Birthday Dinner (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: I had an idea. Could you do Jughead x Reader where it’s jugs birthday and he wants to invite her over for dinner but he lives with Archie and Fred so he’s embarrassed and goes and asks for Fred’s permission if he can have his girlfriend over for his birthday and fill in the rest idk if I made this clear enough!

A/N: I changed the idea just a bit! SO glad I finally finished this. Hopefully you’ll still like it xx 


Birthday Dinner (Jughead x Reader)

It was Jug’s birthday on Friday.

You wanted to do something with him but he told you that Archie and his dad were going to throw him a dinner party/barbeque.

He felt bad but you assured him that you two could do something before or after his birthday.

You two have been secretly dating for the past three months so obviously you weren’t expecting to go.

Especially since you lived on the other side of town and went to a different school.

What you didn’t plan for was Jug to ask Fred Andrews if you could come.

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t0asty-marshmall0w  asked:

I just saw the ask that you sell self inking Stamps!!? Of YOI!!! Where have you been my whole life!!!? Washi Tape and Stamps ! Ther like 2 of my favorite things!!! And that ZINE!!! When do you plan to sell them!! I have to start saving my paychecks!!!

hi @t0asty-marshmall0w ^^ LOL yea i’ve had those stamps since last year! i have 3 new YOI stamp designs coming mid-month too (including a bunny viktor for Easter HAHA) (: I’m hoping to get the zines mid-month too. The printer showed me some photos of the sample print last week:

for the moment i wanna keep most of the pages a surprise(??), so just this one will do for now! 8′D THANK YOU FOR THE INTEREST!! <33

How to Tell BTS Apart:

Requested by @viva-la-fanatic-domains

**This post was made April 24th, 2016, with edits made later**

[WARNING LONG POST] Okay here we go!

BTS. aka Bangtan Boys. aka Bulletproof Boyscouts. aka 방탄소년단 (bang-tan-so-nyeon-dan)

As of the moment I am writing this post BTS has had 6 main comebacks, with each having a follow up track (except for two) (Basically what that means is they dropped an album 6 times with an MV for the title track on the album, and then later they dropped another MV for a different track on that album. BTS is known for doing this follow up thing but it isn’t common, other groups don’t really do that) along with a few in between… thingys that I will also include ^_^ and they are about to comeback again May 2nd! Here is all of them in order:

DEBUT: June 11th, 2013 – No More Dream

[Left to Right: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

FOLLOW UP: July 16th, 2013 – We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2

[Left to Right: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

1ST COMEBACK: September 10, 2013 – N.O

[L to R: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

**No follow up track for N.O**

2ND COMEBACK: February 11th, 2014 – Boy In Luv

[L to R: Jin, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, V, J-Hope]

FOLLOW UP: April 6th, 2014 – Just One Day

[L to R: Jimin, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, V, Rap Monster, J-Hope]

3RD COMEBACK: August 19th, 2014 – Danger

[L to R: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

FOLLOW UP: October 21, 2014 – War of Hormone

[L to R: Suga, Jin, Rap Monster, Jungkook, Jimin, V, J-Hope]

REPACKAGE: November 20th, 2014 – Miss Right/Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) ft. Thanh

Note: This was a “repackaged” album. (meaning they re-released the Danger album but with a different scheme to it and a couple new tracks added on) Miss Right was the main track, but it didn’t get an MV. But the Danger Remix did for some reason.

[L to R: Jimin, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, Rap Monster, V, J-Hope] (the guy at the piano is Thanh the featuring artist - not a member)

4TH COMEBACK: April 29th, 2015 – I Need U

[L to R: J-Hope, V, Jimin, Rap Monster, Suga, Jungkook, Jin]

FOLLOW UP: June 23rd, 2015 – Dope

[L to R: Rap Monster, Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, Jin, J-Hope]

SHORT FILM: October 1st, 2015 - On Stage : Prologue

Note: This is not actually a comeback or a follow up, or even an MV, but I felt the need to include it because the I Need U MV, this little in between thing, and the next MV, and their most recent comeback are all one storyline. “The Youth Trilogy”

[L to R: Jin, Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, J-Hope (behind), V, Rap Monster]

5TH COMEBACK: November 29th, 2015 – Run

[L to R: J-Hope, Jimin, Rap Monster, Jungkook, Jin, V, Suga]

**No follow up track to Run**

PRE-RELEASE: April 19th, 2016 – Epilogue: Young Forever

Note: We don’t really know what this is. Apparently it’s a teaser for their comeback, but it’s like also a full MV??? And also it says Epilogue which makes it seem like it’s like the Prologue??? Dunno. They just dropped it out of the blue. No warning.

NEXT COMEBACK: May 2nd, 2016 –  Fire + Save Me

Note: This comeback had 2 MVs. Save Me came a little bit after Fire, but it’s not a follow up track, they promoted them at the same time.

[L to R: TOP - Rap Monster, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga / BOTTOM - Jungkook, Jin, V]

Boom. All the stuff. It’s a lot.

They have a few other things labelled as MVs but they’re either unofficial or pre-debut stuff so I didn’t include them c:


**I’m only including a recent photo of each**

Rap Monster: Real Name: Namjoon. Sep. 12, 1994. Leader. Rapper. 

Yo like we literally didn’t get to see his eyes uncovered from those freaking sunglasses until like LITERALLY 8 MONTHS after they debuted. Their company had him do that or smthn idEk. Hair has most frequently been bleach blonde, but it was this black fro-hawk thing when they debuted man i don’t know why they thought that was a good idea….. the literal Dance Master go look it up ;)

Jin: Real Name: Seokjin. Dec. 4th, 1992. Vocalist. Visual. (aka the handsomest)

Nicknamed Princess Jin by the fans, he’s the prettiest. Don’t question it he just… IS. okay. He most recently went blonde and slayed the hearts of many. Otherwise he has always been some shade of brown and that one time he went like a dark auburn red. hot damn. (Just One Day era) He’s got lips for days, like are they even real? i didn’t know lips could be that plump but apparently god bestowed us this gift that is Jin’s lips. ya can’t really see them in this photo but they’re there i swear. google it. have no shame. you won’t regret. 

Suga: Real Name: Yoongi. March 9th, 1993. Rapper. 

