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At least in my opinion, Bella seems to be somewhat based on SM herself. They both have the same physical description (brown hair, brown eyes), both grew up in Arizona, and both were considered 'more attractive' once they moved away from home. So I think, that one of the reasons Bella got the happily ever after that she did was because SM couldn't bear to see a part of herself end up unhappy.

Yup.  Agree!

Bella = SM/The Reader.  So Bella getting a happily ever after means SM/The Reader get to live that fantasy for a little while.  SM was really close to the story–she’s said Bella was like a daughter to her, and she was “worried” about Jacob (“until he saw Renesmee and his life came together for him”).  And I get it–it’s soooo easy to get attached to characters, especially ones you create yourself.  But you gotta keep some space, or you fall into this trap of indulging your characters at the expense of telling a good story and that’s how Breaking Dawn felt to me.   Bella gets everything she could ever want.  There’s no reason she needed two brand new cars, a closet full of clothes, a cottage, to keep Charlie when no one else was able to keep their family.  And the impression I’m left with is that Bella’s happiness is supposed to be everyone else’s happiness, like they are supposed to live vicariously through Bella’s happiness just like the reader/SM does. 

break me
in your hands, love
where i’ll always be 

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Am I right in thinking that you've grown to hate SM? Not that you're not totally entitled to your feelings/opinions, and SM is not like a God to me, or anything. It's just that sometimes your hate for her artistic decisions and her statements in interviews strikes me as unexpected for someone who was so inspired by her books. What terrible thing did she say or do that over rided any feelings of gratitude and respect you had for her, and turned you into one of her harshest critics?

I don’t hate anyone, and I definitely don’t hate SM.  I don’t think I’m one of her harshest critics by any means.  I’ve never said she’s the worst writer in the world, or she set back feminism by 100 years,  or any of the other things people say on tumblr or the internet every day.  

If I hate anything, it’s Breaking Dawn.  It just kind of ruined it for me. She was way too easy on Bella and gave her (and Edward) everything they could ever dream of when none of the other characters got anything (well, Kate got a boyfriend, but she also lost a sister).  I’ve never made a secret of the fact that my love is for the secondary characters, not E/B or even really Jacob.  I don’t hate her, I’m frustrated with her.  I feel like she wasted a ton of potential and a ton of great side characters by turning it all into a fairy tale for Bella at the end. What happened to Leah? Who is Embry’s father?  Does Jasper ever master self-control?  The Volturi are still out there and now know all the Cullens’ allies, strategies and secrets—how is THAT going to work out? Who knows, all we know is Bella and Edward get their perfect piece of forever.

I also think it was irresponsible for her to stick so doggedly to her original ending. She wrote Twilight first, then Forever Dawn (which with some edits like taking out references to Laurent and Victoria became Breaking Dawn).  And THEN she wrote New Moon and Eclipse.  New Moon and Eclipse changed things too much to go back to the ending that was suppose to come right after Twilight.  The publishers didn’t like Forever Dawn, which is why they asked her to write more about Bella before she gets married and has a kid, and why they originally wanted to end the series at Eclipse.  But SM ‘fought’ for Nessie, and they let her go ahead with it.

I’m thankful for her for writing the first book, definitely.  I love Carlisle to pieces, he’s a fascinating character and so refreshing in a vampire story to finally have a good vampire who isn’t sitting around whining about the curse he has to live with, instead he made a good life for himself and others.  He’s awesome.  I love the idea of the Cullens as this abstract ‘family.’  She didn’t write them as Brady Bunch-y as fanfic tends to, their familial relationships are more fluid than just Mom/Dad/Kids which is fascinating to me. I loved the amoral, ambiguous nature of the Volturi in New Moon. Were they bad guys? Good guys?  Neutral agents of law and order? You weren’t really sure where they stood, and that was cool. Loved the warmth and liveliness of the wolves as a contrast of the cold, sterile sort of world the vampires lived in.  SM did a lot of great stuff, but ultimately all the stuff I thought was cool and interesting was either dismantled or ignored by Breaking Dawn with Bella getting a biological kid and being instantly good at being a vampire after three books full of reasons why this would be a bad idea. I love the other Cullens so much because they had to suffer so much and work so hard.  Imagining newborn Carlisle in the English forest starving himself because he can’t bear the idea of hurting anyone is so so so compelling to me.  Jasper’s 90 years of hell with Maria.  Alice waking up alone knowing only her name and what her future holds. Rosalie and Esme healing from their human pasts.  That stuff is all great!  Bella just being like “wheeeee I’m a vampire this is awesome!”  … eh, not so much.  

