE IS A MORAL, WOW LOOK AT THAT” Big Hero 6 allows for a slower, more casual build of it’s theme and really hits it home by the end of it.
  • Oh, and there’s a Stan Lee cameo and an after-credits scene. Make sure you look out for both!

Overall, I cried no less than three times, and through the ENTIRETY of the last 10 minutes of the film. It’s incredible, so much better than we all thought it was going to be, beautifully animated, and overall an fantastic film. I write this post to tell you; go give it a shot.


She is lost in thought, but then he walks up to her a bit awkwardly and with no idea what to say. She just glances over at him, but she can’t hold back a smile because he’s adorable this young.  The man who has both loved her and fought her without holding back is standing next to her staring ahead like a nervous kid with a crush.  She can’t help but find it both adorable and amusing.

As the scene goes on, his awkwardness turns to smiling and flirting and the complications of their lives that were weighing them both down moments earlier seem worth every moment of the complexity.

Hello, My Name is Alex. 

I’m a trans woman of color, and I live in the Portland area. and I’m in a bit of a bind.

My family is going through hard financial times, in a few ways. The most pressing is my mom having her bank accounts seized, including the one we shared. She had been behind already in other bills, but definitely didn’t need this trouble. I have a regular job, I make a bit over minimum wage but I mostly get by with help from my friends. Due to some other problems I have, I got a bit behind in bills. because money has been so tight, I had not been able to help my mom financially as I would have liked, nor have I been able to help my little brother with things he needed either. I came out the closet last October and I hadn’t been able to see them since then.

 My brother is graduating in June, and I would like to see him and the rest of my family. It’s sort of a daunting task right now, just because of all of these problems. I’m worried about missing this chance to see my family, and since my brother’s entering adulthood, I’m concerned about helping him with the transition, as my mom may not be able to.

In my family, it was always women who were the strong ones, and helped people get their ends met, so to ask for help is, and has been a struggle for me. I hate to ask for donations but now I have to in order to help my family. My PayPal is kimdeal360@gmail.com and whatever you can spare will be greatly appreciated.

  • Alex Hirsch:okay so how about in this episode we get to see a man brutally murdered with an axe, bleeding taxidermy and basically have it revolve around satan
  • Disney:lol ok
  • Alex Hirsch:so I thought maybe we could incorporate a queer character?
  • Disney:uh yeah, about that, that's crossing the line a bit I mean we don't want to traumatise anyone, it is a kids show after all, like we don't want anything too inappropriate
You are my River.
—  Matt Smith to Alex Kingston | Alex Kingston, Intervention Con, 2016

Do I seem like the kinda guy who would know an Alex Hirsch? I mean, what do y'think I am, some kind'f social butterfly?!

Listen, kid, I’m not meanin’ to snap, but sales have been a bit'f a roller coaster recently and it really stresses an old guy out, get it?  No, y'know what?  All these pointless asks and “Alex Hirsch"es…how about you answer me a question, huh? There we go.

Yeah, help me figure out what the heck to do after yesterday’s nightmare of a customer:

So here’s the breakdown: Yesterday afternoon I was sittin’ there, mindin’ my own business and money and good looks and whatnot.  Suddenly, in walks this lunatic, outta the blue.

You shoulda seen ‘im: We’re talkin’ goatee, brown hair, kinda a scruffy older Dipper, if y'asked me.  And don’t even get me started on this guy’s flannel, yeesh. So glad Wendy wasn’t around t'see this, cause she woulda fallen head over heels…or whatever girls do, I dunno. But yeah. Tons'f flannel.

So this guy saunters over tryin’ to buy, I dunno, a bobblehead or somethin’, but here’s the thing–he’s got no cash.  This kid’s tryin’ to stiff me!  Well, I flat out turn 'im down, but his response just floors me.

He wants to pay in voices.

I mean, I dunno what the heck I shoulda been expecting, but I gave it a good laugh! Told 'im to give it his best shot.  After all, ventriloquy, impressions, you name it, I’ve seen it all.  But it certainly wasn’t gonna be worth a bobblehead. I mean, just my face alone makes it awful valuable!

But then he turns, looks me dead in the eye, and impersonates me.

Spot on.


Then to make matters worse, Soos wanders in. AND WHADDAYA KNOW, THIS JOKER STARTS DOIN’ HIS VOICE TOO!!! 

Well, of course this impresses Soos to the point where he flat out gives him the bobblehead, and all I can do is stand in shocked silence as this darn flannel wizard thanks Soos, takes my merchandise, and just flounces outta the store.

So here’s my dilemma for you.  Do I go after my obviously stolen bobblehead, or do I go after the sheer magical force of this creep’s otherworldly vocal abilities???

Witchcraft, kid. Always makes it a tough call.


P.S. Good luck trackin’ down your Alex Hearse or whatever his name is.

Recently I finally started watching Orange is the New Black, and I have to say, I really like it so far (I’m pacing myself so as to make it last). Did a couple quick little biro sketches last night when I was bored, so here they are. Quality’s a bit dodgy though because I’m away from my scanner. Also I’m not sure how well I managed to capture the characters, but here’s hoping they’re somewhat recognisable!


I ladyfied Jona and Alex. It was enjoyable even if the picture’s a bit rough and style/brush-confused. They would be pretty much exactly the same as girls, except for that Jona would wear more lace, have long hair (+curves) and be called Eva and Alex… would be called Alicia. Yeah.

Close-up because I’m really happy with the lips. The lace is a horizontally spherized + puppet warped texture.

Alex/Alicia belongs to @xhakhal
Jona/Eva is mine.


hold on tight, this ride is a wild one


-Anon request (request for Charles adorableness, I think this counts…)

Sometimes -when he was really bored- the professor liked to bend his own rule a bit. Now, Charles Xavier had a terrible habit of *bending* rules, but one in particular: ’Absolutely! I promise that I will never ever read your thoughts without your permission. You can trust me,’- was just too fun to pass up on occasion.

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The guys have been going through some rough times with all the changes that I wanted to make something positive for them. (I know it has been a good bit but I was in college when the announcements were made). I always wanted the sweet critters to be something positive regardless of what goes on in the fandom or whatever. Heck, I have a lot good memories from it and I worked hard on those designs. I am optimistic and hope good things come to them and that if any of them see this, I hope you guys like it! Even if it seems like not that many people believe in you guys there are still people who do and that’s all that matters.

 Song: King by Lauren Aquilina

I love the first record, but I can’t even compare it to this new one. This one takes far more chances, and the stylistic detours don’t feel quite so out of step. There are many more interesting turns and twists. Lyrically there’s a lot more depth to it.