Hey! Let’s not forget Citrón! 

I’m… trying to remember how this guy happened. I think I put together that inkling in game and I instantly wanted to make a character out of him. His design is inspired by flamenco dancers and he became kinda rival to Jonquil.

Unfortunately Citrón can be kinda obnoxious if you’re not interested. He tends to go only after ladies in matches and the zipper of his jacket magically keeps opening everytime I draw him. 

I had no idea what to do with this guy but I loved his design so much that I didn’t want him go unused. So, he became the old fourth member of Clementine’s team. He went his own way after the team broke up.

Citrón is not meant to be a big character. If anything, he’s a guilty pleasure to draw (he’s much fun) but I have no idea if he’ll appear again. At least he’s there.  

Being in a relationship with Jake headcanon.

Being in a relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal would include:

-          Starting off as Secret Lovers because he knows what impact the world of Media can have on someone who hasn’t got a thick skin for it already.

-          You being insecure and thinking that he’ll never make you official, that he’s just playing with you.

-          Him noticing that you’re all gloomy again while he’s cooking for you.

Jake puts the frying pan down, turn off the oven and startles you as he takes a seat next to you.  ‘Y/N, we have to take this slow, please trust me. I want nothing but the best for you, you’re everything to me’

-          You realizing he was right from the start as soon as ‘Who’s this new mysterious girl Jake Gyllenhaal is hanging out with’ articles start showing up and media starts digging into your life.

-          Both of you laying low, waiting for the excitement to cool off.

-          Everything getting cleared once Jake accepts to do an interview and speaks openly about you.

“Yes, it’s true’ he looks at the photo the host put up with you and him and smiles ‘We’re dating for 8 months now and I truly love her’

-          Both introducing each other to your families. Everybody is happy, his mother approves of you after a long talk about books over wine, while Jake is in the kitchen , preparing dinner with his sister. ‘I like this one, she’s smart’ she told him grinning and you blushed.

-          Him being supportive of your career , always listening to your ramblings and tantrums after a rough day. He always knows what to say. ‘We can’t satisfy every single person in this world Y/N, there will always be people who don’t like you, no matter what you do. Just ignore them’

-          Him clearing his throat repeatedly one evening after eating. He’s drinking more beer than usual. Who knows, he might be stressed out from his upcoming projects.

‘Something on your mind?’ you scooch closer to him on the couch and he flinches, your heart skipping a beat. This is bad.

‘Mhm , yeah’ he stands up.

Is he breaking up with you?

‘Do … you…wanna move in with me?’ he stutters and looks away, for some reason expecting the worst.

‘Yes’ you jump, pulling him into a hug.

-          Facetiming almost every day while he’s away filming. You won’t lie to yourself, it’s hard when he’s gone for months. But once he’s back, there’s no doubt it’s worth it.

-          You spending a lot of time with his mom meanwhile.

‘Hey honey’ you answer the phone, turning on the video. Your heart flutters as soon as he pops up on your screen, smiling.

‘How are you? Check this this out’ he shows you a beach ‘I wanna bring you here sometimes, it’s beautiful’

‘It is’ you grin and sneak a hand behind his mom’s shoulder, pulling her into the camera’s sight ‘Look who’s here’

‘Hey mom’ Jake chuckles ‘What are you guys up to?’

His mom lifts a bottle of wine ‘Gossip , mostly about you’

You all laugh.

-          Him teaching you his cooking secrets and watching you hopelessly fail as he’s reading the horoscope.

-          You falling asleep with your head on his lap on the couch while you’re watching some movie.

-          Him always freaking out when you tell him you’ve seen HIS film. You still don’t understand why, he knows he’s your favorite actor.

-          Going to Broadway shows and you shyly stepping aside when fangirls crowd him for photos and autographs. You’re not jealous, you never were.

-          You visiting him sometimes on set when he’s not working very far away, sometimes even as a surprise.

-          Him always falling asleep first, throwing his heavy leg over your body in the process.