If you google “wealthy housewife” pics of Suga come up. he got memed. it’s a long story. he has a really gummy smile that is so adorable. He’s had been one of the more colorful hair one of the bunch for a while now. it’s been black, brown, red, pink, bleach blonde, mint green, now silver. have fun keeping track lol

J-Hope: Real Name: Hoseok. Feb. 19th, 1994. Dancer. Rapper.

Usually screaming. I’m not exaggerating. His catchphrase is “I’m Your Hope” (in english, yelling) Skinny and always flailing. Actual unicorn. Dunno what else to tell you, eventually when watching a BTS video something loud and bizarre will happen and you’ll be like ohhh so that’s j-hope….

Jimin: Real Name: Jimin. Oct. 13th, 1995. Vocalist. Dancer.

Squishy face c: not so squishy body D: it’s stressful. don’t let the shirtless pics fool you, he’s a fluff ball. Has the nicest ass of the group. Certifiably accurate. Also he’s obsessed with Jungkook and Jungkook is just not having it. Makes for quite the entertaining shit to watch. Told the fans he wasn’t going to have dark hair for a while. Was obviously lying. (see above) 

V: Real Name: Taehyung. Dec. 30th, 1995. Vocalist. 

V is weird. Like literally the fans call him an alien. We don’t really “get” him. Like he’s from another plant or something, he’s always doing strange things for no reason. Put him together with screamo a couple members up and you get a COMPLETE wtf fest. Another one with a lot of different colored hair. TBH Tae is H O T. and like I think he knows it too >_>

JUNGKOOK: Real Name: Jungkook. Sep. 1st, 1997. Vocalist. Maknae. (meaning the youngest)

Is super freaking hot. Also barely legal. How dare. Sometimes he’s an adorable fluff ball and other times he is way too dangerous for this world. But mostly a fluff ball. It’s not fair. Has literally never had hair lighter than the pic above. Went reddish once. (Just One Day era) but that’s the most exciting it’s gotten. Can be identified as the one always bullying and insulting his dear older members. And acting way older than his age.

So there you go! That’s BTS. They’re all crazy and we are too have fun~~

anonymous asked:

Could you do a headcannon where the MC has an eating disorder and the rfa (+v and saeran) find out and how they would react?

Sure, sure!! Thanks for the request, anon!! TRIGGER WARNING: ANOREXIA


-You and Yoosung binge ate

-And then you finally beat the boss in LOLOL

-By that time

-It was 2am

-As Yoosung lumbered off to bed

-You went to bathroom

-Time to get this over with

-It was about a month ago

-You and Yoosung went to a LOLOL Convention

-And Yoosung being Yoosung

-Made you cosplay with him

-“Yoosung, please, I’m not skinny enough to be a cosplayer.”


-You finally gave in and dressed up

-The whole time you were there you felt self conscious

-You couldn’t help but look at everyone’s fit, beautiful body


-You leaned over the toilet

-until you heard a whimper

-You turned your head in horror to see Yoosung leaning on the door

-He slowly slides down until he is seated

-tears are streaming down his face

-“MC, just..why..?”

-You slowly walk over to him

-but before you can say anything

-He grabs you and wraps you in a tight hug

-“MC…it was that time wasn’t it… the convention..I’m so sorry..MC…”

-“Yoosung.. I…-”

-“MC, I don’t understand… you’re perfect. Perfect in every way possible. I love you, MC, and it… it hurts to see you like this..”

-His face is red from crying

-his eyes gave such a sorrowful look you couldn’t bare to see

-“Please, MC, Please.”

-You told him about it

-He told you over and over that you’re beautiful

-even if it makes him blush

-And he secretly hates cosplaying now


-You got up from your dinner the two you were eating

-“Ah–MC, there’s still food on you plate”

-“I-Oh-I’m not hungry.”

-You’re never hungry

-Jaehee noticed this and took careful note of when you were actually eating

-One night

-You hovered over the toilet

-You stuck two fingers in your mouth

-You threw up the small amount of food you ate


-you sensed someone’s presence


-You turned and saw Jaehee staring at you

-Her horrified expression hurt more than your stomach

-“I-uh… Jaehee..”

-Her hand covered her mouth

-You can hear inaudible sentences in-between sobs

-She reaches for you and holds you in a tight embrace

-“MC, you’re beautiful. I love you. You have to eat something, please.”

-You both cry together

-Later she makes you one of your favorite foods

-And you both snuggle together as she talks to you until you fall asleep


-It happened about two weeks ago

-One of Zen’s fans was trashing you and on the internet

-“Omi god did you see Zen’s girlfriend? Such an ugly bitch. How much does she eat?! Fucking fat ass! I guess anyone can be Zen’s girlfriend Lol!”

-You knew that it was probably some girl that was jealous of you but the harsh words got to you

-And soon

-You were fasting

-It was this particular night

-You thought he wouldn’t be home from his acting practice so soon

-“MC! I’m home!”

-He looks around

-when he doesn’t find you

-He gets a little nervous

-he literally searches the entire apartment

-And where does he find you?

-In your room, weighing yourself again

-His face changes to one of remorse

-“MC, this is the fifth time today.”

-Before you can say anything

-He kisses you

-“MC, you’re beautiful, inside and out. I love you with all my heart…What happened?”

-You tell him about the fans comment


-Similar to Yoosung, he’ll constantly tell you how beautiful you are

-almost as if he’s blaming himself

-he’ll totally sweet talk you and flirt with you pretty much the same tbh


-It was after the meeting that you realized

-Jumin was getting a lot of attention from girls lately

-you are just his girlfriend not for long

-they all looked very different but there was one thing they all had in common

-they were all very skinny

-You felt disgusted with yourself

-comparing your body to theirs

-Finding all the flaws

-so you decided to fast

-just a few more months and you’ll look flawless.

-You stood over the toilet

-when you were finished, you wiped your mouth and turn to open the door

-but the door was open

-and there stood Jumin

-he didn’t speak or do anything for a moment

-which was

-truth be told

-scarier than if he was to yell at you

-He just


-with that solemn face that broke your heart


-He grabbed you and held you in his arms

-He didn’t say anything for a while

-“…..MC…how long have you been like this?…..How long have I not been here for you?..”

-His face was red from crying and his voice came out cracked and hoarse

-Jumin held you tighter

-“I love you MC…so much.”

