Here’s Shigure in GBA Pegasus Knight getup because I have zero self control

My husband bought me new earbuds because mine are “disgusting.” One day I didn’t notice they were hanging out of my purse and dragged them up Mass Ave for an unknown amount of time and scraped the hell out of them. They work fine and they don’t hurt or anything, but David was like, “No. Those are gross. You need new ones. Here.”

And I don’t think I can properly explain at this time of night and in a tumblr post how sweet this is. He noticed and remembered this tiny thing and fixed it because he doesn’t want me to have yucky earbuds. And he knows I wouldn’t have replaced them until they stopped working or if they started hurting my ears or something.

I literally don’t know anything besides this so I’m not sure where it fits in the continuity but have a rough draft of Kes’s Dad’s Tragic Backstory.

Finn came in as BB-8 started to play a holo. They were still going over the data ey’d grabbed in eir mad dash through the info banks, but even if there was nothing else in there of value, they’d already acquired an enormous amount of actionable intelligence here.

The holo was a man of maybe Poe’s current age, not young but not old, leaning in and speaking intensely to the holocorder. He had dark curling hair, some plastered down to his face with sweat, and his light-colored shirt under his open dark jacket was soaked in blood. He was speaking a language Finn didn’t know, and his voice was hoarse and desperate, out of breath.

From Poe’s expression, it was a language Poe knew. Finn didn’t actually know how many languages Poe knew.

The man in the holo was talking so fast he was stumbling over his words, clearly in a high state of emotion; he paused and closed his eyes for a second, squeezing them shut, then continued, earnest and almost pleading. He shot a look off-camera as if in reaction to a noise, pausing in clear horror– he was being pursued, maybe. It was clear this was a last, desperate missive.

“Get Kes,” Poe said, not looking away from the holo as the man leaned in and spoke again, clearly terrified, obviously trying to squeeze as much information in as he could before he ran out of time.

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Gabe: One Shot: "Somewhere Good"

Her face is cold. But under the many blankets it’s warm. The cold air causes her to bring the blankets over her head. She cuddles deeper into the bed. She knew she had to get up. But it was so safe and warm inside. She groaned and rolled around in the bed for a moment. Making a mess of the sheets and blankets. She surfaces with a tangled nest of hair covering face. Eyes still closed she brushed it out of her face. She sits on her knees, groans again and falls onto her face. Her head now at the end of the bed she reaches for her husbands flannel. She rolls her way out of the bed and opens her eyes slightly.

She tries to focus on Gabe’s flannel. Searching for an arm hole. She finds one and slowly pulls it on over her t-shirt and sweats. She walks from their bed to the couch where she knew Gabe would be.

“Good morning baby girl.” Gabe says quietly. “Are you still sleepy?” he asked her with a pout. She nods and falls into his lap. He holds her like a child. He runs his hands over her shoulders and then touches her body. He liked the softness of her body in his hands.

“Ihumya” she mumbles.

“I love you, too. But you know you didn’t have to get up.” Gabe said to his wife, Ivy. He always loved that she wasn’t a morning person. She was like a cute zombie he once called her. But she liked to spend the morning with him in their new home they had built.

He kiss the top of Ivy’s head. And then kissed her forhead. He lifted her higher on his body so he could reach more of her skin. She was always amazed at his strength. He kissed her nose and then left a light kiss on her lips. A smile spread across her face. She opened her eyes and said, “I’m awake now.” She readjusted herself to be straddling his legs. She leaned against him. He again touched over her body.

Starting at her arms squishing her flesh in his hands. Then to her waist running his hands down to her hips. He squeezed again making her rock a little bit on him. Ivy kissed Gabe deeply. He took time to slide his hands over her juicy thighs. Then along her soft tummy to her chest. Just passing over he breasts to her neck. He pulled her closer.

She again rocked on him. She kept her arms around his neck feeling the hardness of his back. Tracing her singers throught the valley’s and hills of his muscles. Their contrasting figures came together so well. Soft and hard. Ivy couldn’t get enough of watching him chop wood. And Gabe always loved watching her undress for a shower.

