Dog related !!

Looking for some dog blogs to follow! They don’t have to be 100% dogblr or anything, I just want to see some healthy, happy, well balanced dogs on my dash!

I want to start posting more of my own dog on tumblr, but I am a little concerned about what the reaction will be like. I don’t want to get hate for doing what was right for my dog. Ralphie is now finishing up his stay at a fabulous and groundbreaking (imo) train/board program. I was initially skeptical about their methods because they use a pressure based correction method through use of a prong collar. The more they explained it to me the more I realized the prong collar was just a tool like anything else and the results of the dogs they had trained previously spoke for themselves. After seeing the change in my dog and learning the techniques I am 100% confident that this was the right decision for him. I know prong collars are controversial, especially on a site as polarizing as tumblr, but I would hope people keep an open mind and realize that not all dogs are the same and treat-based, positive reinforcement, traditional obedience training does not work for all dogs.

I mention my own experiences because I really want to follow people that are positive and inclusive of different training techniques. I love all breeds of dogs, though I have a soft spot for bully-types and mutts. If you have any suggestions for people to follow or you think your blog would be a good fit for me please let me know! (I’ll be following from my main blog which is @slothbug)

And a pic of my handsome boy doing some recall training just because :)

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I really like that headcanon that Sniper has a distaste for animals. I can see it also playing into his relationships as well. His significant other wanting a puppy or a kitten is just the worst for him. It's also most likely a reason why he never settled down and wanted kids since he sees them in a similar fashion as taking care of a pet rather then a person

Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

but now i’m imagining scout dragging home some horrible, mangy, uncontrollable dog and sniper can’t stay no to scout but if that thing pisses on his shoes one more time 

“Yeah, well, now you know how that jarate feels!”

Scout’s always too quick to defend his pup, lets him sleep in the bed with them, feeds him at the table, lets him chew on everything. 

Sniper’s gonna lose it.

But that is a good point about Sniper and kids. He’d probably hate having them running around, sticky hands and always screaming :V Or maybe a deep-seated fear that he will be just as bad a father as his was. 

       he’s an unhappy, drowned, cat right now. quinton drags his feet as he makes his way into the living room, damp hair still dripping onto his jumper and his face, feet hiding on the inside of sweat pants that are clearly far too long for him. “i fucking hate being damp.” quinton, shakes out his head like a dog, before dropping down onto the couch. “it makes me cold and i hate being cold even more than i hate being damp. showers fucking suck.” excuse his slight bitterness, his feet and hands are little ice cubes. 


Yesterday was so much fun! We went on a long, meandering walk at the nature reserve after having a picnic. Literally off the beaten path, we walked the dried creek bed so Zane could collect shells and take pictures of things we found but didn’t want to remove from the outdoors. We also didn’t have to deal with half the town who also decided the unseasonably warm weather was an amazing opportunity to get out there. Jett enjoyed his ride along in the carrier and makes the most ridiculous face when he’s enjoying the wind in his face. I couldn’t catch him doing it but he’s like a dog with the windows down, tongue out and eyes closed. It’s crazy how much of a workout it is wearing a 16 pound baby, I’m pretty sure my back and legs are hating me today. Today will be spent with more time outdoors and the normal routine of preparing for the coming week.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

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for that character meme: lion rafale

Am I a fan?: Yes, but I just like to hate on him

Favorite move: Not really a move but I like his fighting stance

Favorite quote: “I don’t make allowances for old men” (what did he mean by this)

Favorite storyline/ending: That time he jumped in front of a car to save a dog

Enjoy Playing As?: Ehhhh…

Changes I would make?: Change his damn VA, change his fashion, give him more character development.

Unpopular opinion: His 2p costume in 4 looks like a confederate flag. also why does he wear a life jacket with knee pads. Why is his fashion sense such shit. Why does his fashion never get better. 

Gonna just talk a little bit more about AD in the Underfell AU. 

