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 July 2013 - July 2014 - March 2015

My progress: In the first picture,(63kgs for 160cm) i was hating myself for what i was. I hated my body and binged a lot. My meals was not so bad but I ate a lot of chocolate, cakes, bread, cookies between meals. I was not working out at all. I was getting through a hard time and i was really sad.

The second picture was taken one year later.(55kgs) I was a bit happier, i loved myself more and i binged less. But i went a lot to restaurant and i was working out one time a week.

The last picture was taken last month,(53kgs) i am working out in average 4 times a week and i eat healthy. I don’t binge anymore, i have never loved myself as much as i do today. I feel so much happier.

I am still a work in progress but i take my time. My progress is slow but i don’t give up. I don’t feel the need to binge. I enjoy food and myself and i’m so happy about it.

I just needed to share this to remind myself where i come from and maybe help you :)

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.

shit shit shit can you imagine yours and luke’s last night before he goes away for 4 months on tour? You’d be lying on your side next to luke who is lying on his back, with your head on his bare chest and one of his arms is under you, holding you close to his body and his other hand is gently, very innocently, trailing up and down your thigh or your side just because he wants to memorise your body so when he gets lonely, he’ll close his eyes and remember how your body fit so perfectly next to his and how warm you felt under the covers and he needs to make sure he feels your entire body next to his all night and all he’d be quietly whisper-singing Lego House and Disconnected and Beside You to you and you’d be able to hear the rumble in his chest when hes mumbling the words and the way his heartbeat picks up every time you press the smallest, softest kiss to his chest, and then it’ll slow back down when you drag your fingertips down his body to rest it on his waist so you can rub small circles to his skin and it would be so quiet except for his soft whispered voice and the low noises from the kisses you were pressing to his body and all you both want is for this night to last for as long as possible so neither of you would fall asleep because you know the second you seen the sunlight, it would be back to reality so you both would just hold on to each other in the hope that if you maybe held each long enough that night maybe you’d not feel as lonely when you were sleeping in lonely beds for the next 4 months and the second Luke sees the first hint of daylight, he’d just mumble a quiet “Fuck…” and pull you on top of him and you’d bury your face into his neck and he’d have his arms around your body so he could nuzzle his face into your shoulder and both of your lips would be pressed to each other’s skins with mumbled sentences like “I love you so fucking much” and “God, I’m going to miss you so much…” and “I promise I’ll come back for you, sweetie.” and “I promise I’ll wait for you, Luke..” and little sniffles and feathery kisses from both of you until Luke’s alarm went off, letting him know that the part he hated the most was finally here, where he had to break your heart for the millionth time as he walked out of that door, his entire body resisting it because he couldn’t afford to let you sleep by yourself for so fucking long simply because what hurt more than him sleeping alone was the thought of you sleeping by yourself and how lonely he made you feel and what hurt him the most but also made him feel like this was all worth it was how despite everything, you were always there, waiting for him every time he came back and that’s how he knew you were the one he’d always come back to.

BillDip Week, Day 1: First Kiss

Because I want to collaborate with BillDip week.

Here on the first day, it occurred to me last minute, in a few hours I upload on the second day.

The Pine Tree and The Triangle.

If there was one thing Dipper hated more than the ‘Truth or Dare’ was playing 'Truth or Dare’ with the rules of Mabel and losing pathetically. He had always managed to surpass every trial and question she asked him.

Until now.

Mabel had challenged him to drink a full glass of juice Mabel. Her sister was very smart, had discovered his weak point.

“I win! ” she shouted victoriously as she skipped from bed to bed.

Dipper hit his face in frustration, now had to wait for the punishment of his sister, but to be more frustrating, Mabel put double punishment when a challenge or question was not fulfilled.

“Let’s see, what would be cool to do?” Mabel snapped his fingers when she had a great idea, “a movie marathon!”

“Of course not!” The last time he had a quality time with Mabel watching a silly marathon, finished with a diabetes by too much sugar in the movies.

“But they will not be any kind of films, chose of my Disney’s collection.”

That was much worse.


Mabel had prepared everything for the big night. Drinks, confectionery and the cause of this suffering, Juice Mabel.

“And that is what we will see? 'Pinocchio’, 'Aristocats’, 'Bambi’?” Dipper asked, but not with much emotion. Not that it bothered him to spend time with his twin, but when Mabel challenged him to this sort of thing, there was no escape.

