Valentines Day is almost here whether you like it or not…
Thankfully there’s something to celebrate anyway!

New Episodes of I Hate Being Single’ “Rob’s Room” Start Thursday! Spread the word and subscribe!

We’ll be releasing new episodes of Rob’ Room weekly for 7 weeks and then some other new stuff after that!


I met Rob, the creator/actor of I Hate Being Single, at VidCon. I liked him, and when he told me to watch his web series, I said, “Oh yeah! Definitely!”

It took me 6 months to actually try to watch it, because about %97 of everyone I know in LA have web series about dating… and how hard it is.  

When I finally watched I Hate Being Single, I loved it. My only problem with the show is the name. It shouldn’t be called I Hate Being Single. It should be called “Rob Hugel Is A More Likeable Larry David Or Woody Allen Type Guy With Less Famous Friends At The Moment Living In Brooklyn And Having Problems.” It’s very funny. I don’t really know why someone hasn’t tried to turn it into a TV show already. 

Anyway, Rob told me that if I could get people to donate $27 to his IndieGOGO campaign to fund Season 2, that I could come Hollywood Act  New York Act in it, so don’t wait 6 months to watch I Hate Being Single, and give him some money today.