Chingling is still on a journey of self-discovery! Chingling knows ze’s not a boy or girl, but ze’s in the process of figuring out the rest. After all, Chingling was born pretty recently! Ze has plenty of time to figure things out.

(Meanwhile, Gulpin is tagging along, though the dramatic mountain winds might be a bit too strong for them!)

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H-hi! For the couple meme, maybe C2 my fatesona Lamphone and oreowarrior's Floran please? If you're still taking these QvQ

HIYA~! Yes, I’m still taking these!! This was really cute to draw~~!!! Lamphone and Floran, huh? A NEW SHIP!

Floran belongs to @oreowarrior

Lamphone belongs to @stawberryneko

Couple meme by soupery

HC; On interpersonal relationships

One of the most popular prompts that I got was to talk about this subject, so rather than answer each of the asks individually, I’m just going to put it here! This will mostly cover Ego’s view of the relationships of people around him, rather than his own interpersonal relationships, as those are a whole other mixed bag of complexities and feelings that I will most definitely write about in the future.

The vast majority of Ego’s worldview in general stems from his position of power as a Celestial. Everything about this, from his lifespan to how he sees himself as above other people as a whole, influences how he sees the universe and the way the world works. In this case, the fact that he’s lived for so long – and, as far as he can tell, will continue to live for the remainder of eternity – causes him to see the idea of any kind of deeper relationship with mortals as pointless. Why even bother, when everything about it eventually fades away? To him, that means that there’s no incentive, nothing in it for him that will be long-lasting.

In his mind, he starts to view that sort of thing as a distraction. The kind of fulfillment that he wants, he thinks, won’t be so easily destroyed by something as “simple” as mortality. And when he finally finds Peter again, surrounded by friends of his own, he wants to convince his son to feel the same way. In a twisted way, Ego thinks forsaking relationships – arguably one of the things that makes life so wonderful – will help ease Peter’s pain of having to live an eternity where everyone else will eventually die out. Because of his son’s Celestial powers, in his mind, Ego thinks he’s the only other one who could possibly understand. Friends are fine, friends are whatever, but the sooner you get rid of them, the better.

And frankly, he’s surprised when Peter doesn’t catch on to this idea as quickly as he’d thought he would. To Ego, who’s used to using people and just dumping them to the side and getting rid of them when they’ve outlived their necessity to him, it’s a mystery as to why Peter would willingly form attachments to his friends and not just give them up right away. They’re the only thing standing in the way of him achieving his plans, and that frustrates Ego. Here he is, so close to completing The Expansion, and Peter just can’t let them go.

And, on some level, he’s almost jealous of that camaraderie. Remember, Ego views himself as a martyr, and in his view, he gave up everything, even his one chance at love, for this great and “noble” cause of his. As a Celestial, he’s always had access to everything he could have ever wanted. But those things? Love, companionship, the things that really give life the meaning he’s searching for? It’s the one thing mortals have, and he doesn’t. And to push those feelings of inadequacy away, he tells himself that they’re unimportant, temporary things, and that he doesn’t need them, anyway.

Update on my situation: we ubered to the zoo and I had a lot of fun and get ready for picture spam. I figured out I can send my money to my mom’s PayPal so I’m giving her some cash to try and help with everything. If you’d like to donate a little to help out It’s mean a lot. Im giving her 50 from my own savings which should cover part of the tow (I think it was about 100 altogether for it though). Not an emergency but if you’d like to help it’d mean a lot.



I had a lot of fun drawing everyone’s ocs from the CTC Discord :)

Poppy belongs to @earlgraycoffee | Magnolia belongs to @keithismothman | Peonia belongs to @theandrascosplay | Forget-Me-Not and Jackel belong to @kanten-rosna | Echinacea and Amaryllis belong to @iloveseychelles | Dahlia and Snow belong to @smolsatan223 | Pandora belongs to @endermanfarts11 | Soraya belongs to @superviralgalaxy | Salix belongs to @thegalliumspoon

Thank you for letting me draw the crew :)


my 50s diner is done! there are still some issues with the lightmaps, but I can’t be bothered, lol. I’ve been working on this on and off for more than a month, I’d say I’ve put maybe 30+ hours into this environment? I used blender for the first time so I’ve learned a lot!

I had a lot of fun with this and I really like working with 3D environments! (and I’m looking for a job, hint hint)

Hamilton Characters as Troubled Birds

After much debate with a lot of good friends, I am proud to present, Hamilton Characters as

Aaron Burr:

Alexander Hamilton:

John Laurens:

Marquis de Lafayette:

Hercules Mulligan:

George Washington:

King George:

Samuel Seabury:

Charles Lee:



And Peggy!:

Thomas Jefferson:

James Madison:

Maria Reynolds:

James Reynolds:

Philip Hamilton: 

George Eacker: