These two were my favorite~ 

New art from my Klance fanfic Let me catch my breath

I had a lot of fun with this one- and I’ve decided, I live for the chance to make these little paladins blush- I LIVE FOR THOSE MOMENTS! (As well as putting them in cute little clothes cause they dress Keith up all cute in this chapter XD)

Camp Half Blood Necklaces for sale:

We had a lot of fun making these, and we think it might be a cool way to earn some extra cash, being poor ass college students. 

So we were thinking:

15 for a necklace with the first four beads from the first series:

(The Titan’s Curse took place in the winter, so there is no bead for that.)

And then an additional dollar per extra beads such as two I made up in honor of the alliance of the camp as well as Apollo’s arrival/departure:

(Looks like this on either side:)

And finally, an extra dollar for any other custom beads. For example my friends and I roleplay and came up with two new quests for our own characters which resulted in these beads:

So if you and your friends have your own roleplay for a new summer, just tell us what would be on the bead! 

What do you guys think? PS: These are my friends-

@supbeyotchitsme @zer0thecupcakeprincess 

Also go follow our RP blog: @tiny-angry-demigods :D

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I bet Ryuk is having a lot of fun with how Sangwoo thinks, even if he'a not really using the death note

You can bet Ryuk’s gonna be sticking around that boy a lot longer than he had initially planned to ( ಥ‿ಥ)

Be With Me For Evermore - Chapter 4 - quicksiluers - Beauty and the Beast (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

The servants of the castle turn back into their true selves and celebrate, while Maurice finds his way back to the castle and is in for a surprise.

Another one-shot! This one has the castle’s staff and has some extra bits of Lumiere/Plumette that some people asked fir a few days ago! Enjoy! :)

kazephantom  asked:

Love your art! And so happy to see the Brakken Spiderverse growing, but if I could make just one selfish request, er, suggestion, Mayday Parker design maybe?

Since the original story has her donning Ben Reilly’s costume, I thought I’d try making it less form-fitting here - as if she’s put it on, found it too big, and had to make do with a bit of DIY tape and velcro! Whaddaya think? :)

It was a lot of fun combining facial features of makeoververse MJ & Peter to get a look for her.

I guess this also serves as a tease for whenever I get around to a sketch of Scarlet Spider, haha.

And glad you’re diggin’ the arts :) I remember talking Spidey designs with you some time ago - cool to see you around!

aly-the-alligator  asked:

I really love Beauty and the Beast meihem au! I've seen some people already do it (my self included) but I want to see your take on it!

The library scene will always be my favourite <3 Please full view for all the details!

Thank you so much for your ask, I had a lot of fun with it! :D 

If someone of you has a SFW Meihem drawing OR writing prompt as well, you all are more than welcome to leave it in the Meihem Mailbox! There are more I am dedicating myself to in the next few days, but I am always happy to see more of them coming in! :) 

Look I just don’t want to do my homework that’s due at nine tonight, even though it’s easy, it’s kinda boring shit, so.

Have some more of that Mer!Sam IronFalcon AU that I last wrote for forever ago…. Thank @bloody-bee-tea for telling me I DID need to write more of it, and also being fun to taunt with threats of non-angst.

The problem, Sam decided, was that Tony quite decidedly did not want Sam involved. In much of anything even remotely dangerous.

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6 mile Sunday

My youngest son Jack and I road tripped to KC to hang with Tiff and her son. The boys had a lot of fun at Dave and Busters and then took them to the local bar to play some pool, air hockey, and darts. We’re good parents like that :)

Got home, laundry, lifted, and ran 6 miles. Was really surprised at my pace, and I’ll take it :)

My oldest son Max is heading to Mexico with my neighbors and his son…he’s totally stoked. . I am taking them to the airport at 4:30 AM….so that’ll be a blast 😐 (I am not stoked).

OOC: I am at 100 followers and this is my 500′th post. I guess this should be some sort of milestone.

I just wanted to say you’re all wonderful people. I was immediately welcomed into this weird little community and I’ve had a lot of fun. People have made fanart, fanmixes, and other small contributions to this blog that have legitimately made me happy in what would otherwise be a very dull and somewhat stressful chapter in my life.

Seeing you all interact with this blog during the day is nice. I legitimately look forward to coming home from work and getting to responses.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m not a huge “fandom” guy. I’m not the most social nor am I the most sociable, but I haven’t regretted joining this one.

You’ve all been a wonderful group of weirdos, here’s to more adventures.

