Things I have learned with 16 years old
  1. You’ll not always feel beautiful, even when you put a bunch of makeup products on your face, but if you just smile, you’ll feel better and beautiful. Everyone has bad days, just don’t make those bad days into bad months or years. 
  2. Love your family. Appreciate them. Take photos with your mom if she asks you to; talk about football or old road trips that your dad had when he was your age; play games with your brother, it really makes him happy. They’ll always be there for you. Don’t you forget that.
  3. Love your dogs or any animal actually. When you feel sad, play with them. Cuddle with them. They have this power to make you feel better and happier, plus they’ll feel happier too. Believe me.
  4. Read books. A bunch of books! Write down the quotes you don’t want to forget and remember them when you need it to. Books will always make you feel relaxed, better and feel like you belong in the story. After all, that girl or that boy in the book seems exactly like you, right? 
  5. Write. Write. Write. I don’t think I need to explain this one.
  6. Be kind. Be kind to everyone. You don’t need to have to like everyone or even pretend you do like them but just be nice. Sometimes people go through out bad moments and I know that’s no excuse for them to be mean but sometimes a simple smile can make them feel better and realize they’re being stupid. Sometimes they’re just jealous too, in that case give them your bigger and most happier smile ever. 
  7. But don’t be too kind. I mean, sometimes people just want to take advantage of your good heart so don’t let them think they can do whatever they want with you. No is a strong word, use it when you need it. You’re strong and powerful, let them understand that. Don’t let people fool you.
  8. You are unique. You are you. You do you. Stop comparing yourself with others. You are beautiful and amazing and everything good in this world. Don’t let go what makes you special. Your weird details are the most beautiful thing everyone is lucky enough to see.
  9. If you need to change, change for yourself. Don’t change because someone said something about you and you feel you need to change it. Change because is something you want and it will make you feel happy. Sometimes a good change it’s all you need.
  10. You’ll have moments you will feel tired, stressed out and in the urge to cry and when those moments happen, take time to cry and to realize that you need time to relax. Take time to yourself. I know that, that important paper you have to deliver the next day or that exam you’ll have it’s super important but your health is even more. Take a nap and realize that although everything seems like it’s falling apart, everything will be fine. Don’t give up lil nugget. 
  11. You are young. Please don’t waste the only time you have in this world, on your body feeling like you could do more. Go after your dreams and conquer them. 
  12. Study harder. Study your ass off. Work harder. Work your ass off. Everything will pay off.
  13. Appreciate your friends. They are like a small part of you. They’ll always make your grey, winter day feel like colorful, spring days.
  14. Laugh. Seriously, it’s proved that laugh can make you aged slowly and makes you feel super good about yourself. Makes you feel happy. It doesn’t matter if you have a weird laugh or a super loud laugh, just laugh till your stomach hurts.
  15. Wear whatever you want. Paint your nails whatever color you want. Cut your hair whatever hairstyle you want. Put makeup on if you want to. Do whatever you want that makes you happy.
  16. Don’t put your happiness on someone else hands. You are the only one who you can trust your own happiness. 
  17. Future will bring you new and challenging things and I know you scared but try not to think about it now. Live in the present. Live in the moment. That’s what truly matters right now.
  18. Eat yummy and healthy foods. Drink a lot of water, like really a lot! Do exercise but don’t feel like you need to do it like an obligation. Do all this things because it will make you feel better and more energized. If you feel like eating a box of chocolates or coca-cola, please go for it!!! Don’t feel bad about it, babe.
  19. Watch a bunch of movies (horror, romantic, comedy, etc) or tv series and relax in your bed eating popcorn’s because it’s one of the things that can make you appreciate life. And I mean it.
  20. Listen to music. A lot of music. Find new bands and singers. That feeling of finding new musics is super grateful and amazing.
  21. Appreciate life. Appreciate everything. You may not have much (and if you have, lucky you!) and the sun might not wanted to bright as much as the other days but that’s doesn’t mean that life is not beautiful, because it is and you’re important. 
  22. Everything at some point will make sense, believe me.