-“I know you do Jumin. I love you, too.”

-He cradles you in his arms and rocks you back and forth in his arms until you fall asleep


-You hadn’t eaten anything in weeks

-You would always refuse to take part in his “Honey Buddha Chip Fest”

-Seven was beginning to notice your eating habits, or rather the neglect of it

-“Wait, MC, did you have dinner yet?”

-You nodded and plastered the best smile you could before walking up stairs to do it

-Seven had suspected it for a while

-and as he walked upstairs

-all that he feared

-was right there

-His girlfriend

-throwing up

-You turned around in surprise

-Actually, you half expected him crack some joke

-But all expectations were shattered when you saw her boyfriend

-with his hands covering his face

-and tears.

-Seven was crying.

-“How could I not know about this? I thought I knew everything about you..but..”

-You began to cry too.

-“Seven… please… it’s not your fault…”

-You two sat there


-and suddenly felt all warm

-Seven was hugging you

-“MC, your hilarious, your beautiful, you’ve got the most wonderful personality…please don’t do this to yourself.”

-You two continued hugging each other

-later he made you eat a lot


-V has always liked taking pictures of you

-but you

-hated it

-“MC, please? One more photo?”

-you were sometimes even in magazines

-you saw yourself

-in a magazines with all those beautiful women

-and then there’s you.

-It had been a month since you started fasting

-and now here you are…

-hovering over the toilet


-You didn’t notice


-V had walked into the bathroom

-And he was staring at you

-And when you turned around

-ran up to you and hugged you

-“MC!! You’re so gorgeous!! Why would you do something like that?”

, you could feel his tears stain your shirt,despite him trying to hide it

-“V, I'm sor-”

-“No, MC, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me most.“ 

-He still takes photos of you secretly because your so pretty tho


-“MC, that’s the third time you’ve weighed yourself this morning.”


-You quickly walk out of the room

-or at least you try to

-But Saeran grabs your hand

-“MC, wait.”

-You look at him and right then

-your heart rips in two

-His eyes are filled with worry, even with him doing his best to conceal the fact that he knows.

-“MC, eat something.”

-“Ah, I already a-”


-You can see tears swell up in his eyes


-“….that’s it. You’re staying home today.”

-He pulls you into a hug

-“MC, please take better care of yourself or I’ll have to.” Hey that doesn’t sound too bad


-He kisses you on the forehead then goes to get you something to eat

-now he makes you go everywhere with him

*Not that my theory is that in V’s route after the good ending he’ll get eye surgery ;)

Wahhhhh my second request!! Thank you and keep sending in those requests! Tell me what you think! Got any tips for me? Anything at all, thanks again!


Hold On - Steve x Reader

Plot: Steve is severely injured during a mission. The reader helps him and must deal with the possibility that he may not make it, all while memories are revealed of the intricate past she shares with Steve.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Words: 5684
Warnings: LOTS of angst. I am so sorry in advance.
Author’s Note: HUGE shoutout to my wonderful friend and beta, @lowercasedorito. She’s amazing, was super helpful especially with the ending, and this wouldn’t have been possible without her. 

Originally posted by suisidesquad

Present Day

“We got it, let’s get out of here!” you scream through the coms as you and Natasha sprint down the hall of the Hydra base. Your heart is beating as fast as it can, keeping you alert while debris flies around you. Explosions are going off, forcing you to take the longer route back to safety. You clasp the new intel you two managed to steal, guarding it with your life.

The team was trickling in and waiting by the open door of the quinjet. You had a half a mile at least before you were in the clear. You heard gunshots being fired left and right, but you gave it your all to make it back in one piece. The information in your hands concerns a new prototype for weapons of mass destruction, similar to the helicarriers back in DC, and you’ll be damned if you let anything happen to it before you let anything happen to yourself. Hydra needs to be stopped - and you’ll do anything it takes.

You and Nat are close, and you know the rest of the team will back you up to get you to safety. You reach the jet without any issue, finally allowing yourself to release the tension that’s been building up. Gunshots and blasts are one thing, but being stealthy is another. You have to constantly be on your toes and watch for what’s coming next.

The quinjet seems calm, which is unusual, given all the activity going on around you. Everyone makes their way inside once you assure them that you have everything you came for and are ready to go. You place the intel you managed to steal in a safe place before turning around and instructing Clint to get the jet out of here. Once the doors are shut and Clint is nearly ready to take off, you look back to the team and notice someone is missing.

“Guys, where the hell is Steve?”

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The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 6)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Cursing (Tony Stark again!), mentions of torture

Word Count - 994

Notes – I had to go back and do some editing to get this one in under 1,000 words.  Not the end, though.  I didn’t take away a single word from the end.  You’ll understand why when you get there.   The ending was inspired from this post.  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9 

Series Masterlist


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It was few weeks before he started popping up in Europe, steadily making his way to Bucharest.  He ended up staying there the longest based on the amount of photographs taken during that time.  The last photos were taken in Germany during the fight at the airport.  Those were the only photos where you could actually see all of his face.  After that, he seemed to have disappeared.

“He was pretty good at avoiding the cameras, wasn’t he?” you asked.

“He’d been trained to be a ghost,” he replied.  “I’m surprised FRIDAY was able to find even partial images. She didn’t finish compiling all of this until after I returned from Siberia.”

“So,” you began as you looked at that final image dated over six months ago. “There’s only one question that remains. Where’s he at now?”

You and Tony had thrown different ideas back and forth for what seemed like hours.  Every theory a little more ridiculous than the one before.  The truth was, neither of you had a clue where they were.

FRIDAY eventually interrupted the two of you to announce that Vision had prepared dinner and was requesting your presence in the common room.  Tony shut down the interface and the two of you walked back down the hall.  

“So (Y/N),” Tony began as you walked through the corridor.  “How do you feel about cooking?”

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(shitty photo taking skills I know lmao I was in a hurry since i need to be somewhere)

I’m taking this hugeeeeeee step and selling my pops. It’s so hard for me to do this bc I’ve spent so much time and money to buy look and buy most of them. Those like flash and steamboat willie I had to haggle the price for lmao.

But I’m in desperate need of money at the moment. A couple of months back my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and since then stopped working. Recently I helped her pay off a debt of 5.5k, which was a majority of my financial aid money. Now I’m using my money for everything but it is not gonna help much. I don’t make much from work and can’t work more bc of school so this is my only choice.

