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Elias was lost.

New Basic Chickens fic with satyr!Adam and bull!Elias. Inspired by the amazing fanart @flyingrotten has posted~


what blue pearl icons would be incomplete without some yellow pearl icons to join them? here, free to use 500x500 yellow pearl icons, traced over by me because her lineart was super hard to see because of the projection of the communicator. (like/reblog if used)

When I called the actor to tell that person that they were going to die, I did tell this person it is the most spectacular death we have had on the show. It’s groundbreaking for us in the way this person dies, for sure. I think it’s just fun and chilling and also as we get into the finale and the next 10 episodes, we’re trying to come full circle on the show in a lot of ways, and this one sets the groundwork for that
—  Marlene King on the character death in the PLL summer finale 

“The quiet moments” - for the lovely @emmaswanchoosesyou​ - I hope you like it, I had a lot of fun drawing this one! 

(Please no stealing - it’s bad form!)

When I called the actor to tell that person that they were going to die, I did tell this person it is the most spectacular death we have had on the show. It’s groundbreaking for us in the way this person dies, for sure. I think it’s just fun and chilling and also as we get into the finale and the next 10 episodes, we’re trying to come full circle on the show in a lot of ways, and this one sets the groundwork for that.
—  Marlene on the finale death
lil tutorial cause why not

so I was asked by the wonderful @lum1natrix to do this quick little tutorial of how I made this darkiplier edit right here, so here we go (keep in mind that i’m not good at explaining things pls)

the full tutorial is kinda long since i’m not good with words so it’s under the “read more”

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abysstylwyth  asked:

Do you think I could get some yandere jealousy headcannons for Hanzo, Junkrat, and McCree?

ohoho of course you can~ i had a lot of fun with these~~


  • His victim would find arrows with notes scribbled in Japanese, they don’t know what they mean so they put it aside as some joke, but what those notes say… Can affect their life.

  • One night he’ll sneak into their home and wait for them to return. Once he knows that they’re alone, he’ll fire an arrow that pins the person to the wall by their clothes, and reveal himself.

  • Hanzo has this very off putting look in his eyes, glazed over and dark. His voice is different as well, as if he had no heart for the wellbeing of this person he was hunting.

  • “You are not worthy, to even be in the presence of my beloved. Stay away.” He snarls as he pulls the collar of their shirt up so that they’re pretty much not touching the floor. If they keep their promise, he won’t bother them anymore. If they don’t, you won’t see that person for a while…

  • There’s that one box he always kept, you ask him about it but he gives you a vague answer of it being treasures from his hunts, you never knew that he hunted… He brushes it off and asks if there’s anything they’d like to do together, he’s happy as long as you are happy~


  • He knows no bounds, when he sees someone getting too close for comfort with you, he’ll immediately get rid of them. Blow up their house? Yep, kidnap them and torture them? Uh huh, kill them after? Probably depending on how much of a threat they are! He’ll break them.

  • He’s very high-key with his yandere motives, he’ll ask who the hell was that guy that you were talking with, and he’d even stare at you with those hazy golden eyes he has. He wants the truth out of you, so you better give it to him.

  • “Do you even know who yer dealin’ with mate? Someone you don’t wanna be messin’ with, that’s who!” He’ll bark at that person who he saw you with the other day as they’re tied to the chair he tied them to.

  • Jamie will be gone for a while as he breaks them, he’ll shatter whatever humanity they have left and make them just a human shell for him to do whatever he wants them to do. He’ll keep them for later if another person decides to come around for you.

  • You may find some odd red stain on something, and you ask Jamie about it. He doesn’t know what you’re talking about, and he’ll just go wash it for you! Anything for you to be comfortable after all~


  • One day you don’t see him for a good portion of the day, wonder where he is? He’s facing off that one person that had gotten too close for comfort with you.

  • Jesse’s got them pinned to a wall with his Peacekeeper right under their chin, a sickly sweet smile on his lips as he intimidates them. That’s one scary Jesse.

  • “Listen ‘ere, if I see ya with my darlin’ like that again, we’re gonna have some problems, and you don’ wanna mess wit’ that, do ya?” He growls as he pushes the dangerous piece of metal harder into their chin.

  • When they agree, he’ll shove them away and watch them scurry off with a twisted smirk. He loves it when they run away like that, it just makes it more fun for him to hunt them down if they break their promise~

  • After the scuffle, he’ll head back to you with his usual smile, maybe pick up something that he knows that you love, just to cover up his excuse of being out too long~
Would you be interested in a Downton Abbey world including characters?

I’ve not been satiesfied with having Downton Abbey placed in a regular world, and so as I do for quite a few of my saves, I had to make a custom world.

But usually I just go for the “Show and tell” but then it hit me, if anyone else would be interested in a Downton Abbey world perhaps I should try and make it playable.

Would you be interested? And what sort of thing should I add? Special community lots or any specific rabbit holes? It’ll be so much fun!

anonymous asked:

Can you also draw how Papyrus was kid just you did with Sans?

Heck yes we can! I’ll drop everything just to draw babybones. I don’t know how I’m going to finish the next comic at this rate, with all these adorable distractions dying to be drawn. Now look at this bean. 

Drawing his shirts were fun. He had a LOT of clothes like that. Pap would also steal his parents lab coats and play around in them when he was little. He wanted to be a scientist like they were. As a baby he’d have the pacifier in his mouth more often than not, and when he didn’t want it he’d just drop it like a little butt. It took River and Gaster a while to break him from it, but this is how his obsession with always wanting something in his mouth started. Hence the suckers he constantly has as an adult now. 

Now I can try to finish up this next comic. You guys keep distracting meeee~ Don’t worry though, I have been enjoying these distractions. 

~ Sol



while typing this i’ve decided i’ll post one new pose a day because i’ve heard from my doctor that concentrated amounts of cutie are not healthy so i will be posting 1 post per day over the next 4 days starting tomorrow or maybe today idk

the point is Moria is a fucking cute patoot and i’ve been having a lot of fun drawing her

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RdB18ahhn0)

hey guys! so I, um, maybe did a cover on my YouTube channel, and I would SO appreciate it if you checked it out, I kinda LOVE this song and I had a lot of fun singing it and if you could give me some feedback that’d be actually amazing! 

thank you SO MUCH I LOVE YOU 




From Shoma’s official website:

Konnichiwa, it’s Shoma.

Thank you to everyone who came to Friends on Ice.
Thank you so much for all the many beautiful flowers and supportive letters.
It was my first time participating in Friends on Ice, and I felt at home and had so much fun.
Remembering what to do during the opening and finale was difficult, but I followed my senpais’ lead and had a great time.
I’ve been skating in ice shows since April and I’m so happy to have been able to meet everyone.
Everyone has given me a lot of strength.

I’m off to Italy next week!
We’re finished up with the costumes I will be using for competitions and getting them ready for when the season starts.
Why is it that my first competition of the season is always terrible. I’ll do my best this time around to have a good first competition of the season.

Ah, I can’t deal with any and all bugs. I can’t touch them*.

[*Response to a question asked by fans. According to reports, in flowers he received, there was a card that asked him, “Which one do you like: kabutomushi (rhino beetle) or kuwagata (stag beetle)?” Another thing he has in common with his idol!]