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This was requested by @coolhalla ! Okay, so this request had been in draft for so long maybe over a year now and I finally got the courage to edit it and post it. I hope you would enjoy it. It took me so long to post this I’m so sorry.

OC- Hala


Looking through her clothes, Hala sighed and shrugged in frustration.

“You look like a lost puppy!” Ravi giggled and Hala throw a T-shirt at him. He caught it with one hand, placing it beside him as if nothing happened.

“You ain’t helping, Wonshik-ah.” She sighed, sitting next to him over her bed. She placed her elbow on her thighs, burying her face in her hands.  

“It’s just a date, Hala. It’s not even your first time going out with him.”

“Exactly, it is a DATE. Without you!! So of course it is the first time.” She said. She was too busy being nervous to notice the brief hurt in Ravi’s eyes that faded away quickly and turned into playful one.

He put a hand over his chest, near his heart and winced. “Ouch! That hurt Hala.”

She scoffed and stood up again, looking at her closet one more time.

“Any help?” She raised her eyebrow, gesturing her hands toward her clothes.

“It’s my pleasure!” He stood up, and nudged her slightly away from the closet.

Hala was about to go on a date with her best friend, lee Jaehwan. The one she always looked up to since she was a kid.

Wonshik, Jaehwan and Hala were childhood friends since they were 6 years old, they lived in the same street and went to the same school.

They did everything together, except for study since Jaehwan was a year older than them. He took care of them like an older brother. So, one day he helped them with their studies.

It might not seem normal, but Hala somehow got a chance to go out with Jaehwan, to finally confess her feelings for him. She got some help from Wonshik since he was the only one who knew about her true feelings.

That day before her date by two hours, she called Wonshik for help again. Since he knew so much about fashion, she asked him to pick her a nice outfit that would show how amazing she was.

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Disclaimer: I’m sure this has been done somewhere already, so credit to whoever thought this up first! Also, while the collages are my own, all pictures are from Google Images, so credit to their owners. For each house, I found a list of their typical characteristics, and picked the three that most matched to each person.

ALEXANDER HAMILTON: Gryffindor; courage, determination, daring

Alexander was the definition of brave; he literally fought for everything he had. His courageous and daring personality catapulted him into a world he never dreamed of as a bastard child in the Caribbean. His determination paved the way for him to become one of the Founding Fathers of the US.

JOHN LAURENS: Gryffindor; courage, determination, chivalry

John was courageous in everything he did. His tragically short life’s mission was to lead an all black battalion. He fought for this in a time where it was unusual to say the least. A Southern gentleman, he was courteous and chivalrous to all he encountered. He died fighting for the country he loved, determined to gain equality and freedom for all people. 

HERCULES MULLIGAN: Ravenclaw; intelligence, creativity, originality

Hercules was a highly creative person, working with his hands and mind to create clothing for his clients. During the revolution, he successfully pretended to be on the side of the British officers he worked for while he gained valuable information to relay back to Washington. Keeping up this charade required a careful intelligence few possess. He was not afraid to rebel against the British, further proving his ability to go his own way.

MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE: Hufflepuff; loyalty, hard working, tolerance

Lafayette was one of America’s most loyal allies. While France was his home, he had a special place in his heart for the US. He stayed loyal to General Washington his whole life, naming his first and only son after the future president. He worked tirelessly to help turn the tides of the Revolutionary War against the British, and then went back home to France to help lead the French Revolution. He fought for freedom for all, regardless of their personal trappings.

AARON BURR: Slytherin; traditionalism, preservation, ambition

Aaron took a traditional approach to his entire career, never taking a big risk or risking offending anyone. He fought to stay relevant in a rapidly growing and changing new form of government. He aspired for great things, but ironically, was held back by doing everything by the book. He was willing to adapt his personality to whatever the situation called for (see: talk less, smile more). He willingly switched political parties when he saw an opening in the Senate.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Gryffindor; bravery, heroism, strength

George was perhaps one of the bravest men in the history of the US. In addition to leading countless battles, he ventured into new territory when he became the first president of the country. He was seen as a hero to Americans everywhere in his time, and now as well. His strength was most well exhibited in his ability to avoid being attached to one political party, and in staying neutral in conflicts between the British and the French. These decisions were not easy, but he was the right man at the right time.