I’ve been thinking about selling them for the longest time but couldn’t bc they’re all worth so much to me but I need the money more.

Sooooo that’s why I’m selling them now even though it pains me to do so. 90% of them are mint condition and are in plastic slips to keep them neat.

If anyone is interested, please message me for the prices! They will be more or less the same price as they are right now in the market+shipping and handling.

So I am back! Idk if you guys missed me, but i missed you.😊 Anyways, those 4 days were beyond awesome! I visited a whole bunch of museums and seen some cool stuff. And the thing was that I didn’t want to return to this shithole that I live in (yea, I’m straightforward about this). Nevertheless, i had really great time and of course took some photos. I’m gonna post some of them maybe tomorrow, idk. And now I’m just gonna wait till September. C:

Dating The “Bad Girl”

Character: Seohyun (SNSD)
Word count: 867
Summary: Pictures were leaked online of Seohyun and her girlfriend sharing drunken kisses, leading to a surprising turn of events | #angst #fluff

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R.I.P Seobaby

On September 24, pictures were leaked online of Girl’s Generations’ maknae, Seohyun, lip locked with another female. This has sparked scandalous rumours that are circulating South Korea, causing outrage and shock at this girl group members unprecedented behavior. Is this the end of this once good girls career?

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walkinredinstead april challenge day 15: lgbt+ (and other minorities) autistic selfie day

this photo is actually from five months ago because i didn’t feel like taking one today (and i had to crop it and stuff, sorry for the bad quality)

i’m a transmasculine genderfluid androromantic asexual dude (…those are a lot of words)

anonymous asked:

Antis claim Larries ruined H&L's friendship. They also say if H&L were gay they would just come out, buy out their contract & do it. But once you talk about the bears it was queerbaiting by a sound guy. So H&L who are so bothered by Larry rumors & all so powerful just sat back & allowed a sound guy to pretend two stuffed bears were them & in a relationship. H&L also interacted MORE than they have in years during MITAM promo & OTRA SEE HOW BOTHERED THEY WERE. Antis arguments don't add up as usual

God, I know. We know Harry and Louis (as well as the other boys) are aware of the bears. There’s no way in hell they aren’t also aware that the bears have been used to imply things about the closet and Harry and Louis’ relationship being deeper than friendship. I’ll just never get over the fact that antis actually believe Harry and Louis stood by and watched Mattmike queerbait fans and make implications about their relationship and they just…..didn’t give a shit?

There are numerous examples like this one, but since it’s recent, I’ll talk about how Harry went to the Bears Head Inn last month and took a photograph outside where the building behind him was clearly visible and easily identifiable. Since RBB was photographed right outside that same place in January, I’m assuming that antis either idiotically dismiss that a coincidence, or what, they think Harry just doesn’t care about what implications he’s making by associating with RBB yet again? These people, who are often Harries that only care about Louis in terms of how straight he is or how much of a father he is, call Harry the major LBGTQ+ supporter of the band. So they think that same Harry, the Harry who says he wants equal rights and says love is love and posts pictures of rainbows and worked with switchboard and wore the Michael Sam jersey and who is always polite and kind and asks that of others…they think that Harry was just like ehhh, not only do I not mind that MattMike is queerbaiting my fans (you know, those people who I love very dearly and who I know are responsible for my success), but I’m also going to feed into it. Even ten months after the RBB twitter was shut down, Harry chose to pose for a photo outside the same building RBB had been photographed outside of. And how could he not know how fans would interpret it considering he knows the bears existed, certainly knows the Twitter account used to exist, knows how fans interpret all bear-related stuff, and knows how fans are with detective work about locations.

That’s the type of person antis think Harry is. That’s the type of person antis think both of them are. According to their perception, Harry and Louis are okay with someone spending a lot of money and putting forth a lot of effort just to queerbair a group of fans who have already been relentlessly bullied and dismissed by the rest of the fandom, the media, and occasionally even the boys themselves. And not only are Harry and Louis okay with it, but on multiple occasions, they actively contributed to the idea that they have direct involvement or at least association with the bears.

Antis believe Harry and Louis are shitty enough people to do that, dismissing the hundreds of reasons why that’s absolutely ridiculous considering what we’ve seen from Harry and Louis in terms of who they are as people and how much they love, appreciate, and respect their fans. They think they’re shitty enough people to do that and THEY STILL SUPPORT THEM. It’s baffling.

Gas Sigils

I was checking the photos on my phone, and I found those symbols.

It took me a while to remember where I’ve seen them: a couple of months ago, they where fixing the road in front of my flat, and had drawn those symbols where the gas pipelines were, to avoid accidents

Beside the fact that I really like them, I think I’ll use them to protect my home: my flat is quite old, and I’m pretty paranoid about a gas leak, so I’ll incorporate those into the home wards

(yup, still a urban witch. Find inspiration in everything around you!)

Hideaway Chapter 1

As promised…. Chapter 1 is here! I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think! 

Chapter One

Crying into my chicken pesto in the middle of a crowded restaurant was not quite how I imagined lunch with my friends would go. But, there I was, big, gross tears falling down my cheeks as I held my friends phone. In front of me was my ex’s instagram featuring the tramp he cheated on me with; the caption declaring his love for her. LOVE! We had been sharing those words not even two months ago. How could he love her already. I felt used, cheap, and betrayed all over again.

“He’s a fucking rat, Liv. You deserve so much better.” My friend Evie ranted. I had been doing ok. The initial shock of the break up had worn off but the media didn’t seem to get that memo. They still hounded me every time I stepped into public. They wanted to know what it was like to see photos my boyfriend kissing another woman splashed across the front cover of every newspaper and magazine.

It has been almost two months since he got caught and I tossed his sorry ass. Now, he was happily making a fool out of me in front of the entire world with his posts. He was telling the world he moved on while I sat crying in a very popular restaurant. I’m sure half the other diners had their cell phones trained on me at this point. I quickly cleaned myself up and tossed the phone back to Evie.

“You’re right. He is shit and I’m over it.” I took a bite of my chicken to prove my point and huffed. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of another public embarrassment. The paps got me moving myself out of his apartment in tears and the caught me red eyed and disheveled outside of my agents offices a few days later. I was tired of it. I just wanted to move on.