“Not at all, this is my collection of 'Princess’” Mabel showed the collection of DVDs, a very vast collection.

“Oh no, you don’t tell me we’re going to see-”

“So DipDop,” Mabel approached Dipper looking him straight in the eye “over the next fifteen hours you will be with me in the pink world of princesses, music, animals, dresses fairy godmothers, magic and romance, a lot of romance, from 'Snow White’ to 'Frozen’. ”

A 'poof’ was heard in the room.

A small golden triangle had appeared, hat floating glass on the triangular tip, a black cane, black bow tie in the center of the dimensional creature. “Well, well, my favorite twins.” Bill began to turn his cane as he approached the twins, since the Pines family stopped plans an apocalypse, Bill Cipher had to limit the use of energy, he said, his plans did not end even there.

Mabel got up to go to the demon, “Bill, you’re just in time for the big event.”

“Event?” Bill looked at Dipper expecting a conventional response.

Dipper sigh, “Mabel has organized a movie night.”

“Oh, I see! And what is the specialty of this night, Shooting Star?”


“Ugh, look at the time, I’m a busy demon and I have some nightmares that create, memories to devour.”

But before Bill could escape back to Mabel had caught him sit in the middle of those two.

“No Bill, you went to the 'Movies Zone’, you stay in the 'Movies Zone’.”

Dipper smiled slightly, at least could share their suffering.


“That was fantastic!” Mabel cry when the last film of the evening was over, “What did you think you?”

“Too many nonsense, how someone can ensure that is the love of your life if you have only known one day?”

“Or the silly kiss of true love.” Dipper complained.

Mabel narrowed his eyes, “So do not believe in true love conquers all.”

Teenager and demon they shook their heads.

“Shooting Star, love is only a need created by the human brain to not feel lonely for the rest of your pathetic mortal life.”

“These things never happen in real life Mabel.” Dipper not believe in something like love at first sight, that only brought to mind his crush on Wendy.

But Mabel was going to make them change their minds, as she was to be the President of the United States.

“Dipper, I have your last punishment.” Mabel smiled internally.

Punishment? This was a punishment for Pine Tree? Shooting Star could have told from the beginning of this!”

“As if I were to give you total freedom to annoy me and torture me!” Dipper looked at her sister, “What now?”

“Well, given that none of you learned the lesson tonight, we’ll have to do it the hard way. All you need to do is recreate a scene of a kiss.”

There was a great silence.

“What ?! ”

“Oh, and that is with Bill. So both will never forget this.”

Excuse me?!” Bill got up floating chair, could see some reddish tones in its golden glow.

“Is not there anything else?” He wondered desperate in any way he was going to do that, not with Bill.

He will be the last creature that he would cross his mind.

“That or back to challenge Juice Mabel.”

He was cornered.

Mabel saw Dipper sighed deeply and turned away to go to approach the floating triangle.

‘I can not believe he’s going to do this.’

Dipper saw Bill and red tone in the triangular demon was not a good sign, he had to think fast that, what might work kiss scene? Maybe 'Sleeping Beauty’, considering the irony of Bill being a Dream Demon, but in his mind the image does not fit with them.

‘Think fast.’

“Bill,” called the teenager.

The triangular demon saw Pine Tree spread his hands, as if forming a crib with them.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Just sit here.” Dipper cheeks painted a pretty pink.

Bill did what they asked, with another poof resizing to fit through the hands of Dipper formed.

Mabel looked with patience and emotion what Dipper would do, he would recreate that movie.

When Dipper felt Bill sitting in his hands he came closer, he better watch little demon, looking more closely inspecting a place that could lay her lips without feeling so uncomfortable. It might work under the black bow tie.

By the time the Dipper’s lips rested on the triangular base could feel was cold to the touch but after a few seconds was warm and before your mind be carried away by the feeling was that he felt something hot, soft and humid.

When the mind of the boy returned, he realized that he was not kissing a cold brick wall but were human lips and the demon no longer in their hands, better said, he was trapped in Bill’s human arms.

Dipper left him quickly, just to take a look at the man Bill had become, dressed like a gentleman, yellow coat with black triangular buttons underneath a white shirt, black gloves with fine golden lines, dress pants black, black shoes, his floating hat that characterized him as the bow tie.

But what the hell happened? he wanted to ask but seeing the confused look of Bill to see his human form knew that was not the only one confused.

