TAYLORRRR After weeks of hard work I’m proud to say I was able to recreate your Blank Space performance outfit from the AMA’s! I tried so hard to think of something amazing and original and I worked my butt off to make them look legit (ps thanks mom for dealing with my random rage outbursts) My dream is that you’ll see this and it’ll leave you breathless 😉 (I hate myself) ANYWAYZ can’t wait to see you JULY 11th METLIFE NIGHT 2! My sister and I will be sitting:
F6 ROW 12 SEATS 6+7 (=13??!)


Since I already did one for Papa Mako, now it’s Mama Korra’s turn with the big offspring my crazy fangirl mind gave to her ~_~”

Due to her Avatar duties, Korra cannot spend much time with family as much as she would like but, whenever she can, she tries to make the most of it. Looking back years ago, Korra never imagined herself starting a big family with anyone. It was far from easy to balance the needs of her children with the rest of the world but every time she would be back from one of her trips, back to their arms, Korra was sure she didn’t regret anything.

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How do you feel about Adam's more religious ( I hate that word ) songs? I'm a Christian myself and a fan of Owl City, so I enjoy, but I know a lot of people have dumped his music because of it.

I think its sad that people have ditched him because of his beliefs. You don’t have to listen to those songs if it makes you uncomfortable, just skip them! I absolutely adore them. I love how faithful he is and how he is not afraid to show what he believes. It was a bold move to put a christian song on this new album, but a good move!

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Why is female envy, baseless hate, mockery and just general shittiness okay when it's at white girls? I made a bet with myself. Every vine or video of a white girl being funny or doing something cute I go into tag viewer. EVERY SINGLE TIME I don't have to scroll long to see a non-white making fun of and trying to shame her. Sexism is apparently less important then racism. Tumblr pats your misogyny on the back if you're brown skinned, this is all so transparent and pathetic.

yeah you always have people posting negative comments to popular videos in general

~the aspie one

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when will you stop promoting the story that you created possibly entirely yourself, on your blog that you run and you can decide what you want to post on it? ugh i hate it when artists want to actually make a living and get their dreams & ambitions they put countless hours of work into seen

I know, I should be ashamed of myself.

i spent years learning to love myself and i finally managed to overcome my depression and i spent a pretty good amount of time totally happy with myself, i thought i looked good, i felt successful, i was comfortable and satisfied being single, i just generally enjoyed everything and pretty much never felt bad to the point where i didn’t even take medication anymore and now none of that is true anymore, within a few months i lost all of that, i’m lonely 24/7, i hate my body and my face and pretty much just hate myself, i’m almost never in a good mood, i don’t enjoy anything, medication does next to nothing to help me and to top all of that off i suffer from awful anxiety issues now that i never had before and just realizing how far i’ve regressed so quickly makes everything that much worse

Too hot for makeup!!
Trying to love myself…though I hate myself. I’m trying to make some changes in my life. Meaningful job or fun job? I am working as a daycare teacher and its a fantastic job although I crave fashion and creativity! I want to be a stylist with all my heart and move to LA. I already have jobs in line! I’m just stuck in a lease/job/ co-dependent relationship. Feeling weak and not loud enough to do what needs to be done. I want to write on here more, I’m just so insecure.

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Salam sis. The whole year I wasn't really praying or anything and I knew it was wrong but my faith was doing really bad, then this Ramadan I thought I would turn myself around and at first I was off to a good start but I slipped back into old habits of not praying, so now basically all I'm doing is fasting and I feel so guilty. Idk what to do sometimes I feel like Allah hates me now. Can you pray for me please? I can't even make dua for myself I don't feel like I will be answered


God does not hate you. God doesn’t hate anyone. You having low iman at this stage of your life doesn’t mean God is punishing you or pushing you away or anything. It’s just that you happen to be at a low point and you can use it as a learning opportunity. Don’t ever think that God doesn’t listen to prayers or that He doesn’t care. Make duaa even if you don’t think it will come true because trust me He is listening. You will be in my prayers. 

i hate calling myself autistic because allistics hate us and they dont consider us humans and it makes me want to cry so i pretend to be allistic lawl

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I hate myself a lot and I'm tired of taking care of other people and letting them use me. I can't stand up for myself, I'm pathetic.

