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Wooo.. a lot of questions but I will try to answer them all and not be boring about it. ^_^

1) What is your favorite drawing or drawings?

The 100 Power Girl one is a fave because not only was I drawing my fave girl, but I had to come up with 100 different poses that all fit together into a cohesive piece. Still boggles my own mind how I did it and not get totally frustrated.

The Kim Possible deck of cards was one of the ones I had the most fun doing since once everyone started to see the deck come together, their participation and feedback helped shaped it.

2) Any characters you prefer drawing? Dislike?

I got my faves Peegee and KP but lately I seem to like draw any character nude and still make them identifiable. It may sound weird but I consider it a challenge to make a character look like themselves when their are no other clues like props or clothes to wave a sign in your face telling you who they are supposed to be. That is just good character design.

Dislikes are drawing characters who are only identifiable by what they are wearing or doing. And god help me if they are fully kitted like Final Fantasy characters with so much clothing and flair that even the computer programmers and designers say “DAMN that is a lot of detail…”

3) How would you describe your process?

Don’t want to give away all of my secrets (that would fill a small post-it note actually) but the process I use for drawing characters is like drawing a caricature:

  • Examine the character to pick out the features that stand out or are distinct to them.
  • Determine how to draw / exaggerate / emphasize those features
  • Do a few practice sketches to get a feel for the character
  • … and if you are lucky one of those sketches work for the final image.

A lot of the characters I like have been through this process so much I am already already at the last step when I draw them.

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what beyonce dress that she has worn on red carpet events could be worn at prom? I don't want something very flashy and glittery tho and not necessarily maxi, pleeease help

I had a lot of ideas so I just decided to make a little collage, lol.

Long, typical prom dresses:

Since the dress doesn’t need to be maxi, here are some short options:

In case you change your mind, and do want something a little more bold and flashy:

And finally, JUMPSUITS! Think outside the typical “prom dress” box. Jumpsuits can be dressed up really nicely!

Dassit. Hope this helps :) have fun at your prom! I’m sure you’ll look beautiful.


“When I was a first year in high school, my teacher was very understanding of me in placing me with the hyungs of our academy and I spent a lot of time with the hyungs singing. I think it was a time where i9 was so into music that I didn’t even go home – I had a lot of fun playing and learning music at the same time (laughs).” xx

My Anchor - Part 2

Request: Part two to my anchor?

Request: I know you just posted the Liam Dunbar Anchor imagine, but would you possibly consider a part 2? It was so good!

Request: Could you write a part 2 to the Liam Anchor imagine where he does something about her being bullied?

Request: Can you do a sequel (if you do those I’m not sure I’m new lol) to the anchor one with Liam Dunbar? Like the main girl has anxiety and she’s made fun of? Thank you so much!!!:)

Warnings: swearing and a lot of it J

Word count: 718

A/N: thank you all who liked this imagine haah here is part two xx

Part 1: http://thatalphacora.tumblr.com/post/123168611536/liam-dunbar-imagine-my-anchor

Liam’s POV:

After what happened this morning I couldn’t get y/n off my mind. I had to find her, I had to. Once I calmed down Scott and Stiles kept asking me what got me so fired up. I couldn’t even talk about it. The look on her face killed me. It’s like she believed I wouldn’t want to talk to her.

After spending more than half of lunch looking for her I found her listening to music while reading a book in the corner of the cafeteria. I took a deep breath, even looking at her gave me butterflies. I loved how when she listened to music she would drum her fingers to the beat and how every few seconds she would tuck the same strand of hair behind her ear. Finally I reached her table, she didn’t notice I was there at first which made me little upset but then I remembered she was listening to music. I cleared my throat and she looked up. I could already hear her heartbeat quickening.

“Hey.” I said, my voice sounded so relaxed but I was far from it.

“H-hey.” She stuttered back. “I’m y/-“ I cut her off.

