A/N: so i got three requests from @charlesgrey1875, @meep-meep22 , and @sebatianstanisbae and they all wanted a jealous bucky. the ending is based off of ed sheeran’s new song perfect. 

Pairing: bucky x reader

Word Count: 1689

C'mon Steve! That’s not fair!” Y/N yelled as she tried to reach for the bag of candy Steve was holding above her head. Steve chuckled as he watched her start to jump up and down, stretching her arm up as far as it could go but it never came near the bag.

Steeeve,” Y/N whined, eventually growing tired of jumping and crossed her arms over her chest.

“You stole my bag last time,” Steve answered, like it was the perfect justification for why he had the bag.

“It was an accident!” Y/N exclaimed, uncrossing her arms and throwing them in the air in frustration.

“Yeah well, should have looked more carefully before pulling something out of the cabinet,” Steve replied, still holding the bag above her head.

“What’s going on here?” Another voice entered the kitchen. Sam and Bucky had just finished their workout and planned to have a relaxing snack but instead found two bickering children.

“He stole my candy!”

“She stole mine first!” Steve slowly lowered his arm, cautious of Y/N and her fast cat like reflexes.

“Seriously?” Sam asked as he raised an eyebrow, “you guys are fighting over a bag of candy?”

“It’s not any bag of candy it’s my favorite,” Y/N responded.

“Which happens to be my favorite as well,” Steve added, opening the bag and watching Y/N squint her eyes in annoyance as she hears the crinkle of the bag.

“Unbelievable,” Sam muttered before walking towards the fridge. “Like an old married couple,” he said under his breath not expecting anyone to hear him. But two people did and both had super soldier hearing. Bucky grunted as he looked between Steve and Y/N, unsure of what to do or even say. He wanted to tell Steve off, to yell at him for teasing Y/N and to remind him that he had a crush on her, not Steve. But he didn’t, instead Bucky grabbed the bottle Sam offered him, clenched his jaw tight and left but not before giving Steve a quick side eye.

“What’s his problem?” Y/N asked curiously at the interaction.

“You,” both Steve and Sam said.

“Me?” Y/N could hardly believe it. The man that she had slowly started to fall in love with had a problem with her. She let out a sniffle and wiped a stray tear from her eye before excusing herself without letting her friends explain why Bucky had a problem with her.

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Sick Babygirl - pt.2

Genre: a smidgen of fluff and s m u t

Length: about 1,500 words

Kinks: dd/lg, choking, brat taming, predator/prey play

Originally posted by magiccastles

Jaebum had been taking care of you all week; bring you everything you needed or wanted, leaving practice early just to check up on you, and so much more.

You looked up at him, softly pouting as you made eye contact. “Daddy…” His petname rolling off your tongue and escaping your mouth like a sweet, peaceful song.

A bright smile appeared on his face, his cheeks turning a bright pink- just like they always did when you called him that during the moments alone you two had together. “Yes princess?” He asked in reply, gently caressing your face.

“You seem really tired. Are you sure I’m not being a bother?” You asked curiously, cuddling into the palm of his large hand, “I feel so annoying. You’re doing so much for me..”

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001. // yoosung drabble

it was it’s this sunshine’s birthday and i’m getting fluffy/nsfw-ish vibes so yeah. fluff and slight nsfw.

He was sitting on the chair behind his desk at the clinic, going through some paperwork when he heard the sound of barking coming from the big cages at the front of the building followed by your sweet voice filling the air.

Honey! I’m here!” he grinned at how cute the word ‘honey’ sounded directed towards him.

He was about to reply when he heard you talking to the animals. Oh God, did you want him to die or something? You were just too kind and cute and just perfect. Yoosung stood from his chair and walked towards the front of the clinic, feeling his heart thump loudly when he saw you with an senior dog in your arms, talking to him in a baby-like voice as your right cheek rubbed his back. 

Oh, who’s a goody boy?~” you cooed, “You are!”

You felt your heart swell with even more happiness as the dog started wagging his tail even more. That’s when the sound of a clearing throat made you snap your head back. 

Your husband was standing there, looking extremely hot and sexy and fine in that white lab coat, a light rosy tinge adorning his beautiful face. 

I see you’re busy,” he said in a playful voice.

Babe! I thought you’d gone to lunch when you didn’t answer.” you offered him a wide smile as you walked towards him, pupper still in your arms, and brushed your lips against his once before licking his lower lip in a teasing manner.

His eyes went wide as he looked around and towards the puppies in the cages, “There’re kids present, (y/n)! We can’t just do stuff like thi-”.

You interrupted him by pressing another kiss on his lips, this time firmer and deeper than the last one, a soft sigh escaping your lips. 

Sorry, I just can’t seem to hold myself back today,” a cheeky grin slowly appeared on your face before walking back and placing the old pupper back in his cage.

Don’t worry baby, your parents’ll be back soon! Only two days now, baby!” a peck was pressed on the pupper’s head before you closed the door.

Suddenly you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around your waist and a soft whisper was suddenly heard next to your ear, “Whatever did I do to deserve someone as perfect as you, (y/n)?”

It was your turn to blush now. He’d become bolder and manlier over the years you two have been together.

Hmmm, I don’t know…” you tried to sound as uninterested as possible, failing miserably. 

You turned around and lazily wrapped your arms around his neck, your fingers tangling in his golden locks, “By the way,” you stood on your tip toes and hovered your lips right below his earlobe, “I’m not wearing any panties.”

His reaction was immediate. Yoosung grabbed your hand and pulled your towards the back of the building, pressing you against the closest wall before capturing your lips with his. 

Just as he was about to remove his coat you stopped him and chuckled, “Not so fast.”

“Wh-What is it, (y/n)?” he whimpered softly, his hands running up and down your waist.

Just as you said, kids are right here in this building so we need to hold back,” you let out a soft chuckle as a loud groan escaped his lips.

You’re driving me crazy here…” he traced the outline of your lips with his tongue just before his mouth found your neck, suckling on it softly. 

Hmmm, it’s all part of your birthday gift,” you mumbled airily.

Wait. Wait wait wait. Birthday gift? At the moment he pulled back and pulled out his phone. It read March 12. 

Holy shit. He forgot his own birthday. He hadn’t had time to go on LOLOL or go out with his friends due to how heavy work was this days.Then something dawned on him. None of his friends or family had called him yet.

Usually it was his mother who called him first, then his sister, then you, then his friends. But not even you or the RFA had given him a proper birthday greeting.

Carefully, he pulled completely back from you, head hanging low. 

Oh… Hah, I guess it is…” the man trailed off as his heart started feeling heavy.

Why are you making such a big deal out of this Kim Yoosung? It’s just one birthday,’ he thought.

You knew exactly what he was thinking and before you could even wrap your arms around him your phone rang, snapping him out of his saddening thoughts.

As you read the text your facial expressions started showing worry and that immediately snapped him fully back to reality. 

Hey, honey, what’s wrong? Is everything okay? Is someone hurt?” he grabbed you by your shoulders, noticing just how tense they were, which only adding to his growing worry.

U-Uh… Yeah,” you mumbled, “Uhh, we need you go. There’s an urgent RFA meeting right now. Close down the clinic for today. We need to meet up.”

You two quickly gathered your stuff and left the building, heading towards the place of the meet up.

None of you uttered a single word as you drove towards a known restaurant in the city. It was really hard not to ask you what had happened. He noticed how your eyes suddenly started getting teary, dread starting to fill his entire body.


Finally, you two arrived to your destination. He let dropped you off in front of the restaurant before going to find somewhere to park. 

Once he was done, he walked into the restaurant. He was quick to find you standing in front of a pair of wooden doors, which apparently was the V.I.P room, looking quite nervous. “This must be really bad if she’s behaving this way.” 

In a matter of seconds he was next to you. 

You took a deep breath before looking into his eyes and taking a tight hold on his hands, “Get ready for what you’re about to hear. Please, try not to freak out.”

Bile was rising in his throat as you said that.

Your hands rested on the handle of the door for a few seconds before you hesitantly pushed the door, allowing him to enter first. 

Next thing he knew was there was a, booming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” that managed to fill the entire room.

Then he noticed that the entire RFA was there along with his family and college/high school friends. Even some of his LOLOL long-distance friends were here. Some where shooting confetti towards the ceiling, others were releasing balloons of various colors from their hands and some others were waiting by the snacks and presents table.

Everything was beautiful. 

Yoosung spun around only to find you dramatically wiping away your tears as a devilish smile crept on your face, “Where you ready, babe?”

He was barely able to register everything that had just happened and the only thing he could muster to say at the moment was, “How?”

You chuckled and grabbed his hands, immediately intertwining yours fingers with his, “Well you see, Seven and I came up with the idea of scaring you a bit and Zen gave me a few intensive acting lessons, Jaehee helped me organize this, and Jumin provided the place. Oh! And V helped me contact your LOLOL friends and I payed their ticket with some of my savings. ”

I am so in love with you,”  and with that he pulled you towards him and pressed a sweet kiss on your lips to which the entire room burst into cheering and wolf whistling. 

Get a room!” you heard Seven yell.

The two of you chuckled your arms once again finding their way around his neck, your lips resting right next to his ear. 

One thing I was completely honest about,” you whispered, “Is that I’m really not wearing panties. So you can choose where to unwrap your present, Yoosungie...


Happy birthday, honey,” you sucked on the side of his neck, pretending to just be nuzzling it before pulling back and allowing him to enjoy his party.

Two months later, you discovered you were pregnant. 

Who we were

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Donald Pierce x Reader


Request: Yes

Summary: You are a powerful mutant that had to leave everything behind.

It’s been so long since you could just stop for a second and breath in the fresh air. Your life has become a constant nightmare with no hope of waking up. Just a few years ago you buried your family, your friends, pieces of you that you’ll never forget. Still, you were here alive, partially alive with your thoughts full of grief and with your body full of drugs. Sedatives and everything that could keep you from waking up. Nobody did it to you to get revenge, the survivors of your family did that to save you. A friend who let the world to think that he destroyed hundredths of lives, but it was you. Now when you were spending time only inside your brain you loved to go back to the memories when you were happy, when you had your best friend who was probably dead or didn’t even care where were you for so many years.

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Priorities, Man - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1448 

Plot: Peter attempts to tell you his Spidey secret, but… priorities, man.

Inspired by: How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode 17

Warnings: fluff and some swearing

Author’s Note: i really like how i met your mother okay dont judge… judge… please let me know if you like this by commenting, liking, etc! i know i’m not perfect, so if there is something you think i could do to improve my writing, let me know! (be nice, tho… i’m sensitive, guys)

Thanks for reading!

You rushed to your front door, swearing as you tripped over a pair of shoes that were laying in the middle of the hallway. Kicking the shoes out of the way, you hopped on over and opened the door, revealing your best friend standing in the doorway. He looked just as out of breath as you were; the bags under his eyes weighing down his smile and a blackish-purple color surrounding his beautiful brown eyes. His hair was wet from the rain that had been pouring all day on the streets of Queens, and his shirt was a little torn up from- what you assumed- running to your apartment. He looked in your eyes with despair, attempting to catch his breath.

“Jesus, you look like hell,” you commented, leaning against the door as Peter made his way into your apartment.  

“I-I need to talk to you,” Peter said sternly while looking around the room. “Are your parents home?”

“Yeah, they are in their rooms-”

“Okay, let’s talk in your room then,” he interrupted, taking your hand and dragging you down the hallway. Once he reached your room, he opened the door and lightly pushed you inside.

“Woah, woah, Pete. Calm down, you’re scaring me,” you said with a nervous laugh. Your hands rested on your bed as you sat down and whispered, “What’s up, buddy…?”

He slammed the door and took a deep breath. “(Y/n), I am about to tell you something that you cannot tell anyone. Not Aunt May, n-not Ned… nobody!”

You jumped off  the bed and threw your hands in front of his face, “No!” You got closer to him, shaking your head as you continued to quietly yell, “No, no, no! You are not making me keep another secret!”

Peter placed his hands on your shoulders, attempting to get you to calm down. “(Y/n), please. I need to tell somebody, this-this burden has been weighing on my shoulders and I can’t take keeping it from you anymore.”

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion- you didn’t know whether to change the subject or let him tell you. However, you have had a history of not being able to keep secrets. “Peter, you know I love you. You are my best friend,” you stressed while placing your hands on his shoulders as well. “But the last time you told me a ‘big secret’, I ended up fainting because I couldn’t tell Aunt May you were the one who brought a stray dog home.”

