I am serious though why is every single roadrat fic on the first three pages all AUs

I don’t give a fuck about the mermaid au. I kind of hate the mermaid au. or the scholar au or the whatever au

I’ll accept the mechanic AU and the ‘garage rock band’ au, and also the Hayseed au, but the others are so out there. SO out there

Also that one coffee shop AU where Junkrat blows his arm off and becomes deaf. That’s the best one.

gomoeee  asked:

Your latest art work of Rhys and Feyre (it's beautiful btw! XD) reminds me of mermaids~ have u ever thought about a mermaid au? Love your artwork!

I personally hate mermaid AUs but that’s just me… see I’m kind of like, if I’m going to draw a mermaid I’m going to draw a creepy ass Mermaid you feel?

anonymous asked:

Niw that i know you love mermaid aus (the secret is out >:D) what do you think of mermaid Pharah and dockhand/ sailor Mccree?

What secret? I have no idea what you are speaking of. I hate mermaid AUs. 

But I think I’m in love???

This one took a v long time but I finally got it done before mermay ended :D

Blue Scales

High Justice. Anahardt. AU. Mermaid!Pharah. Mermaid!Ana. Fluff. Angst.

He doesn’t believe in talk about mermaids. Yes, the sailors have their superstitions, but magical creatures are different from spiritual things. Demons can be seen in any man’s eyes on a bad night, but beautiful women with sparkling tails and enchanting voices seem… unearthly.

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anonymous asked:

I hate when people make mermaids as tho they would cover their tits. I think the fuck not??? There's no reason they should?? The! Tits! Will! Float! They're underwater!!! Why r u trying to make these beautiful creatures wear uncomfortable bras??? Let them show their titties!!!!! Also who the FUCk wants to stick slimy clams to their boobs??? Why would a mermaid want to put the corpse of her sea friends o n h e r t i t s????!??!?!? -ur long lost twin

This message just shows even more how we’re twins because I AGREE WTF LET MERMAIDS HAVE FREE TIDDIES I DONT GET IT WHY WOULD THEY COVER THEIR TITS

justtheaveragejane  asked:

I hate the Voltron mermaid au, but I've never told anyone to kill themselves bc of it. Truly not hard to stay in your lane.

Legit tho there are things I dislike but I just ignore it like idk why people can’t grasp the concept of just ignoring things they don’t like and enjoying things they do

anonymous asked:

I hate the little mermaid (disney), she's so stupid!! I will never understand why she left the sea... ok she's in love with a man. But in the original version, the mermaid wanted to have a human soul but disney made her so stupid with a boring love story.

She also dies in the original one. So that’s not exactly ideal for a very young audience. But originally most fairy tales weren’t exactly child friendly that’s okay.

Personally, as someone who adores fairy tales, I feel like Disney told an entirely different story. And that’s why I can enjoy both versions. Especially the music, some of the songs of the little mermaid are catchy and stuck in your head for days. So in a way you can even regard the Disney movie as an AU fanfic  😉

What I’m saying is Disney quite often changed the story to create their own version (e.g. Hunchback of Note Dame, Pocahontas, Frozen (I love the Ice Queen, it used to be one of my favourites)). Some turned out absolutely amazing and with some you wish they kept more of the original charm.

P.S. I’m not arguing that she’s not an idiot for making a deal with her dads arch enemy to chase a man. But again in the eyes of children there’s still such a thing as true love.

How does anybody else feel about Disney changing original stories?

Might be gone for posting for a while

Redesigning ocs for copyrights and books: 92/331 or 200+ (May down ocs)
Cast of characters for books done: 0
Trademark logo is not done. (Yes if books are popular enough I will release official plushies and such.)

Human oc numbers went up, Angel ocs went up, Many went up.
Dragons went down.

I am thinking of making an mermaid oc though I hate mermaids.

sqiceworld  asked:

jersey devil and mermaid?

  • jersey devil:   what are your least favorite sounds?
    nails against a chalkboard, the sound of people i hate talking, the usual.

  • mermaid:   how do you define beauty?
    forgive me for sounding like such a cliche, but beauty i believe, is innate. thats what my mom always said anyway. if you’re not beautiful on the inside, it doesn’t matter what you look like.

someonestolemyanime2  asked:

I fucking hate mermaids. Not only do they defy water physics, they ALSO defy human biology. Like, they're just human's with fish tails and calm tits. They still have a human respiratory system, so how the fuck do they breathe underwater? They're just human fishsticks. Mermaids are shit


I like mermaids because I love the ocean and I love folk lore but you make a really good point.

“When I was about five, my mother started pointing out both Ursula saying ‘it’s she who holds her tongue who gets a man’ and the fact that it worked and Ariel did end up with Eric. She kept pointing it out and for years I worked at being quieter because I wanted to be a princess and have someone love me. Now it’s really hard for me to talk to people and look them in the eye, people always tell me to talk louder and I hate The Little Mermaid with a passion.”