“I know, you’re y/n, we have English and Biology together.” She nodded her head, her heart was beating so fast now. “Mind if I sit?” I asked nodding to the seat.

“N-not at all.” She smiled. God, I love her smile. I felt myself staring at her lips so I quickly looked away.

“What are you listening to?” I asked trying to start a conversation. She smiled and looked down at her phone.

“5 Seconds Of Summer, they are one of my favourite bands.” I love the way she smiles when she talks about something she loves.

“They sound cool.” I say laughing, I look at her book. “No way! You read Harry Potter too!” I said moving from my seat across from her to sit next to her. Her heartbeat was slowly slowing down. “My favourite character is Hermione because let’s be honest, Emma is a babe.” y/n laughs, her laugh god her laugh is my favourite noise.

“Clearly Harry is the hottest one out.” She says giggling. I make a shocked face. y/n’s face drops and her heartbeat starts to get fast again. I look in the direction she is looking in and see Rebecca and her followers walking towards us. I rest my hand on my knees, okay Liam calm down, calm down.

“y/n, Liam what a surprise.” Neither y/n or myself smiles.

“What do you want Rebecca.” I spit, my blood boiling. Her laugh, her smile, her laugh, her smile. I think.

“To talk to my friend Liam, no need to be rude.” That was it, that was the final straw.

“Me rude? Me? Oh my god Rebecca this is the exact reason everyone hates you! You are such a bitch going around thinking you own the place! I’m Rebecca Hart I’m so cool everyone hates me la, la, la.” By this time everyone in the cafeteria was staring. “Who do you think you are? Going around making everyone feel like shit! Telling y/n that I wouldn’t talk to her because she is a ‘loser’ that was a low move even for you! I fucking hate you for telling the girl I love that she is worthless, because I would chose her over you any day!” I shouted, my breathing was heavy and I heard y/n’s small voice behind me.

“Y-you love me?” she whispered. My eyes widen as I registered that everyone heard that I just admitted my love for y/n. Then I smile, because I’m proud of it. I stand up on top of the table and shout from the top of my lungs.

“THAT’S RIGHT EVERYONE I LOVE Y/N Y/L/N! AND I’M NOT ASHAMED OF THAT BECAUSE THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE” I point at y/n, “IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL I HAVE EVER SEEN!” I stand down from the table and pull y/n close to me. I hold her face with my hands and kiss her passionately.  She kisses back straight away and our lips move in sync. Everyone cheers and she smiles.

“You really mean it?” she says holding my hands.

“I’ve never been more certain about something in my entire life.”



okay so rvb facecanon swap!! !!!

I got to draw buddahtheartist‘s facecanons and bc i am weak merc sympathizer i couldn’t draw felix without locus OTL

maybe i am becoming too used to drawing armour…

anyway, I super like your designs!!  they’re very practical and I think it speaks a lot to their characters!  it’s always a fun challenge to see how i can adapt someone’s style and designs to my own style of drawing!

I had fun!! I love facecanons!! ill probably be sporadically drawing facecanons all week. idunno yet bc I’ve had some trouble drawing since I got back to the great white north. the presence of a desk is somehow strange to me now.

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What would you do if you had access to a lot of machine guns and unlimited ammo for a few days?

Probably set up a machine gun shoot. Let everyone come out and shoot whatever they want for a small entry fee to pay for staff and RSOs to keep the event safe and fun. Probably find some way to educate the public about them in a safe and controlled fashion. I think it’d be fun.

hii i made this because i love the idea but i never like the palettes that come with it. so i made my own because i had a lot of palettes sitting in my files!! so yeah have fun

My Interview with Hunter Hayes (very belated upload)

Country music. It’s something that most people in the UK probably associate with that Texan dross that they hear their fathers play and can never get out of their head. In America, it is one of the most up-and-coming genres, and it is finally spreading to the UK. One of the most underrated music genres, it is growing in popularity because it is so refreshingly different to a lot of what we hear in the charts these days. There are some truly exceptional artists out there dominating the music industry, but scattered amongst them are those tunes that frequent nightclubs with their catchy tunes and fun beats, but are devoid of any real depth and meaning.