Peter forced out a laugh and shook your shoulders, “No, (Y/n). This is different-”

“If it’s different and more important than a stray dog, then you probably shouldn’t tell me,” you interrupted with a chuckle.

“(Y/n), I trust you, okay?”

You sighed and looked down at your feet, gulping in fear of the big secret that was about to be revealed.

“O-Okay… so, um,” Peter cleared his throat, and you looked back into his desperate brown eyes. “I-”

“NOPE,” you exclaimed while plugging your ears. “I can’t hear you, now!”

“(Y/n), wh-what are you doing-”

“LA LA LA, LA LA,” you yelled, dancing as you jumped onto your bed, shaking your head and prancing around to the imaginable beat that played in your head. “LA LA LA , LA LA-”

“(Y/n)!” Peter shouted at you with a small chuckle, waving his hands to get your attention. However, you just continued to shake your head and dance on your bed. He sighed, ready to give up because of your ignorant, childish reaction. Peter rolled his eyes before noticing your phone on the table next to the door, a lightbulb forming in his head as he got an idea. He quickly shuffled over to the table, grabbed your phone, and threw it at you.

“LA LA LA- holy shit!” you blurted while catching your phone. Your hands were no longer covering your ears, and Peter took this as his moment to tell you what he had been hiding for so long. “Peter, why did you throw my-!”

“I’m Spider-Man,” he blurted with an exhausted expression, in hopes you wouldn’t freak out. Your eyes flew wide open and you stared at him for a few minutes before resting your hands on your knees, exhaling as you closed your eyes.

“Peter freakin’ Parker,” you groaned, leaning back up with your phone in your right hand and your left hand on your forehead. “Who do you think you are?”

“Look, I’m so so sorry for lyi-”

“YOU COULD HAVE KILLED MY PHONE,” you yelled while jumping off the bed. Peter stood dumbfoundedly as you got closer to him. “YOU NEVER… EVER… THROW MY PHONE EVER AGAIN!”

Peter mumbled, “Did you hear the part when I said-”

“Yeah!” you interjected, “You’re Spoody, big whoop. Meanwhile, I would have a shattered phone if I didn’t catch it!”

“But you did, so there’s no problem-”

“But what if I didn’t, Pete! What if I just didn’t catch it, and it cracked and you would have had to pay for it! And we both know that you couldn’t have paid for it because you are still doing that whole dumpster diving thing,” you rambled before Peter cut you off.

“(Y/n), would you just listen to me? It’s just a phone-”

“No, Peter! You are giving me a heart attack because not only did you throw my phone,” you lowered your voice, “but you told me you are the crime fighting spider thing that constantly puts himself in danger! You can’t just- what if you get hurt? I love you so much, words cannot describe and I don’t know what I’d do without you, but god, Peter! You are such a fuckin’ idiot… A smart, heroic, idiot and I have no right to be mad at you for doing the right thing, but,” you took a deep breath and gave a sad smile. “I just… I can’t lose you.”

“I take it this isn’t about your phone,” Peter said, smiling as he stepped closer to you.

You forced out a laugh and rolled your eyes, “Of course, it’s not just about my phone. I mean, I did have to yell at you about it first cause… priorities, man. But it took me a moment to realize what you told me, and then so many thoughts raced through my mind like what if something happened to you or you got seriously injured or what if I never get to see you again because- ”

Peter placed his hands on your fiery red cheeks and leaned close to you, pressing his lips to yours before you could ramble for four more hours. Your eyes closed as you placed your hands on his neck and pulled him closer. His hands slid down to your waist as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He smiled while his lips were still connected to yours before pulling away, a dorky grin plastered on his adorable face.

“W-where did that come from,” you gushed, butterflies flying around in your stomach.

“I’m… I, I don’t really know,” Peter stumbled over his words while he rubbed the back of his neck, one hand still resting on your waist. “I just needed to find some way to shut you up.”

“Gee thanks,” you joked and bit your lip. “And the first thing that popped into your head was to kiss me?”

“Well, you did say you loved me.”

“You are my best friend, of course I love you.”

Peter looked down at the floor in embarrassment before realizing that you may not have meant that in the way that he hoped. “So… are you saying you don’t feel that way about me?”

“Now, I never said that,” you smirked. You leaned in and kissed him once more before your parents stormed into your room.

“(Y/n), what is going on in her- oh,” your mother said in concern. Her features relaxed when she noticed it was just Peter. You quickly pulled away from him and crossed your arms, feeling the heat rise to your cheeks, once again.

“Hi, mom.”

“H-hey, Mrs. (L/n),” Peter greeted with a smile.

“I heard some yelling and thought that you were going crazy, (Y/n)!” your mother joked, “But, I see you are with Peter so… I’ll leave you two alone.”

“Thanks,” you said in a flat tone, glad that your mother didn’t say anything to embarrass you.


“So, you’re Spooderman, huh?” you quipped with a grin.

“Why can’t anyone say it right,” Peter complained.

“Maybe because everyone likes teasing you.”

“If I asked you out on a date, would you call me 'Spider-Man’?”

“I will definitely go out on a date with you, but I can’t promise anything,” you winked and kissed him on the cheek.

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Stolen Lives

Stolen Lives

Jimin x Reader



She was all he ever wanted, but she was never there long enough, wasn’t always his. No one could have her, the grips of fate were too strong. There had to be a way to change it.

Words: 6.1

Originally posted by il-salice-errante

1736-1754: The First Life

1744: Age 8

His eyes stung, the water like pin-pricks to his pupils. He wouldn’t blink, eyes trained on the colorful fish swimming beneath him as he imagined that he too could live under the water, out of the ever-present heat, escape the responsibilities of a family barely living. Air rushed into his lungs the moment his head broke the surface of the water. It was cool, yet it burned his airways. It felt good to breathe, but it hurt, making his sides cramp with the heavy gasps of air and spurts of water leaving his mouth as he coughed. A minute and a half, that’s a new record! 

The sun was beating down hard, already beginning to dry his clothes, just not fast enough. The linen sleeves of his shirt were weighed down by the liquid soaking them. The material clung to his skin, hot and wet, sticking to him just the right way so that any movement would pull the shirt with it, chafing his skin just enough to be irritating. The water reached his waist, so he had to put his hands on solid ground and ball his hands in the blades of grass in order to heave his small frame out of the river.

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Admiration vol. 3: FIN

Bucky x reader (Bucky’s POV)

Final part, hope you enjoy :) 

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

Falling back into routine, I stroll the market every day with a new found confidence. The same words keep going through my head: ‘next time I see her, she’ll know who I am’

Though I wonder if I can muster up the courage to even come close to her, it’s a nice thought to keep mulling over.

I’ve become acquainted with a lot of the people that work their stands at the market, and today I decide to actually buy something, because that empty fridge keeps haunting me.  

I hold up casual conversation with Jacob, the elderly man who runs the fruit stand, when I suddenly feel a presence next to me. The scent of Jasmine and honey washes over me, and I know without looking that it’s her. She’s right next to me, waiting politely for out conversation to finish. I turn to her to see her looking right at me, smiling like she did the first time I saw her.

'Hi’ she says sweetly, and I feel my knees go weak.

'H-hi’ I stutter and I just want to punch myself in the face.

She chuckles lightly, and turns to ask Jacob for whatever she’s planning to get.

It’s now or never.

'I had a dream about you’

My mouth moves and the words fall from my tongue before I even know it.

She raises her eyebrows and turns to me.

I groan and slap my forehead, dragging my hand over my face.

'Shit, I- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.. It’s just.. ever since I saw you; I can’t get you out of my head and you’re so beautiful.. Fuck. Sorry I don’t mean to sound so creepy’ I’m completely rambling and losing my mind. She must think I’m insane.

But she giggles and I see that blinding smile form on her lips.

'It’s okay, you’re not that creepy’

Her voice sends a shiver down my spine and when it passes, I immediately feel more relaxed. Hoping I don’t stumble over my words again I reach out my hand to her.

'I’m Bucky’ I breathe steadily.

'Y/N’ she says as she takes my hand.

The touch sends an electric charge trough me, her hands are so soft. She snaps her eyes to me, the surprised look on her features tells me she felt it too.

'So..’ Her voice trails, 'you had a dream about me?’ She smirks when she slowly lets go of my hand, as if she doesn’t want to lose the connection.

I let out an embarrassed chuckle, 'Yeah.. I did’

'What happened?’ She smiles curiously.

'I- uh, we..’ I’m not sure what to tell her. In my mind I’ve already seen her so many times, that I’m afraid to come off as some sort of stalker when I open my mouth. Then again, that ship has probably already sailed.

'We kissed’ I blurt out, fully aware of what I’m saying.

'Oh? Really?’ She smiles shyly and a blush appears on her perfect cheeks.

I can’t help but smile at the thought that I’m the one who’s bringing the color to her face.

'That’s, uhm..’ She’s searching for words as she looks down, as if she hopes to find them on the ground.

'Interesting’ she finally says as she looks up at me, stunning me with her beautiful bright eyes.

I laugh silently, 'interesting?’ I ask her with a smirk.

'Yeah, I mean..’ her eyes wander to my lips for a split-second, 'I do wonder wh-’ she clears her throat awkwardly, and I’m sure she couldn’t look more adorable.

'You wonder?’ I ask with a smirk I just can’t hold back. She’s getting all shy and worked up over me, and I feel a part of me that’s been buried for a while surface slowly.

'I- uh..’ She giggles embarrassingly and hardly dares to look me in the eyes.

The assertive part of me makes me grab her hand. She immediately falls silent. Her eyes dart from our encased hands, to my face and back.

'May I?’ I ask breathlessly, I have no idea what’s come over me, being so forward; but I decide just to run with it.

She stares at me wide-eyed and my confidence is dripping away slowly; but then she surprises me again. She shows another shy smile and nods.

I don’t hesitate to pull her in; her hands are now on my chest, our faces only inches apart. I wrap my arms around her carefully, afraid to crush her with that monstrosity of a metal arm. My heartbeat is deafening in my ears, it’s all I can hear; next to hers. I can hear hers too.

The distance between out lips slinks, as if in slow motion. Her warm breath reaches my skin, and I move forward, unable to hold off on the soft looking lips closing in on mine.

A gentle moan of surprise leaves her when we finally connect. Another electric charge flows through me, and immediately I’m addicted to the excitement of it. We don’t part our lips until we’re comfortable enough to explore each other with smaller, gentler kisses. She tastes so sweet, I revel in her scent; my metal arm stays around her waist as I bring my other up to gently tangle in her hair. She feels even better than I could’ve ever dreamt. She fists my shirt tightly, pulling me closer to her. It takes a while for us to part, both embarrassingly realizing we’re still in front of the fruit stand where Jacob works around us to help other customers. He smirks at us as he hands Y/N her forgotten order.

'Thanks’ her cheeks redden as she looks down.

'Walk with me?’ She whispers at me.

'Gladly’ I smile at her and she takes my hand. My left hand. I stiffen as she raises her eyebrows at the glove around it.

'Why are you..’ She questions, but sees the look on my face and stops.

A smile plays on her lips, 'it’s okay. You don’t have to tell me all your secrets right away’ she reassures me.

I exhale a breath I didn’t know I was holding, and she laughs.

'Nervous about something?’

I laugh with her, 'well, it’s not often I’m in the company of such a stunning woman’ I give her a smile and squeeze her hand, careful not to crush her fingers with the metal prosthesis.

I see her flush red again, and I smirk at her, thoroughly pleased with myself.

'You’re quite the charmer for some one who drops the “I had a dream about you” bomb on a woman after just saying hi’ she jabs and I burst out laughing.

'You just had to use that against me, didn’t you doll?’ I sigh, still chuckling lightly.

'Well, I have to say, it was a pretty good pick up line’ she giggles. 'Did you really mean what you said?’ She suddenly adds, her hopeful eyes linger on me.

'About dreaming about you? Or the fact that you’ve taken over my mind and that I’ve been trying to find the courage to talk to you for almost two months?’

She stops in her tracks. 'You didn’t tell me that’ she smiles and bites her lower lip.

'No, but I mean every word’ somehow all the words come natural to me, as if she pulled back that part of me that I’ve been trying to get to ever since I saw her.

She closes the distance between us completely and takes my lips in a soft, yet passionate kiss. I instantly drop the bags of food -not really caring about my fridge at the moment- and pull her as close to me as I can. Savoring every curve, every movement of her lips; just to make sure I can remember this as vividly as possible. It lasts, and it’s beautiful. It’s soft and sweet, and I catch myself wishing that we could stay like this forever. 

