Nemesis finally shed and I can take photos of her again.
Prior to this, she had not shed in over six months and looked like a grey slug-monster and I was genuinely embarrassed to post photos because anyone who saw her would immediately assume this was a neglected, abused, filth-encrusted animal.

I tried to use ZooMed Excavator clay substrate in her enclosure to make a platform for her water dish so that she’d quit shoveling substrate into it, which turned out to be a horrible idea. I packed it carefully and let it dry thoroughly, thinking it would be sturdy enough to dissuade a pokey hognose snoot. Within 24 hours she broke up the dry clay, scratched up all of her face scales in the process, dug underneath the water dish and flipped it, wetted the clay with water and poo, pushed a cardboard tube into the wetness and tore it up a bit to make a paper-mache/clay/poo sludge, and then flopped around in it and let it dry overnight into a foul layer of adobe armor that even moderate soaking and gentle scrubbing with a soft toothbrush would not dislodge. She was happy as a hog in mud and being a dollface and eating like a champ, so I let her be gross-looking rather than stress her or risk a resp infection from overfrequent soaking or jacking up her humidity to soften the filth-crust. She’s been gross-looking for the better part of the last year.

She’s my sweetest, most snuggly and friendly hognose and the best eater and the prettiest girl and I’m SO SO SO glad that she finally shed and looks like a pretty snek again and not like a sandworm from the 80′s Dune movie.


So here is my first big post on tumblr! My name is Sasha, I’m 18 (turning 19 in a month) and 5′6.

I’d like to think it is unhealthy before and healthy during.

On the left (year 2012) my weight is around 254-260 lbs

On the right (year 2015) my weight is 248 lbs

Yeah I hadn’t lost a lot of weight especially taking into consideration that a lot of time have passed. But you still can see a difference in these photos, can’t you? And here is the main thing - I became healthier. All those years I thought that hadn’t lost anything and had achieve nothing… There were years of great war with myself where I though I was not a warrior but defeatist. 

This month I have found old photos of myself and was just amazed how differently I look today. And I started to analyse my habits. You know what? It turned up that I have done so much! I began to drink green tea instead of black with sugar, to go everhywhere in my city on foot not on the bus, to eat fruits instead of sweets, to drink water (now I have a little bottle everywhere  with myself). I still have a lot of cravings but I keep them in line. My main mistake through all these years I always had struggle with fitness routine. I have tried a lot of different things but didn’t have discipline to continue for more than a month or two… These year I have entered university and have found my ideal routine plus I moved into a beautiful town where taking long walks is really interesting! 

I need to say that all those wonderful things happened because I began to love myself. And realizing that no one will do this for me. Oh, don’t I mentioned that I have joined tumblr exactly 3 years ago?;))

So I continue my journey, wish me good luck♥


Those first 2 pics were basically the day I got her. January 2012. I got Snakey (orange) and Amber (black) within a month of each other at the same size. The shots where they are together were taken in May 2012. The size difference was already incredible, and it should not have been such a huge difference.

I think I was still only posting these to my Livejournal and forums back then, which is why they were not on tumblr. I think they are very cute photos of her and I felt like sharing them. She had some good times. Some of my other favorite photos of her are in this post.

Amber was put down yesterday. Details.

Guys I have a theory about the Flash time travel episode:

I don’t think Barry will accidentally go forward in time to the future I think he’s going back in time to those 9 months that he was comatose! I think he’s going to see and overhear Iris grieving at his bedside and possibly declaring her feelings for him! It makes sense for him to kiss her so passionately in those photos and for her to supposedly be upset if they were finally discussing the accident!

It’s just speculation but what if this is what both Grant and Candice were excited about! Think about it why would he go to the future now when the past and present haven’t been resolved? There is a possibility he could go to the future and see what they’re like as a couple but I have a strong feeling he’s going backwards in time and we’ll finally learn what happened in those missing months that Iris and Joe had to live without Barry. The writers would be fools not to seize a golden opportunity like this..

But then what is supposed to be happening in 1x18 for him to friggin need Felicity?!

Gas Sigils

I was checking the photos on my phone, and I found those symbols.