Nemesis finally shed and I can take photos of her again.
Prior to this, she had not shed in over six months and looked like a grey slug-monster and I was genuinely embarrassed to post photos because anyone who saw her would immediately assume this was a neglected, abused, filth-encrusted animal.

I tried to use ZooMed Excavator clay substrate in her enclosure to make a platform for her water dish so that she’d quit shoveling substrate into it, which turned out to be a horrible idea. I packed it carefully and let it dry thoroughly, thinking it would be sturdy enough to dissuade a pokey hognose snoot. Within 24 hours she broke up the dry clay, scratched up all of her face scales in the process, dug underneath the water dish and flipped it, wetted the clay with water and poo, pushed a cardboard tube into the wetness and tore it up a bit to make a paper-mache/clay/poo sludge, and then flopped around in it and let it dry overnight into a foul layer of adobe armor that even moderate soaking and gentle scrubbing with a soft toothbrush would not dislodge. She was happy as a hog in mud and being a dollface and eating like a champ, so I let her be gross-looking rather than stress her or risk a resp infection from overfrequent soaking or jacking up her humidity to soften the filth-crust. She’s been gross-looking for the better part of the last year.

She’s my sweetest, most snuggly and friendly hognose and the best eater and the prettiest girl and I’m SO SO SO glad that she finally shed and looks like a pretty snek again and not like a sandworm from the 80′s Dune movie.


So here is my first big post on tumblr! My name is Sasha, I’m 18 (turning 19 in a month) and 5′6.

I’d like to think it is unhealthy before and healthy during.

On the left (year 2012) my weight is around 254-260 lbs

On the right (year 2015) my weight is 248 lbs

Yeah I hadn’t lost a lot of weight especially taking into consideration that a lot of time have passed. But you still can see a difference in these photos, can’t you? And here is the main thing - I became healthier. All those years I thought that hadn’t lost anything and had achieve nothing… There were years of great war with myself where I though I was not a warrior but defeatist. 

This month I have found old photos of myself and was just amazed how differently I look today. And I started to analyse my habits. You know what? It turned up that I have done so much! I began to drink green tea instead of black with sugar, to go everhywhere in my city on foot not on the bus, to eat fruits instead of sweets, to drink water (now I have a little bottle everywhere  with myself). I still have a lot of cravings but I keep them in line. My main mistake through all these years I always had struggle with fitness routine. I have tried a lot of different things but didn’t have discipline to continue for more than a month or two… These year I have entered university and have found my ideal routine plus I moved into a beautiful town where taking long walks is really interesting! 

I need to say that all those wonderful things happened because I began to love myself. And realizing that no one will do this for me. Oh, don’t I mentioned that I have joined tumblr exactly 3 years ago?;))

So I continue my journey, wish me good luck♥


Current White and Black Mandrakes. Well the White photo was like two days ago, and it’s growing fast, so it’s already a good bit bigger now lol. The Black is growing just as fast if not faster, but the photo is from today. They both had a LOT more leaves, but I took off a lot when bringing them in for winter, to make aphid removal easier I just left a few new leaves in good condition.

Both of the roots are about thumb thick and 10" long, and the Black one has four knobby heads with their own crowns of leaves shooting in every jumbled direction lol. The White is about 6 months, the Black 1-1.5 years old. The White grows faster with much larger leaves.

Of those I harvested, these were the two out of like ten that I decided to keep, not because of size, but because of how vigorous they were growing. I ordered more seeds tonight to try to get another round of both types growing. I just need hundreds of these lovely babies… If only germination weren’t such a pain…


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Summary: Calum comes home from tour and doesn’t want to do anything, he’s lazy. Y/n wants to do something and they have a small disagreement.

The seven month tour had just ended, meaning Calum’s return home for his twelve week break. Y/n was excited and thrilled to have her boyfriend back in her arms, safe. She missed him crazily and had counted down the days until he came back. It almost felt like an eternity with them being apart from one another. Y/n couldn’t wait to finally talk to him face to face, having him physically there, to see his reaction, and to hear his voice for herself.

