You’re allowed to still enjoy problematic things/people as long as you acknowledge it and don’t try to defend the problematic actions

When I say I hate people, that does not include band members.

They are not people.

They are legends

I personally hate it when a band member starts his own side project that also involves music and once the album is out, fans of the “mother” band start complaining that “this is nothing like X used to make, I lost my respect for Y, this is shit”, my man you are forgetting the essential detail here: it’s a side project, it is normal to have a different sound since it’s meant to suit that band member’s style.

What is the point to go on his own and form another band that would sound the same? 

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yoo i relate to your post about the body pillows so much like... it also applies to me when i read yoi fanfics too. I feel bad if it's like Yuuri x reader or Viktor x reader and ESPECIALLY YURIO X READER CUZ idk man yurio is too young (if it's fluffy whatever but when it's all NSFW im like???? how should i feel about this) and like yuuri & viktor are canon so i feel bad when it's x reader since like.. they're gonna get married yenno? lmao i just feel awkward.

ugh ew no thanks tbh i haven’t read any yoi fics but i’ve seen so many quizzes and fics where they completely invalidate a characters sexuality and it’s disgusting idk it’s just?? there’s no need?? like you said yurio is just a small child and then victuri are a canon m/m ship and it’s so gross to me when girls see that and just kind of erase that just bc they find a character attractive like no thanks go thirst after anyone else honestly pls just leave them all alone 

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how do you feel about all that Moose Blood shit going on with the boys stealing nudes from girls and sending unsolicited dick pics and that?

Idk yet I’m waiting for moose blood to make a statement and I haven’t seen all the stuff/evidence. But I think they were saying it was Glenn who was doing it? I’m not hating a whole band for one member. Obviously I am against what he has done though, still enjoy their music. If he has done all these things I think he should be kicked from the band. Nearly all of my social media names are moose blood so can’t change them 🙄


“Lol but their songs are about suicide and promote cutting!!!”

“Band members are always perfect!!! They NEVER make mistakes!!!! I will fight you if you say something negative about my fave musician u fucking WHORE!!!!”


“I hate that band member’s gf!!!!! She’s such a slut!!!”

“GOD!!! I cant stand preppy girls listening to them….posers!!!!”

“This music sucks, you listen to it just bc they’re hot, right?”

There is something I don’t want you to get wrong. Royz how it is now consists of Subaru, Kuina, Koudai and Tomoya. These 4 people are Royz.
Without doubt, because there were 5 people this seed could sprout but Royz how it is now is living because of these 4 people. Without these four people it would’ve been squashed.

“Royz will always be that 5-member-band!”
Speaking frankly,
I hate these words.
Don’t they deny that these members gave their best in the hardest time and overcame all these difficulties and that the fans were supporting them even in such a difficult situation? […]

It’s okay if the people who liked Royz as five-member band liked Royz how it was until 2014.06.11. It makes me happy that this continues living in everyone that way. I’m thankful for that. But I want the people who are supporting Royz that is living now to know that this Royz is consisting of four people.

—  Kuina (June 12th, 2015)
Dear Band Members,
  • <p> <b></b> You ruined my life.<p/><b></b> Sincerely, I hate to love you.<p/><b>PS:</b> if you could also stop being 30+ years of age, that be great<p/></p>

why cant the clique just understand that stalking band members isnt cute or cool or fun this is literally disgusting and it makes me sick to read things about people ruining their bonfires and chasing them for a mile plus. thats why they dont meet us anymore you creepy pricks