He’s super protective of Sans, I’m talking he growls at everyone who gets near Sans, including Papyrus and will bite/fight anyone who touches him. Which leads to many fights with Papyrus since he is the actual owner of AD but AD became so dedicated to watching over Sans he just is ‘Screw you i’m keeping my Sans safe’. Also AD is one if not the only one that comforts Sans when he’s going through a rough time, the dog is loyal to a fault to Sans in the Underfell AU.

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Writing prompt(s): What's Yellby's favorite memory? Does it take place before or after moving in? Alternatively, what's a "normal day" at the bar like? The relationship between SC and Sans? The dogs? That really drunk bunny?

fics under the cut bc i did both!

aand relationships (in more detail then the fics)

UF!Sans - SC fucking hates him, the two are honestly at each others throats quite a bit. But Sans usually doesn’t tend to get in too deep, as he knows SC wouldn’t really hesitate to hurt him (which is dangerous given low HP).

UF!Dogs - They’re all regular patrons, but rowdy. The relationship is pure tolerance, he provides them with booze – they give him money and only wreak havoc once out of his bar.

UF!The drunkass bunny - A regular patron as well, but they usually get kicked out almost immediately once drunk as they’ve tried to deem themselves SC’s “translator” which … doesn’t work as SC actually talks usually – and he gets pissed off by being interrupted by their drunk rambling.

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it's not that it's kinky("I'M KINKSHAMING!" is just a meme) it's that it's bill doing that in spite of ford, and placing him in more or less a situation of a stray dog or pet, something inhuman. Bill could have tortured ford, but nope, just a chain and collar to demoralize and remind ford that Bill "owns" him and his dimension now. Ford lost. It's a power thing, really. You know bill wouldn't give that comfort of ability to walk to just anybody, so it's obvious Bill doesn't HATE ford.

I was talking about the NSFW art of BDSM Billford that I’ve already seen on my dash centered around this scene lmao

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ok i’m recharged so MORE HEADCANONS 

★ bryan loves dogmeat so much. his precious pup. that dog is so important to him bc it was like… the first legit contact with a living being. he treats that dog so well bc that puppy is so cute. the puppy also cuddles up with him and there’s no way in fuck bry can turn that down. (hancock is very amused with this development bc watching a grown 6′3″ man snuggle with his fluffy dog is sinfully cute.)

★ bryan hates bugs. he very much hates what radiation has done to make normal bugs, which are horrible, into literal fucking monsters of his nightmares. he hates it so much. post-war earth is a fucking shithole of suffering and he is suffering the most.

★ he got a big dong. a big dong.

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okay so I have a guy friend. he's engaged and I respect his relationship ... there is nothing there. he recently became friends with an acquaintance of mine and I am extremely jealous of their relationship. I don't know if I think he'll find her more interesting than me or what ... and he's not mine or anything so it's not like she can take him from me or anything ... help 😓 I hate being such a jealous friend.

Jealousy is entirely normal. I get jealous when my dog decides she would rather a stranger pet her than me. Everyone experiences jealousy at one point in their life, so don’t think that there is anything wrong with the feelings you are currently dealing with. I think this is a tough situation because he’s engaged. I would tell you to plan more activities for the two of you to do together, but it makes things a bit more complicated because he is engaged. Maybe you could invite him and his fiancee to do something with you and a couple friends. It might be better to hang out in a group, so his fiancee doesn’t get the wrong impression of you, and it will give you the opportunity to spend more time with him!

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1, 20, 75, 87!

1:when you have cereal, do you have more milk than cereal or more cereal than milk?

Ah yes, cereal & milk. The most iconic breakfast foods in America. Unfortunately, I hate milk. I take my cereal dry.

20:what’s your favorite eye color?

Light brown, void-like, or gray-blue.

75:tell us about your pets!

My dog is approx. 20 pounds w/ a curly blonde coat. He was the cutest little walk and enjoys sleeping in uncomfortable positions for both him and the person he is laying on. When he needs something, he’ll walk up to you and stare at you with his big ol’ eyes. He  only barks at the snowplow and the occasional passerby or car.

87:what are some movies you think everyone should watch at least once in their lives?