“Bill” Dipper try to talk, but neither he knew where to start.

“I-I-” Oh my god, Bill Cipher, the Dream Demon, Master of MindScape, Eye of Providence, Creator of the Illuminati had just stutter! “I have to go!”

And with a 'poof’, the human before a triangle, vanished from the room of the Mystery Shack.

Dipper rose from the ground and turned to see Mabel.

“Tell me what you saw it too?"He was not crazy!


Mabel nodded seriously and calmly.

"How can you be so calm?” Dipper seriously wanted to understand Mabel’s head. “I kiss Bill Cipher! Bill Freaking Cipher became human for a kiss!” Realizing his words Dipper’s face began to blush “I kiss Bill Cipher, on the lips when he was a human.”

Mabel approached his twin and gave a little pat on the shoulder.

“So? ”

“So what?”

“How was, Princess Dipper?” Mabel gave him a sly look.

It was official, Dipper’s face was redder than Wendy’s hair.

“I will not talk about it! Here nothing happened! What happened? Nothing! Does anyone know? Nobody! Good Night!” Dipper turned away from his sister addressing the stairs to his room while still muttering things about demons and kisses.

Mabel gave a faint laugh when the door slammed in her room, sat on the couch and pulled a small Polaroid camera she had hidden in her sweater along with two photos.

The first of its brother kissing a triangular demon with a pink glow.

The second, his brother kissing to the demon, now in human form, as he had a smile on his lips.

She just had to get the job of 'God of Love.’

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why?? as a shipper aren't you happy and proud? i asked because i was wondering if you could send me the pics!!!

Because more than a handful of people are reading too much into this one action that might have lasted for barely 2 seconds.

I choose to always remember that I’m actively fantasising about them: I’m actively trying to twist facts and moments in such a way that would benefit my imagination, and the two people I’m shipping as a gay couple have a good chance of being pin-straight. I choose to draw a line separating fantasy and reality - you would never see me in public trying to convince others that SeLu are really actually literally fucking, because I don’t know shit about them or their personal lives.

I don’t have a problem with the pictures themselves, but the way some people interpret them makes me nauseous. What if it was an accident? It might very well be an accident. I’m totally okay with “Luhan was sitting on Sehun’s lap/Luhan fell on Sehun’s lap”, because that’s what the pictures show. I’m not okay with “Luhan was riding Sehun’s dick on the plane/Luhan and Sehun were making out and that’s normal for a couple”, which are merely distorted, misleading assumptions some people are trying to spread as facts.

Also, there’s this thing called invasion of privacy.

Lastly, for your request - it’s a no.

Enough is Enough

I’m sick of seeing all the posts that are about why 5h should have won and the small percentage of harmonizer (IDK it spelled right) hating on 5sos. I don’t understand why they have to be so rude. Correct me if I’m wrong i do believe that 5h won the last few award shows and I’m dam glad 5sos won this one because it’s about time. I was getting sick of working for them to win just to have 5h win at last second. Why can’t you harmonizers just let this one go since you won so many previous ones? Geesh!

Review – WOY: The Big Day & The Breakfast

Now while I and some other internet savvy fans have already seen the episode in July, which was made available as part of the ‘Watch Wander Over Yonder Season One for Free on the Disney XD App’, upon second viewing ‘The Big Day’ is still as good since the last time I saw it.

External image

Just when Lord Hater confesses and laments about his self-destructive obsession with Wander Over Yonder to his Watch Dog army in preparation for another galactic conquest, who shows up during that very moment? Wander of course! Knowing he can’t be seen destroying his most hated enemy in public, especially Commander Peepers, Hater elects to destroy Wander and Sylvia in secret. At least, initially anyway. Obviously Wander and Sylvia begin to mess with Hater’s mind, causing Hater to panic about how best to destroy them. And somehow, what started as a behind closed doors attempt at their destruction transpires into a Wedding-sized event in front of hundreds.

It was nice to see how this episode directly referenced the last episode, The Greater Hater. Which means we may see more callbacks to the season arc, and given my disappointment with the Season Premiere, it is nice to see these story and character development continue into other episodes.

The episode is quite funny. Every character elicited a couple of laughs from me. Wander and Sylvia just trolling Hater. Wander and Hater’s relationship resembling more like a loving wedding couple. Peepers’ running-down-the-hall scene. This episode was just chalk full of funnies.