THOMAS JEFFERSON: Ravenclaw; intelligence, creativity, individuality

Thomas embodied the word intelligence. A master of language, he wrote an estimated 19,000 letters in his life. He collected books, and his personal library had hundreds of works on all sorts of subjects. He had a wide variety of interests, ranging from law to science to the natural environment. He designed dozens of inventions, and was skilled in the field of architecture, displaying his creativity. He was a strong individual, with his own ideas and views that faltered for no one. 

ELIZA SCHUYLER: Hufflepuff; loyalty, patience, dedication

Eliza was one of the most loyal people you could ever find. Her husband was always away; at the beginning of their marriage, fighting in the war, and then working as a lawyer, and eventually in politics. Through these separations, she stuck by his side, raising their children. This not only exhibits an amazing amount of loyalty, but it proves her patience as well. She lived a long life, and dedicated it to preserving the legacy of her loved ones. She established an orphanage in honor of Alexander, fought for the end of slavery as Laurens would have, and worked to help establish the Washington monument.

ANGELICA SCHUYLER: Ravenclaw; wit, intuition, curiosity

Angelica was a witty woman in a time where many women didn’t even have access to basic education. She had a hunger for knowledge, and found very few people to be her intellectual match. Her curiosity was greatly heightened when the Revolutionary War began to surround her. She was very conscious of her place in the world, and despised the fact that her opportunities were limited by her gender. She fell for Alexander, but knew that he would not be a socially acceptable partner for her, and introduced him to her younger sister instead. Her intuition is best observed in these actions.

PEGGY SCHUYLER: Hufflepuff; kindness, enthusiasm, practical

Peggy is the most practical of the Schuyler Sisters in some senses. For example, she is the only one to fear the impending war, which would most definitely instill fear in the average person. She is portrayed as being enthusiastic, seen in her reactions when her sister Eliza becomes engaged to Alexander. Despite any fears she had for her sister about her future brother-in-law’s lower station, she is nothing but kind to him.

PHILIP HAMILTON: Gryffindor; bravery, willful, pride

Philip was extremely brave; he died protecting his father’s honor. He expressed fear before the duel, but carried on despite these feelings, displaying a sort of bravery rarely seen. One could argue his pride was the death of him. George Eacker’s insults ended his young life, when the whole issue could have been ended fairly easily. He was a willful man as well; his stubbornness against ending the feud when his father warned him further contributed to his untimely death.

JAMES MADISON: Hufflepuff; loyalty, hard working, practical

James preferred a practical sort of politics for the time, being a Southern Democratic-Republican. He, along with many others, felt that the country would not last with a radically different financial system. He was very close with Jefferson, forming a friendship that lasted 50 years. This sense of loyalty bonded them in matters both political and personal. He exhibited a strong work ethic throughout his career, contributing largely to the Federalist Papers, proposing the Virginia Plan, and even writing the Bill of Rights. 

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This is random but I had this dream that Drarry had a class together and they each thought the other is really cute but they don't know who each other are so they keep passing notes in class until they work up the courage to speak to each other. Do you think you could write something about that? I just thought it was cute.

Harry was expecting his “experimental” phase of University to happen during the first class on his first day. But as he walked into the lecture hall and sat down, he noticed an extremely hot blond guy sitting two seats down. The moment Harry saw him, his first internal thought was “bollocks, I think I’m kind of gay.” 

He’d had an inclination towards blokes before. There had been a guy at his previous school, Cedric, that had been really fit and nice. 

This new blond guy though…Holy crap. 

Before he had a chance to talk, the professor walked in and started the class. Professor Binns was the very definition of dull and Harry quickly zoned out, his attention going back to the guy two seats down. There was no one sitting between them so Harry had a very good view of him. And he was striking. 

Harry got out a piece of paper and quickly scribbled on it. 

Hi, I’m Harry. 

He passed the note over and watched the blond’s reaction. He glanced over and then began to write something back. 

What of it? 

Harry had to admit he was a bit disappointed. He had hoped for something a little more encouraging than that. 

Just saying hello. Trying to be friendly and all that. 

He waited patiently for the note to be returned to him. 

And your “friendliness” has nothing to do with the fact that you’ve been staring at me this whole time? 

Can you blame me? 

Do you send notes to all the men you find attractive in your classes or am I a special case? 