It took me a while to remember where I’ve seen them: a couple of months ago, they where fixing the road in front of my flat, and had drawn those symbols where the gas pipelines were, to avoid accidents

Beside the fact that I really like them, I think I’ll use them to protect my home: my flat is quite old, and I’m pretty paranoid about a gas leak, so I’ll incorporate those into the home wards

(yup, still a urban witch. Find inspiration in everything around you!)

recently i took a few rolls of 120 film to get developed that had just been sitting in a desk drawer for several years. i had no idea what was on them, i just knew that it had been long enough and i needed to know. i picked them up earlier today and found this photo among them.

years ago i had owned and operated a bike shop and i had gushed my heart and soul into it. i loved smelling like grease and tires forever. i lived, breathed and slept bikes. bikes, bikes, bikes. it was a fantastic time in my life. unfortunately, in the recession in of 2008, 2009 i ate it hard and, with the bank satisfied, ultimately had to close my doors in 2011. 

this photo was taken within the last few months that i was open. i remember it being one of those nights that i had stayed way, way late working on stuff. not because i needed to catch up or had some pressing work, but rather because i just liked working on bikes. it know my way around a bike really well and although i couldn’t fix the economy i could fix a bike. it just makes me feel good.

i spent a little bit of time looking at the other photos on the long, uncut strip of film and for the first time in a while i really thought about my shop and missed it, in a very palpable way. this is exactly what photographs do so well. they can remind us of the past and just as fast as the photo was taken, we can, for an instant, live the photo all over again… grease and all.

mamiya 645af

ilford xp2 400


1/30 sec

1. you said the prettiest words to me at one in the morning. i used to reread them when i felt sad. i deleted those texts last month.
2. you weren’t one for photos, but we took one good picture together. i had it in a pile of pictures i’d always meant to hang up. I threw it out it in March.
3. you once told me that you liked my tall brown boots. i used to wear them all the time. i pushed them to the back of my closet two months ago.
4. you wrote our names on a piece of brown paper bag. i told you i’d keep it. i lost it a year ago.
5. you gave me a book once. it’s the only part of you i can’t let go. but that’s because i love the book. i don’t love you.
—  12:13 am

#tbt to one of the last shows I played with a band that wasn’t a Weezer tribute. Back in 2011 a few friends and I had a group called Remedios the Beauty that had some great, dark songs that I really loved. It’s a shame that it couldn’t sustain itself, but what a fun experience. I’m super proud of the music we made in those few months. At this time, my ‘77 ES-355 was my main guitar, and boy, do I miss making noise like that. We probably still have a website? Photo credit goes to my good friend @wfstr! As a side note, Will, your watermark was half there (I have no idea what happened to the original) but I hope the tag at least helps. Boo, I’m the worst. Miss you, buddy! #guitar #vintage #vintageguitar #gibson #es355 #es335 #walnut #show #livemusic #remediosthebeauty #seattle

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brianna-leethehomosextru submitted to thewhimsyturtle:

Hello! I’m brianna and this is my rescue three toed box turtle Jess her age is unknown but I took her in from being abused and neglected I’ve only had her a few months but she knows three tricks already; how to stay, pose for photos, and beg (begging was self taught), she’s very smart and likes going outside, hearing the tv, and corn. Right now she’s sick but it treating her with medicine her herp vet gave her she’s underweight, has calcium deficiency, and a fungal infection but we’re on the road to recovery.

Hello, friends Brianna and Jess! What a beauty! Jess is a very smart shell indeed. Look at those eyes watching you! Next thing you know, she is going to be stealing the TV remote and making her own show about the Turtpocalypse. :P

We are sorry to hear Jess is sick (that list doesn’t sound like fun for poor Jess), but big kudos to you for getting her on the right track! Jess is one lucky lady! :) We are sending lots of get well wishes Jess’s way. Keep us updated—we’d love to see and hear more about pretty Jess! :)

Walking around the house on this, the night before my brother gets here, is so odd.  Because for the past week – well, more like the past three days, but what really should’ve been the past several months – Mom and I have done a MASSIVE cleaning and rearranging of things.  (Why put it off for so long?  We both have depression and anxiety!  ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦  We’d each see what all needed to be done, turn around and do something else, like take a nap.)  Boxes of photo albums and craft books and cookbooks and knick knacks (collected by my mother, and from the home of her mother & sister when they’d passed away) had lined one wall of the kitchen and of the main hallway, now those boxes are in either my bedroom or Mom’s bedroom.  The kitchen and hall feel so empty, so…. un-lived in, while the bedrooms are even more cramped. My own bedroom was already cramped due to all the boxes of my own stuff, from when I’d moved back in two years ago, plus some large pieces of furniture from my grandmother’s & aunt’s place (two large glass cases, which are filled with Creepy Dolls).  I can still get to my alarm clock and my clothes, but now it takes a few more/more difficult Acrobatics checks.

