Looking back, I realized that I did well. The state in which I found myself would not have allowed me to be objective in the face of Miiko/ giving the speech in front of Miiko.

- By the way , this is me trying to translate with google chrome. I hate the text the game won’t let me translate in Eldarya!


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Just don’t regret this later on. 
The damage has been done on both sides. There is no turning back now.

❀ sector oo6

the young lady had been walking around, searching for a certain place. truth be told, she had only been there once and it was pretty easy for her to get lost. with a few more minutes of aimless walking, the exorcist finally reached her final destination – sector oo6. it was only obvious that the final sector would be the girl’s favorite; the abundance of growth and vegetation would be a dead give-away.

emerald eyes scanned over the scenery, searching for the perfect place to relax. her eyes then came across a large flowering dogwood – perfect. she looked around the area that the tree resided; it was a simple area. just the tree with a few plants surrounding it, mostly flowers.

with a soft smile, the young lady took off in the direction of the tree. as soon as she reached it, she took her familiar from her shoulder and placed him delicately on the grass. once he was situated, she would lower herself to the ground and place herself beside him. she looked down at the lawn before her, noting one of the dogwood’s pallid pink flowers. a hand reached out to grab a hold of it which then retracted to hold it closer to her face. she cupped the delicate blossom in her hand, studying each petal with a smile; the tree was very healthy which caused the girl’s overall attitude to inflate ten fold. finally, she was at complete peace.