I had the privilege of interviewing Hunter Hayes whilst he was in the UK in March this year. A Louisiana-born singer-songwriter, Hunter moved to Nashville seven years ago to pursue a career in country music. I have listened to his music (and ever so slightly idolised him) for years, and watching him become increasingly popular over here has been truly special. After some small talk where I gushed about how I’ve been a fan for years, we got to chat about things that we are both so passionate about and it was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Me: “I want to start by asking what you think about the growing country music audience in the UK.”

Hunter: “It’s awesome! I value it so much as a genre. I grew up listening to these storytellers. It’s a gift that I’m so glad to be a part of. This is a place that I’ve dreamed of coming to for a long time and when your music can take you there, it’s the ultimate way to travel anywhere. I think it’s awesome that it’s not only growing but it’s getting a really strong fan base that’s really passionate about it, and they’re reaching out across the waters which is part of why we’re here.”

Me: “That’s great to hear! Well, speaking of travelling for music, what are you most excited for about your new tour with Lady Antebellum and Sam Hunt?”

Hunter: “I’m excited to play some new music and put on a different kind of show, with a real superstar power. This is going to be a unique chance for us to meet some fans that we haven’t met yet and introduce music to new people. I think it’s going to take on a different character with new music and new spirit.”

Me: “That’s amazing, I’m a huge fan of them as well! So, which artist has been a great inspiration to you over your years as a song-writer?”

Hunter: “People like Garth (Brooks) - watching him on stage made me think ‘I wanna do that.’ As for songwriters, three of my favourite records at one time were MercyMe – ‘Coming Up To Breathe,’ Rascal Flatts – ‘Me and My Gang,’ Brad Paisley - ‘Time Well Wasted’ and the Keith Urban one that was out at the time are examples of brilliant song writing and timeless stories. That was the standard for song writing; if you were going to attempt to write a song that someone can sing along and relate to, it’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself but I kind of just felt like that was the standard.”

Me: “Well, you’ve definitely reached it!” *Yes, I was drooling bye this point. No, I have no shame.*

Hunter: “Thank you, I appreciate that. Now it’s on to people like Ed (Sheeran), what a brilliant songwriter! And there’s Lori McKenna, Stevie Wonder, Coldplay, Punch Brothers, it’s all of that stuff!”

Me: “Who would you love to write with?”

Hunter: “Great question. I’d love to actually write with Elton (John). We’ve even talked about it a few times. Musically, he’s just astonishing. He’s been a great speaking force and encouragement for me. When your record comes out and Sir Elton John gives you a call and says he’s pre-ordered the album and asks how things are going, it’s pretty cool.”

Me: “That’s amazing, and what about writing or recording with any British artists? What about Ed?”

Hunter: “Yeah, I’ll definitely go with Ed! I had a lot of respect for him before I met him and saw some of his shows and hung out with him. He’s a rock star and an incredibly talented individual. He’s very driven and I have so much respect for his bravery.”

Me: “Well that would be an amazing duo! So, what’s your favourite thing about the UK?”

Hunter: “I like the history and the stories of how things come to be. It’s a culture that I’ve wanted to experience for a long time. The architecture and realness of it is just fascinating.”

Me: “I’m so happy that you’ve had the opportunity to come here! Can you do a British accent?”

Hunter: *In his best British accent* “I don’t know, can I do a British accent? *Laughs* We actually had a competition last night to see who could do a British accent. I came in third place, maybe second. I probably will never do one in public.”

Hunter: “Well what you can do is write that I have a fantastic British accent and I’ll work on it between now and Friday, when I meet you.”

Me: “Okay, the pressure’s on! So what are the fans like in this part of the world?”