Special case. Definitely. 

My name is Draco. 

Harry took it as a personal victory that Draco had revealed his name. It felt like it had been hard won and the start of something exciting.  Whenever they were in Binns’ class together they were always passing notes. Harry had started to look forward to his history class most of all, not because of the content or the professor, but because it was the only one he shared with Draco. 

Because the class was at eight in the morning, Harry started bringing coffee in for the two of them. In response, Draco started bringing in breakfast, either granola bars or muffins. 

They also sat side by side, no chairs between them. 

But they had also never spoken, only communicating through their notes. Unfortunately because the class was so early, neither of them ever got there with time to chat before Binns was talking. 

Finally, after nearly a month, Harry decided he was going to talk to Draco for real. He showed up for class ten minutes early and watched the door for that familiar blond. He was disappointed when class started and Draco still wasn’t there. 

He was worried when fifteen minutes passed and Draco still wasn’t there. Five minutes later, Draco finally slipped into the seat next to Harry with an apologetic smile and a chocolate chip muffin. He slid the muffin over to Harry and took a sip of his coffee like he was desperate for the caffeine. 

Harry ripped a piece of paper out of his notebook for them to write on. 

Everything okay? 

Yes. My father called this morning and talked for about an hour. 

About what? 

He had some choice words to say about my major. 

What’s wrong with medicine? 

He wants me to study law.

He shouldn’t really get a say in it, right? I mean it’s your future. 

His money. 

Tell him if he doesn’t back off you’ll drop out of school and go work at McDonald’s. 

Beside him, Draco laughed and Harry felt relieved. Draco had looked so distraught when he’d first walked in and Harry was glad to ease some of the tension. He glanced at Binns at the front of the lecture hall, droning on and on about the Spanish Inquisition, and then back at Draco. 

Grabbing his stuff, he tugged at Draco and the two of them made a break for it out the back. They were both laughing as they ran away and towards the center of campus. They ended up outside the library, leaning against each other for support as they continued laughing. 

“Do you think Binns noticed?” Harry asked, struggling to regain his breath.

Draco grinned. “I think he’s too in love with the sound of his own voice to notice anything else.”

Harry’s lips curled up into a smile. “We’re having an actual conversation!” he noted excitedly. 

“So we are.”

Harry glanced up at Draco, they were still standing so close. Harry experimentally put his hand on Draco’s hip to see what Draco would do. But Draco’s face was a complete mask and Harry felt a bit foolish. “Draco, I -”

Harry didn’t get a chance to apologize because Draco leaned down and pressed their lips together. Harry gasped and then pulled Draco closer, their bodies fitting against each other. Harry opened his mouth and allowed Draco to deepen the kiss, his tongue slipping in, hot and slick against Harry’s own, tasting of coffee and chocolate. 

Draco hummed in appreciation and brought his hands up against the wall, blocking Harry in. Harry didn’t mind, he had no intention of going anywhere. He grabbed Draco’s other hips and pulled Draco flush against him. 

When Draco eventually pulled away, Harry dropped his head back against the brick of the library building and panted with Draco buried his head in the crook of Harry’s neck. “Fuck, I’ve been wanting to do that since the first day of class.”

Harry grinned. “Why didn’t you?”

“It seemed impolite to snog a bloke I’d never spoken to.”

Harry laughed. “Good thing I thought to send you that note, eh?”

“I was going to introduce myself after class anyways,” Draco insisted, nuzzling Harry affectionately.

“Yeah, sure you were,” Harry teased, running his fingers through Draco’s hair. “We’ve been oh so verbal with each other.”

Draco snorted. “Perhaps I prefer to use my mouth for more important things than talking,” he purred lowly, sucking a mark onto Harry’s neck and making Harry shiver in response.

“I’m fine with less talking,” Harry said breathlessly, tugging Draco up and kissing him again. 

Draco smiled against the kiss and brought his hand up to Harry’s face, gently drawing on Harry’s cheek with his finger. It took Harry a moment to realize what he was writing over and over. 


Harry chuckled against Draco’s lips and wrote with his finger on the nape of Draco’s neck.