I stepped out of the restaurant and was met with half a dozen paps yelling my name; all holding their phones up with my ex’s post on full display. I felt the twinge of hurt hit again and my eyes welled up tears before I could stop them.

“Liv, How do you feel about Dan moving on so quickly? Do you still love him? Do you want him back? Are you crying? Liv Liv Liv…” I held my hand over my face and darted to my car. I shielded my eyes until I was able to pull away. Once I was away, a sob escaped my throat. This was getting out of control. I needed to get out of here. I pushed the bluetooth button on my steering wheel and dialed my agent.

“Hey Liv. I’m guessing you saw the post?” She asked, as soon as she answered.

“Yeah, and met a bunch of damn paps outside of lunch.” I growled. “Jess. I need to get the hell out of here. I need to get somewhere quiet so I can write and not deal with this shit.” I was still crying and the emotions laced my words. “I’ll go anywhere. Just get me out of here, Jess, please.”

“I’ll make it happen, Liv. You deserve a break.” I could hear typing from her end. “I’ll call you back before tonight with some ideas, ok?”

“Yeah. Thanks Jess, you’re the best.” I ended the call just as I pulled up to my apartments.

The call back came sooner then I was expecting. I answered on the second ring.

“How does Kauai sound?” Jess said, instead of a greeting.

“Hawaii? Isn’t Hawaii always crawling with Paps?” I was skeptical.

“No, that’s the big island and Maui. Where all the big time resorts are. Kauai is quiet. Small. More local. And it’s the off season. You can rent a little cottage. You will be off the grid.” I smiled. I haven’t been to Hawaii before. It sounded perfect.

“Book it. I want to leave as soon as you can make it happen.” I smiled for the first time in a long time.

“How does tomorrow sound?” The clicks of her keyboard sounded over the phone once again.

“Perfect. Absolutely perfect.”


I spread my towel out in the shade of the tree that had become my spot nearly every day for the last few weeks. It is my secret spot. It was as if no one even knew this little strip of beach existed. I always found it completely empty and often stayed that way the entire day. It wasn’t really off the beaten path, but the beach was rocky and dangerous to swim or surf in. Because of this, people rarely ventured to the stretch of sand that held my beloved tree unless it was to stroll past and continue on. A hundred yards or so down from me, there is a bend in the coastline and beyond that, a popular beach lays, one filled with locals and tourists alike.

I am neither and both. I have been hiding away on this island for too long to be considered a tourist but not long enough to be a local. What am I hiding away from, you might ask? Of course you would. It seems strange for someone to just up and run away to an island in the middle of the pacific and spend her days sitting under a tree on a empty beach. It mostly has to do with a boy. I say mostly because I’m not some weak woman who can’t handle a breakup. What I can’t handle is the media circus that has become my life.

Maybe I should introduce myself. I’m Olivia Costantini, or as most you would know me as, Liv Constantine. Author, screenwriter extraordinaire. Also know as the stupid woman who dated one of the stars of the movie adaptation of her best selling book series. It was a dream come true romance for the fans of the series. Their beloved author dating one of their beloved characters. I thought it was a dream come true romance for me to, until he got caught with his tongue down some model’s throat while in Paris on a press tour. My heart was broken and the media was obsessed. I couldn’t go out without being hounded with questions and having a camera shoved in my face.

I couldn’t write. I still can’t. It’s been almost 4 months now. My heart is slowly healing but the writer’s block is still there. My agent and editors have been putting pressure on me to see the first few chapters of the next instalment, but I have nothing of worth while to show. The story is dry to me. It lacking excitement and emotion. To put it bluntly, it’s terrible. At first, I blamed my ex. But I know it’s not him. There is just something missing and the deeper I get into brainstorming, the more frustrated I become. So, I jumped on a plane to Kauai, Hawaii hoping a change in scenery, and out of the public eye, will spark something. It has been two months and I’m still staring at the same stale ideas, only instead of banging my head on a desk, I’m hitting sand.

My stewing is interrupted by someone walking along the water. I am slightly surprised as I have been here for a few hours now with no interruptions. Further surprising me, the person sits right down on the sand, almost directly between me and the waves. Excuse me, can’t you see I am angrily staring at those waves. I have to fight the urge to tell him to get lost. Instead, I pick up an old hobby of mine, I observe. I love to secretly watch people. No, not in the stalker way, just people watch. Quietly watch their habits, actions, mannerisms, interactions. My interrupter appears to be around my age, early 20’s. He is wearing incredibly tight skinny jeans, which I imagine are now rather full of sand. He has on a plain white shirt and holds a pair of tan boots in his hand. His hair blows wildly in the wind. It’s past his shoulders and curly. He reaches up and quickly captures his unruly curls in a bun. His arms are covered with tattoos. He is too far away to identify them, but it suits his image. I am intrigued. What I notice the most is the defeated slump in his shoulders. I pick up on it quickly because I know that slump. I carry the same. I quietly wonder if he has even noticed me here. I am tucked back under the shade of a tree, not near the water.

My thoughts are again interrupted, this time by the loud shrill of a cell phone. My phone. I jump and quickly dig it out of my bag. I silence the ringer and toss it back into my bag. When I look up, my intruding stranger has vanished.


The bell to Small Town Coffee jingled as I pushed the door open. I caught the barista’s eye from behind the counter. She smiled and nodded, to indicate that she would have my drink to me in a moment. I am here most mornings. I have found a few quiet places that I have made a habit of coming to regularly. There is something about this sleepy island that makes me feel at home. I have avoided the tourist traps for the most part and injected myself into the local culture.

I walked to my normal table tucked into the corner of the shop. I loved that this had become routine for me. I need routine when I’m writing. My favorite cup of coffee, my favorite table, my favorite playlist. It worked for me. Or, at least, it use to. Now, I’m not sure anything will work for me. I met the barista at the register and paid before settling down at my table.

I powered up my iPad and attached my keyboard before looking around the coffee shop. There were a handful of regulars that were there almost everyday, but someone else caught my eye. Looking right back at me was the boy with the unruly brown curls. He was furrowing his eyebrows, as if he was trying to place me. It didn’t take me long to place him. He was my mystery intruder from the day before. Although, I didn’t get to see his face on the beach, there was no mistaking those curls and skinny jeans. He continued to look at me, so I looked back at my screen and tried to ignore him. I had gone this long without being recognized, I really didn’t want to that to change today.