We break apart only inches, our lips still touching softly.

'How about I take you out for a drink?’ I whisper, ghosting my lips against hers.

She smiles, 'Thought you’d never ask’

Two months later.

I’ve been living in a dream. Ever since that day, Y/N has hardly left my side, nor have I left hers. She’s so light and full of life; she’s been so patient with me and my quirks and my secrets, that I’ve finally gathered the courage to show her the thing that’s always with me. The thing that haunts me day and night; the metal stuck to my body, as much a part of me as I am of it. Out of respect she hasn’t pushed me to share everything about myself immediately, which is the only reason why I was able to hide this from her for so long.

She’ll be here any minute and I feel my stomach turning slightly as my heartbeat picks up. I take a deep breath as it hitches in my throat when I hear the familiar knock on the door.

Alright; it’s now or never, and I don’t want to find out what happens if it’s never.

Stranded (Part 1) - Merlin/Harry Potter Crossover Imagine

A/N: Part 3 coming soon! Since I have to write three different versions each time, this story will take a bit longer to update, but I will try to update as quick as I can manage. I hope you enjoy! (BTW, please let me know you any of you would like for me to add a Gwen part!) 

A prank pulled on you by the Weasley twins goes wrong, and accidentally sends you back in time to Camelot. Only problem is you might be stranded without a way back.

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin or Harry Potter or any of it’s characters

“You know, some of your time may be well spent helping me stock, instead of playing with your…” (Y/N) slammed a stack of heavy boxes onto the table, then angrily snatched a small flying car from in front of her face, “…toys.”

“Oh come on, (Y/N)!” Fred exclaimed from the top of the stairwell. She looked up at Fred, a smirk on his face. George stood next to him, and (Y/N) sighed, knowing what was about to happen.

“Have a bit of fun-” George continued.

“-let go-”

“-of your worries-”

“-we’re not at Hogwarts anymore.”

(Y/N) huffed, seemingly amused, but annoyed at the same time. “I hate when you guys do that.”

“We know.” The boys said at the same time.

She rolled her eyes, and went back to unpacking the boxes. She grabbed a couple of love potions, and walked over to the WonderWitch display to finish stocking before the shop opened. The time turner she wore around her neck clanked against the glass bottles as she reached over to fix the pygmy puff cage. “Have you finished that order I gave you? The one for the kid with the funny nose.” (Y/N) yelled as she made the last finishing touches.

“Not quite.” Fred yelled back.

She closed her eyes tightly, a phantom soreness trickling down her legs and to her feet. She was used to doing all the upkeep of the shop, but the orders were supposed to be their responsibility; it was part of the deal when she agreed to help them out. “But I gave it to you hours ago.”

“We’re a little busy at the moment.”

“Doing what?” (Y/N) looked up to the stairwell where Fred and George last stood, only to find them gone.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

She groaned and grabbed a large box with a few sweets from Honeydukes inside. They don’t want these right? She thought for a second. (Y/N) pursed her lips, then shrugged. Nah, they’ll be ok. She stuffed the various sweets inside the pockets of her jacket, then went back to the order. “You don’t pay me enough for this.”

She heard Fred and George cackle from the room upstairs. “We don’t pay you at all.” George joked.

(Y/N) giggled, annoyed at the fact that she couldn’t be mad at them even if she tried, and boy, did she try. She grabbed the rolled up parchment off the counter. “Okay,” She whispered to herself, reading the order as she walked around the shop, grabbing every item listed and placing it in the box neatly. She squinted her eyes at the last item, unable to decipher the writing.

The shuffling of Fred and George’s footsteps coming down the stairs brought her a small sense of relief. She sped walked to the end of the stairwell, and handed them the parchment. “What’s that last bit there?”

George took the parchment. Fred leaned over his shoulder as they both examined the list, their mouths slowly contorting into a wide, mischievous grin. “Ah, yes. Allow us to show you.” George said.

“Prepare to feast your eyes.” Fred added.

(Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows, moving away from the stairwell, still holding the box against her side. “New prank I take it?”

“Of sorts. But first… George if you will.” Fred motioned toward George, who was already hiding his hands behind his back. There was a small poof, then a tiny billow of smoke. George pulled his hands back out, revealing a small, dainty ring with the letters F and G elegantly placed on top.

“This is for you.” George smiled. (Y/N)’s eyes widened, admiring the gold, luminescent finish as George gently placed in her open-yet-eager hand. Still holding the box, she sloppily placed the ring on her middle finger, straightening it with her thumb.

“We’ve just one like it!” Fred and George held their hands up, showing her an identical, but thicker version of her ring. Fred’s ring had George’s initial and hers, and George’s had Fred’s and hers. “Their enchanted so even if were worlds apart, we know that we’re ok. We wanted you to know that you mean the world to us-”

“-And even if it were for a second, we would lose our minds if we didn’t know whether our best friend was ok or not,” George cleared his throat, realizing just how mushy he’d sounded. “Um…”

(Y/N) looked at her ring, and sure enough both letters had a bright glowing light around them. She pulled her hand to her heart in a somewhat teasing manner, but also in a serious one. “Aw guys, I love you, too. Thank you.”

Fred and George laughed nervously, running their hands through their hair. The rings had been ready for quite some time now, but neither of them were good at sappy moments like these, so it took them a lot longer to give it to (Y/N).

She noticed their uncomfortable stance, and she wished she could’ve kept them like this for a little longer, but for their sake, she decided to change the subject. “So this prank?”

“Right,” Fred and George moved closer to (Y/N). “I think it’s finally ready to be displayed. It’s near perfect.”

“Yeah, the last time we tried this, we took the entire roof off the burrow.” Fred added.

“What is it?” (Y/N) asked, a little afraid.

“A bigger, more personal twister!”

The confused look on her face was the twins cue to unveil the said prank. “Watch.” Fred pulled out a tiny twister jar. He aimed the jar toward her, and opened the lid, releasing a twister the size of her. It did no damage to surrounding objects, but it encased her in a whirlwind.

“Fred! George! Stop this!” She shouted above the wind, but they only laughed at her distress. Just then she realized the time turner she’d been wearing was turning faster than the wind. “Oh no,” she muttered. (Y/N) grabbed the time turner, holding it tightly in her hand to stop it from spinning, and before she knew it, she was falling. She held onto the box for dear life.

(Y/N) landed back first on a wooden table, breaking it on impact. She groaned in pain, turning over onto her stomach to get up.

(Y/N) heard the sound of a sword being drawn from its sheath. She quickly spun her head, looking upwards, only to find the very tip of a sword barely touching her nose. She looked past the silver blade to the man who wielded it so threateningly. He was tall and muscular, with blond hair, and his unwavering stance told her that he was no stranger to the sword. Next to him stood a scrawnier boy with darker hair, his face more afraid than that of the other one.

“Who are you?” The blonde one demanded.

She held her hands up to show him she meant no harm, and slowly stood up. (Y/N) quickly glanced around the room, trying to recognize something, anything, but it was all different. “Wh-” She muttered. (Y/N) began to grow worried, “Where am I?”

The boy lowered his sword a bit to observe her, confused by the sudden amnesia she seemed to exhibit. “You mean to tell me you crash landed in my chambers, and you don’t know where you are?”

Crash landed? Oh right. She turned to see the table in pieces all over the ground beneath her feet. “Oh… I’m so sorry. I can fix it.” (Y/N) quickly pulled her wand out from her boot, stepped aside, and waved it toward the broken table. “Reparo.”

The two boys jumped back, startled that this strange girl was in fact a sorceress. The blonde quickly held up his sword again, watching as the table magically glued itself back together.

“You have magic?” The black haired boy asked.

She nodded, smiling widely and proudly.

“Magic is forbidden in Camelot. The king would have your head for using it so openly. Are you not afraid for your life?” The blonde one spat.

(Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows, “Camelot?”

“You’re in the royal castle.”

Ohmygod, she thought. Her face turned a sickly pale color, and her legs growing weak from the weight of the worry. How am I here? I can’t be here!

(Y/N)’s hands felt like they were going numb. The concrete dam that had been holding her tears back, was beginning to crack under the pressure. Something was off, she could tell, but (Y/N) was having a hard time focusing.

“No, no, no. Please no.” She tried to breathe, but every time it felt as though her lungs weren’t getting enough air. “This has got to be a prank.”

A prank. The words resonated in her head, trying to make sense of the situation. That’s it! This was all Fred and George’s doing. She held her hand over her heart, trying to convince herself that she would be ok now that she figured out the twins devious plan. Once she didn’t feel nauseous anymore, she faced the boys, leaning against the table as she tried to regain her balance.

“Those damn twins! After that stupid speech about not wanting to lose each other, they pull this shit,” (Y/N) hissed, mostly to herself. “I will snap out of it soon, this all just some hallucination.” She assured them, but they still seemed confused.

“No, I promise you this is all real.” The dark haired boy said, stepping forward. The blonde attempted to hold him back, but he just shrugged him off.

She shook her head, “It’s not. I’m too smart for them. They probably just pranked me with a daydream charm, too.”

“A what?” The blonde asked angrily.

“Just give it thirty minutes, it’ll be like you never existed.”

The blonde scoffed, upset at her cryptic answers. “You’re delusional.”

“Yeah, kinda.”

“I shall have you arrested if you do not tell me your purpose for intruding my chambers!”

“You? What authority do you have?”

“He’s Prince Arthur of Camelot.” The dark haired boy answered. “I’m Merlin.”

Her eyes widened, “Merlin? You mean to tell me that you are the greatest sorc-”

Just then the bedroom door swung open, revealing a beautiful dark haired woman with the brightest grey-green eyes she had ever seen. “Arthur! I heard a loud crash, and I just came to see if you wer-” The woman’s gaze fell upon (Y/N). “Who’s this?”

“That’s what we would like to know.” Arthur replied, still glaring at her.

“I’m (Y/N).” She answered, glaring back at him.

“You can’t look at me like that!”

“You did it first!”

“Well, I’m the Prince of Camelot, I do what I please.”

“Yeah, I bet you do.” (Y/N) retorted.

Arthur stood there dumbfounded at the way she was responding to him.

Merlin noticed the tension brewing between them. He wanted to stop them before they killed each other, but he also wanted to ask her questions about her magic, so he quickly jumped in. “Let me take you to see the court physician, Gaius. You seemed like you hard a pretty rough landing.”

Arthur, realizing what Merlin was doing, quickly dismissed him. “No, we don’t know if she’s dangerous. She stays here in my chambers until we get this sorted out. Father can’t find out, he’ll have her executed without a second thought.”

The girl standing at the doorway scoffed, “She can’t stay here with you, you’re a man. She can stay with me, she’ll be more comfortable there.”

“Morgana!” Arthur shouted.

“Arthur!” Morgana shouted back, frowning at him. “Come, I’ll let you borrow some clothes, you can’t be seen in that.” She motioned to the jeans and t-shirt that (Y/N) was wearing.

(Y/N) pulled her lips into a tight line, looking at them.

Who will you go with? 




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Maybe a cute, short Drabble of merarthur being rescued from rocks by Vivi and Lewis? He doesn't know or trust these humans yet, so he's highly defensive and scared at first.

I’m basing Mer!Arthur’s design off of @ectoimp‘s and @arthur-tristan-kingsmen‘s design of him. 

The vicious wind and rain howled around the car, making it shake. Vivi was almost afraid that they’d be blown off the road, and on a mountainside road such as this, that would mean certain death.

“Wow…” Lewis couldn’t lie and say he wasn’t a little nervous himself. “I knew Florida weather could be bad but I didn’t think it would be like this.” It wasn’t raining very hard, but the wind was making the drops land hard on the windshield. Lewis could see all the trees nearly coming loose from the ground.

“Just our luck that we came here during a hellish storm, huh?” Vivi grinned a little, and Lewis had to laugh.

“Yeah, sounds about right. I wish the client would have mentioned that little tidbit.” But at least it all worked out with helping the spirit of their client’s uncle move on, and the pay was nice too. Lewis would forgive the little miscommunication this time.

They turned a corner and Vivi smiled as she leaned against the passenger side door. The ocean was wild with waves and even here it was really cool to watch them. She had seen the ocean only a few times in her life and it always astounded her. She had always talked to Lewis about going scuba diving at one point when they had the chance.