The entire Star Wars saga. And, of course, “To Kill a Mockingbird” (though the book is far more interesting). and bratz super babies because it’s FUCKED UP. Do you want me to tell the story of the time a small group of friends and I made the horrible decision to go to the children’s section of Netflix and were so confused by the description we forced ourselves to watch it?

Today my dog became a hero

Today my little beardy fella accomplished more than this town’s lowlifes accomplish in their whole life

Some time ago, I was walking him and realized I may not be able to get him to see New York in his life. So I say no sir, you’re not going like that. I want you to befriend these poor jailed furry ones. 

At first the dogs were barking, furious, hating, confused of the dog that somehow got a better life than them, seeing the dog walk with more freedom than they. They drove my dog terrified. 

But today, today I realized he did it, he became a hero. One of the dogs was really excited to see him, like serious happiness. Other was moving from one side to another, moaning when Chuck got close, waging his tail as hard as ever. And another, I swear the other began crying when we started to walk away.

So my dog did it. He brought upon them, emotion. Thanks to him, they won’t die believing they’re invisible.

All the reasons I love Peter:
  • He is beautiful, but not in your typical ‘manly’ way. I mean he is manly and everything, but he just has the most beautiful soul I’ve ever known. 
    • His brown eyes are like chocolate and I get lost in them every day. He has the most luscious and beautiful eyelashes, they make me so jealous. 
    • I fucking love that crooked nose more than I love any feature of my own body. 
    • And that smile, don’t even get me started. He hates his smile and tries to never smile with his teeth (his cute little dog teeth), but when he does, it’s like my legs turn to jelly and I’m so weak for him. 
    • I never thought I could love a person’s hands as much as I love his hands. They’re the perfect mix between manly and soft and gentle, even with the calluses all over them. The way they hold me and brush over my body sparks electricity that I’ve never known before. 
  • He is the most gentle person I’ve ever known. He’s never ever hurt me and has always looked out for me. Even when he holds my hand it’s gentle. Even when we’re in bed, he’s the most gentle person I know.
  • When he’s angry, he gets violent, but it’s passion that makes him that way and I admire it so much. He has such a passion for so many things. 
    • He used to have an amazing passion for me - he used to look at me like I was the stars, and man I loved it so much. 
    • His passion for Ancient History makes me so giddy. It’s this passion that’s made me want to travel with him more than I want to do anything else in the world. I want to travel to Ancient Greece and Rome and have him ramble on about everything he knows, and I would sit there and enjoy it so god damn much.
    • His passion for his work and cars is so admiring. Not even I have a passion for journalism that much, and I went into it willingly. When he rambles on about different cars, I try and listen because It’s so good and he’s so happy and excited, and that makes me happy. Whenever he speeds up in a turbo car he says “Fuck, I love that sound so much”, and I love it too, because he does.
    • His passion for Lord of the Rings and Star Wars lights up my life. Before him, I hadn’t seen either of the two, and then I was the one counting the days until the Hobbit got released.
  • The way he talks about the world, as if there’s nothing bad that’s ever going to happen or ever has happened. 
  • The way he spoke about our future. In all the kapooka letters and even via text, he used to tell me how the only thing he wanted in life was to be with me forever. And I want that man back in my life. I want the man back who told me nothing could come between us. He used to be so excited about marrying me, proposing to me and having our children. He would talk about the way he would be a father to them and love them, and how they would live near the beach, and be active and he would support them in anything they wanted to do.
  • I never ever thought I’d get an atheist to see my point of view with religion. And he did, and it made me fall so deep into him that there’s no way out. He came to church with me when family members passed away, and he told me he respected my wishes of our children being baptised, and we made the decision together that when they’re of age, they can make their own decisions. I admire his willingness to open up to me about that so so so much.
  • The way he got on with my family. He didn’t even ‘get on’ with my family - he was family. To me, he was family and I never had to worry about him not being in my life. To my family, he was a part of us. My parents saw him as a son to them - he was one of my cousin’s best friends, and was so close to my sister. I didn’t have to be home, but he would be with my sister, because they got along, they were friends. My dad’s side of the family accepted him with open arms and fed him so much. He fit in, for an Aussie, he fit in with my family so well and I don’t know if anyone else is ever going to do the same.
