Guess who is the dumb shit who went in chat “hey what if there was an older Temple carved into Mount Force Nexus that was on Coruscant before the Jedi showed up and made it their home?” and this is what my brain has made me spend the last two hours figuring out… nrgh

@deadcatwithaflamethrower - might this be useful to you? Or just generally amusing because IT’S YOUR FAULT BECAUSE WELL SPRING MADE ME THINK DAMN IT!

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i think that camren was real, because we've all seen how they were starring at each other, how they touched each other, all the indirects and stuff. i think lauren was just stressed and everything is so overwhelming rn and i think she got anxious and panicked and she probably didn't thought about tweeting to much, we shouldn't be mad at her because i understand her completely, and i no i don't hate camren shippers, i'm still one too. love only and respect each other and thank you 4 being here❤☺️


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im so sad right now……. gin was zura’s general…. he was everyone’s general, really…. leading and supporting them in shouyou’s place, just like he promised to. but he’d made his own promise to zura, too. that zura could always just be zura around him. he didn’t have to deal with everything alone, or put on a stoic front, or worry about bushido or his family’s reputation or any of that. he could just be…. zura.

but when gin left after shouyou’s death, zura went back to being a general….. dealing with everything alone….. putting everyone else’s need for a leader before his own need for a friend…. he must have been so damn lonely… and i mean of course we know that all of zura’s soldiers love and admire him but it’s not quite the same. he was still acting a part for them, he couldn’t open up to them about everything he was going through. he couldn’t be zura anymore….

and then he meets gin again. and suddenly he’s calling him “zura” again and not only that, but these two scruffy kids have picked up the nickname, too. and although he was kind of bitter at first from all these years of letting his feelings simmer and stew, he’s slowly starting to let things go. to let himself be selfish every once in a while and take care of his own happiness. to realize what’s really important to him, which is his loved ones. and what’s important to them is important to him, too. so he makes a promise of his own to gin - not to be his general, but his arm. not to take all of gin’s burdens upon himself alone, but to lend gin his strength so that he has someone to rely on when things start to get too heavy. and now neither of them have to play the role of general.

they can just…. be friends.


As much as in post how I love and miss meth and how i want to do it so fucking bad it hurts. How my life seems to fucking blow without it. It’s worse with it. I’m married. I have 2 BEAUTIFUL little boys. I hate myself that I want a shot. But I do. Rn I’m not even 2 weeks sober. Before that It was 6 months. Hope and pray to the God I don’t have faith in that everything will eventually be okay. I hope I can stay clean. I hope I can get high. Fuck… relatable to anyone?

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I love you + your blog + your town so much and I wish you could just ignore all the hate and drama :( Tumblr is my happy place and it makes me sad to always see so much drama on your page lately. Pls ignore them. They're not worth your attention. You're wonderful and only deserve kindness and love! 💛💛

I guess it looks that simple when you are not suffering anon hate (or hate in general) constantly for everything you say, for every little tiny thing. But sadly it’s not that easy to ignore it. I wish I had a cooler character but I just can’t stand people trying to step on me ( ;u;) Rn I’m really struggling to not reply that person again and ignore them (it’s hard XD)

I’ll take advantage of this to say sorry to all my followers for all the drama! Thank you for sticking with me and defending me all the time! I know that I’m a problematic blog ꉂ(๑˃ꇴ˂๑) and that’s why I’m really grateful for those that stand it, you are the best followers I could ask for!!

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okay jst asking bc over the past few weeks uve like. reached fp level and i felt like the taxidermy fox bc i wasnt sure if ud b okay w it bfjfjfjfjd and hey dw abt being a Good Person im not either rn my empathy is like ground level and im intentionally failing classes bc my mom pissed me off :^) im like 9497277% petty abt everything rn and it's to the point where i lowkey hate all my friends and tbqh ur the only fp i havent split on so that's a Nice Feeling for me

<3 im honored to be ur fp, i’ll try my hardest to not let u down and if i do anything wrong, just tell me 

and yeah, ppl generally suck. i mean i’ve pretty much decided most of my friends are useless to me

TFW all your other art projects aren’t cooperating and it’s making you feel grumpy and frustrated (and discouraged). So here, have a gross looking Lapidot doodle I did in 30mins cuz I suck at art right now.

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Speaking of Heroes spoiling everything, assuming everyone already played you'd think they'd spoil Awakening and Fates since most people play those but yet, Valla is never mentioned, Grima is never mentioned, etc. It's weird to me.

Yeah, it’s so weird? The games that most people have played are left pretty much entirely intact. No Valla, no Anankos, nothing about Robin and Grima… come to think of it, do they even mention the Chrom/Lucina thing ever?? 

My best guess for the Genealogy spoilers with Seliph being like “HI JULIA MY SISTER” is that they’re trying to backtrack since Seliph could marry Julia before they find out their relationship in the original game. Now that a FE4 remake is now on the cards, they’d potentially want to bury that particular feature of the game. I mean, if that’s true, then there’s whole parts of the story that hinge on incest, so I haven’t a clue how they’d get around that. It’s all still a bit frustrating though.

I noticed a little spoilerly bit for Sacred Stones as well- idk if you’ve played it and I definitely don’t want to spoil that one if you haven’t, but Eirika has a very HMMMM line about Lyon that gives things away.

