This is Halloween! 🎃

I’m slowly starting to draw again after the long break I had to take for school work and the Artbook preorders. And it’s Halloween soon! The most amazing time of the year! YEAAAH! 

I want to draw something special guys, what do you want to see? I need ideas! A classic witch? A group of witchy girls? A big big picture with a lot of Witches practicing together? 

Halt and Catch Fire Q&A — Kerry Bishé (Donna Clark)
The actress discusses the major changes in her character's life by the end of Season 3, whether Donna regrets the decision that killed Mutiny, and if Donna is the new villain of the show.

Q: Of all the characters who’ve interacted with Joe, Donna has always been the most steadfast in not really trusting him. What do you think it says that she calls him to get to Cameron?

A: I think he’s not her first call. He’s a last resort. She’s right to have trepidation – he doesn’t even do the thing she asks him to do. She ends up having to go to Comdex herself. Donna and Joe operate on almost completely opposite wavelengths and yet by Episode 10, what they bring to the table is actually really similar. I think Donna is a person who got a handle on the big picture now, and Joe has always been the “ideas” guy who’s learned a lot more of the technical specifics that Donna has always had. I think, in a certain way, they’ve become pretty formidable opponents, and I think there’s a grudging respect that the two of them share for each other. It makes me very curious about what could happen going forward after this huge — and what I imagine to be irrevocable — rift carved at the end of Season 3.

Q: How hurt is Donna by Cameron’s words at the end of the finale? Does Donna believe there is any truth to them?

A: It’s devastating. It’s completely devastating, but out of those ashes, someone arrives with more grit and determination. I think it’s a gross mischaracterization that Cameron makes about Donna. I don’t think Donna is a person who will toss someone aside. I think she’s a person who would do anything necessary for what she thinks of as the greater good, and in a lot of these cases, the greater good was what she thought Cameron needed. So, the mistake might be in underestimating Cameron’s ability to take care of herself. But I think anyone could forgive Donna for underestimating that. [Laughs]

“The greater good was what she thought Cameron needed

7K WTF!?

So I just posted my last request and like I always do I make sure that it actually got posted and that there was no problem with the link.

 You know like what happened with Part Three of my AGA series.

So my post was there and as I went to go and start my next imagine for a different blog I saw this

guys, I actually had to double check

What the hell?! I don’t know why any of you guys follow me or if I deserve all of you, but I’m thankful nonetheless.

I started out with no idea what I was doing, I just had an idea and I posted it and then all of a sudden I was writing for thousands of people.

And I know it’s been a while since I’ve said this but all of you are my lovelies. Because I love you guys and I love writing for you guys.

As I said earlier I will be becoming a LOT busier pretty soon, but no amount of work or crafts will keep me from doing what I do for you guys.

Thank you so much for reading, requesting and following.

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Summary: Calum has never been in love- ever; it’s not on his top priority of things to do either. But, when the band is on break for the holidays, and Calum wants to spend time with his mum, who is the owner of the top ballet/dance company in the country; Calum meets a girl whose eyes held more galaxies than the universe, and a smile that made his heart beat faster than ever before. This might just make him change his priorities up a bit, but sometimes there are tough decisions to make in the industry.

Word Count: 1,888

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Gravity Finale - The Movie

So back when Weirdmageddon 3 had just aired and I was still kinda figuring out what to do with myself after the end of Gravity Falls, I decided to put together a little personal project and edit together the last four episodes of the show into one big Gravity Falls movie. Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future, Weirdmageddon Part 1, Escape From Reality, and Take Back the Falls.

I basically spliced together the episodes by cutting out all of the unnecessary fades to back that would otherwise interrupt the flow, and doing some audio crossfade work to make sure the cuts weren’t jarring. What I created is (hopefully) seamless transitions between episodes that just look like normal angle cuts. To do this I had to sacrifice like one or two jokes (ex. “Oh no there’s Bill!! That’s what you guys were thinking right?”) but the payoff is something that’s actually really neat to watch.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, click here to see a preview of the concept! This preview consists of the very end of Dipper and Mabel vs the Future transitioning into the very beginning of Weirdmageddon Part 1

I even then went so far as to edit the aspect ratio of the episodes to give it a more cinematic, film-like feeling.

^^^ Like that

The end result is 1 hour and 46 minutes of Gravity Falls goodness that I titled “Gravity Finale”.

And I never ever did anything with it, like, I think I told maybe one or two people about it.

But today I watched it and I was like “wow people would probably be interested in this, right????”

So, here I am. Giving you guys your very own link to watch Gravity Finale! Let me know what you guys think if you check it out, I’d love to hear how I did in editing a movie-like Gravity Falls experience ^^

Click here to go to the Google Drive page and see it for yourself!




:33 < it’s defurnately on my to-do list!!!

No offence but men are so emotionally incapable… Like I just had a guy in the shop who has been married to his wife for SIXTY YEARS and yet still has “no idea what she’d like”.

We raise men to do absolutely no emotional labour, listening or communicating. It’s fucked up.


What do you mean Baymax is not a Disney Princess? Stickers Batch

So hey guys, I’ve been really busy lately because of those and its basically an idea one of my friend and I had and I decided to turn them into stickers :D

Anyway have some baymax cosplaying the pricesses of Disney except from anna and elsa because I can’t stand these two sorry

okay so I was at the grocery store with my mom but I was waiting by the entrance for her to pay and i was wearing a tank top that showed a lil bit of cleavage.

so this older guy walks in, looks me up and down and tells me that my shirt is a problem because someone would get the “wrong kind of idea of what kind of girl you are”

and I looked at him and said, fairly loudly, “I think the actual problem is you sexualizing a 14 year old girl”

and this guy who had been restocking stuff and looked like he was going to say something to the guy before I did said “hey, dude. do you need some ice for that burn? because I have some frozen peas here”

Season 2 Countdown!!

Are you guys excited for season two of Voltron?!! I know I am, I’ve had this url saved for moths just waiting for an official release date before announcing this!

And now we have it folks: January 20th 2017!!

So here’s what I propose. For the 5 days leading up to the release let’s get our hype on with a fandom-wide countdown! Do whatever you want, let your creativity run free; fanart, fics, moodboards, playlists, gifsets, videos, anything! Feel free to follow the prompts below if you want some ideas, or just do your own thing!

Sunday January 15th: 5 Paladins with Lions!

Monday January 16th: 4 Clever mice!

Tuesday January 17th: 3 Badass Alteans!

Wednesday January 18th: 2 Powerful antagonists!

Thursday January 19th: 1 Defender of the universe!

Friday January 20th: 0–It’s here, GO WILD!!

//I’m still in the middle of setting up the blog so don’t be surprised that the theme is a mess, I just wanted to get this announcement out there ASAP! Check back later for more news :D