-          You always waking up before him (those College days) and waiting for him downstairs with coffee.

‘Morning’ he steps inside the kitchen , rubbing his eyes and yawning. You always find him most sexy like this, in such a vulnerable state, a husky voice and messy hair.

‘Morning love’ you look up and he pecks your lips before pouring himself a nice cup of fresh coffee.

A/N: as promised to anon who requested this, sorry it took so long. I just did some BIG LINES, it’s my first headcanon, I had no idea what I was doing. LOL, hope you guys like it. (Btw anon I included the horscope part , hmph not sure if it’s what you wanted)

P.S I didn’t know how to end it, how do you end a headcanon? A little more and I would’ve made it a fic. LOL.

P.S 2 Gif not mine, found it on google. (Message me if you made it, I will give proper credit)

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Aaaaah ! Thank you ! Mettaton was honestly REALLY hard to design ! I can remember a few months ago getting frustrated over him because I had NO idea what to actually DO with this guy. 

Okay so to resume so far I’ve done:

‘Main’ Crew

( Only Omega Flowey, Undyne the Undying and Mettaton Neo left! )

Secondary characters

(Still need to design the royal guard dogs, the snowdin kids, Burgerpants, Nicecream and many other’s but they’re not a priority for the actual plot~)

WOW that’s lots of design done so far… I can’t believe I’m almost done… Soon all that will be left will be to draw the concept of how the world actually looks like.

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alsO yuri on ice !! (i hope ya feel better soon :o)

thanks buddy! And I am feeling a bit better now, I think the advil finally kicked in so the headache’s receding

The first character I first fell in love with: Yuri Plisetsky! Love that angry little bean
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Chris omg, I had no idea what to do with this guy when he first showed up but darn it, he wormed his way into my heart
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Minami Kenjirou is very sweet but he was a bit… loud for me lmao, I don’t love him as much as some folks do
The character I love that everyone else hates: I unironically adore JJ alright (I’M CANADIAN FIGHT ME)
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Again, haven’t really been in the fandom long enough to stop liking characters, though I must say that fandom treatment of Otabek is rather off-putting
The character I would totally smooch: Otabek, haha. Also Mila, Yuuri, Phichit and Victor (THIS SHOW HAS TOO MANY HOT PEOPLE SEND HELP)
The character I’d want to be like: Phichit, that boy has so much sunshine in his heart and that should be goals for pretty much anyone.
The character I’d slap: JJ, but like, gently. Only a little bit
A pairing that I love: Besides the obvious perfect Victuuri, I like the idea that Victor and Chris had a past-tense romantic fling, and that Yuuri and Phichit went on a few dates in Detroit together. Also JJ and Isabella are very cute, and I really like Yurio x A Healthy Method of Dealing With Anger Issues
A pairing that I despise: Apparently it’s a thing that people ship Yurio and JJ and WHY WHY

Hey guys! So I reached 6k followers a while ago…but I had no idea what to do to thank you guys. And then I saw a post that gave me an idea, so I decided to implement it lol. So here it is!

To thank everyone on here for being so awesome and my followers for being the coolest people ever, I’m hosting my…second Tumblr Awards (I guess I did this in the past but I forgot all about it LOL. Nobody probably remembers it either ahah).

 Awards Include: 
  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • Best Sidebar
  • Best Icon
  • Best Edits
Overall Awards 
  • Favourite Multifandom (x4 x3)
  • Favourite (insert fandom here) (x2)
  • Talented writer
  • Most unique graphics
  • Nicest blogger
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  • must be following me
  • reblog by April 10th April 3rd, results will be on April 15th April 10th
  • reblogs only, no likes please. LIKES DO NOT COUNT.
  • for every 50 notes, a runner up will be added to each category
  • All category winners will be on a page on my blog
  • YOU GET TO BE FRIENDS WITH ME (hahaha kidding who wants that shut up Allison)

Basically it’s just a way for me to see more blogs and explore….more yeah. Basically. xD

So have at it guys ヽ(*・ω・)ノ