Modern Kylux Autumn Headcanons

-Hux starts wearing turtlenecks and Kylo his favourite long-sleeved stripped t-shirts
-Kylo can wear black freely as much as he likes
-Hux loves stepping on the crunchy leaves. He sometimes goes out of his way just to do it
-Kylo uses this time to get Hux anything and everything pumpkin, from coffee to sweets and bread. Hux hates pumpkin
-Hux secretly appreciates the gesture
-Kylo has a ridiculously long scarf that he usually wears out. Hux claims the last few inches for himself while their waiting for the bus
-Hux got Millicent a tiny sweater. She got rid of it first chance
-Kylo always forgets his umbrella. Fortunately Hux is always carrying one
-They take long walks in the woods under the perfect weather
-Hux gets Kylo tons of his favourite chocolate to keep him warm. Kylo in turn wraps himself around Hux at the slightest provocation
-The kettle is ALWAYS on in their flat
-Kylo makes incredible dishes with seasonal ingredients. Hux tries to bake something in return but fails. They end up eating it anyway and Kylo claims to genuinely like it
-Tons of oversized sweaters
-Kylo picks up a leaf that is very similar to Hux’s hair colour. He keeps it tucked between the pages of his favourite book
-Hux wants Kylo to have a perfect birthday, so he makes some tea for the two of them and prepares an evening in, with lots of those cheesy old action films Kylo loves
-They freaking love autumn

guess who’s making another post about robert and liv???

yep, it’s me. wow, what a surprise.

ok, so after today’s ep, i had a couple of minutes of complete bitterness for the lack of robron (and the fact that the only scenes they did have included liv) but i’m over it now, i’ve had some time, i’m calmer.

here’s what i want to talk about: liv being rude to robert when he cracks a joke with her. i know there are people in the fandom who think her reaction was seriously over the top and that she was pretty fucking impolite considering he didn’t say anything that bad, but me being me, i want to go deeper.

so here’s my theory, and i’ve actually already put a lot of this into tags from gifs i’ve reblogged, but i needed to write it down properly. basically, liv’s relationship with aaron is tenuous. yes, they seem like they’ve been brother and sister for years, the bond is STRONG, but to liv, she is on seriously uneven terrain and she’s second-guessing herself constantly, over-analysing everything bc she’s not sure of where she fits in.

we’ve already seen this yesterday when sandra wanted to move to ireland and aaron sided with her rather than liv, at which point she said: “typical. one day i’ve been here and you already want to see the back of me”. aaron’s tried to put her mind at rest several times, assuring her that he wants her there, but she’s had a lifetime of not feeling like she’s wanted, of being passed around, of never having a home, and you don’t shake that off in a day or two. that takes time.

add to that the fact that she basically sided with her dad for a lot of the time aaron was going through the court case, and the guilt that is likely still eating away at her because of it - i mean, she knows she fucked up, she knows she betrayed aaron, called him a liar, was ready to ruin any chance he had of getting justice - and suddenly it’s not that hard to understand why she lashed out at robert.

because her being rude had zilch to do with her not liking him (yeah, ok, they’ve got off to a rocky start, but that’s not what this was about). it had everything to do with robert hitting her where it hurt - reminding her that she isn’t trusted, that she isn’t family, that she’s betrayed aaron before and she’ll do it again. obviously, robert didn’t mean it like that. it was a joke, something he thought would make her laugh or would start off some banter between them, but liv didn’t take it like that. her first response was: “i wouldn’t steal from him. he’s my brother” and when robert explained he was joking, she saw it more as him putting her in her place, and so she did what someone does when they’ve been cut to the quick and have no defence - she bit back with much more venom than was necessary.

liv isn’t a bad person, she isn’t acting out just because she’s a ‘troubled teen’ - she’s a young girl who has never had a family or a home or any kind of stability in her life, and the one person who loves her unconditionally is also the person she has repeatedly hurt (something robert can empathise with lbr) and it’s going to take her a long time to get over that guilt and stop taking everything as an accusation or a personal dig.

i think we just have to give her a bit of time to realise that

I was looking through Brutasha tag yesterday and i saw like 15 posts of people complaining that Brutasha is  canon and that Joss Whedon is an asshole.  First of all, why can’t you just  … i don’t know go somewhere else to complain? I found cute headcanons and fics and fanart .. and oh someone want’s to kill Joss Whedon again okay …. 

Me : I came here to have good time and i honestly feel so attacked rn.

Stop that childish complaining and stop hating everything! We wanna just ship this pairing okay? Yeah, i don’t like some canon pairings too but i’m not planning to kill J.K. Rowling because i don’t like Romione. 

Can’t you just go and read your  fanfics and pretend that AOU never happend? 

I’m so tired of the bitchy attitude towards this ship and Joss Whedon. He didn’t turn  Nat just a love interest. Natasha started having feelings for Bruce, and she decided to run with it. She has been through so much, just like Steve said, she deserves a win. Why can’t you be a badass female spy/avenger and still love someone? 

cosmicpoet replied to your post:DEAR INTERNET AND SPIRITS, CUTTING ME OFF FROM…

what is wrong comrade?

I THINK I might have figured out some huge spiritual shit relating to someone else but I have NO idea how to deal with this bc I have LITERALLY NO EVIDENCE past the “OH GOD I THINK I’M GOING TO DIE” overload feeling I know comes with being right about this stuff. And literally every spirit I know has gone silent on me and the internet and shit has decided Tara and I don’t need to be in contact with each other. It’s like literally everyone is forcing a black out so I have to deal with it alone but IDK WHAT DO TO SO THAT’S REALLY UNHELPFUL