I pulled up my novel and reread what I had written the day before. It was rubbish. I knew it was. I soon forgot the mysterious man across the coffee shop and focused on my storyline. Something had to change, that much I knew, but what. I spent the next few hours rewriting and rearranging my storyline before giving up. There was something missing but I couldn’t figure out what.  I packed my shoulder bag before ducking out of the shop. I was walking quickly to my longterm rental car when I heard the bell on the door behind me ding.

“Hey, wait.” A deep, raspy, and was that British, voice called out. I glanced over my shoulder and I saw the boy with the curls jogging up behind me. I stopped, reluctantly and turned to face him. He held up something to me. “You forgot this.” I looked down at his hands and saw my worn leather notebook. The very notebook that held the life of my story within it’s pages. I quickly snatched it from him and groaned at my stupidity. If this had gotten in the wrong hands, my publishers would have killed me.

“Thank you. I would have literally died without this.” I huffed, shoving the offending notebook in my bag. I glanced up at the boy and noted that his brows were furrowed once again.

“You’re Liv Constantine, right?” He hesitantly asked.

“Fuck.” I said under my breath. I’ve been found out. I forced a smile on my face and nodded. “Yep. You caught me.” I said, instead of turning and running like I wanted to do. His face broke into a wide grin and a hint of dimples showed. Now that I was really looking at him, I realized he was incredibly attractive. His eyes were a shade of green that I have never seen before and his smile completely lit up his face. Today, he wore a hawaiian print shirt that screamed “tourist” with black skinny jeans that were ripped in the knees and the brown boots from the day before. His shirt was half unbuttoned and allowed a few tattoos on his chest to peek out. I had to remind myself not to stare.

“Your books are simply brilliant. They are my go to on my long plane rides.” He gushed, pulling me from my ogling.

“Oh, thank you.” I plastered on my media trained smile and nodded at him but on the inside, I was already planning on where I was going to go next to escape the media shit storm that was soon to follow being found out. “Did you want a picture or an autograph or something.” I asked. “I’m sorry but I don’t have any copies of my books here.” His smile shifted to something smaller, shyer almost. “You’re actually the first person to recognize me here and it’s been months so I’m afraid I’m unprepared.” I smile softly in return.

“Oh, no. I’m ok.” He said, waving his hand back and forth. “I wasn’t even going to approach you but you left your notebook and I’m sure it’s filled with all sorts of important things.” I nodded in answer. “I have one similar to that and I don’t know what I would do if I lost it. Once, I almost left it on a plane but my manager spotted it before we left.” He was rambling a bit, but I was interested in him. He didn’t seem flustered with meeting me, as most fans are. “I’m Harry, by the way.” He suddenly said, sticking his hand out for mine.

“Nice to meet you, Harry.” I softly replied. He furrowed his eyebrows again and then smiled brighter than before. It was almost as if he was expecting a different response from me. I was confused. Didn’t most people expect to have their hands shaken when the offer them. I wondered if there was some odd rumor about me being a germaphobe taking over the internet and he was testing to see if I would actually shake his outstretched hand.

“You too.” He beamed at me. His hand running through his tangled curls.

“Harry.” I caught his attention and stepped a bit closer to him. “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind keeping this to yourself, at least for a little while?” I hesitantly asked. “I know that’s asking a lot, but I’m really enjoying hiding from the media and it would only take one tweet or tumblr post before the whole world comes crashing down on me.” I didn’t want to discourage him but I really didn’t want to leave the little bubble I had found here in Kauai. He seemed even more confused. He pinched his bottom lip between his thumb and forefinger before nodding.

“Of course, Liv. There is a chance I’m hiding out as well. I’m definitely on a social media strike for the time being.” He laughed, but I sensed it was a sarcastic one.

“Thank you. It would mean a lot to me.” I touched his arm and smiled at him. He grinned wider at me and nodded.

We said goodbyes and parted ways. I was left wondering about the mysterious British boy who seemed to understand my need to hideaway more than I could know.

The rest of the day was spent under my tree with my notebook in front of me. A new character was forming in my mind. He was dark, mysterious and reminded me a bit too much of the a certain sweet british boy.

I filled page after page brainstorming a villain that had good in him. I wasn’t sure where he would fit into the story, but it was the first time in almost six months that I had written something that I thought I could actually use, something I was proud of.

Over the following week, I found my mind wandering to the encounter I had with the British Harry. My agent was monitoring social media to make sure I wasn’t outed, but no tweet came mentioning me in Hawaii. He was true to his word. It seemed my safe haven was still here for a while longer. I wondered who he was and why he was here. But mostly, I thought about why he seemed so defeated the day I saw him on the beach. He was becoming something of a muse for me and  inspiring a character. I told myself that was the reason I found myself focusing on him, but I couldn’t help but think there was more to it than that. I was drawn to him and I didn’t know why.

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This imagine is based off the song ‘Jealous’ by Labrinth and I feel this will have more of an effect if you listen to the song while you read it anyways enjoy!


I sniffed twice, before locking my phone, pulling my blanket up to my nose and lying down. Tears continued slowly running down my face even after I squeezed my eyes shut.
“Stop crying y/n, he left you, he never loved you.” I repeated to myself in my head over and over again, trying to convince myself that what we had wasn’t love.
I unlocked my phone once more and opened Instagram before searching his name and clicking on his first photo. It was a photo shoot picture that Bryant had taken of him standing in the rain, small raindrops all over his bare chest and face. Those raindrops were closer to him than I had been in months, I was jealous of the rain.
My body ached just looking at him, his piercing blue eyes, his now long shaggy hair, his tall figure, his everything.
I scrolled to the next picture and it felt like someone had taken my heart into their hands and squeezed it with all the strength they had in their body.
He was mid-laugh, sitting with some blonde, skinny model looking girl and they were holding hands, His new girlfriend. I had seem several photos of them before.
I was jealous of the love that they had.

