lmao someone has reblogged my “Emmett Carver Looking Hot and Angry” gifset adding a comment about how some of the gifs were definitely of DT as Alec Hardy and not Emmett Carver.
Actually… they are all of Carver? I almost want to answer the person to tell them that I am 100% sure they are all from Gracepoint. But then I think to myself: is it worth it?
And anyway, they are both David Tennant and they wear the same kind of clothes, so I understand why they are confused but, for the person making the gifset, it’s almost impossible to accidentaly add a Hardy gif on a Carver gifset?

Finally beat this atrocity after taking a break from the game for months due to frustration ;-; there sort of was a glitch involved that helped a bit but it was totally unplanned and happened on its own (after dying 2 other times today) lol deltastic I think you were the one who I was talking about this with months ago?? Either way I’m super happy and relieved I can finally get on with the game!! (Seeing as I’ve beaten the dlc already lol)

; sometimes i wonder if my friend & i are lowkey sensates, bc one time i had lady gaga’s ‘edge of glory’ stuck in my head, & we’d never heard it while being in the same room & it was pretty old at that time. yet, when my friend returned to my room after walking to the kitchen, she started singing the first verse of 'edge of glory’. that was a year ago or so. then the other day, i had that 'these bitches ain’t loyal’ song stuck in my mind, & i danced & sang it before driving to her place. later, she started singing it – bc apparently it had been on the radio while she was working out, wHICH WAS AROUND THE TIME I WAS GETTING READY TO DRIVE TO HER PLACE. i’m not saying i’m a sensate……but that’s some sensate shit

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omg okay so all my friends & coworkers & even my mom calls me "yung tams" (my manager started it, he thought "tamia" wasn't fun enough for me lol" and when i saw that you reblogged me i got SO confused bc i didn't reblog myself and it took me a good 45 seconds to realize what happened lmao sorry i had to share

😂😂😂 omg that’s so cute yo! Nice to meet you Tamia, I’m Tammi. (My real name is Tharim (tha-reem) but I tell everyone to call me Tammi. 😊)

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So I was creeping through your Harry with kids tag and I came up to the Nashville incident and I started busting out laughing almost a year later..... That kids name wasn't even Eric his mother was screaming Cameron at Harry and you could read her lips on the jumbo screen and Harry looked at her and just went "SO Eric" I'm sorry I just had to share

LMAO omg i remember hes such an idiot poor kid was so confused

In other news I officially have a place to live which is super freaking awesome!!!! 

And I want pen pals anyone up for that?

Lmao so while I was working the other day I was walking back towards a section of the store called Chem Corner (which is where all the chemicals save for laundry detergent are) and on the way there is an aisle that has the remainder of our summer items, including a series of adorable cups in a variety of colors. 

Well as I was walking back to the area, I passed by a woman and her kids (there was like two sons and a daughter?) and the older son had grabbed one of the cups. Now the cups (which are decorated with foxes and little woodland creatures) come in like 3 different colors, with each color having a different woodland design. I happen to have the blue one. But the oldest boy had grabbed a pink one, as opposed to the blue or the green.

And his mother steps and is like “Are you sure you want that one? It’s pink. Don’t you want the blue one”? and I swear I lost all patience with everything. Like, seriously, it’s just a fucking color, it has no gender or gender identity please stop inconspicuously teaching your kids that gendered colors are a thing.

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Since everyone is being so sentimental tonight I remember watching the WMYB video and kept seeing your tumblr name in the comments and ending up looking up your blog and you were freaking out and I still don't know how or why that happened but I've been following you ever since and were mutual but we don't talk but I feel like we're friends lmao sorry I'm lame I had to share this

I REMEMBEBEBR THAT BYE. anyway i still love u whoever you are

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You seem like the type of person who has punched people. No offense.

i’ve played basketball since i was six, so trust me, i’ve had my fair share of fights lmao. my personal favourite was throwing the ball directly at someone’s head after the whistle was blown and everyone was quiet. classic. i’ve given someone a black eye before. fun times. 

the twig white girl look is just a trick lmfao.