  • I don’t think anyone else has ever cared so much about me the way Peter has. I found old posts on tumblr, where I said that he saved me from who I was before. And it’s so true. I don’t even remember the person I was before Peter. I don’t even remember crying myself to sleep every night, being so unhappy with myself and my body, wanting to die every single day. He changed me. He saved me. He showed me that someone can love me for me, flaws and all.
  • I’ve never had so much fun with anyone in my entire life. I have so many stories with Peter, so much fun and happiness. Some things I’m even too scared to admit to friends.
    • The striptease in Melbourne - staying in Melbourne with Peter was probably one of the most memorable times of my life. I’ve never felt so alive than with him. I’ve never had someone want to go shopping with me more than he has. He loves it as much as I do.
    • The sex in the car policeman story - I’ve never felt so awkward in my life, and I got to share it all with Peter and that made it okay. (Sorry about making you miss the movie though).
    • Laying in bed every day with him - I’ve never been so content in my entire life. If i could go back to any time it would be then. Just after my HSC and before he left for the army. I felt so safe and secure and no one could take that away from me.
  • He’s truly and surely my best friend. I’ve never been so comfortable around anyone in my entire life. He knows who I am, inside and out. I can assure you - he knows me better than I know myself. And I know him better than he knows himself. 
  • We were obsessed with each other. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people so in love before, it truly was a Romeo and Juliet type of love. Nothing that can really be explained.
  • I drive like him - I know this is weird, but just hear me out. I got my Red P’s a year ago, about the same time Peter got his new car, if not just before. Since then, I’ve driven his car so many times, and it truly is amazing. Because we’ve spent so much time together, and a lot of that is when he has driven, I’ve picked up on his habits.
    • One of my favourite memories with him, is when we were driving home from from one of his friend’s parties, and I was driving and (I remember it clear as day) we made a pitt stop at his house. After leaving his house, I may have pressed on the accelerator a little, speeding up - the same way he does- and I just remember, he put his arm on my thigh and squeezed it and said, drunkenly “Fuck, I love the way you drive, do you know that? You’re so good. Fuck. Lauren. I love you so much. I really truly do love you, Lauren. You know that, don’t you?”. And I swear I’ve never been happier in my entire life.
  • He taught me how to let myself fall into someone else with the fear of crashing. But I didn’t crash. I fell so sweetly into his arms. And I have thanked God every freaking day since I knew he was the one, that I found the one so early on in my life and wouldn’t have to go through anyone else to find them.
  • We got through Kapooka together. This is one of the reasons I love him the most. I’ve never thought I ever would’ve had to go through something so tough in my life, and at so young too. But we got through it, all before I even turned 18 years of age. Those were the saddest days of my life - but he promised me that it would be all worth it in the end. And it was worth it. It was such a proud moment and I was so happy to get to the end of it.
    • I’ve never been more proud of anyone in my entire life.
  • He’s cared for me more than anyone else has in my entire life. There were times - even with no contact for a month - that Peter was the only person I could turn to in regards to anything. Through all our fights and all our issues, he’s still been there and even though I’ve royally fucked up multiple times he’s been there loving me and supporting me throughout everything.
  • He’s pushed me to strive towards my future. I didn’t want to take this internship. I honestly did not want to do this internship. But Peter was the person who pushed me to do it. Even though it may have been the cause that ruined and ended our relationship, he pushed me to do it. I knew I wouldn’t see him for twelve hours of a day, but he wanted me to do it anyway, because he believes that my future is important. He is so proud of me and has always been. He bought the newspaper that had my first story in it and showed everyone he could, because he’s so proud of me. He read all of my assignments for me and proofread them and criticised me, no matter how harshly, because he loves me.
    • No one has ever been so proud of me in my entire life.
  • He always told me that he would go insane if I died. I read a post on his tumblr from not long ago, and he watched a movie called Fury and said that it opened his eyes to the world wars and relationships. He said that he would literally go insane if I ever died.
    • He said that he would go through hell and back for me. Twice. Only death himself would stop him.
  • I don’t know what else to say.
  • We were so obsessed with each other, and I don’t fucking know where it’s gone.
  • Bring the Peter from two weeks ago back, the one who told me the night before he broke up with me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and that I was the most perfect person to call his and that he loved me so much.
  • Bring the Peter back that said nothing could come between us
  • That man is in there somewhere and I don’t fucking know what’s pushing him away and shutting him out.