I found out recently that standing up for yourself isn’t always being the loudest voice. walking away when you’re burnt out running around after other people doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s brave as hell

Why can’t people just get that I don’t choose to hate the foods that I hate. I can’t stand the texture or flavour and just because you ‘cut it up really small’ or ‘only put in a little’ I still can’t eat it.
I genuinely just can’t.
Why would anyone pretend that? Why would I pretend to be unable to eat all the food this person just made and embarrass myself and make everyone get mad at me and call me a picky eater and tell me to grow up a bit?
No one would do that. So why can’t you see that I genuinely just can’t eat that food and that if I could I really would.
So please just stop getting mad at me for it and making me feel awkward and upset when I really just can’t help it.

The bitch inside me hates her. Hates what she stands for, hates that she makes you happy. The romantic inside me loves her. Loves that she laughs at your jokes, loves that you make her happy.
I don’t love her. I don’t hate her. I’m too busy feeling sorry for myself that she’s everything I never was. She was meant for you; I see that in the way you two smile when you see each other. I guess I’m meant to be the memory buried so deep that you will only remember me when you’re drunk, which you so rarely are.
But I’m a little drunk. And a lot lonely. For you.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #67

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Just because he’s in love with his best friend doesn’t mean there isn’t a possibility he could like you! You may never know if you don’t make the first move:)


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Why do you guys hate Shisui's gf so much? What has she ever done to you and the others?

She always picks up Shisui’s phone and announces that she is his girlfriend and asks why I am calling her boy. She thinks I am a girl since my phone number is saved under the name ‘princes’

  1. She stole my shorts and never returned them
  2. She always hangs on Shisui’s arm and talks to Shisui while I am having a conversation with him
  3. She is Shisui’s assistant and doesn’t do her work correct and leaves Shisui with a lot of work on the same fucking day
  4. I am pretty sure she is after his money
  5. She literally told me once to fuck off
  6. She dresses herself like a high class hooker
  7. She has that arrogant look
  8. She always makes Shisui choose between us and her
  9. She hates me
  10. I hate her
  11. She once literally said in my face that I am ruining Shisui’s life and should kill myself for his sake
  12. She also once pretended to hug me in front of Shisui, but was scratching my back with her nails.
  13.  She has an ugly laugh
  14. She told Shisui that Itachi was manipulating his life 
  15. She asked Madara if Izuna was mentally handicapped because he acts like a 4 years old according to her. It took both Obito and me to push Madara away before he would hit her
  16. She blames our jealousy for the bad bond we have with her

What hurts more is that she gives me anxiety and makes me feel terrible and guilty and like shit and manipulates me, but she’s obvious to how she makes me feel because I don’t speak my mind and she wants me to treat her kindly and I’m used to letting people hurt me in order to sustain peace, I usually will let people use me and run me over, but I don’t want to do it anymore. I have a right to stand up for my believes and I don’t want to always lie down a kill my needs. I don’t care if she hates me, I just want to stand up for myself. 

I’m in that weird mood right now when I hate myself for doing something not as well as others can do it and this ‘something’ may be everything I like to do; writing fanfiction or poems, making gifs, learning languages, photoshoping and soooo on. This mood makes me compare myself with others, to look at their achievements and look at myself again with disappointment and say “Wow, look, you’d have achieved all this if you had been a bit more talented! Look, how great people are at doing and making something they like and then look at yourself and your inability to do something well! You even fucking suck at making new friends lol!” And it makes me wish to give up and don’t do something anymore. 

do you even actually give a fuck about me? because i thought you were the only one who does but apparently no one does. you were literally all i have but you get mad when i get upset and have an anxiety attack and you being mad and not talking to me makes it so much worse. sometimes i hate how much i care about you. i always text or call first. i always ask you whats wrong. i go out of my way to do things to make you happy. you’re my best friend but apparently I’m not yours no matter how much you say it. you have no idea what it feels like to have an anxiety attack and be completely alone with no one to go to but i drop everything to talk to you if you get even a little upset. 9 can’t tell if its a good or bad thing that the worst thing for me right now would be losing you. but i hate myself, i feel so alone. 

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please don't hate yourself, you're amazing and people love you. Sometimes it's hard to realize I know, trust me, been there, but it's true. People love you because you're amazing <3

i just make myself so fucking mad and then i wonder why i’m mad even when it’s my own fault because i haven’t made effort with anybody and it’s all so pathetic. it’s a bit confusing and ugh but y’know maybe i just need to push myself and suck it up and realise i deserve friends and i deserve to be cared about and that shouldn’t be a scary thing.