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'Got a really important question! I need this information! Do you have your driving licence? If so, do you have a car and if so how does it look? Please! Thank you :3!

I do not! Never had a need for it, so I never bothered, and I’m so super not at all interested in car-stuff so it’s just too boring to deal with, and too expensive to get “just to have one” for now :P

“Stardust, in you and in me”

I wanted to play with lighting effects and the boys wanted in on it apparently

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yo kia. i gots some headcanons sasuke's very good housewife material i would imagine. he's a very clean/methodical person due to how strict his parents were. he hated cleaning, but would do it religiously after the massacre because that's what they like :'( he's also a great cook because he had to learn himself shortly after. he's terrible at first but learns through trial and error. imagine hinata's surprise when she's finds the house always clean and a full course meal after getting together

I…had a mighty need but Anon, if you want something done you gotta do it yourself. Unfortunately I have little impulse control when it comes to SasuHina.


She wasn’t sure if she should knock or just walk inside…because he did give her a key to his apartment but– she never used it. Part of it was embarrassment and the other part he was usually at her place.

Her mission had been completed early and she wanted to surprise him…

Her fist hovered over the door for a few moments. Totally unnecessary and terrible scenarios flashed through her mind. What if he was cheating on her? What if she was in there right now? What if…

She dropped her fist and sighed. She was being foolish. Hinata stared at the keys in her hands and fumbled a bit until she found his.

The young woman opened the door and was greeted with smell of cleaning lemon and…

Her boyfriend was standing over the stove. He had on…an apron?

His apartment was spotless. Seriously…it almost felt too clean to be in. Everything was black and white in his living room except the dark wooden floors. He had a centerpiece on his coffee table and splash painted pictures hanging perfectly on the walls. His television was on mute but nature sounds was playing from his entertainment center.

“Whoa,” she quickly took off her shoes, almost forgetting that her feet ached like crazy.

He turned to her with a lifted brow. “What?” He wiped his hands on his apron before turning down the stove.

“Your…place,” she mumbled. Way nicer than hers…he even had thick dark curtains, nice carpet and unnecessary decor. It looked like a sophisticated older woman lived here instead of her usually grumpy boyfriend. “…it’s pretty.” She finished, a bit envious.

He shrugged. “Your mission ended early then,” he said turning back to the large pot. One hand stirred the contents, the other was shoved in his pocket.

“Are you upset?” She asked, walking up to him – honestly trying to see what he was cooking that smelled so good. She never knew him to cook. She was always the one cooking!

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So I graduated a year ago and recently got out of level III orientation. Ever since then, I've gotten all the most critical babies. Well recently I had one that needed intubation, chest tube, and lines. I felt helpless as I hadn't seen many of these things (in action) much less to my patient, in orientation. Luckily it's always a huge group effort. Needless to say, I went home and cried because I felt so useless. Is this normal? (1/2)

(2/2) I felt like I could only do menial tasks, like get supplies. It’s hard to think as fast or know these skills like the nurses I work with who have 20 years of experience. I’m just feeling defeated and questioning everything.“

Wow- I can relate to this so much. Yes, it’s normal, but yes, it gets easier. I’m 2 years into my job, work level 3 the majority of my shifts and admitted my first Micro last night and it didn’t go as smoothly as I had rehearsed it in my head. I didn’t get my culture on the first try, the baby wouldn’t cooperate with positioning for lines, and I stayed 2 hours beyond my shift trying to chart. You should voice your concerns to your charge or manager if you are feeling overwhelmed. I know it has helped me so much to help others and learn that way to decrease my anxiety, but when you are in those situations you’re always going to feel some level of failure compared to what you want to be able to do. Reassure yourself that you are doing your best with what you know and the experience that you have. Something that helped me was when I was "helping hands” to coworkers…I would have a one-baby assignment and assist with procedures or running for supplies. I did this once for a coworker who’s baby was in DIC so I got to help give FFP, Fibrinogen, and draw labs off her PAL. It also gave her the opportunity to chart while I was keeping up with orders and communicating with the care team. Explore your options and keep learning! They obviously are giving these patients to you because they feel you are capable but you shouldn’t feel unsafe in your practice.

Hi guys, life has been really rough lately and I’ve decided to take a little break for two days till the clásico to focus on myself and try to deal with some things I’ve been going through. If you want to reach me then you can do it on Snapchat or IG. Love u all, stay safe and see you soon.

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Sheith Summer Week | Day 3 | Thunderstorms/Summer Rain

Shiro brings Keith to his hometown’s festival and, of course, Keith gets sick. 

I had a need for a sick fic and Sheith in yukatas so here you have it!


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤


“And you love like you’ve always been lonely.

Oh you love him with all of your body.”