Why was he fine?
Why had he moved on?
Why did he get to be so damn happy while I sat in bed crying my eyes out with a constant pain in my chest because I needed him.
I needed the stupid boy I met because I bumped into him on the street.
I needed the stupid boy who got lost on the way to my house and showed up 40 minutes late to our first date.
I needed the stupid boy who told me he first loved me after our first big fight and neither of us could sleep so he came over at 3 o’clock in the morning.
I needed the stupid boy who would let me cry into his chest without laughing or saying anything over dumb love movies.
But most of all I just needed him, knowing he was there, morning or night, rain or sunshine.
I needed Nash.
I couldn’t do this without him, any of it.
When we had that last fight and he said it was over I was sure he would’ve come back, we always argued, but this was different. He left and this time, he didn’t come back.
I thought he would come back and tell me that all he found was heartbreak and misery, and that he needed me as much as I needed him, but he never did. He was happy. Happy without me.
I continued to scroll through his photos, each one showing the smiling happy Nash that over 6 million people loved.
That goofy smile could turn my entire day around. Hell, it could turn anybody’s day around.
I had cried so much in the past hour that my pillow was damp and my head was pounding.
I needed to hear his voice, I just needed to.
I couldn’t be strong anymore.
My shaky hands scrolled through my contacts until landing on his name, still unchanged ‘Hamilton 😍🙈’
Without thinking twice I clicked the call button and held the phone to my ear.
The phone rang 3 times before the line rustled
‘Hello?’ Nash mumbled, I had obviously woken him up.
What time was it? It can’t be that late?
I removed the phone from my ear before checking the time.
3:44 am.
What had I just done. He was going to think his ex girlfriend was crazy calling him in the middle of the night.
I didn’t even think of what I was going to say before I spoke
‘N-n-ash?’ I stuttered, my voice being a clear giveaway that I was crying.
‘Y/n? Is that you?’ He sounded much more awake now.
This was a mistake. Calling him was a mistake. I wasn’t going to gain anything.
‘I-I-m so sorry, I d-d-idnt mean to wake you, I just….. Never mind, I’m s-sorry’ my voice cracking, the tears still flowing consistently down my cheeks.
‘No y/n what’s wrong?!’ He worriedly questioned.
‘N-nothing, I need to go. I’m sorry Nash. I lov- bye.’ I stammered before hanging up.

I threw my phone onto the ground before stuffing my face into my pillow and sobbing.
The one person I needed wasn’t mine anymore.
The person who was once my best friend was now a stranger.
My happiness had found happiness elsewhere.

I was jealous of the way he was happy without me.


HOW ARE YOU?! Okay so this song came on while I was listening to a playlist on pandora and I instantly fell IN LOVE and this imagine is un edited and I wrote it in literally 15 minutes. I’m sorry if this is shit but I just got an idea whilst listening to the song AND I HAD TO WRITE IT DOWN.
It’s nearly 2am where I am
So if this makes no sense I’m really sorry

anyway as always let me know what you think and any suggestions you have!!
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Ash xxx


Imagine #72 Not such an innocent argument 

As requested, here it is :)


You were making lunch home alone, waiting for Neymar to finish training and meet you at his place where you slept last night. The two of you made plans to go in Brazil next day to go together at the Carnival. You were excited about it, because you wanted to have fun with him since he was always on trainings and playing games.

You two were together for five months and you two met at a photo shooting where you were working and just like him, you were not from Spain. He never had the occasion to present you to his mother and that was the most important reason to bring you with him to Brazil.

“Hey mom” you answered the phone.

“Hey (y/n) I’m sorry to tell you this but… your best friend had a car accident, she is okay, but she is in the hospital now” you heard your mother.

“Oh God, but is he okay? Should I come home?” you started panicking, because he was a important person for you.

“Yeah, he is awake, but it was a bad incident. I don’t know, he did ask for you though.”

After a while, you finished the call and you didn’t know what to do. You were feeling bad, because your friend asked for you and you were about to go have fun in Brazil, but you also were making plans for almost two weeks about the Carnival.

You were in your own thoughts when suddenly you heard the door open and Neymar walked inside the kitchen. You were so scared to tell him about what happened, because you didn’t know what his reaction was going to be. He walked to you and kissed you on the cheek, he immediately knew you were not your usual self.

“What’s wrong amor?” He asked pulling you in a hug form the back.

“I have a problem… about the trip to Brazil,” you said quietly.

“No, please… We talked about it and we have tickets and everything is ready.” He left you and you moved to look him in the eyes.

“I know, but my best friend had a car accident and he asked for me… I need to see him.,” you said hoping he would understand.

“But I told my family you were coming finally; it’s an important step for me.” Neymar said getting mad.

“I know, I’m sorry! But he is in the hospital, I have to see him”

“Is he so important for you that you can’t wait for four days?”

“Neymar, he is my best friend. I care about him.”

“You know what, I don’t give a sh*t. Do whatever you want.” Neymar said and walked away letting you alone in the kitchen. You were stressed and upset; you knew how much Neymar wanted you to go with him. However, you also wanted to be with your friend.

You knew he was mad about it so you told him you would leave and call him when you will be back in your country. He didn’t even look at you he just said “Yeah, yeah” annoyed.

You took the first flight and when you were finally home, you immediately called Neymar, but he didn’t answer. You tried to stay calm, telling yourself he might still be on the plane.

When you went to visit your friend in the hospital you were relived he was totally okay, he just had a broken arm, but nothing too serious. You messaged Neymar, but no answers.

“Is he mad about you coming here?” your friend asked as he noticed you were constantly looking at your phone.

“Well, let’s say he isn’t happy about it. I promised him I would go with him to Brazil.”

“I’m sorry for making you come here and ruining your plans”

“Oh no, it’s not your fault. I wanted to come, make sure you are okay” you smiled at him, because you felt bad for him to think he is the reason for the fight between you and Neymar.

When you left the hospital and arrived back home you realized it’s been two days already and still no news from Neymar. You called him once again, but nothing. The only place where you could see what he was doing were Instagram and other socials. He had time to post some pictures of him with Gil and other friends, but he didn’t have time to call you.

You looked at your Instagram and noticed you were mentioned a lot in a photo a fan of him posted. The second you looked at it, you felt sick, as if someone just punched you in the stomach. It was a photo of Neymar with Bruna hugging and she was kissing him on the cheek.

You felt tears coming down your face and since Neymar was avoiding you, you didn’t know what to think. Once again you tried to call him, but he didn’t answer it was crystal clear that he was avoiding you.

