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I was helping an older woman clean out her kitchen and when we were taking a break and she saw my home lock screen and it is Dan and Phil and she said “Who are they?” So I started explain who they were, what jobs they do and that stuff and she said “Are there other people like them?” And I was like “Yeah, There’s a guy named Troye and a guy named Tyler and a guy name Connor oh and there’s a girl named Zoe..etc.” and about 10 minutes into me talking she was like “You talk about them like they’re your best friend.” And I had to stop myself for a second because it’s kinda true.

These people share their lives with us from Books to gaming videos to coming out videos to how they were bullied to them laughing for 7 hours over a tv show.

These people are like your weird Internet best friend because they do share everything with you and make you feel at home


Dan Phil Tyler Troye Connor Zoe Joe Sugg Shane Dawson And so many others thank you for being my weird Internet best friend/s you’re the best

At one point in the middle of filming, Jared went really crazy during lunch break in front of all the catering people; in front of most of the cast and crew. He, and I’m being serious, he took a carton of milk and – listen – he drank straight from the bottle. Straight from the bottle! Nobody could believe it. He just drank like it was nothing even though there were some glasses right next to him! After he finished he smiled and said ‘got milk?’ and then started laughing wildly. I had to ask him to stop because everyone, including myself, was getting really scared… He’s going to be something else in this movie, I tell you. People are NOT ready.
—  Director David Ayer on his experiences with Jared Leto on the set of Suicide Squad
  • Teacher: You better have a good reason for not handing in your essay
  • Me: *opens mouth to say something
  • What I think : Well you see the first thing I did after I got home and did stuff that I am pretty sure were not that important was open my laptop, go straight to Word and stare at the blank page for a while.Five minutes later I found myself reading a fanfiction about my OTP.After crying, laughing, constantly chewing my nails and furiously banging my head on my laptop, I suddenly could not find the NEXT CHAPTER button.So after I finished screaming my lungs out to a harmless teddy bear, I realised I had an essay that was due the next day.So I rushed to my laptop went straight to Word again and typed A to start off.But it was never bound to happen, it was doomed from the start because five seconds later, I found myself reading another fanfiction and before anyone else could stop me, I was awake until 3:00am reading all the fanfics I could get my hands on. It sucks I know, but honestly I don't regret anything and I would do it again
  • Me : . . .
  • Me : My dog ate it?

(most of) the men of black sails + name meanings (according to urban dictionary) (insp)(cap credit)

the ladies


Okay so I absolutely love that they DID decide to include some of the manga visuals in the Crisis Make Up sequence and combined those with some shoutouts to the 90s anime sequence. 

But I had to stop myself from laughing out loud at this because I thought she was going to drink from the cup and instead she just kind of dumped glitter onto her face.


I told myself to work on my comic but was like aye i should finish that mad king. Two WIPs because i had another idea…

Using the lovely pinstripe’s minecraft designs! woo

i was on the bus by these two dudes and one of them was laughing at the other one and the other one got mad and yelled ‘i can’t be the only person who’s ever watched rupaul’s drag race thinking it was about cars!’

“ a few moments ago, a boy came up to me and said a pick up line. i had to stop myself from laughing at his face. it was creative ?? yeah, a little bit. but god, they should know that pick up lines rarely works. “

Long Way Home (C.H.)

A/N: I remember this song blasting through my car speakers as I was driving home from their concert and yup, just had to. another song pref, sue me. it’s also fluffed to the max.

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Hittin’ every red light. Kissin’ at the stop signs, darlin’.

