I was only half awake  drinking coffee and watching a documentary about space when my mom suddenly walked into the room like “ EMILIA GUESS WHAT I WAS THINKING ABOUT SINCE I WOKE UP”
“ ….what”
“ I have soooo many ideas “
“about what? “
“ About what clothest you should draw Misha in! “
“ ???????????????????????????????????????/////??”
“ Mishka would look so good in them” 
Mishka??? Mom you saw him once when I made you watch 4x01 almost three years ago. And on some of my drawnings, fine. 
But still. 
I am not sure if this really happened.


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We got further in our ON prose translation today than I had expected, and I had to go last, which meant that I got four and a half lines of prose that I had to translate on the spot

And I got it all right, even the word order, and my professor had no idea I was completely fucking winging it


she’s nearly 2 m & her favourite sweater is ‘the one that looks like grass’

So I went to see RésJ yesterday, and it was amazing. I, of course, had lots of thoughts and feelings which I had to write down. So, like, be aware of the length of my rambling, because there’s a lot. If you read: sorry.

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GUYS, I figured out why it’s called Let’s Play! It’s all the letters of their names!!

Eyy it’s Geoff
Too cool Michael
S’ Jack

Probably Jeremy
Lindsay (again)
A Ryan