Not in this weather though. She was glad there weren’t any boats out there either. Nobody would be crazy enough to go out there in this weathe-

Vivi’s eyes widened and she quickly sat up in her seat. “Lewis stop the car!”



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Why a Hamilton? - Part 5

Character: Jefferson X Reader
Prompt: The final stand for the reader and Jefferson to try and sort things out.
Word Count: 2,329
W/T: None?
A/N:Ahh, the bittersweet taste of writing the ending of a series. *sheds tear* Hope y'all enjoy!


Warmth. That’s the first thing you notice as you’re pulled back to consciousness. A source of heat, a light. Allowing your eyes to crack open slightly, you slowly adjust yourself to seeing your surroundings again, your vision becoming less and less blurry as you blink. Fuzzy colors quickly taken on shapes, and regain their sharp edges, the room materializing before you.

You were in your bedroom, the fireplace from across the way blazing fiercely, it’s light being the only source of being able to see anything. Shifting yourself to a sitting position, you lean the back of your head against the wooden headboard, a dull, throbbing pain arising from your skull, forcing a small groan from you. You shift a bit, trying to make yourself comfortable, and a blanket slips off of your shoulder.

Grabbing ahold of the slightly damp blanket, you re-wrap it around yourself, draping it across both of your shoulders. Mindlessly running your fingers across the soft fabric, you lower your gaze to it, the scent from it oddly familiar. The magenta cloth and golden buttons instantly click in your mind. This wasn’t a blanket, this was Thomas’ coat. His trademarked coat. Around your shoulders. Breathing in his rain mixed scent, you smile against the collar of the coat, an odd sense of happiness wavering over you.

“I see you’re awake.” A soft voice calls from the doorway, startling you. You speedily turn yourself towards the doorway, frozen in place with embarrassment from being caught smelling Thomas’ jacket. Madison chuckles heartily at your actions, stepping into your room and seating himself on the edge of your bed, his own coat missing from his usual attire. “You gave us quite a scare back there, Y/N.” He simply states, running his fingers lightly along the creases in your sheets. “I, uh, sorry?” You hesitantly offer, raising an eyebrow at the stout man, unsure of how to respond.

He slowly turns his eyes to meet yours, the darkness of them seeming to be scanning you, trying to figure something out about you. “What happened after I fell?” You inquire, wanting to fill the gap of time in your brain. “Well, you did manage to stop their fighting.” Madison establishes, nodding to the fact slightly. “They were in an utter panic. You should’ve seen their faces; priceless. Neither one of them knew what to do.” He laughs, recalling the memory. “I had to step in and bring you up here. Both of them started doing their own things. Alex had run into the kitchen to get a damp rag for your fever, and Thomas, well…” Madison trails, motioning towards the jacket laying across your shoulders. “He came in and laid down with you, using the excuse of making sure your heartbeat was still okay. He absolutely swaddled you in his coat. It was actually rather cute.”

You can’t stop the redness of the blush in your cheeks in time to hide them from Madison, his shy smile only growing bigger and more cocky. “Don’t worry about it, Y/N. Thomas is head over heels for you anyway.” “…I’ve been told.” You answer cautiously, not really wanting to hear the same speech that you had received from Washington earlier. Madison notices this, and gently places one of his hands on yours, trying to sooth your thoughts. “How about instead of me telling you about how much Thomas talks about you, you tell me how you feel about him?”

You move your mouth the counter this suggestion, but not a single noise comes out. You try and try, but every time yields the same results, and the same smiling Madison. “Okay, let me start you somewhere. How about when you’re around. How do you feel?” “Oh? Going to treat me like a child and ask me ‘how I feel’ about something?” You scoff, coming off a bit ruder than you meant to. “No, I’m just trying to help.” He deadpans slightly, a bit of an edge to his words. “Okay okay.” You defeatedly respond, shrinking into Thomas’ coat a little more. “It’s just… He’s very easy to talk to. As if he knew what I was going to say. Not to mention he’s always asking me about things I’m interested in. There’s never really a forced feeling between us.”

Madison scans over you once more, as if there were some sort of writing on you. “What do you hate about him?” He questions, catching you off guard. “Wh-what I hate about him?” You repeat, surprised by it. “Yes, what do you not like about him?” Madison reassures, raising an eyebrow. “I mean, I hate how him and Alex are constantly fighting. I just wish they could at least pretend to like each other, you know? Nobody likes how they are always going at each other’s throats.” You offer, silently groaning at the thought. Madison chuckles agreeably, nodding slightly. “What else?”

You rack your brain for anything else you could list off, but you come up empty. “I don’t have anything else.” You simply state, sounding a bit sad. “You’re not going to say anything about his taste in fashion? Or his handwriting? Or his choice in food?” Madison spouts off, confused by your lack of answers. “Yes, I would normally agree with you on those, James, but honestly, that’s what makes Thomas, well, Thomas. Those are his flaws, sure, but without them he wouldn’t be the same.”

“I suggest you tell him that.” Madison laughs, rising from his spot near your feet. You tilt your head at him as he disappears out of your doorway, and is slowly replaced by Thomas, his attire the same as before minus his coat. “That color suits you.” He smirks, lowering himself into the same spot Madison was moments ago. You simply offer him an over exaggerated eye roll, smiling. “I, uh…” He fumbles, grasping for words. “You scared me back there.”

“Yes, because I totally wanted to faint in front of you two.” You reply snarkily, a stray piece of hair falling to your face. “That’s not what I meant, Y/N.” He sighs, running his thumb across your knuckles softly. “I was just very worried about you. I still am.” “Well it scares me whenever you and Alex start fighting. It’s ended in injuries more than once.” You trail, a couple of memories from past fights rushing through your head for a quick second. “ but are you okay?” He asks again, attempting to sway away from the subject. “Yes I’m okay, alright? I’m not letting you try and push off the subject of you and Alex. It’s a problem and everyone knows it. Why can’t you two just, just get along like normal people?” You ramble, unsuccessfully pushing your stray hair behind your ear, allowing it to fall back.

“No, this can wait a minute.” Thomas deadpans, reaching his hand towards your forehead to feel to see if is still warm. But you pull your head back, glaring at him. “Y/N.” He states, narrowing his eyes slightly, stretching his arm back out towards you. “No, I’m not the problem right now, you are. Fix it.” You demand, leaning against the headboard. “Y/N, I need to make sure you aren’t running your fever still.” Thomas tells you once more, shifting himself over you, his knee against the bed between your legs. “No. I want you to stop arguing with Alex all of the time.” You growl slightly, trying to push him away from you. “Okay I will. Just let me check your temperature.” Thomas whines angrily, trying to swat your hands away from him. “No. Promise me. Promise me you won’t fight with Alex anymore.” You huff, still trying to fight his hands. “Y/N-” “Thomas. I’m not letting you go through with an empty promise here. Tell me you won’t- look me in the eyes and promise me you won’t fight with my brother anymore.”

Thomas swiftly snatches your wrists into one of his hands and pins them above you, his face now inches from yours. Heat rises on your face, unsure if it’s from the fever or his close proximity. His eyes slowly trail up to yours, lingering on your lips for a brief moment. His breath is hot against your nose, only adding to the increasing feel of the room. His dark chocolate eyes draw you in, just like they always do, the endlessness of them making your chest drop. Silently, his free hand rises to your cheek, his fingers dancing across your cheekbone gently, almost delicately. Your breath hitches slightly as he slips your stray hair behind your ear, his fingers leaving a thin trail of fire along his tracings. His hand slides itself down, cupping your face in it perfectly, only making you want to melt more. His eyes bring themselves to yours again, holding. They were glowing something mysterious, something understanding. They seem to be saying all of the words he was wanting to, without allowing his mouth to utter a single sound.

“I promise.”

A single beat of silence passes between you two before Thomas lowers his lips to yours, forcing you against the headboard slightly. You happily welcome the touch of his lips against yours, not realizing how starved you were for this connection with him. The temperature of the room skyrockets, only making his rough lips press into yours more and more. A soft, almost inaudible groan escapes you as he deepens the kiss, desperately wanting to run your hands through his mane of hair. He runs his thumb along your cheekbone, his nail scraping lightly against your skin.


Thomas slowly retreats from you the warmth from his lips lingering, his face riddled with a look of utter pleasure before turning towards the source of the voice in the doorway. You follow his gaze to the door as well, where you catch sight of your brother, his cheeks blazing pink underneath of his averted eyes. “Uh, I just wanted to tell you two something I thought you should know…” Alexander trails, rubbing his arm awkwardly. Sitting up quickly, you shrug Thomas’ hands away, swinging your legs over the side of your bed, trying to hide your embarrassment. “And what would that be?” Thomas inquires a little too harshly, scooting you closer to him, wrapping an arm around your waist. Alex narrows his eyes at him, but clearly withholds himself from spewing off choice words for Thomas. He takes a deep breath, trying to collect himself before continuing.

“Well, what I was going to say was… I’ve been… Thinking.” “That’s never a good sign.” Thomas mumbles, earning himself a jab in the side from you. “I’ve been, let’s say, ‘reviewing’ my previous reactions to you two- for Y/N’s sake, not Jefferson’s- and I’ve, I’ve seen the errors of my ways. Somewhat.” You furrow your eyebrows at him, confused by the vagueness of his words. “I’m not following, Al.” You state, pushing yourself up off the bed and stepping towards him. Alex bites his bottom lip, trying to rethink his words. Hesitantly, he takes your hands in his, gripping them reassuringly.

“Y/N, I see what you mean when you say I’m acting like your father, and you’re very right. I do try to act like a father to you, and it’s out of natural habit. Ever since we were orphaned, I’ve naturally felt the need to protect you, to shelter you. And once we came to New York, that sense only intensified from the war and new surroundings. But, despite my constant over-protectiveness, you still managed to flourish into a beautiful, brilliant, stubbornly independent woman.”

“Is there a point to this?” You quietly laugh, trying to keep back a set of fresh tears. Alexander squeezes your hands again, staring at them for a moment, pondering. “What I’m trying to say,” He begins, meeting your eyes, “Is that I’ve made my decision. I’m not happy about it, and I’m not really sure how I’m convincing myself enough to say this, but I know I’m doing this for you. It does baffle me how Jefferson has to be the one you’ve caught a thing for, but if he is the one that makes you happy and you know will treat you right, then…”

“I’m willing to let him court you.”

“ALEX!” You scream happily, rapidly enveloping him in the tightest embrace you’ve ever given. Tears stream down from your eyes, dampening the back of his lush green jacket. “Thank you thank you thank you!” You sob, futilely attempting to keep your onslaught of emotions at bay. “But remember I’m doing this for you, not him.” He whispers hostily in a joking manner into your ear. A heavy laugh escapes you, and you step back to try and wipe away the tears slipping down your cheeks, hoping you didn’t look as awful as you thought.

A pair of arms gently snake around your waist from behind, and a chin sets itself on top of your head, the owner very obviously smiling. “I didn’t think that I would ever say this, but thank you Hamilton.” Thomas huffs, his voice heavy with gratitude. “Yeah yeah, don’t make me Change my mind, Jefferson. It was hard enough to say those words as is.” Alex laughs, turning towards the stairs and disappearing down them.

Spinning around giddily in Thomas’ arms, you place your hands against his chest, his arms pulling you against him. His eyes smile down at you, the atmosphere much more cheery than before. “Who knew this day would ever come?” He exclaims, chuckling as he leans downward to you, stopping himself right before meeting your lips. A certain sparkle seemed to dazzle in his eyes now, a newfound passion laced in his gaze. He mutters a single phrase to you before melting against your lips once more, only causing a small smile to form.

“I can’t wait to change that last name of yours.”

Maybe being a Hamilton isn’t such a bad thing.

Breaking Point

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not my gif


Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Percival Graves

Pairing: (pre)Reader X Percival Graves

Notes/Warnings: mentioned violence, non-sexual non-con, mind wiping; Well, this got really dark really fast…and long, sweet Merlin. I hope it turned out alright.

Word count: 2,430

Imagine: Imagine Graves comforting you after an awful experience at work.

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Are we only friends? Part 3

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Fluff and maybe angst and smut

Length: 1K

Summary: You and Jungkook have been best friends for as long as you could remember but things change when a girl comes in the way.


Are we only friends?

Are we only friends? Part 2

The two of you didn’t really say much to each other the rest of the way after making up. Mainly because you were too cold to even think about what to say. Everything was so numb and the rain didn’t seem like it was going to stop anytime soon, if anything it was raining much harder than before.