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Hey. Since there is a lot of Lexa top/bottom debate going on again i was wondering what your opinion was? (sorry if you have alread post about it)

Lexa is a bottom. 100%. I fully support THIS POST’s reasoning. Lexa is definitely more submissive in the bedroom than Clarke. It took Lexa so much courage to kiss Clarke in 2x14. Lexa is a bottom, which is a mentality, but I she also focused on making sure Clarke knows she is loved. She is not ‘greedy’ and only focused on her own pleasure.  Actually, I think Clarke had to take extra measures to make sure Lexa relaxed and felt like she deserves to be loved. Lexa is so selfless and has believed for so long that she is ‘unloveable’ that is it hard for her to believe that Clarke loves her. Lexa being a bottom doesn’t mean she is self-centered, it means she is more submissive and when it was her turn to ‘return the favor’ she made sure Clarke felt worshiped. That is why many people say Lexa is a ‘service top’ because they know Lexa would worship Clarke and make sure Clarke knows and feels how much she loves her. 

Courage and Kindness: Part 2

PAIRING: au reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS: none! 

PART 2 yay!!! I’m so happy that so many of you are enjoying this very impromptu idea! I was so nervous posting Part 1, I have no idea why *shrugs* but any who, I’ve spent all day writing on this because my brain was very hyper active and I just couldn’t stop and I’m working tomorrow so I doubt I’ll be posting another part tomorrow SO TWO IN ONE DAY WILL HAVE TO COMPROMISE!!! 

Part 1   

Originally posted by place-of-torment

Time passed and pain turned to memory. In her heart, (Y/N) stayed the same. For she remembered her promise to her mother. Have courage, and be kind.

(Y/N) had grown into a beautiful woman, her radiances shone through not just in looks but in personality too. Her father loved her dearly as did the household staff; the death of her mother at such a young age made other wonder how it would effect the young girl. But you proved that light could prevail even in the darkest days. Natasha and Clint grew up by your side as well, Clint proved to be an exceptional hunter. Expertly skilled with a bow Clint had made a name for himself in the village as one of the best hunters the Kingdom had scene, although you didn’t approve much of the hunting of animals.

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Good morning Atara! Sorry for being annoying but could you please send me a link to your phanfiction? I can't find it :/

i feel like my fic should come with a handwritten apology for having to read it lmao

Endurance: Mecha
a ‘the 100′ fic experience

Intro - Episodes - BTS - Player Bios - About - Pyramid Pieces - Production

Endurance: Mecha - E03, Tilt

Previously on… Endurance!

[Cuts to Kane standing before the contestants prior to the Partner challenge. Pans to Bellamy]

Bellamy: I mean, ideally Octavia is my first choice. We’ve been a team for a really long time and I think that would translate really well to this competition.

Kane [voiceover]: Well, because you had the courage to speak up, Octavia and Bellamy will be our first team formed here on Endurance.

[Cuts to Bellamy and Octavia standing below the Blue pole. Cuts back to Kane]

Kane: So, the Blue team has been formed.

[Cuts to Wells winning the Partner challenge, quick snippets of the team selection. Cuts to Anya’s reaction post-team selection]

[Cuts to Anya in the confessional booth]

Anya: I cannot stand my partner. We’re complete opposites. You might as well send me home tomorrow with this kind of luck.

[Cuts to teams dressed in their team colors standing before Kane and the line of colored poles]

Kane: As you all know, to win this game you must possess all twelve pyramid pieces that represent the characteristics it takes to have Endurance. As a token for making it this far in the competition, each team will start with one piece.

[Quick snippets of teams receiving their beginning pieces and placing them on their poles]

[Cuts to final shot of Kane]

Kane: I suggest you take time tonight to get to know your teammate, learn about each other, discuss your strategy for this game. Because starting tomorrow, the game is on. Get some rest, because you’re going to need it.

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Beach Body

By Skyler10

Summary: Rose and the Doctor have left their six-month-old at home in the care of Jackie and Pete while they have an anniversary trip to a beach planet. What they didn’t expect was that Rose’s insecurities about her post-baby body would take physical form in a group of catty women.

Notes: This is the requested sequel to Baby Body, last week’s fic! Potential trigger warning for postpartum body image issues. But I hope that even if this is an issue for you, you’ll be cheering by the end. ;)

Rose gathered her courage and stripped off her sheer cover-up. The Doctor had convinced her to wear the bikini today, and though she wasn’t completely happy with the way she looked in the mirror, his appreciation for it propelled her out of the TARDIS, down the street to the sand, and onto the beach in confidence. That confidence slipped a bit as she noticed something unexpected – or rather, someones.

