monsters at home (h/l)

title / monsters at home
rating / nc-17
word-count / 22,000
pairing / harry/louis
summary / high school!AU. everyone’s eyes are on harry, the beautiful, charming new student. harry’s only got eyes for the school golden boy: football captain louis tomlinson, whose homophobic father complicates matters a bit. 
warnings / homophobia, verbal/psychological child abuse, outing, non-explicit violence, some rough sex, overstimulation
disclaimer / i own nothing
author’s note / title comes from conner youngblood’s “monsters.” a million trillion thanks to the ridiculously wonderful flimsy, best beta ever/general cheerleader/louis to my liam/etc etc. Also a billion thanks to galaxy-soup, who is always so lovely and helpful, as well as checkthemargins, randominity, aliferuined, and everyone else who let me babble to them about this fic!!! You are all so incredibly wonderful.

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Theme #50 - Take Me to Church by wonderfullythemes

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve coded let alone release a theme. I’ve barely had any ideas whatsoever these past few weeks, so I thought I’d try my hand at coding an aesthetic-themed theme (which I probs won’t do again idk it’s not really my style :/ so idk if I got it right or not). Feedback would be much appreciated!

Static Preview | Code

  • no stealing the idea/the code, redistributing, claiming as your own or interfering with the credit!
  • edits are fine as long as my credit stays where it is & how it is
  • like/reblog if using/planning to use c:
  • 100px by 100px circular sidebar image, pagination on hover
  • hover over the title for the links (refresh | mail - faq + ask included in a popup | 4 custom)
  • 250px posts with a background + shadow
  • reblog button included
  • different page background image and post background image (if u dont want one for the posts then dont upload one)
  • optional faded image on hover, custom cursor and show/hide caption
  • include webkit scrollbar, tooltips and tons of customizable colours!

Check out the +Theme Gang, +Theme Village, +thmresources, +HTML Wizards and +HTML Heroes for more amazing themes and coders!

30 Day Gemsona Challenge

Day 3: Background

Wow this is even lazier than the last one, I just wanted to finish it tbh (I forgot the glove thing on her left arm oops)

So I had this idea that Blue Zircons, on Homeworld, are tasked with the job of finding a new planet for Gems to colonize. They would travel in groups (often with other Gems in the same/similar profession, maybe with even a quartz soldier just in case) to different locations and take records of the resources there, and then send a report back to Homeworld.

Except BZ was awful at her job.

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