Even though Jungkook had walked you to his house with an umbrella, you still got soaked from the rain and the caramel frap before. At this point you were shivering like crazy but at least you and Jungkook had made up with each other.

When you reach the house Jungkook pats around his coat and pant pockets.

“Jungkook, I’m freezing! Hurry and unlock the door already!”

“Alright alright. Just let me find my keys.

You cup your hands over your mouth and blow on them to make them warmer. Jungkook moved noticeably slower; like he was a sloth, silently teasing you. Was making you stand outside like this his revenge for getting mad and ignoring him? You can hear him giggling to himself but immediately speeds up with he feels you glaring at him. After what felt like eight years, Jungkook finally opens the door and you run past Jungkook and into the house. 

You naturally make your way to the bathroom to shower, while doing so you take off your sweater and your pants. They were soaking wet, wouldn’t want to catch a cold right?

You hadn’t slept at his house for a while so you couldn’t find any of your clothes right away like you normally could. As soon as you step out of the shower, cold air blew at you so you wrap the towel around yourself for now. You go to Jungkook’s dresser and take out one of his gazillion oversized white t-shirts. You’ve always told him to wear more colors but it seems like white is the only one for him.

After quickly throwing on the t shirt, which was like a dress on you, you look for pants but you can only find shorts. Even though his shorts went well over your knees, sweatpants were warmer.

“Jungkook!” You call for him but he doesn’t respond. 

‘He probably can’t hear me then.’

You walk to where Jungkook is with nothing on but the t shirt.

“Jungkook do you have sweatpants I can borrow?” you ask as you toss you wet hair in your hand.

He immediately turns red and turns away.

“Um. Y/N. W-why don’t you have anything on? He still refuses to look you in the eye so you walk in front of him where he’s sitting on the sofa.

“Jungkook-ah, what are you talking about? Oh, by the way I had to borrow your t shirt cause I didn’t have anything else to wear. I’m sure you wouldn’t have wanted to see me naked.” You laugh while saying that,

‘Jungkook definitely doesn’t see me as a woman.’

Jungkook looks at you when you say that and what he sees is you in his plain white t shirt with nothing else on. Your wet hair dripping all over the front of the t shirt made the shirt press against your skin and see through. It was no secret that you had nothing underneath, you might as well walk out naked.

“Jungkook! Do you have sweatpants I can borrow or not? And why are you looking at me like that?”

While you wait for his response Jungkook sits there and then bites his lips. He reaches out and grabs your hands. You lose your balance and end up straggling him.

“Jungkook, what are you doing?” You try to push yourself off of him. But stop when you feel something hard pressing on the inside of your thigh.

“Y/N. Please don’t hate me for this.”

“Hate you for wh-”

Jungkook holds your face while he kisses you. You don’t really understand what was happening but you were liking it. You close your eyes and press yourself into him.

You wrap your arms around him when he starts kissing your neck and making his way down to wear your nipples were called to attention by your wet hair.

“Y/N, you were wrong. Really wrong. Seeing naked is exactly what I want to see.”

You open your mouth to respond but end up moaning. You slap your hand over your mouth.

‘Did I just make that sound?’

You continue to muffle your moans until Jungkook gently pulls your hand away from your mouth and says, “I want to hear you, Y/N, don’t cover your mouth.”

Your arms become weak when he says that and they immediately drop them at your sides.

‘Why am I liking this so much?’

He pulls the shirt over your head and his breath hitches when he takes your body all in.

He turns you over on your back so he’s on top of you. He stares deeply into your eyes and leans in.

His kisses start from your mouth and go lower with each one. You pull off his shirt while he does that and he hurriedly takes off his pants.

“Y/N. This is your first time so it can hurt. Tell me if I need to stop, okay?”

You shyly nod your head and let the rest just happen.

When you wake up the next morning, you find yourself in Jungkook’s bed, wrapped tightly in his arms.

'He must have carried me here when I fell asleep’

You look into his sleeping face. You’ve seen it hundreds of time when you stayed over, but this time; it looked different.

You carefully unwrap yourself from him and sit up. Spotting a crumbled up shirt, you grab the closest shirt you see and put it on.

As soon as you place your feet on the cold floor you feel warm arms wrap around your waist. It quickly pulls you back under the sheets and hugs you close.

“Y/N, where are you going? Let’s stay like this.”

The tips of your ears turn red and you turn to look at him.

“Sorry. Did I wake you up? I was just going to make breakfast.”

“No. I just want to hold you Y/N. Just like this.”

You decide there’s no point in arguing with him so you cuddle up even closer, breathing in his smell.

“Jungk-” You pause and smile.

'Looks like he fell asleep again’

And before you know it, you do too. Warm and safe with Jungkook.

An anon wanted a more romantic ending so I thought whynot? I definitely like this ending more. It’s cuter and there’s more development here. Thank you for reading! <33

Oath | Ch. 8 | Jungkook

Genre: Angst | Mafia!AU

Members: Jungkook | You/Reader | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin |

Summary: What if one day everything you ever wanted is taken away and your whole world comes crushing down? If you were to forget today, who would you be tomorrow?

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Word count: 3887

A/N: I just noticed today that my page looked weird. The text I had in hangeul was written in…I don’t even know how to call that,  the links were not working and the profile photo was different. (the one from the original source of the code I’m using) Now, I don’t know if I should go as far as to call my account hacked but if you happen to receive some weird messages or see me reblog something that is not BTS or K-pop/Korean culture related, then chances are I have been indeed hacked and I would like to ask you to notify me if any of these happen. On another note, here is the next chapter. Hope you enjoy it! ^^ 

Dark cold night, empty old road in the middle of nowhere, tires squealing in the distance, and the faded sound of a car approaching in high-speed. Where am I? What is this place? Your eyes traced the white lines of the road to the depths of the night where the sound -that only became louder- came from. The sudden light coming from the headlights of a car hurt your eyes. You moved your hand in front of them, trying to block it as you tried to take a sneak at the people inside. But it was worthless. The car was moving so fast that you couldn’t even open your eyes before it passed you. A few more meters down the road it came to a standstill under the bright red color of the traffic light.

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perrieismybabe  asked:

Hello,love! I don't know if requests are closed or not,but could i have a mini blurb? I'm kinda sick and honestly it sucks. It's not as bad anymore,but it feels like my stomach is twisting and i have some type of cramps :( not because of period tho..

Hi sweetie, soooo sorry I didn’t get you a blurb written when you first sent me this. I hope you’re well now, but if not, maybe this will help a little. I got inspiration from your request as well as the anon below.

ANONYMOUS SAID: A little drabble about Harry’s lilac jumper will honestly complete me 😍😍😍

The Lilac Jumper

“I’m gonna miss you,” you whispered.

“I’ll miss you more,” he said.

Pulling you into a tight embrace, you inhaled the scent of him as your nose pressed against his sweater. His favorite purple sweater, or as he called it, his lilac jumper. To you it smelled like lavender, though that may have just been a mental association you tied to it because of its shade.

“Please don’t forget me,” you teased.

“C’mon, love, how could I forget you?” Harry’s voice vibrated through his chest.

You raised your head to look up at him, his eyes dancing, his dimple dipped in his cheek. You returned his smile, wrapping your arms around his neck.

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Bendy Girl

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Headcanon Request: Sam being a yoga instructor or something and you just started working there and get caught staring at him all the time and then one day your boss points it out and Sam’s just like 😏 - @spontaneousam

Word Count: ~2,100 (not sorry)

Warnings: smut, admiration of Sam’s body (c’mon, who wouldn’t?), spanking, cursing

*smut below the cut

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There he was again. It was only your first day and you’d already come across the other “new guy.” He’d obviously been doing this for a while based solely on the ridiculously toned body he was strutting around the facility.

“Hey!” His deep voice pulled you from your daydream.

“Hi - uh, hi.” you stammered, licking your lips as you took in the features of his face.

The incredible eyes that seemed to hold every color, the cheekbones and jawline sculpted by the gods, the perfect teeth that showed when he smiled, along with those dimples that popped with every new expression, and the bottom lip that you wanted to lean in and bite.

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Home is Where The Heart Is

Dark eyes looked on intently as Sakura moved about the room, keeping herself busy and fidgeting with the tubes and wires attached to Sasuke’s body. He noted the way she bit her lower lip in concentration, the shakiness in her hands whenever she neared him, and the way her emerald colored eyes hardened whenever she even dared to meet his daze.

It had been about three weeks now since Sasuke had been in the hospital. It had been three weeks since the end of the war. Three weeks since his fight with Naruto at the Valley of The End. Three weeks since he was brought back to this godforsaken village he didn’t even dare call home.


Konoha was the furthest thing from Sasuke’s home.

But he stayed. Stayed long enough for his injuries to heal and long enough to talk things out with Naruto.

His gaze wandered to the empty bed on the other side of the room. Naruto had managed a swift and quick recovery thanks to the fox and was out of the hospital within a week. Unfortunately for Sasuke, he did not possess the insane healing ability as the Uzumaki. Though, with Sakura’s healing abilities, it seemed he was well on his way to recovery. He couldn’t help but be impressed. Sakura had come a long way.

They all have.

“Naruto has been fighting for you.”

Sakura had spoken so quietly, Sasuke wasn’t even sure she had spoken at all. But he had heard her nonetheless, his body stiffening as a result. Yes, he was well aware that the council was still on the fence about their decision on what to do with him. He was also well aware of Naruto’s efforts in fighting for his freedom. The Usuratonkachi often came to visit, rambling on about how ‘unfair’ it was and how the council was full of 'old bastards that don’t know what they’re doing.’

It honestly mattered little if they accepted him back as a shinobi of Konoha. He was leaving anyway. He didn’t think he could ever set up permanent residence in the village. Not with the bad blood between them. Not with the constant memory of the merciless slaughter of is clan. No. He definitely could not stay.

“A-anyway,” Sakura quickly changed the subject when she received a lack of a response, “Your new prosthetic arm will be done soon. Give it about a week or two–”

“I don’t need it.”


“And I don’t plan on staying longer than I need to. I’ll stay until my trail is over and my injuries have healed.”

“Y-you’re leaving again?” Sasuke didn’t miss the way her eyes filled with crystalline tears. How her lower lip quivered and how her shoulders slumped.


“But why? I’m sure Naruto can get you pardoned. And with Kakashi as the new Hokage, he can–”

I don’t belong here, he wanted to say. But he knew Sakura wouldn’t understand it. And so he sighed and instead diverted the conversation, to something he needed to confirm, “Do you still love me?”

“Wh-what?"Sakura stumbled back as if he’d slapped her, her cheeks stained  pink.

"You said some things before. Back then, too. Before I left.”

“I-I-that’s—” Sakura stuttered, unable to form a coherent sentence. Sasuke could understand. They’d never talked about this before but he needed to know. If he was going to do things right, he needed to wipe the slate clean.

“I saw Naruto’s memories. You told him you loved him then. Did you mean it? Did you mean what you told me after the war?”

Something inside of Sasuke ached at the mere thought that Sakura had blatantly lied to Naruto. Naruto had loved her once, after all. It wasn’t the same now. Sasuke knew that. He had seen Naruto’s heart. He knew all of Naruto’s feelings. But he still needed to hear the truth from Sakura herself,“Did you mean what you said? Or was it really just a way to distract him from me so you could kill me?”

Sakura flinched. Sasuke remained impassive. It wasn’t like it was a big secret. It wasn’t like Sakura’s intentions were discreet. She had come after him with a poisoned kunai. She had intended to kill him, regardless of the fact that she could not go through with it. And he didn’t blame her for it.

“I…Naruto is…he’s my friend. I–of course I love him.” Sakura lowered her gaze, “What I did was wrong. I see that now. But I was scared. He was killing himself, Sasuke. I panicked and—”

“Tried to solve things the way you usually do. You intended to guilt him into stopping his pursuit of me. The way you tried to stop me at the end of the war.”

Sakura withdrew further into herself and Sasuke could tell it was the truth. She hadn’t said anything but he was satisfied with the reaction because now he knew the truth. “You don’t love me, Sakura.”

“That’s not true! I–”

“You don’t love me.” Sasuke said again, noting the way Sakura’s hands clenched into fists, “You aren’t the same little girl you were when we were genin, Sakura. So don’t try to become her to makes things go back to the way it was before.”

