• “dude i know youre a werewolf and all but seriously that freaking howl laughter you do is so fucking extra and i cant take it anymore”
  • “you being part dog has its perks, mostly for me because whenever i toss something away your eyes follow it and you perk up like you want to chase it but restrict yourself and its honestly the cutest fucking thing ive ever seen”
  • “honestly though i hate my pack so much, like theyre a bunch of assholes but i ran into you on a full moon run in the forest and idk u seem pretty cool. wanna go hunting or scare some people or some shit? i know this sick ass lake thats always really warm, i can show you”
  • “yes i understand im a big bad werewolf now but really i dont want to hurt those cute little rabbits and deer, cant we just wait until we transform back to eat? thats not how it works? well cant i just eat before i transform so i wont be hungry–im sorry im just new at this and im sorta trying to go vegetarian here–”
  • “babe you know i love you and i would give up my life for yours but i sWEAR TO GOD IF YOU GIVE ME ONE MORE DOG TOY FOR MY BIRTHDAY IM GONNA PUNCH YOU SQUARE IN THE FACE”
  • “look im not a supernatural fanatic or anything but i swear man every time this kid next to me gets frustrated they actually growl and it sounds just like some rabid steroid induced dog, and im not saying their a werewolf man but theyre totally a werewolf
  • a werewolf getting personally offended when someone says they’re not a dog person
  • “as a werewolf i can personally talk to dogs and boyohboy does ur little pug have some tea to spill…"
  • “alternatively, i find you to be really superduper adorable and whenever i come over your little dog goes off on rants to me about the cute embarrassing stuff that you do when your home alone and honestly I wake up every day for these chats”
  • “when I saw you climbing out of the stream I was fishing in dirty, wet, and naked, I assumed you had just survived some kind of intense mob hit or something but really you had just detransformed from a werewolf after you were playing in the water trying to catch a fish, and ultimately failing. nice ass, by the way.”

Sophie, this has been the best day of your life, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Taylor Swift invited you to her house…. what even?? This has been our dream forever. We talk late at night about this kind of stuff and its so so crazy that you got to meet her, let alone spend 3 HOURS with her? We’ve had late night 3am talks/freak outs about taylor and how we were so scared we’d never meet her, and then this happens and it honestly means the world to me because it shows that taylor cares so much. I love you so much you gorgeous girl, and I don’t know a single person who deserves it better. I’m so glad to call you my best friend, and I’m so glad that taylor brought us together.

PS: To anyone who hates on Sophie, BACK OFF. She’s so deserving of everything that happened today. I’ve never ever been happier. You’ll have me to deal with :)

Well, I might seem like a pretty happy guy
Get me a corn dog and my wife and I’m satisfied
But just because I’m happy doesn’t mean that I’m not mad
That most people can’t do eighth grade math
And a lot of people think that you’re a tool if you’ve read a single book since high school
Since when did being smart start being a disgrace
It’s that kind of crap that makes me hate this place.

And if you don’t hate it too there must be something wrong with you
I hate this world
So come hate it with me
There’s so much screwed up crap it makes me so freaking sad
I hate this world
So let’s get together
Because there’s nothing like hate to motivate us to make this world more great

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20 things only a Borderline will understand.

1. That love/hate feeling you have with your CPN/Psychiatrist ‘you need to learn some better coping mechanisms’ I’M NOT DOING YOUR JOB FOR YOU.

2. When shit hits the fan it means automatic self destruct mode - whether by substance abuse or self harm. 

3. That constant need to be loved, so much so you feel the need to write a love me sign and sit in the street. 

4. Unsure how to tell a brand new friend/partner/employer you’re a psychiatric patient. 

5. Trying to explain to people what borderline personality disorder is without freaking people out by references of fatal attraction or comments like 'oh you mean like girl, interrupted?’

6. Purposely starting arguments, then sobbing because you’re too sensitive for the fucking argument. 

7. Mood swings which you then take out on others. 'I love you so much, so sorry i’m being like this, YOU MEAN I’M A BURDEN WELL UP YOURS AND I FUCKING HATE YOU *cries*’

8. Random urges to have sex, not bothered where, when, how or who with. 

9. Trying to explain your impulsive decisions to people 'It made sense at the time’

10. Hating on all of the exes who abandoned you ever. All. Of. Them. 

11. Wanting space in a relationship but also wanting your partner to be clingy because otherwise they don’t love you. 

12. Feeling constantly annoying to everyone you’re around. 

13. Feeling up and down about your appearance depending on the day. Day 1: OMG i am so fucking hot, all these people want to fuck me. 