The deep, passionate kisses faded into soft pecks. Their breathing slowed while their hearts raced. Ivy layed her head down on his shoulder. “Gabey?” she whispered into his shirt. “I have to pee.” Gabe laughed and faked a whine, “Aw. But we’re just getting somewhere good.”

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The supermacs up in the north actually disgusting I had one somewhere near Dublin and it changed my life I didn't realise how good yous have it in the republic!

It’s funny because it’s like the complete opposite of KFC, which is (from the fables I’ve heard) much better literally anywhere outside of Ireland, but also north of the border.


two years ago on this day, half my head of hair was put into locks by my sister, my partner and a good (dreaded) friend of ours while we watched a production of Into the Woods on the tv. it’s been a freakin’ wild ride, but it’s hard to remember my body before them.

the first photo was taken one year ago, and the second was taken today. in the first one I had somewhere around 90 skinny little dreadlings, and today I have about 55 thick, healthy locks. I’ve never crocheted them or done any other maintenance aside from separating some and the occasional palmroll (which, to be fair, is more to get the hemlock needles out after a day’s work). I have simply let them lock, which is challenging and freeing and frustrating all at once.

it is okay if you do not understand my reasons. it is okay if both of these photos make you cringe. they were never for you.

(this is the same side of my head, my phone won’t let me make things rightttt)

I thought I accidentally threw away my signed Ben ticket from Hamlet as I was packing my shit to move it from this flat to the one we’ll be at next month and I genuinely almost ascended in pure terror

i think the most problematic thing ive done in the past year is like………….. aggressively accuse people of ripping off mine and my friends headcanons in le tumblr rp community and subsequently drive a few people away from their rp blogs (which i have apologized for n i HAD. a public apology somewhere on one of my rp blogs but i deleted…all the posts on the blog to clear it out for a reset…. tfw) 

and then when i was dating robyn/formerly weaselcries/currently starcasticmess i was… really awful to them just. in general (like…. this was when the lauren drama was going on n she was “pointing out” “problematic” behavior and i was buying into it pretty hard and i yelled at robyn a lot on laurens behalf even tho i was only getting laurens heavily edited part of the story + i was doing this thing where i wasnt taking their mental health into account but was trying to get them to take mine into account n being selfish n shit and my assholish behavior is ultimately why we broke up because it just. wasnt and we ended on a pretty bad note but like. again ive apologized (a lot) and were friends again 

i also have a tendency to just be aggressive in general and i jump to conclusions quickly especially when i think one of my friends has been wronged and im….. very confrontational…. in case yall aint noticed yet….. SO thers my current dirty laundry


Fate has been cruel
And order unkind
How can I
Have hurt you this way?
The blame was my own
The punishment yours
The stars there not shining today
But into that stillness
Ill bring you a song
And i will
Your company keep
Till your tired eyes
And my lullabies
Have carried your into your dreams

One lived 2 brothers
Who shone like the sun
Looked out on their village
And sighed
Together they shouted
“There’s no way anyone could be such lucky brother as I!”
But one grew up
The other had died and was born
Somewhere else
And all that he wanted was
His brothers love
Which the oldest and forgotten
And not missed so much

Lulay animal king
Goodnight brother mine
Rest now
In starlights embarce
Bare up my lullaby
Winds of the earth
Through cloud
Through sky
And through space
Carry the peace
and the coolness of night
And carry my sorrow in kind
Arrow I loved you
Much more then you knew
Forgive me for being so blind

Soon did that brother
Take notice that others
Ignored his brother so soon
And neither had he loved him
As he deserved
He watched as his brothers
Unhappiness grew

But such is the way of the limelight
It swiftly takes hold
of the mind of his host
And that foolish brother
Did nothing to stop
The destruction of one
Who had needed him most

Lulay animal king
Good night brother mine
Rest now in starlights embrace
Bare up my lullaby
Winds of the earth
Through cloud
Through sky
And through space
Carry the peace
And the coolness of night
And carry my sorrow in kind
Arrow I loved you
Much more then you knew
May those troubles leave your mind
And forgive me
For being
So blind

The years now
Before us
Fearful and unknown
I never imagined
We’d face them
All alone
May these million winters
Swiftly pass
I pray
I love you
I miss you
Since your so far away

May all your dreams be
Sweet tonight
Safe upon your bed of
And know not of sadness
Or care
Cause when you dream
Ill be right here
If you need me


Sylvester Lester 

Drabbler: @lestereclipse
Doodler:  @marianathehypertiredgirl
Beta: @inherentlyphan 
Warnings: none
Summary: Phil desperately needs a babysitter and is forced to call his last resort, an usual man whom Phil would least expect could become the best babysitter of all time.