Three rather wealthy and powerful women she’d met through a “women in intergalactic diplomacy” conference were currently on this beach, right here on Caribbia, a planet known throughout this sector as ideal for island-style getaways. How she and the Doctor managed to land at the same exact spot as people they already knew was always beyond her, but at this exact moment, she chalked it up to bad luck. Things had been going a little too well recently since settling into life with the baby. Better this than something more serious. Besides, despite Rose’s initial prejudices, the posh ladies had seemed kind, charming, and genuinely interested in getting to know Rose, asking her all about Earth and Torchwood and commiserating about the downsides of being in the public eye.

“Oh, hallo, ladies!” the Doctor greeted with a wide grin. Rose tugged his arm in a silent message to not be overly enthusiastic, but he ignored her. “Nice day for it, innit? Of course, it’s designed to be this way, so no real surprise there. The Caribbian government installed the atmospheric enhancers years ago.”

“Yes, indeed. My grandfather funded its development.” said the ringleader, a ginger woman with skin as pure as cream and eyes an icy blue. Her closed-lipped smile was a sign of mild interest to the Doctor, but Rose knew better.

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I think that's really the reason why I go to the bookstore so often So I can dream up conversations and relationships with people in my head, so I can pretend to not be lonely, pretend I have the courage or confidence to talk to somebody But, I never do, usually nothing happens, and I walk slowly with my eyes on the bookshelves, looking at the spines and the stories daydreaming a fantasy life

Thank you for this nonnie! And you had the confidence to send me this message, don’t forget that :) Talk to me anytime xxx

Hannibal... always Hannibal...

After the devastatingly beautiful season 3 finale that Fuller & Co. gave us last year, I simply couldn’t bring myself to watch what had become my favourite show again. I was emotionally destroyed, only capable of giggling at the occasional crack video on Youtube or some short post-murderhusbands story on Tumblr. But a rewatch… no. I couldn’t muster the courage to relive all those seductive glances, the air of Hannibal’s utter fascination with Will, the breathtaking murder tableaus, the sheer beauty of everything evil in the show that made me fall in love with it years ago. It was too much and too close to depression for me to attempt it. For I wanted Will and Hannibal forever somehow, I wanted both the cliff and the boat, the blood and the wine after a nice dinner somewhere in the south of France…

And now, eleven months after that earth-shattering August night when we witnessed the embrace to end all embraces… I watched Apéritif again. They say hindsight is always 20/20, and oh, what I have seen now… Hannibal’s pure perfection and equally pure emotions for Will that began to rise and flourish from the very first meeting… incredibly well-constructed characters and smart, intriguing dialogue… vulnerability and adorable quality of Will and his care for the dogs… the alluring shine of Hannibal’s light blue suit that somehow encapsulated his loneliness at the beginning… I remembered all this, and why I have fallen in love with this show from this first episode on, the yearning to see the next one… but most of all, how I watched this greatest love story unwind right before my eyes with the precision of a knife… Hannibal and Will destroy me and rebuild me every time I even think of them, let alone watch them on the screen that gives life and death in equal dosages…

I have entered the unbearable lightness of being again.

An Open Letter to Lin-Manuel Miranda

I’ve had the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat for a few months now, and after seeing a post on Tumblr about you making history, I gathered up the courage to put into words what I’ve been feeling so strongly for so long now, in conjunction to what I’ve been feeling distantly for years. I wrote this in December 2015 because I had to get out what I felt, and I’ve been too nervous to let anyone really see it until today. Somehow, I felt like I needed a special occasion, so what better occasion than your last night as Hamilton?

So here goes:

I am a 25-year-old black woman who has never once found an interest in anything close to history, politics, or law. I denounced patriotism or anything hinting at pro-American sentiments. I dejected these things because “American History” has never once felt inclusive to me. It has never felt accessible, like it pertained to me. From the very beginning of my academic pursuits, the American History I was taught was filled with grandiose figures lauded with so much prodigious near god-like fame, I could never once see them as human, relatable. They were the Fathers of our Great Nation, men above blame, while their faults were only whispered about in the background of their abounding achievements.