The first day with Calum back in their bed, Y/n had a hard time being quiet and letting him sleep. She stayed up much longer than him, watching his chest rise and fall as he peacefully slept. In the morning, Calum woke up with Y/n, sprawled out across his body, leaving no wiggle room for him to escape. He laid there, unmoving, watching her sleep. The frown, usually etched into her skin gone, a slight pout on her lips, and a slight glow to her skin every time he touched her. Calum was in awe when gazing down at her, not believing she was all his.

An hour or so had gone by and Calum came to the conclusion that he had to use the bathroom. He didn’t want to wake her, but he had to take a piss so bad. Calum tried to slide her off of him onto the mattress without disturbing her, but his efforts hadn’t had the effect he wanted. She stirs, her muscles tensing around him instinctually. Calum curses at himself and begins to rub soft circles on her back. Y/n sighs at his touch and opens her eyes. It takes a moment for her to get use to the light, but when she does she looks up at Calum, a huge grin covering most of her sleep ridden face.

“Good morning,” she says sleepily, running her hands down his chest, stopping on his stomach. Calum smiles lovingly at her, returning the gesture. She stretches before scooting up closer, so her lips could reach his. He pecks her cherry colored pillows and tries to wiggle away. Y/n doesn’t like that and puts all her weight on him. “No, you’re not going anywhere. You have to make up for those seven months,” she pouts, kissing his chest.

“But, I have to piss. You don’t want me wetting the bed do you?” Calum shoves at her body gently and with a squeal Y/n rolls off of him and buries her head in the pillows. He chuckles as he gets up and disappears into the bathroom.

A couple minutes later he appears, laying back down on the ultra cushioned mattress, bringing the blankets up to his chin. Y/n rolls over, facing Calum. He stares back at her, neither of them speaking for awhile until Y/n finds it necessary to.

“What do you want to do today? We could go out for breakfast, maybe go for a walk?” Y/n offers, laying her head on his naked shoulder. Calum hums, his forehead creasing as he decides what to do. She plays with one of his curls, wrapping it around her finger and lightly tugging. “Hm?” Y/n coos, grabbing a fistful of his dark hair.

“I don’t really want to go out. I’ve been traveling a lot and I just want to lay in bed all day, relaxing, you know?” Calum grovels, closing his eyes while her fingers massage his scalp. Y/n pauses for a short moment, considering Calum’s statement before resuming.

“I guess…I could just make you breakfast. I went to the store yesterday and replenished the apartment because I know you’ll want to eat, my hungry boy,” she giggles and untangles herself from him. She removes herself from the bed and saunters over to her dresser. “What do you want? I can make you blueberry waffles,” Y/n offers, pulling a pair of leggings over the bare skin of her legs, snapping them snug into place on her hips. Calum stays silent while he watches her replace his shirt she’s wearing with a bra, her breasts flashing before him for just a moment, then black lace hiding them.

She covers her skin with a maroon colored sweater and looks at her boyfriend expectantly. He blinks, mind going blank as he stares at her beauty, trying to remember what she just said. “Calum,” she giggles at his vacant expression, crawling back onto the bed. She sits, with her legs crossed, her knee resting on his stomach. “Do you want blueberry waffles?” Y/n clarifies, smiling widely at him, amused as he nods vigorously, like a small child would.

“Okay. You just lay in bed and be lazy while I go make you breakfast,” she speaks as though Calum is a toddler and tucks him back into bed, giving him a little kiss on the nose before getting back to her feet. She leaves the room and heads for the kitchen. Calum grabs his phone off the nightstand along with the TV remote.

Y/n quietly hums to herself as she sets two plates complete with blueberry waffles and bacon on the island, along with two cups of coffee. She places the syrup and butter at arms length and a takes a moment to think if anything else is needed. When satisfied with everything she gives one curt nod of approval and walks to the bedroom. She stops in the doorway and waits for Calum to notice her. He doesn’t and with a playful roll of her eyes she walks farther into the room, stopping at the foot of the bed where she pats the mattress. Calum grunts in response, his eyes not leaving the small screen of his device.