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Rant time

I have come so far in my recovery, but some days are still a struggle. Today was one of those days…

Today was my kiddos birthday party (she will be 4 on Tuesday) we invited family and friends and we’re just ordering pizza and hanging out in the backyard. But pizza took forever to get there and about and hour and a half into the party (it started at 11) most of my family left before the food came. I know we should have ordered it earlier, but we didn’t know it would take almost 2 hours for pizza to arrive. I know it probably wasn’t some sort of personal dig at me, but it still hurt. There is this one branch of the family who always sticks together at family events and they always arrive together and leave together (like 12 people) I heard one of them say they had somewhere to be, but I don’t understand why everyone left. Thankfully my kid didn’t care and had so much fun and that is what matters. But I hate how all of my anxiety and depression gets the best of me sometimes

I also was still making my rounds and hadn’t hung out with any of them so they probably feel like I was ignoring them, but I didn’t know they were going to leave in the middle of the party

I also have been having shoulder issues and haven’t been to the gym in almost 2 months and need to get back into it because it helps with my depression


I really am grateful for this outlet bc when I had no one to talk to i would have somewhere to post about my thoughts and feelings. I’ve also made some wonderful lovely friends and I couldn’t be happier. Alhamdulilah for the life I have.


         I stand in the weak light of the streetlamp in front of the gas station. It flickers every now and then- both the gas station and the light. I pay no attention to this. It does not matter. I look up at the sky, gaze into the void, into the starry nothing. They are not here yet. But I am patient. I feel no annoyance. I feel nothing at all, ever. I listen to the soft buzz coming from the blinking neon signs. “GIDEONS GAS” it read in giant red letters, except the G in gas had stopped working a long time ago. I lower my eyes from the sky to the horizon and scan the emptiness. There are mountains, somewhere. I knew because I had been to one once. Also I had been able to see a mountain range on the horizon in the direction that I am looking now, when it had been day. But that was years ago. I can only see shadows of slight hills and the occasional cactus. There is a battered road at my feet. It was once well-traveled, but it stands mostly abandoned now. I wonder vaguely what keeps the gas station behind me running. I don’t think about it too much, though. It does not matter.

         It is beginning to get colder. I set my trunk down and tighten my trench coat. It isn’t very warm, but that doesn’t matter because the sweater I wear underneath it is. I shove my hands in my pockets absently. Force of habit. I still do not feel anything. I vaguely consider stepping back into the station to buy food and other things I may be low on. Deciding that I might as well (since I’m not doing anything else and they are already late, and also that I don’t really feel like starving to death tonight), I pick up my trunk once again and head inside.

         Fluorescent lights illuminate isles of junk food. I pick up an assortment of items that might be of use to me on the trip, and make my way to the check-out isle. Again, force of habit. There is no-one behind the counter. There hasn’t been in years. Again, I wonder vaguely what has kept this place running for so long. I still don’t think too much about it. Despite there being no-one there, I pay for my items, leaving the appropriate amount of money in the register. I won’t steal from no-one.

         Outside, the sky is still empty, save for the countless stars and other celestial bodies and space debris that hurtle through the void. I almost worry I missed my ride. Almost. I don’t worry, though. Ever.

         Some moths flap lazily around the weak light of the streetlamp, throwing shadows that make the light seem even more unsteady. More and more moths flock to the light. Eventually, they blot it out entirely. I stand in darkness. The light from the gas station is too far away and too weak to properly see by. I still do not worry.

         Finally, one of the stars appears to be growing larger. It is bright red, and fast-apporoaching. I ready myself to be picked up. The red light gets bigger and bigger by the second. It is so close now, and I can feel its heat. It is racing towards me. I stare directly into it. The thing makes its impact right where I stand. There is an explosion, and so much heat it’s almost unbearable, and everything goes white.