External image

If I had to criticize the episode, it would just be that some of the effects, such as explosions during the intro and in the ending, felt somewhat lacking. Like, there wasn’t much detail in them. And WOY usually has amazing visuals when it comes to these moments. But it’s really minor in the big picture.



The Breakfast

Has anyone done this? The whole side-by-side perspective but across 11-whole-minutes? The whole concept is already impressive technically but they also managed to cram in another funny story into it.

Wander and Hater are hungry and have to make breakfast. That’s the story, folks. Once again, taking a very plain ordinary mundane idea and warping it into an exciting, hilarious story is one of the many things I love about Wander Over Yonder. As I already said, the side-by-side perspective throughout the whole 11-minute run is pretty remarkable. I can recall any show having done this for, again, an entire episode length.

The timing of the music, animation, sound, and everything is expertly executed. There’s just this wonderful rhythm, especially when one perspective transitions to the other. Writing out the scene in text wouldn’t do it justice so I’ll just attach the video instead.

External image

Outside of seeing Hater deprived of food at the end which I find rather sad probably because his character is just so likable, I can’t see any real flaws with the episode. So far, it’s my favorite episode in Season 2 yet.



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Name: Jeanelle

Nickname: Genie, Jeaneel (courtesy of malingshu​ who said it so much my high school civics teacher called me this once)

Birthday:  September 6 (super soon i’m gonna be an adultier adult)

Star sign: Virgo

Gender: Female

Favorite color: Blue and green 

Time right now:  10:14 AM

Average hours of sleep: 6-7 hours during school, exactly 9 hours when i don’t have to get out of bed lol 

Lucky number: idk lol 

Last thing I googled: my school’s schedule of classes bc it’s my second enrollment term and getting college classes is like the fucking hunger games i hate this

Number of blankets I sleep under: two usually, sometimes one depending on how hot it is 

Favorite book: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford read it it’s SO GOOD

Favorite Band: idk i guess fall out boy

Last film I saw at the Cinema: oh boy that was a while ago… the book of life i think?

Dream Trip: Taiwan and Disneyland/Disney World

What project are you working on currently? being a responsible adult and getting my shit together

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Those aus you reblogged- I'm thinking stydia gets arrested for ducks

Stydia “You and I both got arrested for holding up traffic to let a duck with ducklings cross the road and now we’re in the same holding cell” AU

I am actually like in love with the second half of this so yeah. Lemme know what you think. Also this is the last one I’m writing for today, so no more please! :)

The family of ducks were stepping down off the curb just as Stiles was rounding the corner of a four-way stop intersection. He slammed on his brakes just in time to avoid the fully-grown duck, and he was embarrassed when he realized how much his heart was pounding from the sudden jolt of fear. He hated it when animals crossed the streets at busy intersections, and the thought of those little tiny ducklings ending up flattened by the tires of some Range Rover was a little too much for him to bear.

He put his car in park, pushed the button on his dash to put on his hazard lights, and opened his door, rushing out to check the status of the ducks. They were fine, albeit a little ruffled, but Stiles looked back across the diagonal of the intersection towards the pond across the way, his heart ached. A car rolled up from the other direction on the street he had tried to turn down, and the driver rolled down their window.

“What’s up with the ducks?” Stiles looked up to see a pair of worried eyes on the pretty face of a young woman. He didn’t think anything of it.

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When you are playing two bbtcs at the same time and put all your effort into the one as Davonne and make final 3 but donatodani fucks you over by playing videos in the other game so you lag and get evicted and everyone’s upset you didn’t make final 2 to win. But in the meantime I played as monet in the other one, clicked the tab to see I stab and won week two HoH at last second, mommies randomly, didn’t pay attention again til final five where I won HoH and then open Pandora’s box so bae Becky can come back and it works and you make final 4 by convincing Becky not to put you up by moaning her real name on mic, win veto the next week and take your real f2 Kathy off even tho she fucked over your other game and evict Becky, and jury hates both of you but choose you for your first bbtc win ❤️❤️❤️ shout out to the hosts and special shout out to oddreym donatodani and vanessarousso for making it fun

Love and Hate

Saw “Absolutely Anything” tonight with my sister. Absolutely funny, brilliant, had a great moral and was the perfect swan-song for Robin Williams. I don’t care if some people didn’t like it and gave it bad reviews, I loved it. Every second of it. I remember going to see “Hector and the Search for Happiness” last year, and thinking it was the most beautiful, heartfelt story I’d ever seen, yet it got bad reviews for reasons I don’t know or wish to know.

