Don’t you just hate it when everyone talks mad shit about your fav, and you just don’t care because that’s their opinion. But when you say one thing about not liking their fav, they become all defensive and tells you you’re in the wrong?

My feelings over the controversy that’s going on with Guan Ping x Guan Yinping

Look, I understand the people who feel uncomfortable about the ship. But I think this is going to get out of proportion soon so I’m going to give my unbiased opinion. People can get hurt from statements such as the one that was made earlier. And though I am sure no one wanted to make any harm from this, I’m also uneasily aware that this can potentially start a fandom war. And this is what I do not want to happen.

I can give you an example. Say the person who made that post was me. I, for one, don’t personally like yaoi ships, nor do I like it when Liu Shan is made effeminate, but I have seen plenty of that springing around the internet. There’s even one person on this site who draws Liu Shan AS a female. Now, I know I am not the only person out there who feels a bit weird when I saw these yaoi ships pop up but in the end, I don’t do anything about it. And you know why?

Ships like that, I personally see as crack. Others may see it as a rather serious ship and that’s perfectly fine. I cannot comment on how you see a ship. If you like it, I don’t have a problem with it. 

But as much as I understand the person who makes these posts, for having a ship that might be seen as controversial, I also understand the plight of the people who made the post. They don’t want their dashes to get cluttered up. It might pop up a bit too much and make them feel uncomfortable. The ship may be taken a bit too far for their liking because to some people it may be a trigger. I know very well that some people might not like it because of this. Thus I understand their reason for wanting a tag to say it’s incest. 

I also have to comment on their bravery. Standing up to their own beliefs like that, despite the norm being established in this fandom. That takes guts. It’s not an easy thing to do to give an opinion that could be judged harshly by some people (which sadly, it has been from my understanding) and could also potentially make them lose followers.

But all in all, we should not let this end in hatred and spite. I may only pretend to be Liu Shan but I too desire peace. I don’t want hate wars to spring up on this beloved fandom because THIS FANDOM IS A FAMILY!! We should use this not as a means for aggression but as a means for debate, and discussion. Talking about our different ideas, our different headcanons, theories! We shouldn’t be perpetrating hate.

Keep the war in the Three Kingdoms era, please. Let us get past this boundary so that our bonds may be stronger and our threads free of prejudice. We are a family. Let us use this as a way to explore different opinions. YOU ARE MY PRECIOUS FAMILY AND I SHALL LOVE ALL MY SUBJECTS EQUALLY!!!!

If you disagree or want to discuss and debate your own opinion with me, feel free to drop something in my IM and we can have a debate about it. I’m always happy to discuss different opinions with people. 

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Zed. Then Iris.

put a league of legends character in my ask box and i’ll tell you.


my otp. I’m hella biased XD FioraxZed
my most hated pairing. ZedxShen (sorry)
my unusual otp. I don’t have many Zed ships >.> so nothing too  unusual
my brotp/friendship otp.  I have an ex-brotp of Zed and Shen before Zed fucked it all up :D
a gif that shows how I feel about the character. 


.my otp. I think IrisxDarius is cute if not then Lin ( @linthehealer )
my most hated pairing. I got asked if I shipped IrisxOctavius (like bruh nah)
my unusual otp. 
my brotp/friendship otp. Iris and Draven or Iris and Afremov @afremovink (because she may or may not want more tattoos >.>)
a gif that shows how I feel about the character:

(Won’t let me insert a gif ;w;)

ew i feel like my abuser doin’ this but i added a spoons meter to the blog aha. If it’s like 2 spoons or less I’ll probably only speak to/interact with @thisisnothistoricallyaccuraterp or @takingbackthecrxwn tbh so yeh

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The village would never warm up to Aaron and Robert the way they did to Aaron and Jackson.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

again, i don’t feel like saying anything abt ships/characters i hate bc my view is too biased for me to voice a valid opinion on it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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omg yes jungkook is the Supreme Meme Lord™. ugh he's so cute and shy but he's also rly hot and talented but he's also meme-y and dorky like ??? ah, it's ok we can suffer bc of jungkook together. also omg i see that you stan quite a few of my fave boy groups too!! i like got7, up10tion, and mx but i don't follow them as closely as i do w bts, svt, and exo >.> who are your biases?? and do you stan any girl groups too? - sv

He’s just so perfect I hate him so much for that *collapses*. Oh, so my biases are Mingyu, Jungkook, Kai, Jinyoung, Hyungwon, Wei, and so many others I need help ASAP, haha. What are some of yours?? And I’m not that into girl groups, I’m sorry, but I know them and do listen to their music from time to time. Maybe twice is the one I’m closest to (?)

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(uni reputation anon) my whole life has been a lie. p much every teacher whos gone on about a uni rant has said theres no point getting offers from "less respected" unis. starting to feel like i should do the exact opposite of what teachers have told me

i don’t know what to tell you

i’m biased because i fucking hate my degree and university and the entire education system

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I don't dislike ikon either but even though bobby and bi are/were my biases, I really hate how they get SO MUCH screen time... others already said this but it's really like doubleB + the rest :/

hm yeah i know what you mean but tbh i think that this double b-biased thing wont last forever. i mean yg promotes them the most because they are the most popular ones and ikon gets more attention through them and after that yg will slowly share the spotlight (thats what i think) because i remember yg being overly biased with gdyb in the past too? like they were pretty much representive for the whole group and the others slowly followed. :) so dont worry the others will definetly get their screentime and more lines 😊

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To your anon: only Harry is supposedly signed to azzof and its still didn't get confirmation. And I agree the way people act towards Zayn solo and Harry solo is so... double standars...

like i honestly don’t care if any of them go solo. like tbh, if niall went, i’ll be the one lending him my pen to sign the contract. i just hate the biased and double standards reactions. like im just really up zayn’s ass. 

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Actually I hate playlists on blogs, my first thing is to pause them, I don't know why, it's distracting for me. However... Moonlight Sonata now?! You did it on purpose to see me suffer... It's too early morning here for this... dreams? I'm sure there were a lot, but now I can't recall any of them. But maybe it's better lol and I just love your blog, your relationship with Jude is so cute, I'm always cursing at my ultimate bias because I love them to death rofl, teach meee :D

I try to put soothing music on my blog so its not too overpowering *-* AND its my favourite sort so it works out okay lol OH EHEHEHEHE YE MAYBE I DID ;P Early morning, wow we must be on different sides of the world coz its night time here! AH well if you do ever have any, I want to know ^^


Tahahaha I feel you on that, just curse at them coz it releases tension LMAO YAH TEACH YOU HOW BE MENTALLY UNSTABLE, I CAN DO THAT