14. Taking it personally if your partner isn’t in the mood for sex. 'Its because i’m ugly/fat isn’t it?’

15. You know all of the A&E staff by name. 

16. Hating your scars but not wanting to be rid of them. 

17. Constant paranoia of abandonment. 

18. Never being able to make up your mind about anything. 

19. Having the emotional control of a 5 year old, despite being 18+ years old. 

20. How hard it is to love a Borderline. 

Unlovable - Ashton Beauty and the Beast AU Smut

Pairing: Ashton and Y/N

Word Count: 8.3k+ words

Rating: S.M.U.T

Requested: Yeppppp!

I seriously considered putting this in two parts but fuck it here’s the whole thing. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to update but I worked so freaking hard on this so any feedback is much appreciated! Much love to anyone who reads and enjoys this! Xx

I apologize for not proofreading this, I just really wanted to get something out to you guys.

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Do you know what I realised when watching the HDWEUH DVD? That none of this shit matters. The shit where the fandom are freaking out over girls. The shit where people say Calum and Luke party too much. The shit where people send hate to Ashton and Michael. The shit where everything has to be so damn dramatic. All that matters is that those boys keep doing what they’re doing. That they keep making the music that makes them happy and keeps them sane. But most of all, they matter. It matters that Calum bought fans fucking concert tickets; that Michael went on stage the day after being burnt; that Luke didn’t feel like he fit in until he was on that stage; that Ashton needed an escape. So stop focusing on the negativity of the needless shit people put on them, and start focusing on the fact that we are blessed to have idols like them, that genuinely care about doing good by all of us and ones who know they are lucky to be where they are and won’t take advantage of that.

10 basic facts for Aries

1. Probably the most chill out of fire signs (surprise motherfucker).

2. Horniest out of fire signs (that was actually known).

3. Literally not morning people at all,like they would punch you just for breathing near them.

4. Zones out so much they look like they stalking people (I really don’t know what they think about though *go ask a Aries*).

5. LOVES FOOD! Like really just bribe them with food 95% chance they would do it.

6. Most likely to punch you for being a racist asshole.

7. Loath people who bitch about everything (they really hate people with bad vibes).

8. 2nd worst sailor mouth,it’s bad they owe a kid 500$.

9. Most likely to laugh at you when your drunk.

10. Very odd people to talk to when your very close to them (closet freaks lmao).

Request from anon

remember the first time we kissed and i tried to lick the taste of popcorn off your lips but you said, wait, you said, my mum can’t know, she’ll freak, and i told you

of course, of course, i’ll keep this a secret, because i love you and i’ll keep this part of me tucked away if it means i get to keep you, too, oh my god, oh my god, i

loved you so much, i love you so much, you’re so fucking happy with your wife and your cats, and i hate that i wish you weren’t, i wish you were desperate and scared because maybe then you’d

come back to me, my heart is three feet from my chest at any given moment and it’s trying to find its way back to you, and i know you’ll say this is ugly and unhealthy and god, it was eight years ago, we were seventeen,

i’m sorry, i loved you, i’m sorry

—  five texts from a lonely heart and three bottles of wine // s.t.

I’ve been staring at this for a long time and it’s hard to write what I want to. There has been so many suicide attempts/threats of attempts lately and it’s getting out of hand. I do not want to lose one single person. I don’t care if we’ve never talked, if we’ve talked a few times, or even if we hate each other. talk to me if you’re feeling alone. please. you mean so so so much. You can message anyone, not even just me, and they will listen. If one person doesn’t reply, ask someone else. ask for my kik, my iMessage, I don’t care. I just want everyone to be okay. I don’t care who you are and what you’ve done. you’re human, you deserve to live and be happy. each day is another step towards happiness, even if you don’t see it. please don’t cut those days short. I’m here for every single one of you.


The Man in the High Castle 1x02 “Sunrise“ [Part 2] | Joe & Juliana

thanks for the sunrise

Frisk x Sans

So I saw that dancetale au was a thing and freaked out and drew this (gonna ignore the lack of hair shading for frisk)

Precious babies ;;QAQ;;

(I ship this, but if you don’t, that’s OK. I’m drawing this to make myself happy. Not you. Sorry not sorry. I don’t wanna hear how much you hate this ship. Kay thanks!) (Ps; I’m 19 and I thought of frisk being the same age so don’t give me any “this is pedophilia” shit, cause I dont wanna hear it and will block you immediately) ♡

Help the Ratings for 4.15!

Hey guys! I know how much you guys are freaking out about this episode, but does ABC and Adam? This is the time we ALL need to come together and FLOOD them with compliments! 

The SQ hate has already begun in full swing, so we have to out do that with LOVE! We want more episodes like this one, and it’s time to let them know!

If you DVRed the episode, please watch WITH commercials within 24 hours! If you live on the west coast, please watch it live and DVR if you can!

Please send @OnceABC and @AdamHorowitzLA on twitter many wonderful words about tonights episode! About how much we love Hook and Captain Swan! Let them know we wanna see more! 

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