So here is my first big post on tumblr! My name is Sasha, I’m 18 (turning 19 in a month) and 5′6.

I’d like to think it is unhealthy before and healthy during.

On the left (year 2012) my weight is around 254-260 lbs

On the right (year 2015) my weight is 248 lbs

Yeah I hadn’t lost a lot of weight especially taking into consideration that a lot of time have passed. But you still can see a difference in these photos, can’t you? And here is the main thing - I became healthier. All those years I thought that hadn’t lost anything and had achieve nothing… There were years of great war with myself where I though I was not a warrior but defeatist. 

This month I have found old photos of myself and was just amazed how differently I look today. And I started to analyse my habits. You know what? It turned up that I have done so much! I began to drink green tea instead of black with sugar, to go everhywhere in my city on foot not on the bus, to eat fruits instead of sweets, to drink water (now I have a little bottle everywhere  with myself). I still have a lot of cravings but I keep them in line. My main mistake through all these years I always had struggle with fitness routine. I have tried a lot of different things but didn’t have discipline to continue for more than a month or two… These year I have entered university and have found my ideal routine plus I moved into a beautiful town where taking long walks is really interesting! 

I need to say that all those wonderful things happened because I began to love myself. And realizing that no one will do this for me. Oh, don’t I mentioned that I have joined tumblr exactly 3 years ago?;))

So I continue my journey, wish me good luck♥


Those first 2 pics were basically the day I got her. January 2012. I got Snakey (orange) and Amber (black) within a month of each other at the same size. The shots where they are together were taken in May 2012. The size difference was already incredible, and it should not have been such a huge difference.

I think I was still only posting these to my Livejournal and forums back then, which is why they were not on tumblr. I think they are very cute photos of her and I felt like sharing them. She had some good times. Some of my other favorite photos of her are in this post.

Amber was put down yesterday. Details.

Guys I have a theory about the Flash time travel episode:

I don’t think Barry will accidentally go forward in time to the future I think he’s going back in time to those 9 months that he was comatose! I think he’s going to see and overhear Iris grieving at his bedside and possibly declaring her feelings for him! It makes sense for him to kiss her so passionately in those photos and for her to supposedly be upset if they were finally discussing the accident!

It’s just speculation but what if this is what both Grant and Candice were excited about! Think about it why would he go to the future now when the past and present haven’t been resolved? There is a possibility he could go to the future and see what they’re like as a couple but I have a strong feeling he’s going backwards in time and we’ll finally learn what happened in those missing months that Iris and Joe had to live without Barry. The writers would be fools not to seize a golden opportunity like this..

But then what is supposed to be happening in 1x18 for him to friggin need Felicity?!

recently i took a few rolls of 120 film to get developed that had just been sitting in a desk drawer for several years. i had no idea what was on them, i just knew that it had been long enough and i needed to know. i picked them up earlier today and found this photo among them.

years ago i had owned and operated a bike shop and i had gushed my heart and soul into it. i loved smelling like grease and tires forever. i lived, breathed and slept bikes. bikes, bikes, bikes. it was a fantastic time in my life. unfortunately, in the recession in of 2008, 2009 i ate it hard and, with the bank satisfied, ultimately had to close my doors in 2011. 

this photo was taken within the last few months that i was open. i remember it being one of those nights that i had stayed way, way late working on stuff. not because i needed to catch up or had some pressing work, but rather because i just liked working on bikes. it know my way around a bike really well and although i couldn’t fix the economy i could fix a bike. it just makes me feel good.

i spent a little bit of time looking at the other photos on the long, uncut strip of film and for the first time in a while i really thought about my shop and missed it, in a very palpable way. this is exactly what photographs do so well. they can remind us of the past and just as fast as the photo was taken, we can, for an instant, live the photo all over again… grease and all.

mamiya 645af

ilford xp2 400


1/30 sec

1. you said the prettiest words to me at one in the morning. i used to reread them when i felt sad. i deleted those texts last month.
2. you weren’t one for photos, but we took one good picture together. i had it in a pile of pictures i’d always meant to hang up. I threw it out it in March.
3. you once told me that you liked my tall brown boots. i used to wear them all the time. i pushed them to the back of my closet two months ago.
4. you wrote our names on a piece of brown paper bag. i told you i’d keep it. i lost it a year ago.
5. you gave me a book once. it’s the only part of you i can’t let go. but that’s because i love the book. i don’t love you.
—  12:13 am

anonymous asked:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in those last photos you just posted of SamCait at the restaurant Sam and Cait were done filming... therefore on hiatus. Correct? That would tell me that they keep things very private about where they are during those months and what they do on their personal time during that hiatus. And with who. Those photos (to me) speak volumes...

Hey there. Yes. It was during hellatus. They had gone back for pickups which I think were around this time but that is not at all like a regular filming schedule.