it may be kind of embarrassing to depression-spiral be fixated on 40s cop yaoi but nothing will be as wild a depressive phase to wake up from as when i was very very into blaine/rachel. listen in my defense first of all i wouldnt ship blaine with girls if it werent for ryan “i love being biphobic” murphy, like, he started it, but. feeling intense about ANY noncanon glee ship, other than like, quinn/rachel, in this day and age? hellish

illpissahappymealoff said: its the worst.

But really.

Let’s write a show about a high school Glee club.
Instead of competing like real life, we’ll have them be completely “fair” and “equal” yet still win and do as good as the competition who are putting their best performers forward.
Oh, what’s that you say? Our biggest stars are set to graduate? Let’s sign them on as regulars for future seasons, regardless of the fact that they can no longer be members of the Glee club, thus defeating a HUGE plot point of the show.

Ryan Murphy’s shows always end up shit.

Season 1 and 2 of Nip/Tuck were fabulous.
The rest of the show was an absurd joke.

The same thing is happening to Glee and I predict it will happen to American Horror Story as well. 

And though this has nothing to do with the writing, it still bugs me…

Ryan Murphy has a habit of arguing with recording acts when they don’t give him permission to use their music.
Really? You are an adult. Respect their wishes and move on.

You have the rights to GaGa, Britney, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Adele… You’ve already got PLENTY of huge names.

Calm your ass down. 

As Glee insists on constantly doing the oposite of what I want, I'm going to aply inverse psycology with it.

such as:

  • I want Klaine to stay together forever, omg, they are so cute and are gonna married and have children with weird hair because, omg, as Kurt is always with the girls, we could assume that they have their periods syncronised by now.
  • Of course, I want Hummelberry to keep as BFF because they are so so so alike that wow, it’s like watching a mirror. And of course, but of course, I don’t want Kurtcedes never again. OMG, what dare you, Mercedes? YOU ARE FAT!
  • I want Blaine to have all and every song for the rest of the season and next one.
  • I want the evil Karofsky to stay far far far far away. Yeah… like never come back! EVER.
  • I want them to forget Valentine’s episode and that the evil Karofsky was under the gorilla costume.
  • I want Mercedes to quit complaining and singing. Let’s face it, she totally cannot compete with Rachael… and of course, Lea Michelin is so much more beautiful and her voice is so much better than Amber’s who shouldn’t be grateful that she is not coming back next season because next season is going to be LEGENDARY.
  • I want RIB to keep the focus on Rachael because she is just such a star that next season should be called “The Racheal Berry’s spectacular show”.

(I am making myself puke so, if anyone wants to keep on with the list, feel free).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many “promposals” in my entire life. Not that I’m complaining, because you’re all super cute, but it’s just so overwhelming. Not only because I haven’t gotten one myself (what? Did I say that? Fake news!), but also because they keep blocking my way to class. I mean, rose petals all over the hallway? Serenades in the lunchroom? If you’re going to prompose, please do it with the consideration of others in mind. This is all I ask.

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a fantastic week; I, for one, cannot wait for the trip on Friday; I need to get out of this cow town. I mean, it’s only down to Mason, but it’s still away from Lima, right?

Just Friends

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Genre: Angst

Featuring: Suho

Request: you two get into an argument because you too close with your best friend and his group mate, kyungsoo and he said hurtful things to you?     

A/N: I literally can’t imagine suho in a angst like situation or like him yelling being angry with his girlfriend but I tried my best

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