first practice run on my new WACOM TABLET!
special dedication to dallonsmiles, someoneworthfinding, and philliprayangel for donating the money to get me into this new medium! what better way to celebrate than BRALLON!

dallon’s new hairstyle and i had a few stern words.
and pouty bden might be my most favorite bden ever.
im excited to get better at this.


I found my high school band written final exam.

When I say I hate people, that does not include band members.

They are not people.

They are legends


Of Mice And Men / Colors

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i hate the question “if you were a girl, which band member would you date?” like? why is that first part necessary? do you need to be a girl in order to date a male band member? no. just ask “which band member would you date?”. or, an even better idea, ask bands about their music.

I really do hate it when people disrespect their favorite band member’s girlfriend like are you kidding me yeah it kinda sucks but they don’t belong to you and it’s not like you’ll ever have a real chance with them anyways so you might as well just suck it the fuck up and show them some respect instead of being a bitch about it

Things I say about my favorite band member
  • You piece of shit
  • I hate you
  • Fuck you
  • You stupid fuck
  • What the hell is wrong with you
  • ily