So, I’ve noticed that the HATE is strong again and some nasty anons send hate out to some friends because of their portrayal, their ships or their writing. I am so angry because of this and I’m thinking about hunting them down. 

WHEN you don’t like a certain Ship, blacklist the tag & unfollow. Jfc. How old are you guys? Everyone on this website is allowed to ship what they want. We’re all different in our likes, dislikes and opinions and that’s more than 1000% fine. It would be boring if everyone would be ship the same, like the same or hate the same things. Start appreciating each other and stop please with being immature and mean because someone does not like your certain ship or likes your NOTP. I don’t like some ships too - I’ve blacklisted them and WOW magic they weren’t on m dash anymore! How did I do this? OMFG. 

IF you don’t like someones portrayal then just unfollow or leave the blog alone?! Every muse is unique? Everyone is allowed to write their muse how they want to write it? Gdi, this is so silly it hurts physically. Seriously, you don’t like the muse from a certain Role player - Leave them be and don’t follow or just block them? Idk, this hate makes no sense LMAO. 

 && PLEASE STOP SENDING THINGS LIKE ‘delete yourself’ or ‘kill urself’ 

another thing I noticed: Seto Kaiba apparently has the best book smarts out of every one, yet only the vaguest grasp of common sense. Remember kiddos, having high IQ can’t stop you being a completely illogical shit!

Reading an article about Zoe Quinn and it strikes me..

In any sort of relationship, whether romantic or friendly, to seek out any sort of revenge when a relationship end strikes me as like.. you never really cared about that person in the first place, did you? Like, if you ever loved or liked or cared about this person, why would you seek any revenge? Why does your hurt respond in wanting to ruin this persons life?

It strikes me that perhaps there was always some sort of underlining bitter resentment in these relationships that manifests once it breaks down and it is sort of sad.

keep in mind, i havent viewed the episode’s entirety yet. but i have to get my thoughts out until then. this post is bound to be edited when i do watch but

did alec not know the demon was going to project who they loved the most for all to bare witness before he got in the kumbaya circle? why would he even hold hands knowing that? and before anyone argues “whats he supposed to do, NOT help them” this dude just NOPED harder than anyone ive ever witnessed. i dont think him chucking the deuce up before he even really gets a reason to is that hard to believe.

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I’ve been able to play a little, but most of my knowledge is from lets plays because my computer can’t handle the game. I really wanted to draw scars but nah gotta attempt a silhouette of Maxson instead.

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- I’m not into Superwholock. Weren’t my types of shows anyways, and seeing their fandoms begged me off before I could get started. ^^”

- I have a passion against a lot of mainstream lit. For my hate list: The Hunger Games (though this is has faded to mild dislike over character treatment), Divergent, Unwind, Matched, to name a few. The characters are bland at best, and use stupid, nasty stereotypes like the Troubled Asshole Love Interest and the ever so edgy Strong Female Protagonist ™, and most of the stories are barely compelling. I apologize; I can be kind of a major asshole about books. It’s the only thing I really care about, so I expect more out of it and am critical when I don’t receive it. No hate for anyone who likes any of the above!

- St*r Wars fandom ruined Ky*lo Ren for me by excusing the literal mass genocide of an entire village (which is implied not to be the first for him) because his childhood was “sad”, especially when by excusing him, they decided to ignore that the main trio has a badass female Jedi, two people of color, and implied non hetero man.  (if the actor is anything to go by anyways). Not to mention, said main trio is also well written and completely devoid of unnecessary sexualization and stereotyping. 


Con someone please help me?? I need to block dicapito like right now before I explode xD

I have been trying to just laugh it up but it’s just not working anymore…

Does someone know how to block someone on the phone app?? I have no access to a computer right now and this is just too much already. I’m not in the mood for this kind of shit right now.

Ugh… Seriously… I get it… You don’t like clexa. WE ALL GOT IT. WE DON’T CARE. I also get that you don’t tag anti… But it’s pretty simple to NOT. TAG. ANYTHING. super simple really. Just don’t add clexa to the tag…

Please… A little respect is all I’m asking for.

My favourite part of the early few episodes of the 100 is after Bellamy acts like hes the big tough in charge dude, being all ANARCHY, and TEENAGE ANGST, and FUCK THE SYSTEM, and then he cant mercy kill his friend, and Clarke does it for him, the look on his face when he realises that hes weak as fuck. 

im crying i hate me i hate how i get jealous over the stupidest of things i hate how peoples small actions completely dictate how i feel and how my mood is i hate how other people control if ill feel like crying or screaming at them i hate my emotions i wish i was just emotionally distant and didnt care anymore

Clary Fairchild - Playlist

1.  Warrior - Beth Crowley

2.  Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

3. Smoke and Mirrors - Imagine Dragons

4. You and Me - Lifehouse

5. Because of You - Kelly Clarkson

6. Stronger - Kelly Clarkson

7.  Love Story - Taylor Swift

8. Love Don’t Die - The Fray

9. All The Right Moves - One Republic

10. Good Life - One Republic