In my opinion, I think that as long as you like and enjoy something, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks - one person’s love is another’s hate.

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Kurofai for the send me a ship thing.


- Who cooks: fai, generally. he has good common sense when he cooks and has more innate talent than kurogane does. except the three dishes kurogane can cook are ones he learned from his mother and cooking them is second nature to him. fai hates the flavors, but he can immediately see the artistry and care kurogane puts into it when he does prepare them.

- Who does the laundry and other chores: kurogane. fai washed dishes, cooks, and cleans, kurogane does basically everything else. they switch off though, but the last time kurogane did dishes he broke a plate in half because he Could Not Get That Spot Off and fai never let him live it down.

- How many children do they have: ummmm in canon technically two(four?? i’m not exactly sure) but if they did have kids it would be. So many. two pale, blue-eyed twins with unruly black hair, a spiky-haired older sister that’s basically a perfect copy of kurogane, and the youngest little blonde son with a terrible temper but hates confrontation. they’re precious and kurogane and fai love them forever but fai had No idea what to do when everyone was just little babies.

- Who’s more dominate: fai. don’t get me started.

-Favorite nonsexual activity: anything?? in an au where they’re like a general and a tactician they go over strategies and spar; they’re never seen apart and both blush and use the defense “well we’re each other’s advisors of course we spend a lot of time together!!!!111″ but in a domestic/post-canon au they both love traveling.

-Their favorite place to be together: anywhere new. staying in one place for very long almost puts them on edge once they know how large worlds and dimensions can be.

-Any traditions: idk??? they share the bathroom together in the morning, and by share i mean “kurogane takes a shower, brushes his teeth and runs his hands through his hair a couple times while fai takes a good forty-five minutes to an hour to get everything done”

-Their “song”: ???? fai has an embarrassing outward taste in music but i like to think he can play a lot of instruments. whenever he improvs or just makes something up he always keeps the same underlying melodies and can weave them together, so “their song” is one that they just make up whenever they have free time.

-What they do for each other on holidays: fai is the Super Embarrassing Gift-Giver, no question. matching sweaters, alcohol that’s supposed to taste like eggnog but it’s really just more alcohol, a lot of um. toys.

-Where did they go for their honeymoon: probably some half-planned road trip. a lot of “hey are you ready to go???” “what the hell are you talking about???” “our honeymoon????? you forgot already???” “fai you threw like. six things into a van outside we are Not going on a road trip like that. that isn’t even a honeymoon”

-Where did they first meet: like in an au??? i like to think they always have complementary jobs where fai’s incessant teasing and kurogane’s annoyance leads to full-fledged flirting that makes every other employee want to leave the building. i don’t have any like fancy aus with first meeting or anything.

-Any pets: dogs. fai’s allergic to cats and kurogane doesn’t want to end up stepping on them, so they get dogs. two big dogs that take up the whole couch and smell horrible when they get wet and take years to clean when they run through mud. the sweetest, most well-trained dogs you’ll ever meet.

-What do they fight over: pretty much anything. who ate the last of the peanut butter, why they’re out of bread when one of them went to the store last week, why kurogane ruined fai’s “super secret romantic surprise date” which they went to anyway and had a better time than fai figured they would have with the old plan.

-Do they go on vacations, if so where: anywhere. just, anywhere. if tickets are on sale, they take them. both of them take photographs, and fai writes about all their travels. they’re both really serious about documentation and memories- they know what happens when they’re lost.