Yes, Sasuke knew what she was doing. He had noticed how she’d change around him. He had seen her stand proud and tall during the war, blasting through enemies with her fists. Healing people with remarkable talent that rivaled even Tsunade. He acknowledged that girl. She was strong. Sakura was strong. She was far from what she used to be when they were kids. But yet she reduced herself to that state, living with the fantasy that things could return to the way they were.

“Is it so wrong of me to want things to go back to the way it was before? Is it wrong of me for hoping that we could be happy like we were then?”


Sakura looked up at him.

“But we aren’t the same people we were before. Naruto said that the past is there to learn from. It’s made us into who we are.” Sasuke looked out the window at the vast blue sky, “There is truth within his words. However, we can’t keep holding onto the past like this. It can’t be erased. But that doesn’t mean we have to constantly live in it.”

“Ha,” Sakura laughed humorlessly,“I guess it was pathetic of me of thinking so, ne? I’m sorry.”

“You deserve happiness, Sakura. And you and I both know that it does not lie with me.”

Sakura sighed. A small smile appeared upon her face as she faced Sasuke fully. “It’s not me, is it? It’s never been me, has it?”

“Perhaps there was a time,” Sasuke paused, carefully considering his words. He took a moment to ponder over it. Was there a time when they could’ve been? The answer had come as quickly as he thought it, “No,Sakura. I’m sorry.”

There was never a time. She had been a comrade and he had cherished her as such. But he could not say that there was ever a thought of him returning her feelings. He didn’t love Sakura, not in the way she would’ve liked. And she did not love him, not in the way she thought she did.

“I thought as much,” Sakura nodded, seeming to accept her fate,“It was no wonder my words could never reach you.”

“I know you care for me and I appreciate that,"Sasuke stood from the bed, giving a small bow, "So, thank you.”

Sakura shook her head, tears finally falling from her eyes. She sniffed before turning away, “I-I guess I should let you get some rest. I’m sure Naruto will be by later in the day.”

Sasuke rose and sat on the edge of the bed, watching her back. He watched as Sakura walked to the door without ever looking back. She paused with her hand on the knob and turned ever so slightly, “You deserve happiness, too, Sasuke. Wherever that may be, I hope you find it.”

Happiness, huh? Sasuke relaxed into his bed, allowing his eyes to fall shut. Behind his eyelids, he saw endless bright blue skies.

The corners of his lips lifted ever so slightly.


The wind blew gently as Sasuke stood outside the gates of Konoha. Sakura and Kakashi stood before him, all three a little awkward.

“So, you get to walk as a free man now,” Sakura smiled though Sasuke could see that it didn’t reach her eyes,“You can stay in Konoha, you know? People will eventually learn to move on and—”

“This is my choice, Sakura. I want to see the world for myself. There are things I might’ve missed in the past.”

“Well, whatever the case, do take care of yourself, Sasuke.” Kakashi placed a firm hand on his shoulder,“And try not to go on anymore murderous rampages again, hm? It’ll be my head they’ll they put on a stick.”


Sakura looked around for a moment before frowning,“He was supposed to be here. He should be here to see you off. I don’t know what that idiot is thinking.”

Sasuke shrugged. He hadn’t seen Naruto since his trial ended. Sure, it would’ve been nice to see Naruto before he left but he understood that Naruto had his own set of obligations. His world did not revolve around Sasuke.

“Well, I’ll be off.”

Sasuke raised a hand before turning to walk off.

“Come back soon, Sasuke!” He heard Sakura shout and gave a short nod before continuing on.

Sasuke was about an hour away from Konoha when he felt it. Stopping in his tracks, a grin formed upon his pale, thin lips. A cool breeze blew by, blowing his black, feathery locks astray and ruffling his cloak. He closed his eyes, relishing the feel of the wind against his skin before he sighed, opening his eyes, “You’ve always been complete shit when it comes to stealth.”

He heard what sounded like a snort. Sasuke turned to the side and saw Naruto leaning against the tree, a goofy grin plastered on his face.

“What are you doing all the way out here?” Sasuke asked.

“Well, I was busy running some errands but I had this weird sensation. I couldn’t ignore it so I came out here, somehow knowing I’d bump into you. Leaving.”

Intense blue eyes locked onto Sasuke’s. Sasuke met his gaze head on, stare unwavering.

“It’s something I have to do, Naruto. I–”

Naruto shook his head and stepped closer, “I understand. You don’t have to explain yourself, Sasuke. I get it.”

“Hn. I’m surprised.”

“Eh? Why?”

“I half expected you to start throwing a fit and screaming about how you’re going to break my arms and legs and drag me back to Konoha if you have to.”

Naruto smiled half-heartedly, “Yeah, well, things have changed. I knew this was coming anyway. And it’s not like you’re leaving to train under some creepy snake bastard again. So at least I don’t have to worry about said creepy snake bastard of wanting to posses your body.”

“I just figured you’d put up more of a fight. You’re never this agreeable.”


Sasuke shrugged. Perhaps a little. Perhaps he did grow a little accustomed to Naruto chasing after him, vowing to bring him back to the village he scorned. He reasoned with himself that he would not touch it. If only to see it change. If only to see Naruto be the one to change it, with him helping in any way they he could.

“Still, you put up such a fight to bring me back. What is it that makes it okay for me to leave this time?”

“I trust you.”

Sasuke stilled. The words held more weight to him than Naruto probably realized. They stirred up a warm feeling inside of him. It rose from his chest and spread to every part of his body. He would never tire of this feeling nor would he ever forget it. This feeling had SAVED him. Naruto had saved him. Sasuke’s smile widened ever so slightly, “You know, I thought about asking you to come with me. There’s a bigger world outside of Konoha.”

I want to see it together with you.

Naruto stared at Sasuke expectantly, waiting for Sasuke to continue, “But I know you have responsibilities in Konoha.

"Sasuke, I–”

“I know, Naruto. I know.”

“I know you don’t consider Konoha your home anymore but–” Naruto’s expression darkened then, a slightly grimace forming,“When Obito told us the truth about you and Itachi, my goals changed, I guess. I wanted to bring you home but not to the village. Everyone was giving up on you, even Sakura and Kakashi sensei. It scared me. I didn’t want to lose you even thought a part of me knew that you may have well have been already lost. Lost in the darkness. Lost in your thirst for revenge. You were slipping away and that’s why the need to bring you back became more than about bringing you back to the village. I wanted to bring you home.”

Sasuke gulped, a knot forming in his stomach and lungs constricting painfully. Naruto seemed to have that effect on him. Whenever the idiot opened his mouth, Sasuke naturally reacted. Sometimes violently. But now, now Sasuke didn’t know what to do. He understood Naruto’s words. He FELT what Naruto meant when they were lying on the ground at The Valley of The End.

“Ero-Sennin once told me–”

“'Home is where someone is thinking of you.’”

Naruto blinked in shock and Sasuke chuckled, “I know of your past. I’ve seen it.”

“Yeah, well, I just…back then, I kept wishing and hoping that if I kept thinking about you, you’d return. I never stopped thinking about you because when I did finally reach you, I wanted you to have a home.”

Naruto’s words stabbed at his heart and made him bleed from the inside. It hurt. But it was a good hurt. All this time, he had tried to run from this feeling in fear of what it would do to him. It scared him a little just how much it affected him. Curse of the Uchiha, the Second Hokage had called it. In many ways, it probably was. Just as much as it was a blessing.

“Ah, right. Here. I wanted to return this to you,” Naruto reached into his back pocket and pulled out a familiar looking headband.

Sasuke reached out with shaky hands and retrieved the item from Naruto, “You kept it all this time?”

Naruto nodded. Sasuke lowered his hand and tucked the headband into a pouch he wore around his waist. “I’ll hold onto this until we really settle things between us.”

“Sasuke, I want to go with you—”

“I know,” Sasuke took a step closer,“But you can’t. There are things you need to do here. In order for move forward, there are things that only you can do and there are things that only I can do outside of Konoha.”

For now, they had their roles to play and they would fulfill them. Together they would work to change this world, to help build the world that Naruto envisioned and the world that Sasuke desired. But in order to do that, they would have to separate for the time being. It wouldn’t be forever. Perhaps there would come a time, once their they were done playing their roles, for them to truly settle things between them. 

Sasuke’s body tingled when Naruto had finally closed the distance between them, bringing their foreheads to rest against each other, gentle smiles playing on their lips.

Yes, they would have to separate for some time. But for now, this was enough. This was more than enough.

“Come home soon, Naruto.”

Naruto laughed as his fingers curled into Sasuke’s hair, “Unlike you, bastard, I won’t keep you waiting too long.”

Sasuke would wait. It was his turn now to patiently wait for the Naruto to return home. And he’d wait. However long it takes.

“I’ll hold you to that, Usuratonkachi.”

The End.

“Connecting Link” (ft. iKON’s Bobby) Ch. 4

너와 나의 연결고리
You and me, our connection,

이건 우리 안의 소리

this is the sound inside of us.

You were already sober when you and Bobby began climbing the stairs leading to the rooftop of your apartment.  You were both giggling while simultaneously asking the other to keep quiet. You still had your arm linked with his, unable to look away from his eyes. He was saying something that you wouldn’t normally find funny on other days, but was the most hilarious thing you’ve ever heard that night.

You both huffed out as you pushed the creaky door open and greeted the early morning mist that pervaded the air. There was some time left before the sunrise, so you both decided sit on the base of the water tank for a better view.

Sitting with him side by side like this made you so aware of him. You tried to avoid his touch because you were afraid that you would dissolve into a puddle of goo. You pulled out your phone to check what time the sunrise would be, so that you could distract yourself from the warmth emanating from Jiwon.

“We have about 30 minutes left before the sun rises.” You sputtered out just to jumpstart the conversation again.

He kept glancing at your phone, before looking at your face. He coughed loudly for no reason. Okay, actually there was a reason. He didn’t want to be nosy, but he was wondering why you never texted him when your phone is in working condition.

“What?” You chuckled as he kept looking at you. You removed your cap and ran a hand through your hair before meeting his somewhat intense gaze again. “Do I look uglier now that you’re sober?”

He grinned as he shyly looked away. He needed to come up with something to bring up the text topic. “Maybe, are you sure you’re the same person? I think I brought back the wrong girl.” He teased and earned himself a slap on the arm. “You’re a violent woman, aren’t you?”

Your eyes widened and raised a surprised finger towards him. “Jackson just said that earlier!”

“Really…” He replied conversationally. “Maybe we’re the real soulmates!”

“What? No! He stole my best friend already. He can’t steal you…” Shit. Shit. The words hurried out of your mouth before you could begin stopping them.

“Am I yours to steal?” He swiftly leaned closer to your face. Bobby gained a surge of confidence and asked in a lower tone, “Y/N, is it just me or…” Oh the pause, that hesitation always killed you in any conversation. “…do I like you more than you like me?”

You gulped and even that didn’t ease the lump in your throat created by the close proximity of Bobby’s handsome face from yours. Your voice felt foreign when you finally spoke, “Wh-What d-d you… I mean, taking into consideration the way I clung t-to you earlier and the fact that I invited you h-here…” You scolded yourself for tripping on your words like a pubescent teenager. “Don’t those prove that I like you more?”

“Hmmm…” He leaned closer because you’ve started leaning back. “So we do kinda like each other, but Y/N…” He sighed and completely turned towards you to look at your face. “Shit, okay…” he chuckled and licked his bottom lip. “I don’t know where I’m going with this.”

You ran another hand through your hair in frustration. “Just say it! Can’t you see that I’m dying in anticipation here?”

“Why didn’t you text me?!” he squeezed his eyes shut and just let it out. You were quiet for a second and Bobby had gone through all the possible reasons why you could be pissed.  When he realized that you shouldn’t be, he opened his eyes and found you with a hand over your mouth holding in your laughters.

Your lips were still quivering as you pulled up your contact list to the screen of your phone. You inched closer to Bobby and allowed him to see you scrolling up and down. “Look here, do you see your name?” you asked, glancing at his squinted eyes as he tried to pick out any signs of his name. He finally shook his head and looked at you for an explanation. “You didn’t save your number, Bobby. You probably typed it and exited the screen. How was I supposed to contact you?”

He mouthed an acknowledging ‘Ah…’ as he buried his face in his hands in embarrassment. “Sorry… I overreacted there a little bit, right?”

You nodded, teasing him again as you cooed, “You certainly did.”

He pulled out his phone and exchanged it with yours. “Here, let’s make sure to save it this time.”

You typed in your number and saved it with your name. He returned your phone and you saw how he saved his name to Kimbab (김 밥).