Fic for X-Files Tipsy Challenge

A/N: I honestly don’t remember when I passed out but I did. And this was written and left open on my laptop. And I have no title for this

@kateyes224 I had so much fun with this. But I was just hurting this morning. A lot.

She did not know what made herself trust him. Was it his gaze? Or the lingering touches? Or when did she learn to trust other people?

That was stupid.

Of course, she trusted people. She trusted her mother. Her father. Her sister and brothers. She trusted her priest. She trusted her doctor. She could trust people.

But her partner. Her brand new partner.


She trusted him. Didn’t she?

Laying in the cot of some dead man, her partner slept on the floor not too far from her at an odd angle. His jaw was slacked, drool slightly coming down his mouth. While part of her found that mildly erotic (what was wrong with her) she felt safer. The ordeal was said and done. People were dead. The case was solved. They had pulled guns on each other. She had touched his back, he touched hers, and somehow their trust had been tested and survived.

But she learned one thing, sleeping the the bunk of a dead man and watching her partner drool across the room. She trusted him, probably more than she had with anyone else. Maybe he was the only one she could trust in this new line of work…

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I kinda feel like crying cause I had some thoughts about never being able to meet Mark or Jack cause I can't afford to travel and if it's okay I might need a hug

Aw sweetie, I know it’s not a very fun thought to have but please don’t give up hope! Mark is going on tour and Jack is currently trying to as well, so that’s a lot of extra opportunities if they end up going somewhere close to you! If not then there’s always trying to save up for a convention. It would be difficult but definitely not impossible.

Just please don’t give up okay? There is a LOT of time for things to fall into place.

I hope you end up meeting them. I really do. *hugs tightly* <3

Don’t you think spoonies go through a lot that would send other people off to hospital in the back of an ambulance?
Like last night when my heart rate was 157bpm and I had palpitations and the worst pain I’ve ever had in my chest. I couldn’t work it out as I’d been asleep and the pain woke me up, it was horrific.
So I just lay there for a couple of minutes unable to breathe or call for help, all the while thinking this can’t be an anxiety attack, this can’t be stress… Anyway it went off in the end and I went back to sleep lol.

Here's How To Actually Become A Runner In One Month
Great for brand new runners and exercisers, and anyone who's always wanted to run but never stuck with it.
By BuzzFeed Promotions

I don’t like this.

Most of this is fine and truthful. It talks about how some people really race and others sign up just to have fun - we all know that’s true. A lot of the advice is sound and they make sure to tell people to get fitted for good shoes.

I do not like that this guy, Jason Fitzgerald, says C25K and similar programs are “overly cautious with building mileage.” Fuck you, douchebag.

1. It took me longer than the 9 week C25K to be able to run a 5k… as a first time runner I had a lot to learn including how to properly manage my asthma.

2. You cannot make a blanket statement like that - everyone is different and everyone runs at their own pace. Some people only need the 4 weeks he recommends. Others need longer for a variety of reasons. Who the fuck are you to tell them they’re being overly cautious?? Expert or not, you’re an ass.

3. It’s irresponsible for Buzzfeed not to mention that while this program may work for a lot of people, it may not work for everyone. Some people may need an extra rest day. Others may blow through this. But to not mention that you should do this at your own pace is just plain irresponsible and stupid.

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I'd just like to say that as an older fan of the series, in my late-20s, I've never had as much fun watching nor been this emotionally invested in any show than Star Vs. How often do you guys share your life experiences with these characters when making the episodes?

Hey, thank you! I love that this show can transcend “age groups” and entertain anybody of any age. On a board-driven show we are given a lot of opportunities to insert our own life experiences into the boards, but it might be hard to pin down what that is, exactly. It could be the way a character wears their towel. Or the way they lean on a corner. A lot of it is just the way characters act! If you notice that Star acts a little more subdued in one episode and a little more wacky in another, it could be that those were the effect of two different people drawing her and acting with the way they would act in that situation. You kind of get a little glimpse into an artist’s way of life sometimes–but it’s interesting, because almost every panel is a collaboration between multiple artists (board artists, revisionists, and directors, plus more artists and writers in other departments) so it can become this funny mix of a lot of artistic points of view, and somewhere in there is where the magic can happen and the characters begin to be believable and alive as their own, unique person, with their own life experiences. I think that’s where we as audience members become invested, too. Now they feel real, and we want to know what happens to them and if they’ll be okay.