thinking about living in kelowna and how drab and strange it can be in contrast to how beautiful it is visually. i remember working at the bakery (the second time) ugh the greasy and ridiculous bakery with mainly freak shows for employees save for like… one person maybe two. the bakery what a joke tourists love that bakery, rich kelowna people loooooove it so much i hate them all.  it was last summer and we’d had a really crazy day so mike, the owner, took a few of us for beer and nachos next door. it was me and jason (normal) and alisha (weirdo 30 y/o who wanted to be best friends) and brianne the head chef who was cool but would rip ya head off hunty oh and this other dude who used to work there who happened upon us. we went back to brianne’s 1bed apartment she had just broken up with her husband. the other dude i mentioned was flirting w/ me for a long time until they all told him i was 19 and lived w/ my mother then he switched onto brianne lmao which i do nOT care. brianne comes up to me after giving me all these shots of whiskey , she’s like katie i don’t want to make you uncomfortable we’re about to do a couple lines are you ok with that i’m like brianne like i don’t care and everyone on earth does drugs shes like omg so she and dude do some in the kitchen then jason my normal friend guy gets all weirded out and like scared LOL he is a church boy i think he biked home i stayed until 4am (we all worked next day) and when i went to walk home brianne walked me down and talked to me for at least 30 mins outside saying “i miss dallas [her husband) i mean i still sleep with him but we can’t be together and now this guy upstairs is reminding me that other guys are interested and i wont be totally alone forever if i dont want to be… i’m so glad you’re here katie you really get it you know alisha.. yeah i’ve known her for years but she’s my surface friend. i’m so alone. no one understands me i’m fucking depressed katie i don’t know what the fuck to do i cry every single day before work after work and when i come home at night.” i’m like hugging her in the street like brianne you are like 33 i don’t know what’s happening why did i get wasted with you freaks love you but jesus christ man so glad i already gave my two weeks notice goodbye then i went on to have an even shittier job Haha


For bookwyrmling! It was my first time doing an exchange and drawing both of these dorks. I usually just draw Golden Pair and Data Pair, so it was fun drawing something else.

I was working on the second picture but I didn’t like how it was turning out, and I wanted a happier one so I restarted at the last minute. 

I hope you like them! 

Muses Vacation: Day 7 (Water park!)



Varonika: Was it a wise idea bringing a inkling to a water park?

Horana: The waters shallow on that one.  We all know it needs to be deep water to harm a inkling.

Varonika: Doesn’t help her fear of water though.

Horana: Just give it a second or two once the ride ends, and…

Kara: That…was…AWESOME, can we go again?

Lulu: Way ahead of you!

((So yeah, I hadn’t been to a water park before this, and I generally hate going underwater, so I tended to stick to the shallow water rides, and had a great time, except for wiping out on the last ride somehow.  I think we grazed a side and went spinning, and when we hit the water at the bottom, we just ended up flipping.))

I haven’t been this angry in months. In fact last time I was this angry was just after one of my friends did something after receiving a lot of anon and public hate for no reason. And now two of the most important people in my life are being told to go kills themselves? No. Go fuck yourself. How dare you think even for a second that you have the right to tell somebody to end their life. You are fucking scum of the earth. Low life, scum. Get down from your fucking high horse and put your name on it so you can get the backlash or shut your fucking mouth.

This angry rant brought to you buy fucking assholes who I wish I could punch in the throat.

I wish religion never existed

I mean like I understand where it comes into play like certain laws (murder laws, stealing laws etc) in a time of desperation, feeling like you have nothing etc 

BUT if you for one second use it to discriminate against gay people, people wanting to get abortions etc I fucking hate you and can literally prove you wrong with all the contradictions  in your statements

Gay people are pushing our beliefs down peoples throats? Really? Are you fucking blind? When was the last time you saw gay couples in commercials, books, movies etc. And I also hate the bullshit heteronormativity where you’re just assumed to be straight. You dont understand how many people have assumed I am going to be with a guy one day. Hearing how being gay “is a choice” oh? When did you choose to be straight asshole? Exactly. 

I hate how all the kids shows like Drake and Josh, Zoey101, Ned’s declassified (I love those shows btw) iCarly etc have ONLY straight couples. Remember the iCarly episode where there was the shipping wars? There was either Sam and Freddy or Carly and Freddy. NO one in that room shipped Carly and Sam!? BULLSHIT! If there is 3 possibilities for ships, there will be AT LEAST one person who ships each one.

Even with cartoons like the fairly odd parents (I fucking despise the show) there was a valetines day episode and there was LITERALLY all straight couples. Plus being very sexist toward men and women

I can go on forever but I have a headache from so much stress but you get the point

I just realized I don’t get out of class until 9pm 😩 my schedule is so screwy today. I’m in class at all the times that I normally eat

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6: Do you like the beach? Yes and no. Yes because it’s calming to me and I get to think about some things. No because I hate wearing a swimsuit and getting sand in my butt, haha.

13: Would you rather have a poodle or a rottweiler? A poodle. They’re pretty cute.

24: Is there a certain quote you live by? Well, 3 actually. And I’m gonna quote all them because I can, haha. The first one is: “I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was.” The second one is: “I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” And alas, the last one is: “Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.”