“Kimbab? As in the rice roll?” you laughed and he leaned back again, facing the direction of the sun.

“Kimbab, as in Kim(김). Ba(바). Bi(비).” He grinned and it drew you in. At this point, he made you completely forget about the fact that you were even trying to avoid his touch. You sat closer to him, brushing your sweatpants-clad thighs with his jeans.

You crossed your arms over your chest as you laughed with him, strangely amused by Bobby’s cute side. “I’ll keep that in mind, Kimbab-ssi.”

He glanced at his phone and saw your name. “Eyyy… You’re no fun.”

“Well, sorry for not having a cute nickname.” You snorted and felt Bobby wrap an arm around your shoulder, rubbing your arm as he held you closer.

“You might get a cold.” He muttered in a flustered manner, surprising himself with how daring his actions were. He even thought that he was still drunk.

“Look, the sky has started changing colors.” You pointed out and sure enough, the sun started to peek out from behind the clouds. “It’s so beautiful.”

Bobby glanced at you and admired your innocent expression. He could look at you for hours and never get bored. You caught him staring and glared at him, before turning your attention back to the skies.

“I swear if you pull the ‘but you’re more beautiful’ line, I will punch you in the face.” You remarked playfully and Bobby’s arm slid from your shoulders as he started laughing.

“We almost had a moment there!” he was almost passed out on the other side as he continued to laugh and you joined along. “We don’t have the most romantic soul mate story don’t we?”

He hopped off the concrete base and offered his hand to help you down. You walked closer to the edge of the rooftop and leaned against the barrier. You closed your eyes and let the sun kiss your skin as you inhaled the fresh morning air. He mimicked your actions as he stretched out his limbs and let out a satisfied shout. You copied him this time, shouting a good morning to Seoul because standing there with Bobby was definitely a good morning.

“Oppa,” you called out of the blue and Bobby could swear that his heart fluttered. “…can I still call you that from time to time?”

He looked at your face and he could almost see the hints of mischief that was going through your head. “You can, but why do I feel like you’re going to use it against me?”

You shook your head violently, denying it as if he wasn’t spot on. "Nothing of the sort yet.”

“Yet?” He smirked.

“Just… I just suddenly felt that you were someone I could rely on, Jiwon-oppa.” You smiled at him and it could be the effect of the sunrise, but his cheeks were tinged pink whereas you have completely transformed into a bright red apple.

The sun is already awake and though neither of you wanted to part, the clear blue sky seems to be telling you that your time’s already up.

“Let’s go?” You broke the silence as you replaced the cap on your head. “I wanna bury myself in a hole before my face swells up even more.”

He pinched your cheek again and argued, “What? No, I think you look like a cute, little dumpling.”

You gasped incredulously and rolled your eyes. “That’s it. I’m leaving.” You marched away and headed straight to the door.

“Hey!” He called after you as he jogged to your side. “That could be your cute nickname.”

You looked back at him with a small grin spreading on your face. “Are we some kind of menu? Kimbab and dumplings?”

Bobby caught up and slung a lazy arm around your shoulder as you went down the stairs. “Don’t we sound delicious? I’m going to change your contact name to that.”

“Please don’t.” You fake cried and before you knew it you were already retracing your steps back to your apartment door.

You weren’t even holding Bobby’s hand but he got the feeling that you don’t want him to go just yet. He himself felt that something was missing from this part of the story. You both stood at a polite distance and yet you could almost taste the hesitation in the air. He fidgeted so much, pulling at his bonnet and scratching behind his ears. You were no better as you fiddled with your fingers, unable to look at him and finding your shoes much more interesting.

“We… Let’s keep in touch? I might be a bit too busy at times, but I’ll try my absolute best to talk to you.” He insinuated and if you listened keen enough you would hear his voice shake.

You nodded, finally raising your eyes to his. “I get it. I understand, Bobby.”



He breathed deeply, said a curt, “Bye then.” Before he turned on his heel to walk away. You watched him behind his back and when he didn’t turn around, you pulled out your keys. As you were raising it to the knob, you felt a hand on your shoulder, pulling you back to turn you around. Suddenly, you were facing Bobby again. This time, the distance between your faces were not as polite and you can’t help but wish that it was even less.

You were searching each other’s eyes. Bobby was looking for any sign of repulsion, but he only found you looking back with anticipation. “Let’s date.”




Did he just say that he wanted to date?

Did you hear it wrong?


You thought your heart fell to the floor with your jaw as you felt his grip on your shoulder tighten every second that you weren’t answering.

“Let’s date, Y/N-ssi.” He was breathing hard, as if he had just sprinted from here to there. “I really like you and I can’t see a reason why we can’t date. I mean, we’re soulmates and all, that’s a fact.”

An alarm went off in your head and you cannot hear what your heart was saying, but you managed to mumble out, “A-Aren’t we m-moving too fast?”

His hands fell in an instant and he barely caught himself from stumbling back. He laughed, nodding to himself; more like, convincing himself. “Maybe you’re right.”

Your hands shot out and grabbed his. “No,” you breathed out, finally letting your heart take control. “…it’s not that I don’t like you. I do, I told you that.”

You were facing the floor, so Bobby cannot read your expression, but he went with his gut feeling and whispered, “Then, date me.”

This time, you nodded, blinking repeatedly.

“Really?” he grinned and if he could squeal, he probably would have done so. Maybe the squealing could be done back in the dorm.

His infectious smile latched onto your face and spread on your own lips. You mirrored his expression, the wariness falling from your eyes. “Really.”

He was so overwhelmed that he pulled you in and placed a peck on your forehead. The smacking sound echoed in your ear and as Jiwon pulled away, he floundered and with his hands awkwardly raised in the air, he bid you goodbye. “I-I-I’ll see you soon. Call me, text me, okay?”

You laughed at him and leaned against the door. He smiled, realizing how ridiculous he was acting and reached behind you to twist the door knob open.

“Go inside, I don’t want you to get a cold.” He remarked, placing a hand on the door to push it open.

“Good morning, Bobby.” You took a step back. “I’ll see you again soon.”

You closed the door and slid down clutching your chest. On the other side, Bobby leaned on his arm as he grinned like an idiot. Both of your hearts were fluttering, your head filled with thoughts of the other.

You were swept away to cloud nine and failed to realize that you didn’t use your keys to open your locked door.

True to your word, you and Bobby kept in touch.

You smiled, grinned and rolled around like a crazy person in your bed. Your phone beeped again, but this time it was Eunmin.

‘Hmmm… A fansign, huh?’ you turned the idea around in your head until you began smiling in anticipation.

a/n: Look at that progress. I wish I could say the same for my country. Please pray for the Philippines as we turn over a new page with a brand new set of leaders. 

Late Nights


  • Maybe a basement Gerard smut where the reader is the dominant one? It would make my day!
  • Can you do a smutty basement Gerard?
  • can you do a basement g imagine where him and y/n are watching a horror movie late at night in his room and they’re all cuddled together and stuff and he gets a boner and he’s like super embarrassed and insecure and like oh my god im so sorry i respect you so much y/n please dont hate me!!! but y/n likes him back so it’s all good. it can end fluffy or smutty whatever u feel like. this is so cliche but im desperate for basement gerard cause honestly? what an angel. thanks in advance!! :)

“What should we start off with? I got all the Halloweens, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Omen…” Gerard rattled off a few more titles as he examined his movie shelf. Gerard was a horror movie junkie and had a huge collection of every cheesy slasher film known to mankind. With his parents were out of town and brother staying at a friend’s house, we had the whole house to ourselves and planned a horror marathon. 

“Uhhh how about Halloween?” I suggested.

“Okay, sounds good. Do you want another soda? I can go upstairs and get one if you need one?”

“No, i’m good. Thanks though,” I chuckled, shaking my head lightly. Gerard always waited at my beck and call, even though I’ve told him many times he doesn’t have to do that. I’ve given up telling him that, concluding that it was simply the type of friend he is. I patted the spot next to me as he flicked off the light switch, the title screen being the only light source. He flopped down next to me, pressing play on the remote and turning to face me.

“Want some popcorn?”

‘I’m good.”

“You sure? I added extra butter,” he chirped, flicking one of the kernels in his mouth.

“Maybe later, I just want to cuddle with you.” I could the tint in his cheeks from the light of the TV as he sat the bowl on his night stand and scooted closer to me. I laid one arm and leg across his body, almost laying on top of him as we watched the movie in comfortable silence. He wrapped his arms around my torso, staring at the screen intently. I began to get sleepy from the comfortable position, making me shift and try to readjust myself. I heard a small gulp come from the body under me as I rolled more onto Gerard’s chest, not even realizing I was practically grinding my lower half onto his.

“S-Stop that,” Gerard mumbled, staying oddly still.

“Stop what?”


“Why?” As soon as I said that, I felt something poke at my inner thigh. My eyes widened in realization, making all the color drain from Gerard’s face. He got a boner. From me. I always had a crush on Gerard, but never acted on it since he was so shy and reserved around me. “Did…did you-”

“Oh my God i’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. You’re my best friend and I don’t want to screw anything up. I respect you so much Y/N p-please don’t hate me. I-” 

“Gerard, it’s okay,” I interrupted his rambling, placing a hand on his cheek. 

“So you don’t hate me?”

“Of course not…do you want me to help you with that?” Gerard’s color came back in full force, making his whole face beet red as he pulled the sleeves of his long sleeve over his hands.  


“I can help you take care of ‘that’, if you want me to,” I offered, gesturing down to the tent in his pants. 

“Oh uh, o-okay sure if you want to.” I lifted myself off of him, resting on my knees in front of him as I looked over his hard on in awe. The sweats put no restriction on it, giving me a glimpse of how big he was. “Y/N…” Gerard breathed out as I palmed him through his sweats, shuddering when I added pressure. Something about Gerard’s lack of experience and innocence was so attractive to me.

“Shirt on or off?” I asked, pausing when his hand rested on mine as I tried to pull off his shirt.

“On please.” I nodded, not wanting to push him too far out of his comfort zone. I moved down to his pants instead, looking up at him for permission. He nodded, signaling for me to continue. I slowly lowered the fabric down to his knees, along with his boxers. I wrapped my hand around his base, giving him a few gentle strokes. Gerard grunted in response, biting down on his bottom lip. I ran my thumb along his slit, smearing the precum around the tip. Gerard whimpered and bucked his hips into my hand eagerly. I leaned down licked along the under side of his shaft, hearing him draw in a sharp breath. I wrapped my lips around his tip, sucking on it slowly before lowering my head down his length. I felt Gerard’s fingers thread through my hair, slowly pushing me down. I gagged as his tip brushed against the back of my throat, making Gerard instantly pull his hand away. “Are you okay? Sorry, shit i’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” He asked frantically, caressing my cheek as I pulled off of him.

“It’s okay, i’m okay. You’re just really…big.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” he chuckled nervously, running a hand through his hair as he smiled widely at the compliment.

“You’re so cute,” I giggled, giving his lips a peck before moving back down to his cock. I took him back into my mouth, taking in as much as I could without gagging on him and stroking whatever I couldn’t fit. I hollowed out my cheeks and bobbed my head, earning a string of moans and profanities from Gerard.

“Holy f-fuck Y/N, that feels so good…” His moans encouraged me, making me go faster. “Shit, don’t stop…oh god i’m gonna-” His voice broke into a loud groan, his knuckles turning white at the hard grip he had on the sheets as he came. I bobbed my head a few more times, dragging out his orgasm as I swallowed his load.I pulled my mouth off with a loud pop, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. I giggled as I looked at him, his head leaned back onto the pillow with his eyes screwed shut and mouth slightly agape. 

“How was that?” I asked as I laid down next to him. 

“Good…really good. Thank you.” He smiled lazily before wrapping his arms around me, giving me a soft kiss. We barely watched any movies that night. 

Alice, Oh Alice || Jisoo || Pt. 4

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 //

Word Count: 3757

Genre: fantasy, Alice in Wonderland based!au, based on this oneshot (rewritten)

Summary: With a missing princess, a desperate fiancé, and the craziness of Wonderland, you wondered if you would ever make it back home with your head still on your shoulders.

Joshua sat on the trunk at the end of his bed. His feet were stretched out and his hands fell down past the trunk’s lid. He kept opening and closing the latch, the only sound in the room was his soft breathing and the sound of the latch opening and closing. He stopped momentarily, his fingers feeling the shape of the latch, and then he started again. His brain buzzed with various thoughts. You were staying at his mansion. Jeonghan was forcing you to stay too, so that meant it would be nearly impossible to get you out and back to your world even if he wanted to.