“Calum, your waffles are ready,” Y/n calls out softly. He nods, but doesn’t move. She sighs, shaking her head disapprovingly at the lazy boy. “I even made you bacon so, come on. Don’t let it get cold,” she speaks firmly, but sweetly. Calum groans at the thought of moving from the confinements of his warm duvet cocoon.

He tosses his phone on Y/n’s side of the bed and rolls out, stretching his sore muscles. Y/n waits patiently by the door, watching him turn the TV off and shuffle over to her. He smiles and kissing her forehead. Y/n wraps her arm around his waist and gives his bare chest small pecks.

“I’ve missed you, so much,” she murmurs against his hot skin, a smirk gracing her lips as she slowly drawls back. Calum breathes heavily as she takes his hand in hers and leads him to the kitchen where she lightly pushes him towards his plate before taking her own seat. He takes a bite from his waffle and groans. Y/n looks at him confused, trying to see if he’s okay, “Calum?”

“These taste so good. God, I forgot how amazing your food is,” he hums in approval and stuffs another, rather large piece of waffle into his mouth. Y/n giggles and takes a sip of her orange juice, looking fondly at her handsome boyfriend. “Oh, thanks babe. These are truly the best,” Calum compliments, smashing his lips onto her cheek.

“You’re welcome, Cal,” Y/n lightly blushes at his comment and takes a bite of bacon, the salty flavor taking over her taste buds.

The two eat in silence until they’re both finished. Calum takes their plates and puts them in the sink, walking back down the hall to what Y/n assumes the bedroom. She huffs irritatedly as she looks at the kitchen, littered in dirty dishes.

“You could help, you know. I did cook for you,” she says louder than normal. Y/n doesn’t get a response, just the noise of the volume connected to the TV rising a few notches. She rolls her eyes and slides off the chair, slowly walking around the island and opening the dishwasher. “God, I hate dishes,” she mutters, turning the faucet on and grabbing the bottle of liquid soap.

After cleaning the kitchen Y/n walks back to the bedroom where she finds Calum laying down, taking up the whole mattress. “Calum,” she whines, swatting his thigh and plopping down next to him. He scoots over with a grunt and looks at her as she curls up next to him, her lips pouting.

“What’s up babe?” Calum asks, turning on his side and gently cupping her face.

“I did the dishes…by myself, Calum. You know I hate dishes,” she mewls, squinting her eyes at him. He chuckles, biting his lip to try and stop them.

“Babe, I’m sorry. I’ll do them next time, I promise, don’t be mad,” he smiles, making her upset feelings dissipate into a happy, genuine smile.

“Next two times, alone, and then you help me. That’s the deal,” she nods her head and pats his chest twice. Calum agrees and opens his arms, beckoning her into his warm embrace. She gladly excepts and snuggles into his strong arms, swinging her leg over his hip and closing her eyes, enjoying the feeling of him, taking in his scent. “I’m glad you’re back,” she whispers.

“Me too,” he responds, tightening his grip.

Four days had passed since Calum’s first day back and Y/n had tried everyday so far to get Calum out of the apartment and out doing something. Him, being stubborn and lazy didn’t make it past the couch, which irritated Y/n, but she kept her cool. She let Calum rest up and lounge around, creating messes, which she cleaned. The irritation didn’t start changing into frustration and anger until Calum started to mindlessly waste the whole day on his phone, completely ignoring her.

Y/n tried biting her tongue, but she was beginning to feel neglected. Her boyfriend was hardly paying her any attention and he was acting like she was his maid. Y/n was tired over it. She wanted-needed-something to change.

“But, Calum, you’ve been here for a week! You’ve been resting and not doing anything. All I want is to go out, on a date or something. Nothing absolutely fancy, just dinner. That’s all I want from you,” she said sounding exhausted and fed up. Calum rolled his eyes from his spot on the couch.