And every time, every year, every lesson I would ask “What about me? Where do I fit in this narrative? CAN I fit in this?” And every year, every February, my questions would be segregated from American History and boiled down to a sterilized month, when it was deemed necessary and appropriate to talk glancingly about the pains and the triumphs of a people - my people- who struggled to survive at the very same time as the founding of this nation.

After getting inadequate answer after inadequate answer in my schooling that did little more than say “You belong with the slaves”, then to see with my own eyes that the modern answer to my plaguing questions was “You belong nowhere,” I got to the point where I gave up. I gave up on American History because all it did was gloss over and condense the purpose and place of the men and women who looked like me, the survivors who strove to make a life and a living out of the situation that had been thrusted upon them. This history of America that was filled with nothing but dead, white men was just as unforgiving and off-putting as the Black History being taught to me via my family and collegiate history courses. It was a history of government conspiracies, squashed rebellions, medical experiments, lynchings, cross burnings, church bombings, and outright terrorism brought onto my people – and by extension me– that persists to this day. We have been fighting for our spot, our shot, and our voice for nearly half a millennium.

Because of this, I erased myself from the narrative. I chose not to read any histories, lest they remind me of exactly how much of an outcast I truly felt. Maybe the move was childish on my part. If so, I will take that fault, but I cannot change the way in which I chose to cope. Fantasy stories about rebellion, and upheaval and victory quenched my thirsting desire to see a downtrodden, but resilient people survive and overthrow such a larger-than-life system. Yet even still, after nine years of sating that desire, finding my place and my home in these fictions, something began to ring hollow. The narratives were exactly that– narratives, fictions. I wanted truths. I wanted to see myself in a History that existed in the same realm in which I walked and lived and breathed, not one concocted via the whims of fellow dreamers, wrought with magic. Besides, no matter what I did, or how I tried, I could not erase my own skin, my own heritage, and the pride I held in being born black in America. But there’s a pain there too, and it’s a pain I’ve been struggling to describe and heal my entire life.

Then, on November 19th, 2015, I listened to the Hamilton soundtrack after seeing hints of it on my tumblr dashboard, and for the first time in my life, I felt as if I’d found my place. To hear these voices sing and rap with the sort of tones, tenors, and vernacular with which I am so familiar drastically closed that nearly insurmountable distance between myself and American History. Hamilton has created not only a window but a door to the past I craved, a history lesson that elicits a ravenous desire for truth both good and bad, full-color details, and inclusion to a story that for once had me in it. I picked up Chernow’s Hamilton bio and I am so fascinated by my growing need for more literature about the many mentioned within its pages, and present in the show it inspired.

Can I say that I am a particular character, that there is a person I identify with the most in the show? I can proudly say no, because as I continue to read and listen and realize how human these people all are, I can say that a part of me is in all of them. We have a lot to fix in this country, but Hamilton has shown me that I have always existed in this narrative. I have always had a shot. The world is wide enough.

So all of this to say, if a legacy is “planting seeds in a garden you never get to see,” then let me allow you to see the first buddings of yours, Mr. Miranda: you and your work has helped along a woman who had come to believe that there never was, and never would be, a place for her in her own country. My need to explore aspects of the past has begun to take root, growing into a sturdy oak that branches far beyond just the American Revolution. You have given me the chance to feel connected to something real and a way to mend a small bit of that hurt.  What a legacy, indeed.

Thank you

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I got a prompt! Elsa is trying very hard to muster up the courage to ask Tiana out on a date

When Tiana had been told by the Queen that she could spend the night in the castle, she hadn’t thought much of it. After all, she traveled up here to cater quite frequently, and it made sense to assume she had earned enough trust to stay in the castle. Was a lot cheaper than trying to find some lodgings in town.

Pluuuus the room was huge, and the bed so heavenly that only her exhaustion made her actually sleep. (It was difficult to get used to sleeping on clouds.)

It was a later hour than usual that she finally awoke, actually, stumbling out of her room and down to the kitchens with a yawn, robe wrapped around her. “Miss Tiana?”

At the voice, she stopped, turning around - oh, wow, it was the Queen. Tiana suddenly felt very underdressed. “Good morning, ma’am.” The cook straightened up, attempting to look as dignified as possible in her bath robe.

