On the radio they were talking about game show design and described one that had contestants guess the results of bizarre polling questions posed to the American public. Once during their one season run, the polling company contacted them to make sure they hadn’t mistyped anything in the question and they really wanted to ask it. The question was “Have you ever been decapitated?” 4% of Americans said yes.

do u ever wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, with fear striking your soul, and this specific image in your head

because i just did

To anyone going to kcon this weekend

Pls take lots of pictures of my bbys, Astro, and send them to us or tag us in them so I can cry myself to sleep at the fact that I can’t be there to cheer them on. I don’t care how poor of quality the photos are, or how far away they’re taken; It could honestly just be pictures of someone’s left shoe, and I will cry over them nonetheless and be eternally grateful to you.

Also, tell Taefuck that he’s a rude bitch and needs to stay in his goddamn lane k thx ily bye

I’ve been thinking so much about Cassie lately, and how important she was to the animorphs and how formative it was for me to read the kinds of philosophical and ethical debates that she made possible within the pages of those wonderful, wonderful books

Ruthlessness and pragmatism is something that we see celebrated all the time in everything from war sagas to wall street biopics, but optimism? pacifism? forgiveness? hope? totally stupid insane hope? Those are things that I mostly see mocked and belittled in much of the media I consume–especially anything related to battles and wars.

Cassie-the moralizing, optimistic, tree hugger-wasn’t always right, but she wasn’t always wrong either. Her desire to adhere to her virtues was sometimes selfish and infuriatingly naive, but I’m so grateful to Animorphs for showing me a hero and a soldier like her. Cassie taught me that compromising for peace can be just as courageous as fighting for victory, and that’s a lesson that informs my personal life as well as my politics. The world needs Rachels and Marcos but at the end of the day, it needs Cassies too.

I know Blackwatch is a super serious organization, they did a lot of super heavy, probably questionable shit

But most of my songs for them rn is ‘YOO WE’RE BADASS MOTHER FUCKERS’ music 

chaotic-lawful-objections  asked:

✦ (from any muse!)

  • ✦ Rolling up their sleeves to keep cool, showing off their forearms

It was particularly hot today – boiling hot even. Los Angeles was always famous for being hot during the summer. The whip-holding prosecutor was on a case with Agent Lang; a star among every other agent in Interpol, having the highest successful arrest rate.

They were standing a little apart from each other, looking for clues when she caught with the corner of her eye him rolling up his sleeves, revealing his forearms. The heat was probably getting to him. She couldn’t help but stare at him for a while, however. Why? She had no idea. Perhaps it was because she wished to say something to him? Who knows.


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Okay, but what team is everyone of your OCs?? I feel like Taro would be Instinct and Jiro would be Valor. And I think Zaid and Double would be Mystic. And Darrel would be either Valor or Instinct.. I'm really curious!!

you were actually pretty spot on!

honestly Darrel could fit into either one, but i went with his fiery passion instead lol that boy likes to tussle