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i hate kla//nce for the reasons you posted in your post. like i wish if ppl r gonna ship it then they can at least not mischaracterize it. bc idk, like their entire relationship is based off of "omg u piss me off" and they almost always are fighting, and the fandom chooses to heavily ignore that.

i’d like to disagree on two points. one, some people ignore it sure, and they tend to be loud and stand out, but as a kl//ance shipper i can tell you most of the fics and content i see for them acknowledge the fighting thing. highkey. two, rather than saying their entire relationship is based off of hate, we like to look at the smaller moments that show future potential and growth. not just for them together, but as individuals. we like to focus on of them working past differences, and getting some good character development on both their ends, and genuinely coming to understand themselves and each other better is all. i mean, they all manage to form voltron you can’t do that if you hate or even just don’t get along with one of your teammates you feel. platonic or not, we like to think of the potential more than the current state of things (aka lack of character development since it IS only season 1 after all).

but i feel you in that i also get annoyed when i occasionally do see people ignoring that…well…they don’t get along at first. like that’s just a fact. it’s not pining y’all, at least not right off the bat. i just wish people wouldn’t ignore it, but would also acknowledge that it’s not bad that they don’t get along in the beginning. my best friend and i started off on a HELLA bad foot and now our friendship is 6 years strong and she’s like a sister to me. sometimes first impressions stick. sometimes you grow past them. what’s even worse though is when people frame them as that couple that constantly argues and makes each other feel bad and don’t bother to factor in potential character development at all and still think it’s cute that way like…no….constant explosive fighting is no bueno…

this turned into quite the rant, whoops, my bad

long story short, saying a ship is entirely good or entirely bad isn’t quite correct. thinking in black and white extremes like that tend to be what rips fandoms apart. we all need to be able to step back sometimes and see everything for what it is. you can like a ship even if some aspects of it (or some shippers of it) aren’t perfect, and cn acknowledge that. and you can dislike a ship even if some aspects of it (or some shippers of it) are really nice, and acknowledge that. you feel? i feel like people just need to step back and breathe lately idk

If I sing in front of you feel really special because it means I feel really comfortable around you

I don’t like it because it’s bad.

It’s bad for lots of reasons, really, but my main issues are

  • The age difference. Like mayyybe I can accept people shipping Sh/eith back when we thought all the paladins were in their late teens, but now that we know that Shiro is a grown man and Keith is still a teenager, there’s no excuse. Even before we knew the ages, there was still a very obvious difference in maturity level and stage of life that squicked me out. And people still shipping it now that we know that there’s a significant age difference is just disgusting
  • The fact that shipping Sh/eith seems to be intentionally ignoring another possible ship with Keith, one that involves someone else that’s around the same age as him and in the same stage of life. That’s right, it’s Kla/nce!!! Why would people ignore this significantly healthier ship in favor of one involving two light skinned boys, I wonder? Why ever would people want to cast aside the dark skinned boy as less desirable and have Keith pick someone light skinned over Lance? Hmmmmmm
  • The shippers make me so incredibly angry. Pointing out legitimate problems with a ship is not “hate” despite what many of the shippers may say. Excusing the unhealthy aspects of Sh/eith is not okay because “it’s fiction!!!!” That’s not an excuse. Condoning these types of things in fiction encourages such actions in real life, whether people realize it or not

So, yeah, I really really don’t like Sh/eith. Or any other Shiro/other paladin ship. Shiro is an adult, and should not, under any circumstances, be shipped with teenagers.

The number of people I can truly trust dwindles and dwindles. On three fingers I can count the people who I know have my back fully. The rest of my friends are on the fence at best. My ex has been communicating with my friends more in the last several weeks since our breakup since he ever did the three years we were together. I know for a fact that he has a great support group of friends and family he could turn to if he really needed to talk, but no, he chooses to talk to my friends about us, half of whom he doesn’t even like. What his motives are, I am still uncertain. He has this idea that he is such a good guy, and he desperately wants everyone to believe that. The things he did and said to me were unfathomable. And yet my friends are pitying and comforting him. He’s very good at what he does. His ability to emotionally manipulate others is unparalleled. I’m not playing this game anymore. If he wants my friends he can have them. I am not angry. I am just done. I have no time for people who I cannot trust.   

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I wouldn't listen to PDD. imo they're too out of touch with the show to give a fair review. Characters have acted OOC to teach the episodes message to children better since season 1 so Idk why they think that mlp has somehow suddenly gone downhill.

idk i mean, i haven’t seen s6 at all i’m hardly more in touch with what’s goin on! maybe they’re right maybe they aren’t i can’t rlly comment

although this ask did remind me of the most amazingly out of touch criticism of an mlp ep i’ve ever seen. in response to the beautiful episode that was testing testing 1, 2, 3:

apparently equestria doesn’t have that level of technology :o of course they do have

airships (sweet and elite, season two)

and um. flying moving trucks (feeling pinkie keen, season one)

it’s kind of weird that ppl complain about the show changing and going downhill by calling out traits it’s had since the beginning lmao

ah ha!!! thank you!!! its hard for me to tell if my sketching ability or my rendering ability is my strong suit, but i guess it doesnt matter too much anyway!

Yes!!! the first one is a girl named Rhea, i’ve talked about her and her story a few times here but a refresh never hurts ;y she’s from a story called Delta, is about when Rhea falls out of her dream, and she gets sucked into this fantastic, sprawling world of dreams! in draft one, she gets blackmailed into working for these Dream thieves, who steal, bottle, and sell dreams, but that narrative was so…dark and upsetting that I’m thinking about changing it to a happier tune! where she’ll befriend some folks who are soldiers for the dream kingdom and they all help each other with friendship and caring

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If paid with a card, I have to pitch a discount card (I hate it, trust me I do) so I'll say "would you like to try out our discount card?" & I can't tell you how many "it's probably a credit card" I didn't know discount & credit sounded the same

tbh rose probably was so upset abt shattering pink diamond that she probably never wanted to shatter any gem ever again which is probably why she 1) had bismuth make her a sword that only poofed gems, and 2) didn’t want to use the breaking point even if it meant winning the rebellion..

How can I trust in love? How can I trust in anything that can be so present one moment and so absent the next?
—  Beau Taplin /// Mistrust

ive had an extremely horrible day today