“Good morning.” There was usually a quiet air of dignity and restraint around the Queen (though not the Princess), but this morning she seemed a bit… off. “Did you sleep well?”

“Like a baby.” That got a small smile out of her royalness, at least.

“Listen, Miss Tiana-”

“Tiana. Just Tiana.”

“…Right, Tiana.” The Queen took a deep breath. “I wanted to… express my gratitude for all you have done for us. Our doors are always open to you, and…” To Tiana’s astonishment, the Queen’s face colored. “I… would like to get to know you on a more personal basis. If- If that is possible.” The latter half of the sentence was swiftly tacked on, almost apologetic, but Tiana was too astounded to really notice.

“Ma’am, are you asking me on a date?”

“It’s- It’s Elsa. And… yes.” She steeled herself, as if forcibly willing her nervousness away. “It will not affect our patronage of your establishment in any way if you say no, of course. I do not wish to put pressure-”

Tiana pressed a finger to Elsa’s lips, effectively cutting her off. “If you come to my place next Saturday, we can do lunch.”

Elsa blinked at her, stunned, not speaking even as Tiana removed her finger, before turning crimson. “Right. Saturday. I- I can do that.”

The cook gave her a smile. “I’ll see you then. But right now, breakfast is calling for me! Ta-ta!” 

It was only after she had left the Queen’s view that Tiana allowed herself to blush as well. She was going on a date with Queen Elsa! With- Elsa. Who seemed awkward and nice. She took a deep breath, and resolved to have Lottie help her go through her dresses for later.

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how do u get the courage to post the art™ I have so much in my folder but can't do the post thing

hoooOO boy,,,LISTEN,,, I FEEL U PAL,,,it’s still really scary for me to post things, and when I started out the only thing making me feel comfy about it was that I had very few followers so no one would really see it. Now I’m blessed with v kindly mutuals and followers who leave super sweet enthusiastic tags on stuff I post (*cough* @thegoldenavenger *cough*), so it’s a little less scary, but that anxiety is still definitely there. 

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Never Been More Ready: Chapter Two

Summary: Princess Emma Swan has grown up knowing she had a duty to her kingdom. She knew that one day, she’d likely have to marry someone she didn’t love. What she didn’t know, however, was the effect Lieutenant Killian Jones would have on her. Captain Swan, Lieutenant Duckling AU (no curse).

I didn’t get many notes on the last chapter, but I’m posting this chapter anyways, because I did get responses on other sites. Also, I didn’t know about CS AU Week, but this an AU.

Catch up: Chapter One

Also on: ao3 ffn

Chapter Two

Emma is eighteen and one month when she and Baelfire finally gather the courage to tell their parents.

Yes, she may have asked Killian to marry her nearly a month ago and yes, he had agreed and it was all coming together except for the one little detail: her parents didn’t know. They really didn’t know Killian, either. They knew Liam, as he was a captain in their navy, and they knew he had a brother, but they certainly didn’t know Killian as well as she did.

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A whole year… A whole year!!! It’s been a whole year since I had the courage to start up this blog, a whole year since I first joined the Nintendask community. It’s hard to believe really!!

Since I haven’t done as much as I would have liked to with this blog (as well as focusing on my OC ask blog), it feels like it hasn’t even been that long. BUt one year ago today, I decided “hey I should finally make a paper mario ask blog” and the sheet son arrived. I honestly had no idea where I was going with this at first, I just wanted to have some fun and gosh… I’ve made a lot of great friends and acquaintances along the way and I think I’ve improved my art a lot too!!

So uh, thank you guys so much for sticking it out with me and supporting me and Doop for this long. It really means a lot to me!! Even if I’m not as active as I would like on here (which I Need To Fix), it really does mean the world to me. That anyone was interested in this blog really!

So thank you so much for joining us for this one year… ;v ;Hopefully year 2 will be more eventful!!

(and I’m sorry this post isn’t so good, i’m just!!! in a lot of disbelief)


Me “I dont want any part in this discourse, Im not going to make any more posts about this”

Them “Hey you, get back into this”

Me “This shit is racist as fuck and this person is clearly lying about their race im not going to apologize”

Them “Wow my heart is pounding I cant believe I had the courage to ask them to apologize for misgendering my poor friend. Dont worry, Im fine, I just hope they get the justice they diserve!”

Me “Anyway….”