Hunter: “I’ve actually met quite a few. I was in Manchester the other day doing interviews at BBC and there were fans waiting for me outside. That’s mind-boggling! It was such a validating feeling. Every one of them was so sweet! They brought gifts and chocolate – they know me!”

Me: “Lovely! We had one fan on twitter ask about writers’ block. Do you get that, and if so, how do you overcome it?”

Hunter: “I do. Obviously you write a hundred songs for every ten you put on a record, if not more. It definitely gets to the point where you feel like you’ve said everything you could possibly say and you’re just repeating yourself, and that’s a challenge that you have to overcome. And if you feel like you’re doing that, you can’t put the pen down and say ‘I’ll try again tomorrow,’ you have to figure it out and dig deeper. You have to go through that process of tweaking and over-thinking to make sure that the song has been fully realised and nothing’s been left on the table. I’ve made a deal with myself recently in order to deal with writers’ block – my goal is to write one song a day. Even if it’s not finished or there’s no music for it, just a rough draft every day, for however long it takes for me to get what I need. It’s really allowed me to unlock things, because you just write to write and say what you want to say, however you want to say it and it opens me up quite a bit.”

Me: “That’s a real testament to what makes country music so different. It’s very personal.”

Hunter: “It is; it’s about the story just as much as it is about the story teller.”

Me: “Exactly. So, in terms of your music, of all the songs that you’ve released, which are you particularly proud of?”

Hunter: “I’m really proud of ‘Invisible.’ Rarely as a songwriter do you allow yourself to write those kinds of songs. You think that you shouldn’t be writing it and nobody’s going to listen to it but that’s been proven wrong in a really cool way. I think it speaks volumes for following your heart and committing to believing in yourself because that’s not easy to do. But every now and then somebody else is doing the same thing and that’s why you write the songs.”

Me: “And you can’t connect with your fans if you don’t give them something personal to relate to, and ‘Invisible’ is a perfect example of that. I think that’s the sign of a good songwriter and a good artist.”

Hunter: “Thank you, I appreciate that.”

Me: “Okay, last question; if your life was made into a film, who would you cast to play yourself?”

Hunter: “I’d have to start with that guy from Game of Thrones. We get confused for each other all the time. I actually had somebody come up to me and say ‘I love that TV show you’re on.’ I didn’t know whether to tell them or if telling them would massively disappoint them and ruin their day. I had to tell them.”

Me: “Yeah, what if they posted that photo somewhere saying ‘this is the guy from Game of Thrones and somebody said ‘actually, no, that’s Hunter Hayes?’”

Hunter: “Hahaha. That’s funny!”

Conversation: Sawyer/Aiden

sawyerdominates :

I definitely will be hitting you up to hangout again, and hopefully the night ends in my apartment again.  But seriously, that wasn’t the only reason I enjoyed the night with you.

I had a lot of fun too, even before we made it back to your place. Who would have known with enough tequila you become the perfect performer. 

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Can I request a jimin scenario where he has a crush in his class? Maybe super fluffy and romantic please ;u;

Reasons To (And Not To) Fall Asleep In Class (Jimin X Reader)

I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you enjoy my story

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Wendy’s (n.m.)

| Requested by jadayahmaloley-grier: can you do a Nate imagine where Nate and Y/N have had 4 kids and like get a night out


“So, where are we going?” I asked as Nate pulled politely pulled the car door open.

I stepped into the passengers seat next to him while thinking about where he wanted to take me.

Since we had four little ones, we didn’t have a lot time for ourselves. Nate thought it would be fun to have a little night out for us alone. “I can’t tell you. I want to surprise my lady.” I smiled and Nate grabbed my hand. “Just like old times.” He softly mumbled.

“Remember when we used to go to Wendy’s like every single day?” I smiled at the memory. Nate and I had been together for over five years now and we managed to stay together till the day of today.

“God yes. I felt like a ball of diabetes.” I chuckled. “But I loved it.”

“Me too. But we have four little ones to take care of.”

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