“I’ve been with you this whole time. We don’t need to go out. I don’t need to spend money when we can just cook dinner here, ourselves,” he huffs, his phone resting on his thigh, his eyes subtly glancing at the screen every few seconds.

Y/n takes a deep breath and stares Calum directly in the eyes, “We, don’t cook. I, cook. All you do is sit there and wait for me to tell you dinners ready and then, you don’t even help me clean up, nor do you ask if I need help when preparing. You just expect me to cook for you, and do your laundry, and clean after you! I want to go out so I don’t have to do that stuff. I just want to spend quality time with you, Calum!”

“This is quality time! Right now, we’re spending time together. You’re just wasting it by yelling at me and making a big deal out of nothing,” Calum shakes his head, crossing his arms and averting his eyes from his infuriating girlfriend. “You’re just being a bitch,” he mumbles, mostly to himself, but y/n hears him.

Y/n closes her mouth, swallowing the lump in her throat and looking away. An uncomfortable silence encases them, suffocating the couple as they sit there, not looking at one another. Calum feels his phone vibrate and picks it up, unlocking it and reading the text from Luke. Y/n picks at the frayed edges of a hole in her jeans, putting all her focus there instead Calum. He sends Luke a quick text back before standing up and disappearing down the hall. Y/n turns her head at the noise and sees Calum come back seconds later with his jacket pulled over his shoulders.

“Where are you going,” she asks weakly, watching him stalk over to the door and pulling his converse on.

He glances back at her quickly, Y/n almost missing his eyes as he turns away from her, facing the door. “Out. The lads are going to a new club that just opened and they asked me to join them,” he explains coldly, grabbing his keys and wallet from the table near the door.

“Are you serious?” Y/n asks astounded, “I ask you to leave this apartment and go out, but you say no and then, your friends ask you and you jump right up, running right out the door? What the fuck is your problem, Calum?”

Calum turns around, his muscles tensing under his jacket, him fuming. “They’re my friends. I haven’t seen them in days. Just leave me alone,” he heaves.

“No, that’s not fair. You’ve been with them for the past seven months. You’re only here for eleven more weeks and I want to do something special with you, other than watching TV and cooking you food all the time,” Y/n pouts, tears welling up in her eyes at the thought of Calum leaving again in just a couple of months.

Calum’s heart aches almost immediately as he sees the salty wet tears blurring her vision. He sighs defeated as she bites her lip to keep from sobbing, trying her hardest to stay strong. Calum walks over and sits down on the couch beside, scooping her up and cradling her to his chest.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want you to cry,” he hushes, combing his fingers through her soft hair. She sniffles and grabs a fistful of his jacket.

“I just feel like we don’t have enough time and I want to do something, like go on a date. To get you out of this damn house or something. I want to have fun with you and not just be the boring girlfriend,” she rambles, feeling a wave of hot tears create their destruction down her cheeks.

Calum closes his eyes and rests his chin on her head, rubbing soft circles on her back, “I’ll cancel tonight and tomorrow we’ll spend the whole day doing whatever you want. We can go shopping, maybe get ice cream and I’ll even take you to dinner. How does that sound?”

Y/n smiles, cuddling closer to his chest, “I just wish we agreed to something before I started crying and making my eyes puffy.” The two laugh and Calum informs her she’s beautiful, holding her tight for the rest of the night, listening to her as she plans out the events for the next day.

Guys I have a theory about the Flash time travel episode:

I don’t think Barry will accidentally go forward in time to the future I think he’s going back in time to those 9 months that he was comatose! I think he’s going to see and overhear Iris grieving at his bedside and possibly declaring her feelings for him! It makes sense for him to kiss her so passionately in those photos and for her to supposedly be upset if they were finally discussing the accident!

It’s just speculation but what if this is what both Grant and Candice were excited about! Think about it why would he go to the future now when the past and present haven’t been resolved? There is a possibility he could go to the future and see what they’re like as a couple but I have a strong feeling he’s going backwards in time and we’ll finally learn what happened in those missing months that Iris and Joe had to live without Barry. The writers would be fools not to seize a golden opportunity like this..

