Happy Birthday, Minsu!

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I had a nightmare I was sharing my home with a stereotypical SJW who kept screaming and spewing SJW buzzwords. Even more esoteric, they suddenly turned nice when we realized we liked the same favourite band. If only arguments were pacified that easily in real life...

Once I had a dream that it was racist not to turn on your heater because black people weren’t used to cold weather since they all originated from Africa…..

-The Native One

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i think the mun is a huge nerd that enjoys ripping out poor kat's hearts out and lAUGHING AT THEM BUT IS ALSo super cool and comes up with the best au's and plots while making some of the best spelling mistakes

What is your honest opinion of the mun?

ooc; oh man thank you lmao!!! God I love it when our conversation is all nice and normal and then ‘Hey Kat imagine..’ and boom, it’s somETHING SO ANGSTY. yo man we are the queens of yahikona and no one can tell me otherwise B). ily and omg remember microweave? when I went through our skype log we had spoke for like 12 seconds and I fucked up omg.

Its Flash Back Friday so im posting up from my birthday at Logan Arcade! Me and the cute lil married couple, Jose & his wife Joanna! They are soo cute together! Yall need to pop out kids already tho! Haha! I had my fair share of drinks by the time this pic was taken, lmao! #FBF #Birthday #LoganArcade #March28 #MarchBaby #Aries #Reunion #NightSchoolClassmates #ThoseWereTheDays #ReppinTheWhiteSox #StillAHockyChickTho #BirthdayGirl #AwesomeNight