Day 31
#celinereadsjanuary16 | January Wrap Up
#JanuaryPhotoChallenge | Read This Month
This doesn’t include the books I read on my #Kindle and #LoveLiesBeneath which I got from the library. But this is most of it. I got into a bit of a reading slump in the beginning of #January but I’m reading more now. 😊
Pictured here is my dog, Brownie. Getting a pic of him with his eyes closed a was combination of petting him, him being sleepy, and he hates flash. 😍🐶
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I hate this fucking dog so much. He’s so fucking annoying and has no fucking brain whatsoever. He’s scared of everything, doesn’t listen for shit, and can’t be outside for more than 5 seconds without shaking. I didn’t even want him in the first place, and now I have to live with his dumbass all the fucking time. He’s so fucking frustrating. If he was my dog I would’ve already given him to a new home. He’s so fucking stressful. He’s honestly just a giant burden.

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“If we’re going to do this, I need some coffee first. I’m half dead right now.” [ Nari ]

                                                     sleepy sentences!!

                                            status: ACCEPTING

          “Agreed, the last time I tried to do anything without coffee I
           fell down a flight of stairs because I forgot how to walk.”

     That was a wild day, one flight of stairs and three stumbles over thin air had Kris
     covered in more bruises than he could count. Hard to explain, too, kind of just a bit
     embarrassing. But that’s not the point, the point is he will gladly treat the female to
     coffee as long as she sticks to her end of the deal and accompanies him to the local
     animal shelter where he’s sort of decided to volunteer for a few hours even though
     he’s going to smell like other dogs, thus make his actual dog hate him for a while.

          “I’ll buy, please tell me you don’t drink those really fancy ones
           that taste more like condensed sugar than actual coffee.”

i had a long conversation with the teacher here who has been here awhile and is actually getting paid about how wild it is here that they have a king that everyone simply accepts is the best thing in the world. you can go to jail for even insulting his dog (and people do!!) but our president is looked at with such hate by so many people in our country. people respect and love the king with all they have here and they see his face maybe once a month on television but we get to actually choose who we want to run our country, and he is one of the most hated people in the united states. i think despite your presidents views, thats your leader and the way this country blindly loves and follows him makes me wish we all could unite more in the united states. every religion lives so peacefully next to one another here and it is forbidden to talk down on another religion or group of people and while freedom of speech is a beautiful thing, the people have truly conformed here into respecting every ones religion and i dont see that as a bad thing. people are burning mosques in the united states and gunning down groups of people. does a lack of compassion come with the development of a country? people here will be two hours late to things and no one will be angry or annoyed with them because they all do it and although that could really ruin some plans, it makes you think maybe americans are taking life a little too seriously. every adult i know works so so hard and a vacation is a few times a year but here they see money as not important compared to living a loving and giving life. money comes second to all that and that really seems like a far more meaningful life than constantly trying to get ahead in the rat race of money and success in the united states. i think a third world country would be hard to live in for the rest of your life but being in one for awhile, makes you see america and its morals and its structure based behind a religion that causes stress upon a lot of people so differently. that same girl also told me how she works at a high school and nearly half of the children there are turning into girls or turning into boys. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT! you are you, they all believe and they will never scorn you for doing and being whom you please. if that many people were undergoing sex changes in the public school system, parents would be losing their mind. since the prominent religion here is buddhism, i obviously think that has a huge part in it and our prominent religion being christianity which looks down on those sort of things has a huge part in why there is so much more hate there. life is much different here.