honestly donald trump running for president is a fucking joke

he said his first order of business was to build a wall between mexico & america bc he hates mexicans ???

he mentioned that if he ran against OPRAH it would be no contest ??/????

literally everyone in america hates him like the only people who would be voting for him are old white people i mean


“don’t ride tongues!”
“and they’re [westboro baptist church] full of shit!”
“you may want to thank your mom for the one hundred and fifty dollars.”

patrick  has the best quotes in this.

  • white people: have oppressed many races over the years, unapologetically spew dehumanizing racial slurs, create harmful and racist stereotypes about people of color, enslaved blacks, shoots/kills blacks in a racially motivated murder
  • people of color: fuck yall
  • white people: no need to be so violent and rude! :) we're all humans we bleed the same blood i dont see color i see humans. no need to get rowdy! :-)

When you love your tiny girlfriend but she’s a piece-of-shit sadist who likes to rile your broody, vampire datefriend up because, “it’s funny.” You just want them to get along. Shinoa, Shinoa please, stop making things difficult ;; 


“Puddin? Are you watching the news again? You know I hate news! All they do is praise that stupid Bat!”
“That’s what slaves do, Carls, praise their idols.”
“But I want them to praise us! We deserve it more! You deserve it.”
“Now, your endless adoration is pathetically adorable, but they do not praise those who have power, for power becomes fear… however fear becomes obsession.”
“I don’t get it…”
“Of course you don’t, that pretty head of yours is not meant for thinking.”
“But Puddin…”
“Idols fade and fail, Carls, admiration turns into hate, fear on the other hand… fear is eternal.”
“But most of them believe you are the devil.”
“Every fool needs something to believe in.”
“C'mon, cheer up, princess. Daddy doesn’t like to see you sad.”
“I want them dead! Those fools from the news.”
“Now that’s a whole another question… Bullets or fireworks?”
“That’s my bloodthirsty girl! C’mon then, let’s go make our own show.”

I really hate watching the news. I use to play Farmville when it first came out with my sister. Do I look like a damn farmer now? BTW, I just finished responding to everyone that emailed me about the last post. Took a few hours :)

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