happy birthday to the one and only ultimate life ruiner, jeon wonwoo! ♡

first of all, i would like to say that you are such an amazing person with such great personality. my love for you is inexplicable, it’s something that I really cannot put into words. your sharp eyes, your enchanting smile, your powerful voice, the fact that you look cold but is actually really warm, everything about you is charming. i can simply go on for days complimenting you but i shouldn’t. back then, i didn’t really pay much attention to you and i still don’t exactly know how you managed to capture my heart these days. whenever i see you, a smile appears on my face. you’re just wonderful. happy 19th/20th birthday and i hope you stay perfect as always; don’t ever change yourself. Hopefully, you’ll be able to fulfill your wish of going someplace with your members and I hope you have a fun time! happy birthday once again, my life ruiner/my prince/my everything tbh.

Show Me The Mess 4, episode 4

There are spoilers here if you haven’t watched it yet. I also didn’t watch it with English subtitles so I’m sure I’m missing details. 

1. The production and editing of this show is a DAMM MESS. Who even needs kdrama when you have SMTM. This is not brand new information but worth repeating till the end of time. For a rap show to beep out the swear words is bullshit to begin with but to blur out tattoos as well? I don’t even know what to say. Don’t even get me started on why female rappers always have to have some sort of crush on a dude there. 

2. The format and elimination process of this show is a DAMM MESS. They’re letting great people go because of the poorly thought out format. I think the cypher/freestyle round was meant to test their skill as well as how badly they wanted to win and stand out. I understand that but the way it turned out was BEYOND terrible. One of the best freestylers was eliminated but he probably realised what utter bullshit this show’s format was (*edited following his tweets about leaving). 

3. Snoop Dogg guest judged the Cypher round, it was a DAMM MESS. I’m so embarrassed he had to witness such chaos. He was absolutely right about Lil Boi, Basick and Microdot though. Those guys are standouts and were my picks too. Mino didn’t shine as much as his potential would suggest. Maybe next time. 

4. The duration of the live performances were very unevenly distributed, it was a DAMM MESS. I didn’t feel like everyone had the same amount of time to showcase their skill. This seems to be an ongoing problem for SMTM4. From what I did see, Zico and Palo Alto were so energetic and impressive. Jay Park needs to never have that Kriss-Kross hairstyle ever again. Get yourself back to your snapback collection, young man. Though, if I’m going to comment on fashion then I also want to ask Zico if he got his sweater from Rodarte because it fit the theme of the show (ugly mess we can’t stop staring at). 

5. I’m still frustrated about the editing.

6. I’m still frustrated about the formatting.

7. PalZi team makes sense. I wouldn’t have picked my own brother either. I hope Lil B and Basick don’t get screwed around in the next episode. 

8. I want to end on something positive. LIL BOI IS BACK AND THIS IS THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT EPISODE 4. I will watch this damm mess as long as he and Basick are still there. 

*passes mic gently to the next person*

and if you really agree that cullen’s been a danger to mages but it “wasn’t his fault!!” it was just because he had demons torturing him

even if it wasn’t his fault does it matter?

shouldn’t you just strike him down, for mages’ safety?

even if you feel terrible about it

it’s nothing personal, i swear

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i. thana barely makes it to bed on certain days, falling asleep on his desk or even the couch
after aph moved in, he hates being home alone, which makes him turn to the ‘weirdest’ activities to distract himself while she’s gone (he has probably tried pottery,
gardening etc.)
neither can cook, so they have maids for everything tbh (or he just brings takeaway)
thana doesn’t own a washing machine as he gets his stuff dry cleaned
he likes to read newspapers etc when he’s eating, but never gets far because well aPH
showers are preferred, but baths have also become pleasant ;)) (aph has some nice oils)
actually everything aph owns smells nice and he has probably sniffed it all at one point
thana is very private about his home, and rarely has people over (even family)
they never agree on what to watch together, so
they often end up watching some bad show or movie neither enjoy tbh (yes they are THAT stubborn)
they kinda have a zombie dog named pluton, but thana loses track of him 24/7 so

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I hate my camera and lighting so much man This was a warm up sketch for the both in the beginning but then I decided to keep going at it, but then I’m laughing how before they leave to pack Dawn gets offended when Paul states she’ll literally be useless but she like straight up tells about all the times she has backed him up even saved him and he’s like ‘YOU think you saved me’ lmao 

Anyways I’m working out the comic after all since I’d think I’ll just be lazy and school starts soon FRICK BUT whynot! 

SO it starts with Cynthia having a meeting about sending someone over to Kalos since a lot of reports came in stating it’s practically in danger. Kalos is also the start, eventually it revolves around the other regions. So Cynthia gives the mission on mainly Paul’s part, but she decided to send Dawn over in hopes of aiding him as well as to scope out other things; also with Dawn planning to open a shop of her designs soon she might as well start there right? Then again this is what I have for the beginning, I have other parts but they span towards the middle and ending so I need to work on it! I’ll probably work on a cover art and chapter art soon??? lol  

I swear this was supposed to be two seperate photos but my camera was being a phukin shit. So i did the first thing again lel. He cute. And the second, ahh plis giff me autumn right now. I NEED AUTUMN, THE DAYS WHEN YOU CAN SMASH LITTLE CRUNCHY-SOUNDING LEAVES WITH YOUR LITTLE FEETIES. Gosh the feels. *internal retarded sounds*

How is it possible for //one// man to have destroyed me to the bones?
Every trouble I posses, every negative relation is based upon him.
I’m tired of being haunted by someone whom I can barely recall a picture of in my head but is behind so many troubling thoughts.
I hate lying awake at night, exhausted and desperate for sleep, but having my head filled to the cranium with never ending trails of memories passing by.

I keep telling myself I’ve forgiven him, that I’ve moved on, but truth is I never reached the point of forgiveness. I simply pushed him to the back of my head and hoped he wouldn’t step into the light again - like tonight.
Thank you, dear father, for having fucked me up so badly I can’t even be mad at you anymore. Instead I’m mad at everyone doing the slightest thing that reminds me of you.