And how is there so much dust on everything?!  Dog hair I was expecting, b/c, well, dogs, but the dust!  The road going by our house had been an unpaved dirt road when we’d first moved in, back in ‘87, and the place would get terribly dusty.  But it was paved sometime in the late 1990s, and afterwards the dust amount went way down.  Maybe it’s climate change, maybe it’s dogs bringing in more dirt & dust after running around outside.

But it’ll all be worth it, to see my brother & his boyfriend again.  We’re planning to go see my sister & her two little ones Tuesday (leaving the doggos alone!), and might go to a book sale later in the week (that warehouse in Mebane should be having another $0.25/book sale this Thursday-Saturday).  Friday they leave RDU Airport at 9am, which means being there by 8am, which means leaving here by 6:30am, which means getting up at OMG:WTFam.

Look at this! Eric has some words to share! Draht Photography

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The Scottish Thistle Sampler at Silver Star

External image

It’s no secret Silver Star is one of my favourite places to photograph. So many great locations. Today was one of those days I didn’t let up. Every few hours I grabbed the bride and groom, and we went off to make some more photos. September is one of the best months to get married too – it’s nice and cool, the sunset comes in early, and it’s considered off season.

External image

And would you take a look at that dress! Sadly, it didn’t look quite like that when we finished our day. It did see a lot of action, though.

External image


Some of you may remember this couple from a quick foggy engagement shoot we had some time ago. It did well on the Instagram. Real well. So good I posted another one, right here. And that got 496 likes. Check out the blog entry here.

And now you see why called this the Scottish Thistle Wedding. Although our groom is German, (You’ll later see in the ring shots), our bride is Scottish. And in every room, everywhere there were some very Scottish touches.

External image

Even these Scottish Terriers made sure to keep a careful eye on our bride the whole time. Here they are, peeking out from under her wedding dress.

External image


There were very dedicated, and they succeeded. She was safe.

External image


The ceremony went quickly. Huge props to the Justice. He did everything right. Everyone was facing out towards the audience, his speech was genuine and heartfelt, and he was fast. It may seem like we have hours and hours to take photos on a wedding day, but it’s never enough time. As I run out of time, I have to sacrifice pictures I want to get. Not this time. This guy is fantastic.

External image

And then, after family formals, my favorite time. A special time when our bride and groom get to run off with me, and we get the photos I’m looking for. I’m always looking for facial expressions. I’ll throw out a few words, then just let them make the pose theirs. These need to be personal, unique. I saw the expression on her face and saw we were done. We had a great formal.

But why on earth would I stop there?

External image


Earlier on, at the consult, they told me, “Hey, we’re down for anything. Photos are very important to me.” This is the best thing you could ever say to me. I always push my couples until I feel I can’t get away with much more. These two had energy to spare. So we kept going, until we got our headliner.

External image

And we got it. We got it, and then some. There are far more pictures on my memory cards. I’m downloading and backing them up right now, but these albums require a lot of work. I have to crop, colour correct, and process these images. This takes a lot of time! Two weeks to be exact. I hope you enjoyed this sampler, though. If you’d like to be notified once the album is ready, simply contact me. I’ll send you a link once our bride and groom has proofed the album.

Otherwise, feel free to follow me on my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Thanks for reading!

To those of you who have done the larger, Wizard World cons, how does the VIP celebrity experience work?

If I were to buy a VIP autograph/photo package for someone, I get that I need to be there during the allotted time, etc, etc, but does one have to show up super early to be guaranteed a spot?  Is the VIP pass kind of like a “front of the line” type deal?

I’ve never been to a major con and am thinking of going in a month or two, but would really appreciate any information about how the meet and greets work.

Any advice for a first-timer?