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IRL I have this friend of mine with whom I’ve seen dwd all over again and she’s a huge Lindo’s fan, so every time I show her Rem’s stuff or fangirl about him, she just gives me the look:

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So this guy I used to be friends when i was in school, last summer started training and studying in La Masia, and he just started playing with Barça’s juvenil A this winter…
And I was wathing TV and stopped in BarçaTV and saw they were playing a game and it was his team, and he’s actually playing on TV alongside Tito’s son and the commentators were talking about him and saying that he’s from my town and OHMYGOD I used to be friends with him, I stayed at his house, I WENT TO THE ZOO AND THE CAMP NOU WITH HIM for god’s sake

21 april 2015

st. paul’s cathedral, london

she tastes like a cool fall day when the sun is drifting further and further from the earth
crisp red leaves get stuck between your teeth as you chew the day away
yeah, she tastes like an autumn i never want to forget

so falling for her is always going to taste like pancakes at midnight on halloween
when it’s so cold your fingers feel like icicles as you press them up against her and grin away the cold chill

the heater is on full full blast
so when i walk into the room the air feels almost as warm as my thumping heart

yeah, she tastes like saturday mornings in november
when there’s nothing to do but drive around and try to remember what brought you here

missing her will always taste like a long distance phone call from a train station terminal
in a city you ended up in because your friends wanted something new
your bag stuffed with maps and pocket change

yeah, her smile tastes like caramel popcorn in front of the tv on a tuesday night after class
she’s waiting for only me

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i just thought of this and had to share lmao. imagine miyuki and eijun having sex in eijun (and mochi)'s room and mochi casually just walking in on them with an 'ugh' expression and saying "you could've invited me at least" just to tease and miyuki and eijun just glance at each other like 'hm that's an idea' 'sure why not' (mochi would either join them laughing or throw a shoe at them and walk out theres no in between tbh)

this is actually smth ive been planning on writing for a while but havent got around to yet 😭 maybe i should make that a top priority huehue

(i had a dream like this abt a yr ago or so and let me tell u it was 100/10 lmao)

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oh my god where did you find that video i'm laughing so hard sdhflsahf he looks like he's contemplating the meaning of life while 4minute sings in the background

my friend sent me it and i just had to share it here cos its gold lmao he does look like he’s contemplating the meaning of life haha

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Excuse me, I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I please borrow yours? ;) (also I actually sent that last ask around midnight so there is a possibility that we're in the same timezone ^^ oh oh and since you said we have to get to know each other better may I ask your name?) love from your secret valentine

asdfghjkl sure, you can call me anytime! Then, can we meet by the bakery? Because I want a cutie pie like you~

Yooo, that’d be awesome! I’m from Germany so my time zone would be… uh… GMT+1^^

…the way you asked for my name was very smooth anon, I have to applaud you :’D my name is Katrin but you can call me Kat, whatever you prefer! How should I call you?