But then what is supposed to be happening in 1x18 for him to friggin need Felicity?!

recently i took a few rolls of 120 film to get developed that had just been sitting in a desk drawer for several years. i had no idea what was on them, i just knew that it had been long enough and i needed to know. i picked them up earlier today and found this photo among them.

years ago i had owned and operated a bike shop and i had gushed my heart and soul into it. i loved smelling like grease and tires forever. i lived, breathed and slept bikes. bikes, bikes, bikes. it was a fantastic time in my life. unfortunately, in the recession in of 2008, 2009 i ate it hard and, with the bank satisfied, ultimately had to close my doors in 2011. 

this photo was taken within the last few months that i was open. i remember it being one of those nights that i had stayed way, way late working on stuff. not because i needed to catch up or had some pressing work, but rather because i just liked working on bikes. it know my way around a bike really well and although i couldn’t fix the economy i could fix a bike. it just makes me feel good.

i spent a little bit of time looking at the other photos on the long, uncut strip of film and for the first time in a while i really thought about my shop and missed it, in a very palpable way. this is exactly what photographs do so well. they can remind us of the past and just as fast as the photo was taken, we can, for an instant, live the photo all over again… grease and all.

mamiya 645af

ilford xp2 400


1/30 sec

#tbt to one of the last shows I played with a band that wasn’t a Weezer tribute. Back in 2011 a few friends and I had a group called Remedios the Beauty that had some great, dark songs that I really loved. It’s a shame that it couldn’t sustain itself, but what a fun experience. I’m super proud of the music we made in those few months. At this time, my ‘77 ES-355 was my main guitar, and boy, do I miss making noise like that. We probably still have a website? Photo credit goes to my good friend @wfstr! As a side note, Will, your watermark was half there (I have no idea what happened to the original) but I hope the tag at least helps. Boo, I’m the worst. Miss you, buddy! #guitar #vintage #vintageguitar #gibson #es355 #es335 #walnut #show #livemusic #remediosthebeauty #seattle

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Ayyyy November stats

  • Note count is down 11.1% from last month’s 2,569. Remember when I used to get 10,000 notes a month two summers ago when I started keeping track? What happened?
  • Tumblr reports a gain of “27 new followers,” but doesn’t take into consideration that a 80% of those were probably spam porn bots I automatically blocked. Even taking that into consideration, I have a net loss of 11, down from 2486 on Halloween. That sucks. Once upon a time I had like 2510 followers, then I got sick of the porn bots counting in that number and decided to delete them all. It set me back a couple hundred, and I’m still trying to reach that 2.5k. I’ve been stuck between 2470 and 2490 for months and months now. I net gain some, I net lose some. Geez.
  • My top post if this photo of me on election night as the fucking electoral college swung against Nate Silver’s predictions and America elected a racist, sexist asshole to be the next President. This was while it was still a “wtf” reaction, so about an hour before the shock became crying and wailing and drinking and two days of emptiness. Joy.
  • Shoutouts to @allhulumat, *cough* (I transferred and deleted a lot of old stuff of this blog), @obsoletesystem, and @2-weeeks for helping keep my notes alive this past few weeks. I really do appreciate you, and I’m glad I can continue to post content you enjoy. (speaking of which, @obsoletesystem, we intend to visit Amsterdam in two summers, so)

Someday these statistics reports are going to be so sad and uneventful that I’ll stop. Until then, they remain something I can be proud of for consistently doing. I don’t have much of that.

positivelysebastianstan  asked:

your one ask about Seb not being on SM much and not much on Dons videos, I had read somewhere and I wanna say it was a reply to someones ask, that Seb's PR person asked Seb not to be in Dons videos anymore. Now how true that is, well lets take it with a grain of salt, but it honestly wouldn't surprise me if that were the case.

It would make sense if it’s true. Remember when you could go for months without Sebastian news, and it was like Christmas came when he actually posted an IG photo or there was a fan encounter and everyone freaked out over the length of his hair? Those were the days. His PR wants us to feel those feelings again. Bless his PR.