“I still can’t get over how much I hate the fight at the End of Breaking Dawn pt. 2 which turns out to be Alice’s Vision. First of all it is impossible for Alice to see the wolves, so the whole thing doesn’t even make any sense. Also I hate that Carlisle and Jasper get murdered so easily and Newborn Bella and Edward die after all the bad guys are killed. Jasper, who is extremely experienced and never lost a fight! And Carlisle is over 300 years old! But lucky Bella is there to save the day…”

Things You Could Have Cut Out of BD That Would Have Had No Effect On the Plot At All But Would Have Made it Seem Less Fanfiction-y

Bella’s Mercedes
Bella’s Ferrari
Bella waking up wearing an ice-blue cocktail dress and stilettos
Bella’s cottage
Bella’s closet full of designer clothes
Bella beating Emmett at arm wrestling
Bella’s wedding gift bling from the Volturi
The lawyer’s assistant saying how hot Bella is
The whole thing with the lawyer, actually, since it didn’t go anywhere

Bella's Worries About Becoming a Vampire

“What are you afraid of?” I could barely hear his voice now. He stared down at my hands.

“Lots of things.” I worked to make my voice lighter, but I stayed honest. “(1)I’ve never been much of a masochist, so I’m not looking forward to the pain. And I wish there was some way to keep him away — (2)I don’t want him to suffer with me, but I don’t think there’s any way around it. (3)There’s dealing with Charlie, too, and (4)Renée… . And then afterward, (5)I hope I’ll be able to control myself soon. Maybe I’ll be such a menace that the (6)pack will have to take me out.”

1.  She only burns for two days, instead of the normal three.  Also because her spine was broken, she only felt half the pain for awhile. (Carlisle burned for a bit more than three days, and since he mimicked his own wounds with Edward, Edward probably did too).
2. The morphine paralyzed her for part of her transformation and by the time it wore off, she had enough will power to remain silent and still so Edward didn’t have to suffer with her.
3. Charlie was not a problem.
4. I’ll grant that Renee was not resolved.
5. Super self-control, never kills anyone, skips the newborn stage because she was ‘prepared.’
6. Pack and Cullens become super best friends thanks to imprinting.

Bella sure was lucky!

Esme and Rosalie chat

“She doesn’t get it, does she?”

“No,” Esme said, sitting next to Rosalie on her bed and patting her shoulder.  “I’m sure she doesn’t mean to hurt us… maybe she can’t remember our stories–we told them to her when she was human, after all.”

“That’s no excuse!  She didn’t seem to appreciate how much it hurt us to watch her when she was pregnant, either, and she was human then.”

Esme sighed.  She wanted to give Bella the benefit of the doubt, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. 

“And the fact she had the nerve to name her after you!”

“I thought it was a kind gesture…”

“It was so fake,” Rosalie spat.  “How many times has she talked to you, Esme?  Just you, not when we’re together as a family?”

“At the baseball game, when I told her about my … baby…”

“Exactly!  The first day we met her!  That’s the last time she’s talked to you.  She’s never sought any kind of a relationship with you, and then she names her baby after you like it’s a testament to your bond.  What bond?  She only has the time of day for Edward and maybe Alice.  Or Carlisle if she’s injured because she’s too good to go to the ER like a normal human.  It’s sucking up.  It’s ‘here, I’m getting everything you ever wanted, but at least you can share part of her white trash made-up name!’”


“I’m tired of pretending I’m okay with this!  I’m trying to be good for Nessie’s sake–it’s not her fault she was born to such oblivious parents or that she was cursed just like we are.  I feel so awful for her.”

“But Nessie has no idea what it means to be human,” Esme reasoned.  “It doesn’t make it any less sad from our perspective, but at least the poor child has no concept of what she’s missing.”

“It would just be nice if Bella didn’t have to rub it in our faces, you know?  If she could shut up for two seconds about how amazing  and special and perfect her daughter is and how blissful it feels to be a mom."  Rosalie’s golden eyes flashed with fury.  "SHE DIDN’T EVEN WANT IT, ESME!  I tried to be nice and warn her, and she told me she’d never want anything more than Edward, that children were what I wanted but not what she wanted.  And then she gets to be a mom and I don’t.  YOU don’t.  It’s not fair.”

“I know, darling,” Esme soothed gently.  “I know.”

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Not sure if you answered this before, but sorry if you did and you're answering it again. But what is up with Reneesme? I mean, in the womb, she was thirsty for blood and practically draining Bella, yet when she was born, she isn't that crazy for it. Or is she? I read the books years ago and don't remember, but I keep thinking she didn't after she was born.

Right?!  Again, it’s a matter of completely skipping over anything that could have been real conflict inherent to the characters and world she created and instead forcing this bizarre issue of yet ANOTHER misunderstanding and tattling to the Volturi.  It’s so contrived that Irina would just happen to see Renesmee (who has a heartbeat, rosy cheeks, and brown eyes, so how she thought she was an Immortal Child in the first place I’m not really sure…) as they were hunting and go off and run to the Volturi without like, talking to her sisters or indeed the Cullens themselves first. 