You tried not to think about it, but being always mentioned in photos of Neymar and seeing photos of him enjoying in Brazil with his friends made it impossible. The worse thing happened the next morning, you noticed another photo, but this time you knew Neymar left you, he broke up with you, without even telling you.

He was kissing Bruna and you decided to text him.

“I see you moved on quickly; actually I didn’t even know we broke up. How can you be such a di*k and let one little fight break us and just because I had to go see an important person who was in a bad condition, I thought you were mature enough to understand that, but clearly I was wrong. Next time you break up with a girl; make sure you tell her that, before she finds out by seeing photos of you kissing your ex.”

You couldn’t stop crying, you were mad at him, you hated him, because he broke your heart in the worse possibly way. He didn’t even answer your message it was like those five months you two enjoyed and loved each other were a dream, that never happened. He forgot everything you two put through together.

You realized that being still his ex girlfriend and that you were constantly showed pictures of Neymar around the world enjoying his life it was better for you to just let everything go.

You deleted all your socials, from twitter to Facebook and you made your Instagram private so just your friends could see your posts and of course, you unfollowed Neymar. You were upset to what you had to come, but you knew there was no other option to let him go and forget about him.

Toronto   ⇨   Detroit

On January 3, 2017 I officially moved to Detroit, Michigan.  Well, at least for six months, that is.  

It’s been a crazy exciting whirlwind week with a lot of firsts.  It’s probably still too early to properly form an opinion, but so far I really (really!) like it (and not because of the below). 

I stayed at my parent’s on the evening of January 2nd so we could hit the road bright n’ early on Tuesday morning.  We packed the car, and were well on our way by 9am.  The weather was awful; foggy and rainy, but the 4.5 hour trip went by rather quickly (podcasts!).  

I was really thankful that both my mom and dad came for the road trip, and stayed with me my first few nights; it made settling in a lot easier as I never felt lonely. 

I arrived at my new apartment building (work hooks me up with a fully furnished place) and was BLOWN AWAY by the building.  

It’s a brand new building and I have to admit makes me question my little 1930′s apartment back in Toronto (I’m keeping my Toronto apartment while I’m in Detroit).  

Everything is so shiny and new here, and I have a dishwasher and washer/dryer and microwave that works in my unit; luxury for me!!

(it’s going to be hard to go back to another bathroom after this huge one! So many drawers… I didn’t realize what I was missing out on before. I wish there was a bath tub, but hey, not complaining, just noting.) 

It’s sort of like a hotel in an apartment. Part of the deal is also a house cleaning service every two weeks!! I would have moved to Detroit for work regardless, but my company is definitely taking amazing care of me. 

My parents and I unpacked everything from the car, and then headed to Avis Car Rental to pick up my six month car rental.  I’ve never had a permanent car in my life, so I was so excited to get one (even though it’s just a 6 month rental, it feels like my own.) 

I got a 2017 Ford Escape and OHGMYGOODNESS it’s amazing. I have never thought much about car brands, but I think I’ve been officially converted to Ford this week. 

It’s so snazzy inside too!

This is going to seem like an ad (I swear it’s not, ha! I’m just blown away by how smart and nice the car is).  It syncs with my phone as soon as I get in, and I often call my sister/mom when I’m driving to/from work completely hands free. It has remote start (to warm up before I even leave my desk) and locks/unlocks from the app. SNAZZY! Okay, I’m done now, I promise. 

My parents and I then returned back to my apartment building before dinner, and quickly popped up to the roof top for this sweet view.

We also explored the rest of the building’s amenities, which included an amazing gym (for an apartment building, except I hate how it’s not private at all… wish they had frosted that glass), an outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, massive bbq area, library, and social area. 

I’m still so amazed at all these incredible perks, and feel so lucky to get to experience this city for the next six months.  

The rest of the week was spent exploring Detroit with my mom and dad, and a new friend, Lindsay, going to a new CrossFit(!), realizing why everyone loves Target (O.M.G. Like, OMG.), and having my first Whole Foods shopping experience, but I’ll save those photos for another post. 

little-fleur replied to your post “wait - what’s your annual photo thing? (hope you feel better soon!)”

That’s actually a great idea. I have thousands of photos that I haven’t done anything with, they’re just sitting on my old laptop.

Yeah, for me it was that I kept saving ephemera, like receipts from dinners and tickets to museums, and I had no real good place to keep them, so I decided to start scanning them in, and then I got the idea to put them into a photobook, which meant I could also add in all the photos sitting on my hard drive.

It has the added advantage of keeping those organized too. Every year of my life, in pictures, is now divided up a) by month and b) by event within that month, so that I can go back to 2013, for instance, and immediately know when in that year I visited my folks, and by looking through the photos know what I did while I was there. :) 

If I ever need to provide an alibi for a murder that took place several years ago, I will be Suspiciously Prepared To Do So. :D 


So here is my first big post on tumblr! My name is Sasha, I’m 18 (turning 19 in a month) and 5′6.

I’d like to think it is unhealthy before and healthy during.

On the left (year 2012) my weight is around 254-260 lbs

On the right (year 2015) my weight is 248 lbs

Yeah I hadn’t lost a lot of weight especially taking into consideration that a lot of time have passed. But you still can see a difference in these photos, can’t you? And here is the main thing - I became healthier. All those years I thought that hadn’t lost anything and had achieve nothing… There were years of great war with myself where I though I was not a warrior but defeatist. 

This month I have found old photos of myself and was just amazed how differently I look today. And I started to analyse my habits. You know what? It turned up that I have done so much! I began to drink green tea instead of black with sugar, to go everhywhere in my city on foot not on the bus, to eat fruits instead of sweets, to drink water (now I have a little bottle everywhere  with myself). I still have a lot of cravings but I keep them in line. My main mistake through all these years I always had struggle with fitness routine. I have tried a lot of different things but didn’t have discipline to continue for more than a month or two… These year I have entered university and have found my ideal routine plus I moved into a beautiful town where taking long walks is really interesting! 

I need to say that all those wonderful things happened because I began to love myself. And realizing that no one will do it for me. Oh, don’t I mentioned that I have joined tumblr exactly 3 years ago?;))

So I continue my journey, wish me good luck♥