Keep reading

Took You Long Enough

Genre: Fluff

??? AU 

Character: bullied!Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,502

A/N: I had this scenario in mind for a while so I finally decided to get it out the way~ I promise I’m going to try to write some more exo fics (because it’s been a while). Anyway! This is mainly just fluff, which I don’t usually do so I hope you guys can still enjoy it.

-          Admin Mochi

              Jungkook dropped his bag on the floor as he made his way over to the bed, today had been a rough day. Track practice had gone on longer than expected and he had a ton of homework due Thursday which was the day before his meet, being a high school senior wasn’t easy. With a frustrated sigh he threw himself on the bed alongside with Mr. Fluffers who was sitting there comfortably as always.

              “Jungkook is a baby! Jungkook is a baby!” the kids around him chanted. The six year old could hear their loud taunting laughter as he sat on the floor trying to hold back his tears. He was being picked on once again because he was too scared to go down the slide.

               “Oh my god, look! He’s going to cry… Crybaby! Crybaby!” they started to chant now, which was enough to push him over the edge. He hastily tried to run past them only to get pushed back down by one of the bigger kids.

               “Where do you think you’re going crybaby?” he teased kicking some dirt at him.

               “Yah!” the group of children turned around see a girl around their age push past them. “What do you guys think you’re doing?” she hissed glaring at them, they all gulped as they exchanged nervous stares with one another. “You should be ashamed.” She scolded shaking her head as she stopped in front of Jungkook.

               “Who do you think you are?” snarled the same boy who had pushed Jungkook down, he seemed to be the leader. The girl smirked before turning around to face him. “You think you can just barge in here and-“ before he could finish his sentence the tiny girl had pushed him down onto the ground, keep in mind she was nearly half his size. The boy fell back with a loud ‘thud’ and with that she approached him and did the same as he had done to Jungkook which was kick dirt at him. She could see tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

               “Crybaby! Crybaby!” she mocked sniggering as he began to wail. “Who do you think you are? Going around bullying other kids? How does it feel, huh?” she yelled startling him further. Without another word she went back to Jungkook and offered him her hand, he gingerly placed his hand in hers. The girl pulled him back up and helped him dust off. “Are you okay?” she asked softly walking over to one of the benches.

               “I- I’m f- fine.” He stuttered sniffling getting rid of his last couple of tears. “Tha- Thank yo- you.”

               “No problem.” She grinned before reaching into her bag to take something out. “My name is Y/N and this is Mr. Fluffers.” She signaled pointing at her Rilakkuma plush.

              “Nice to me- meet you, my nam- name is Jungkook.”

              “Here.” Y/N said offering him the bear.

               “Fo- for me?” he murmured warily reaching out for the soft plush.

               “Mhm.” She hummed in response.

               “He’ll protect you when I’m not around.” Y/N beamed pushing Mr. Fluffers into his arms.

               “You’re here again!” Y/N cheered running towards the slightly taller boy who was sitting on the bench drinking a juice box.

               “Oh, Y/N!” he exclaimed excitedly.

               “Let’s play!” they spent a good amount of time going around the whole park playing on everything except one thing, the slide. “Come on.” She yelled dragging him by the wrist to his most feared contraption.

               “N- No! I d- don’t want to!” he cried shaking his head trying to break away from her tight grasp.

               “Come on Jungkook! It’s fun, I swear!” she argued trying to convince him, but it didn’t seem to be working.


               “Why not?” by now she was a bit frustrated with his lack of compliance.

               “Be- because… Wha- what if I fall and get hurt? It- it’s so high and-“

“How about… I go down with you!” she suggested. “I’ll go in front so if anything happens I’ll break your fall!”

               “I don- don’t know.”

               “You’ll be fine, I promise- No! I pinky promise.” Jungkook entwined his small pinky with her smaller one and gave her a meek smile. Y/N sat at the top ready to slide down, Jungkook was behind her with his legs dangling around her. “Let’s go!” she yelled as pulled him with her, Jungkook yelled startled. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and buried his face in her back as they slid down together. Before he knew it they had both made it to the bottom safe and sound. “See? You’re fine, aren’t you?” Jungkook opened his eyes to observe his arms and legs in order to make sure he had made it down unscratched.

               “Yeah.” He admitted smiling at her. “Ca- can we go again?”

               “Of course!”

                “Why are your two front teeth so big?” asked one of his classmates as his eyes raked over him in a judging manner.

               “I- I don’t know…” he mumbled looking down at his desk. It was the first day of sixth grade, Jungkook had been scared but excited to be starting a new chapter in his life.

               “You look like a bunny!” the boy exclaimed causing his friends to laugh. Jungkook bit his bottom lip as he fiddled with his fingers uncomfortably.

               “I like bunnies” came a familiar sweet voice. Jungkook shifted his gaze from his desk to the girl. “They’re cute and you’re cute, it suits you.” she commented with a giggle. “But you know what isn’t cute? You dweebs.” She scoffed glaring at the three boys who had been picking on Jungkook.

               “Excuse me?”

               “You heard me, now get lost before I lose my temper.” She warned cracking her knuckles, which was enough to have them scurry off.

               “We meet again!” Y/N said waving at Jungkook who gave her a small shy smile.

               “Hi noona.”

               “Mind if I sit here?” she questioned pointing at the seat next to him.

               “No- not at all.” Damn it Jungkook, can you speak to her once without stuttering?  He mentally scolded himself.

               “Awesome, we’ll be seat buddies Kookie!” he had to bite his lip to stop a huge grin from spreading on his face. “You don’t mind if I call you that, do you?”

               “No, I like it…” he whispered just loud enough for the girl to hear.

               “What a loser.” Some boys sniggered glancing over at Jungkook who sat at his desk giftless. The thirteen year old was trying his hardest to concentrate on the worksheet right in front of him while the other boys made fun of him for not receiving anything on Valentine’s Day, again.

               “Morning Kookie.” greeted the one person who could make his heart skip a beat.

               “Good morning Y/N noona!” he chirped brightly. She took a seat next to him as usual, this school year she was fortunate enough to have class with him again.

               “Hey Jeon, looks like you’ll be walking out empty handed this year too.” one of the boys yelled across the classroom causing everyone to erupt into loud laughter. Jungkook tilted his head down in shame and embarrassment trying to avoid their gazes.

               “Unlike you dumb fucks I’m trying to study, so quiet down!” Y/N growled glaring over at everyone. With that every person in that room immediately shut their mouth, no one dared to defy her. Y/N shook her head as she directed her attention back to her history textbook.

               It had been a long day for Jungkook to say the least. He sat through all of his classes wishing that the day would come to an end and when it finally did he was grateful.

               “Kookie…” Y/N mumbled fumbling with her bag as they watched the other kids leave the classroom.

               “Yes noona?”

               “Here.” She had stuffed a medium sized pastel pink box in front of his face that was adored with a cream colored ribbon. In between the silk ribbon and the box was a red envelope with his name written on it. He could feel his cheeks heat up as a grin formed on his lips.


               “Do- Don’t l- let the other boys g- get to you!” she warned before dashing out of the classroom. For once he wasn’t the one stuttering. As soon as he was sure she had left he swiftly grabbed the envelope and opened it only to find a white card that read the following.

‘Have some brownies…

Don’t get any ideas though! I made too many and that’s why I’m giving you some.

Happy Valentine’s Day Kookie!

-          Y/N’

              Jungkook could feel his heart beating rapidly against his ribcage as he clutched onto the paper with sheer happiness. That was just one of many valentine’s present from her throughout the following years.

               Before he knew it Jungkook was already a freshman in high school, he thought he’d have a fresh start but he was wrong. High school was different from middle school; the campus was bigger, there was more people, and it was all so daunting. As much as he wanted to be a social butterfly he was nothing more than a shy little boy and because of that he was picked on, again. He dreaded waking up every morning at seven AM to go to the hell hole known as school. He took a deep breath before stepping inside of his first class of the day. As usual he took his seat by the window next to Y/N’s desk.

               “Why is your lower lip so much bigger than your upper lip? It looks weird.” Commented one of his classmates as he walked in and took a seat behind him.

               “And why is your nose so big?” added another boy who was seated in front of him but was currently turned around to face him, they were at it again as usual.

               “Why aren’t you answering us, huh?” the bully was getting agitated and so was his friend who felt the urge to harass him too.

               “What are you mute?” both of them chuckled when Jungkook’s cheeks tinted red as his eyes wandered around the class trying his hardest to avoid them.

               “Don’t you two have something better to do?” snapped Y/N who slammed her pencil on top of her biology textbook.
               “Depends… What are you doing after school?” mused the boy sitting in front of Jungkook while raising a suggestive brow. Jungkook could feel his jaw tighten in anger hearing such a disrespectful comment, especially since it was directed towards Y/N.

               “Definitely not you.” She hissed scrunching her face in disgust. You tell them noona, the younger boy cheered in his head trying to hide his smug smile.

               “Ouch.” Sniggered the kid behind Jungkook earning a glare from his friend.

               “Here.” Y/N mumbled dropping a red, black, and white bracelet on his written essay. The sixteen year old grabbed the soft material and examined it, she had used his favorite colors. “I made it myself, but only because I had extra material!” She motioned towards her wrist where she wore an identical bracelet. “You don’t have to wear it if you don’t like it, I mean I could have done better…”

               “I love it.” He beamed placing it on his wrist. “How does it look?” he asked modeling it for her causing her to giggle. If only she knew Jungkook had no intention of ever taking it off.

               “Fantastic baby-“

               “I wanna dan dance~” they had broken out into song, which wasn’t unusual for the two.

               Jungkook looked at the date on his phone, it was March thirteen meaning tomorrow was White Day. He could feel a smile tug on his lips as he ruffled his hair while looking over at his occupied desk hoping for the fourteenth to come as soon as possible. With one last glance he headed to shower in order so he could go to bed.

               Jungkook took his seat next to Y/N who sat there looking beyond irritated, throughout the day he could see different boys approaching her with flowers, chocolates, and soft toys. He felt a wave of relief wash over him every time she would turn down their gifts and confession. From the corner of his eye he could see another boy walking up to her with a single red rose, he tried not to roll his eyes as the boy repeated something similar to the rest. Before he could even finish his little speech she had already shut him down. You’re not good enough for her, none of you are. Jungkook thought in exasperation while gripping his pencil.

               “Are you okay Kookie?” Y/N questioned looking at him with worried eyes.

               “I’m fine noona, never better!” he replied a bit too quickly. “Noona… Can you do me a favor?” the boy asked looking at her with a nervous glint in his eyes.

               “Of course, anything for you.”

               “Me- meet me by th- the bleachers af- after school!” he blurted out tapping his fingers anxiously against his thighs.


               Three thirty had rolled around quicker than she had expected, Y/N sat on the bottom bleacher patiently waiting for Jungkook. Meanwhile she watched the track team warm up before they started their usual practice. She was so immersed in what was going on in front of her that she hadn’t noticed the brown haired sitting comfortably next to her.


               “Oh god! Jeon Jungkook you scared me!” the girl yelped placing her hand over her heart. Her gaze wandered downward towards the pink bag on his lap.

               “Noona… I asked you to come here for a reason.” He mumbled fiddling with the bag. “H- Here!” the boy squeaked before stuffing it on her lap, her brows furrowed in confusion. That was such a bold move from Jungkook of all people. Her fingers reached into the bag and took out a red box, inside were homemade chocolates and Y/N wasn’t sure whether to feel happy or scared knowing Jungkook wasn’t much of a cook but nonetheless she was touched by his efforts. Inside the bag was another box, this one was pink and had a card attached to it. She decided to read what it said first, picking up the red envelope she took out the cream colored card and read its contents out loud.

               “Dear Y/N noona, I’ve never been very good with words so I hope my actions have spoken for me. Happy White day Y/N! From your Kookie.” A loving smile adorned her lips as she finally opened the pink box which revealed a simple yet elegantly beautiful sterling silver open heart necklace. She gasp as her fingers grazed the shiny piece of jewelry. Her eyes quickly darted towards Jungkook whose face was flushed bright pink. “Took you long enough.” The girl giggled. Before he was even able to open his mouth Y/N had grabbed him by the collar and yanked him down to meet her lips. The priceless look on his face when their lips touched would forever be embedded in her memory.