Do you hear that angel choir singing??? I do, because I’ve finally got this fucking chapter nearly done.

last night i was SO funny in one (1) improv game like i had everyone in tears (pulling out the “referencing jokes from earlier in the evening” trick and everything) and as a result im like law school Whom?? i am quitting to teach improv at the ymca like any moderately funny person who thinks they can make it as a comedian 

Okay but anyone who thinks I’m intimidating should know that as I was playing Golf with Friends with my, well, friends, they kept calling me a dolphin because of my weird noises I kept making and tiny screams (bc it’s 4am) and I also kept laughing so much that I had tears in my eyes and snot coming out of my nose haha

the funniest thing happened today, i was in ap lang and we were watching scenes from the crucible and rather than watching the movie, my teacher looked up random youtube videos of the play and so we’re about 5 minutes into this random boring scene and the main character is crying and he goes “that’s because my name is” and it goes JOHNNN CENNNAAAA and everyone in my class SCREAMED


I’m done. Some Tyler Joseph in adventure time style because why not? I tried drawing him in the clothes he used for the Tear in My Heart and House of Gold videos (which is where I got inspired from) I tried to turn this into a gif but I just couldn’t do it. Oh well. Hope you guys like. They’re transparent so feel free to use any of them. I might draw Josh one too. What do you guys think?

Let’s talk about something that was brought up in the Lightning Thief and never ever mentioned again but still makes me strangely upset to this very day.

Annabeth said, “Good dog!”

She held up the tattered red ball, and probably came to the same conclusion I did-if she rewarded Cerberus, there’d be nothing left for another trick.

She threw the ball anyway. The monster’s left mouth immediately snatched it up, only to be attacked by the mid-dle head, while the right head moaned in protest.

While the monster was distracted, Annabeth walked briskly under its belly and joined us at the metal detector.

“How did you do that?” I asked her, amazed.

“Obedience school,” she said breathlessly, and I was sur-prised to see there were tears in her eyes. “When I was little, at my dad’s house, we had a Doberman… .”

“Never mind that,” Grover said, tugging at my shirt. “Come on!”

We were about to bolt through the EZ DEATH line when Cerberus moaned pitifully from all three mouths. Annabeth stopped.

She turned to face the dog, which had done a one-eighty to look at us.
Cerberus panted expectantly, the tiny red ball in pieces in a puddle of drool at its feet. “Good boy,” Annabeth said, but her voice sounded melancholy and uncertain.

The monster’s heads turned sideways, as if worried about her.

“I’ll bring you another ball soon,” Annabeth promised faintly. “Would you like that?”

The monster whimpered. I didn’t need to speak dog to know Cerberus was still waiting for the ball.

“Good dog. I’ll come visit you soon. I-I promise.” Annabeth turned to us. “Let’s go.”

It was such a little interaction but it made me so sad and I just want more to this????

Annabeth, who’s the outcast of her mortal family, is hated by her step mother, ignored by her father, and is slowly being replaced by two younger siblings. 

Annabeth who was unwanted and alone and wants nothing more in the world than a friend.

Annabeth, coming home from school one day to find that her father got Matthew and Bobby a puppy doberman. She knows she is not welcome into this happy family scenario and so she continues onto her room, unacknowledged.

Annabeth, who watches Mathew and Bobby grow disinterested in this puppy as he grows, the cuteness factor wearing off and taking care of it they decide is not worth it. Her father wants to take it back to the pound. (She won’t let him.)

Annabeth, who is given no room for a single mistake. “If I have to clean up one mess it’s gone.” Her step mother warns. Annabeth just nods silently.

(She renames him Philos, the greek word for friend.)

Annabeth, who for the first time in her life, is loved unconditionally by someone. Philos, who stays out in the yard but is her constant companion. She builds him the greatest dog house known to man (It’s her first architectural feat.)

Annabeth, who sleeps with him. Who curls her tiny fists into his hair and cuddles up to his body warmth, choking back her tears because she just wants her family to love her. Philos, who licks her face until she smiles again.

Annabeth, who teaches him commands in ancient greek. Stand, sit, shake, roll over, bark, jump, he can do it all. He’s the smartest dog in the world she decides. He wears a bright red collar and she thinks that with him, her home life is just bearable.

Annabeth, who Philos learns to kill spider underneath his paw for and recognizes the scent of monster a mile of way. Even though the monster attacks decrease with him around the hatred from her family only seems to grow.

Annabeth, who comes home one day and her step mother greets her. She’s taken aback but after silent hesitation she cautiously returns the greeting. Her step mother looks nervous, guilty even, and she says she needs to talk to her. 

(Apparently she accidentally left the gate open. Philos got out and was hit by a car.)

Annabeth, who’s handed a bright red collar without an apology. 

Annabeth, who does not cry until her door is locked firmly behind her.

Annabeth, who has lost her only friend.

Annabeth, who wears Philos’s tags on her camp necklace and has never forgotten him to this day.