“We really should be heading back now,” I mumbled quietly without lifting my head off of Calum’s chest as we laid on the grass, gazing up at the stars.
His thumb stroked at my hip as he hummed. “I don’t wanna move.”
I let out a small laugh. “You leave early tomorrow morning, or should I say today?” I corrected myself when I stole a glance at the time on my phone.
He chuckled, my head bouncing slightly from the movement of his chest. “I can always sleep on the way there.”
I lifted my head so that I was looking at him. “We both know that you’ll still be cranky and whiney with or without some sleep.”
He gazed down at me. “That’s true.”
I slowly pulled myself up into a sitting position and looked down at him. “C'mon. We need to go home.”
He sighed and sat up as well, but not without stealing a kiss from me.
I smiled at him when he pulled away. “You never fail at doing that.”

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Richonne Trash Roll Call

Hey it’s M.e, Code and I am Richonne trash. 

I was tagged by the amazing @ricks-tight-n-right-brown-shirt, @just-wait-till-i-get-through @cryhooray @siancore


I write https://www.fanfiction.net/~codenameme, however I am on temporary leave because I have writers block *sigh*

I hosted a Richonne chat once for @babykay47 and what a rocky start, hahaha, I had no idea what I was doing but it happened.  I love those Richonne chats because of the conversation and different viewpoint. We have a lot of fun and we laugh too. 

Richonne Trash


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I cannot start the day without saying something about them. I have to see what is going on in the twitter Richonne hashtag, here on tumblr and facebook and retweet,repost and comment. I’ve been doodling ‘Richonne is Canon’ on my office desk and I had to stop myself from creating a powerpoint presentation. Oh God, my feels. 

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Richonne Future

My mind is so in the gutter but I will maintain the PG, I want to see some more touches, caresses, hand holding, a hug. I want to hear ‘we don’t die’. I want to see some intimate sexy time, a nice ass smack or grope, more ‘you are the sun,moon and stars’ looks, eye fucks, and secret smirks, a Grimes 2.0 bottle episode. Shit, ♫I want it all and I want it now ♫


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Last Year - Pt. 2 (Sam x Reader, angst, requested drabble)

Part One requested by @endureandmeme - honestly I had to stop myself from laughing every time I typed ‘Denise’ bc of all your guys’ asks #fuckdeniseclub2k16. The response to this was overwhelming and I’m blown away by the level of kindness and support from you guys - thank you so so much for reading what I write and enjoying it!! It means the world to me <3 God help anyone who would ever cheat on you guys too omg hahah

Word Count: 3,116

Warnings: Cheating, brief NSFW mentions 


The sound of fireworks and trumpets mingle in the warm Cuban air above Sam. Cheers and laughter erupt from the crowd and he has to hold his drink close to his chest to prevent lively civilians from spilling it all over him.

“July in Cuba, right, kid?” he hears Sully’s voice behind him and the older man slaps a hand against his back with a laugh. Sam looks over his shoulder and grins in response. The two of them had decided to take a trip for the Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba; for old times’ sake, as always.

“I wish Y/N was here to see it,” Sam shouts above the noise, and the fireworks illuminate Sully’s face long enough for Sam to see him nod.

Twenty minutes later and Sam is seven shots and two beers in with his hands resting on some stranger’s hips as they dance down the street. There have to be thousands people crowding the city, all bright colours and deafening conga music with the stench of rum, smoke and sweet tropical air filling the night. As the dancing goes on, the stranger behind him wraps their arms around his middle. He can hear and feel them laughing behind him. The song changes and he turns to face them.

It’s a woman. Brown hair, kind hazel eyes and a smile that makes Sam’s stomach flip. That’s probably the alcohol, he thinks to himself as he his eyes catch the back of Sully’s head in the crowd and reality hits him like a train. But her hands are on either side of his face now, pulling his gaze back to her.

“My name’s Denise!” she calls to him, trying to raise her voice above the music and fireworks and shouting.

Don’t tell her your name. Turn around. Turn the fuck around, Sam. Don’t you dare open your goddamn mouth. You can’t do this her. You can’t do this to—

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I had a dream that Miles was a criminal and the cops stopped me on the road asking for him and they used his full name which was “Milestone Luna” and I woke myself up from laughing