But yeah, in the womb she’s sucking up blood and breaking bones and being basically this uncontrollable thing–despite being advanced enough to ‘understand’ the people around her talking 'to an extent.’ But once she’s born I think there was some quote–I couldn’t find it on a quick PDF search though so I could be wrong–about her being in better control of her thirst than any vampire.  How CONVENIENT.  And if she’s soooo in control why was her first action post-birth to bite her mother?  Why does she bite Jacob “all the time?”

Renesmee as an actual danger to humans could have been interesting conflict.  Can the Cullens control her?  Would they have to destroy her?  Can the wolves actually honor the 'cannot harm another’s imprint’ rule if Renesmee WAS dangerous? But it wouldn’t fit with the fairytale that Bella’s life suddenly becomes as a vampire so she has to be perfect and controlled.  It’s not only not fair to the other vampires who have struggled for decades *cough* Jasper *cough* it’s boring.

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Renesmee herself is a freak, she is not even in the Damphir classification. I am in favour of using half-vamps in stories as long as they make sense and follow the rules established by that universe. In SM's world the rules are often ignored and/or changed as her will, I've never seen an author be so... Damn, I don't even have a word for sure! She can't even follow her OWN canon! Sure, it's her story, make anything you want, but make it consistent for God's sake!

Yeah that’s my biggest problem with Breaking Dawn.  I talk a lot of smack about the stupidity of Nessie’s name and the ridiculousness of a 3-month-old reading Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poetry, but really the kick in the pants about Breaking Dawn is how thoroughly SM broke her own rules to give Bella this (really bizarre) perfect fantasy life.  She wasn’t writing a story in the sense of plot and character development and trying to convey a message; she was writing out a personal fantasy.

Immortality without bloodlust or sacrifice or monstrosity, everlasting beauty, a baby who will raise herself and already has a soulmate all picked out so Bella doesn’t have to worry about her daughter ever getting her heart broken by some jerk.  And both mother and daughter will be frozen as teenagers and never grow old or die or have to make it on their own because the Cullens will always take care of them and Esme and Carlisle will always be there to play Mommy and Daddy when times get tough and omg how is this her fantasy life?  How?!?

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: ok so like why the fuck would u choose a vampire instead of a werewolf????????? like??? Edward has chest hair and he drinks blood and is hella moody. but like DJNDNSNSMS JACOB IS SO MUCH BETTER IN EVERY WAY. they can grow old together and he's warm af and cuddly and he is a lil puppy and has no chest hair anD HIS ABS THO DAMN MMMM YES GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE !!!2!2!2!!! but then Bella can never make up her mind and she is like the dumbest little girl and honestly why why why would you try to have that hybrid baby in the first place like how much have u been hitting the blunt lately? and Jacob is so CUTE EVEN WITH LONG HAIR HE LOOKS CUTE???? all in all Bella swan is a stupid hoe. and Edward cullen is a block head. and Jacob black is daddy af

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I had my first kiss when i was 13 and me and my boyfriend were at the theatre watching breaking dawn (smh i hated that saga) and as we were about to kiss our friend who was sitting behind us kicked his seat and his nose just went in my mouth

(i love the twilight saga wtf) but oh my god how does that even happen

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Can you make a list with the 5 things you liked the most about the saga, and the 5 things you disliked the most?

Favorite Things
1. Carlisle
2. Vampire back stories
3. Non-Traditional Family (Cullens, Pack)
4. Volturi as ambiguous ‘villains’ 
5. Leah

Least Favorite
1. Imprinting
2. Renesmee (as plot device.  As a character I’m indifferent)
3. Perfect Vampire!Bella is Perfect
4. If you don’t like Bella you are bad/selfish/mean (Rose, Lauren, Leah)
5. Lack of resolution with the Volturi

I’ll explain each in depth after the cut

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Why Bella Should be the Most Bloodthirsty of Them All

Let us take a look at the Cullens’ track records as compared to their opinions about vampirism.

Carlisle has the best track record (zero human kills, only tasted human blood when changing the others).  And he had the most extreme reaction to becoming a vampire–he tried to kill himself. 

Rosalie has the next best track record (seven human kills, but didn’t drink the blood).  She, too, had a negative reaction upon becoming a vampire.  She’s still upset about it.

Esme is probably next.  We don’t have exact numbers for her, but we know she has a worse record than Rosalie, so she’s slipped up and killed a few people.  She apparently didn’t have too negative a reaction to learning she had become a vampire, but it “took some adjustment." 

(Hit Read More. I have a point, I promise lol)

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