daddy’s kitten

THIS is so short I’m sorry it’s just a too long Daddy Jimin drabble


word count: 1.6k (so short I’m sorry)

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“Is this okay, kitten?” Jimin’s lust laced cinnamon eyes flickered up to yours, his fingers making the final loop on the tie around your neck before pulling it so that the knot pressed just that little bit of pressure against your throat.

You throat muscles worked under the silk of the tie as your eyes met his, your tongue darting out to wet your lips before muttering a soft, “Yes, daddy,”

“Good girl,” Jimin cooed, running his fingers through your hair, pushing the strands away from your face as he smiled at you, pressing his lips to your temple. “You know what daddy wants you to do, don’t you, kitten?”

You nodded shyly, situating yourself over Jimin’s thighs, cheeks burning as you felt the hard muscle of his thigh between your own. He had long since removed your panties and he had shifted you low enough on his thighs so that the soft material of his boxers wouldn’t interfere.

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watched ouat premiere
  • loved regina and snow/regina
  • zelena still completely and totally selfish, am unshocked
  • astonished they even remotely mentioned that yes, yes the whole robin situation was a clusterfuck and z/r aren’t immediately going to be friends
  • aladdin is hot
  • new jafar is very much like the disney version
  • jafar is also clearly the oracle (dead parrot with evil red eyes hypnotizing emma? please jafar up ur game) predicting SAVIOR DOOMZ
  • what even was the rumbelleception
  • a wild random season 3 emma appears, wow emma you surely never had any episodes last year where you learned that keeping secrets and shutting your family out was a bad idea, or in any season really
  • archie hopper: still a bad therapist since 2011
  • at least they made it so blindingly bloody obvious that killian knows this stinks to high heaven that i doubt it will be dragged out for long
  • because of course he does
  • get some new ideas guys
  • dum dum dum dum da dee
  • is it just me or is hyde reeeeeeeeallly chewing the scenery, i wanna take him seriously but he’s just like GRAVELY VOICE BLOODY EYES I AM CLEARLY EVIL FEAR ME that, yeah ok whatevers hyde
  • fun episode, but not super exciting for a premiere imho
  • i feel like this year i am finally more or less a casual fan and it’s a good thing? weird, yeah, but it’s been 4 years of high level painstaking detail involvement and now i’m just like, sure fun hour of television, don’t feel need to analyze it obsessively, cool, same time next week then ttyl

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Absolutely agree with you posture on every single thing re: Coliver's break up!!! I am glad there's people that saw in that scene and in those action all that I perceived! Would it be too much if I ask for a little post- break up scene fic? Just something that reflect were you think (or want) both characters are going to be mentally and how they are gonna deal with each other's presence for now! Thank you! I love you ( "I love you so much" :( ) Sorry, can't get that scene out of my head ;)

Hope this is okay!! Idk if this is what you wanted and I’m not too pleased with it but what can ya do right?

In which Connor is in denial and Oliver is conflicted…

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imagine how amazing would be, amy and lydia being super smart besties and solving cases while jake and stiles catch the bad guys and coming up with witty catch phrases aw, and charles seeing stiles and lydia as young amy and jake and totally freaking out about it, all the amazing banter, gina always making fun of stiles for being so young and being super sarcastic at each other, rosa being being disturbed about stiles and lydia being so similar with jake and amy, double dates, SOLVING CASES


Why i suck at relationships: I put all my happiness in one person and that can never end well but I keep on doing it because I hate myself!!!

Wasn’t there a separate post limit by type and another for reblogs? Cuz Tumblr announced I hit my “daily post limit ” and I couldn’t even draft anything! Didn’t even tell me it wasn’t drafting even >.>

i really want to move in maths because the guy next to me keeps making rape jokes and “triggered” jokes and it makes me panic so much but i know that i can’t use that reason to get my teacher to move me

i absolutely love it when little things remind me of things that make me happy and make my day.

                                                                      @incubrothers dared the little doggy to bring the angst!!!

SHE HAD WRITTEN him already an hour ago. Short meaningless words we need to talk. Though the canine girl never meant to talk. She would speak – he would listen. At least this was her foolish wish. She listened to the doorbell and hands disappeared in her pockets while she waited. She dressed like she would always, a short ripped jeans a top that nestled against the curves of her slender body and a plaid shirt above. The honey-coloured skin above her left cheekbones was red. Once again Minhee had a too loud mouth and before she knew she had been trapped in a good fist fight.

         ( she would never be good enough to be by his side. )

         Long brown locks fell over her shoulder and fingers tucked a streak behind her ear. Just a few days ago she had been standing here, stole a kiss from his lips and run away with a soft giggle bubbling across pastel tiers. She had listened to her beating her, felt the flutter in her stomach.

         The door opened and she felt how her heart stopped beating. ( one gaze had always been enough. but not this time. ) She swallowed thickly and gaze shifted away from him. She wanted to claim his lips, feel his arms around her petite frame but she knew nothing would happen.

         ( she couldn’t be with him. she couldn’t )

         “We need to stop seeing each other, James.” She whispered without a greeting and not even managed to look at him. Her body trembled and something inside of her screamed to stop this bullshit. Her gaze crestfallen, lines of her expression hard as stone. She was torn in two and yet she still thought that it was for the better to part was. For sure.

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30, 32, 33?

30. Watch the movie or read the book?
to be honest, these days more inclined to watch movie adaptations over reading because i just straight up dont really read books anymore

32. Favorite show?
it WAS hannibal until it got cancelled and had that extremely unsatisfying final episode. i still really love the show though. i own the first two seasons on bluray

33. Best day of your life?
uhhhhhh i really dont know so im just going to say the day i got my cat tigger. i was like seven years old and my mom picked me up from daycare holding a fucking cat and i was like wtf the fuck. she sat on the dashboard while we were driving home. and then when we got her home, we introduced her to our other cat at the time, who was EXTREMELY unhappy about it and tigger was just like :333333333333333333. they became friends eventually. that was a good day