Sharing a pepero stick with namjoon. As you two are nibbling the last few bits to the middle, Namjoon steals a kiss


Our Impala was used in Hillywood’s Supernatural parody! 

kieranjcallinan replied to your post “emiliricart tags me in these bc i think she knows i cant resist memes…”

torino and juve share a stadium too!

HOW i cant fathom that. like what if atleti and real shared one? or arsenal and chelsea? they would murder each other i think? are italians just more civilized?

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We had an unrelated celebration actually but only one tv & everyone in the living room so a great opportunity for my 11yo self to argue favorites with middle aged ppl; they were deliberately spiteful & cheered against my fave, i think i almost started yelling and jumping lmao

ohm i have had my share of yelling over eurovision, gosh!!! That’s the only way to watch eurovision

wow ok i’m gonna sound like a complete psycho but i had a dream about one direction today & it felt so real like i was best friends with all of them & liam was trying to hook me up with harry & it was just the best thing ever!!? then i woke up & i was really disappointed cus i actually thought that had happened lmao but yeah i thought i’d share this here cus i have no one else to tell this to alright bye

all my irl friends are asleep i think so i think its safe to share with the internet that i had a threesome today lmao

i feel really sad and i need to talk and not be alone but idk i just

oh my god I’ve written 12 pages talking about my political ideology on minimum wage and global warming.

did not know I was capable of writing 12 pages worth of anything.

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cinnamon sugar more like MINK and sugar hahaha lmao (I'm so sorry I had to share okay I'll leave now)

Our ship name tbh.

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Not a question but my Aquarius girlfriend is the cutest piece of sh*t ever. Sorry i had to share - aries

Lmao! Thanks for sharing!! I’m sure she is! Don’t call her piece of poo though :(