Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 5 - Floral (5/?)

Painted Claire’s floral dress this week since it’s officially spring now! After doing so many black and white paintings it was fun to use some colors!

Have a fantastic week, we’re one week closer to September :)


These two were my favorite~ 

New art from my Klance fanfic Let me catch my breath

I had a lot of fun with this one- and I’ve decided, I live for the chance to make these little paladins blush- I LIVE FOR THOSE MOMENTS! (As well as putting them in cute little clothes cause they dress Keith up all cute in this chapter XD)

Be With Me For Evermore - Chapter 4 - quicksiluers - Beauty and the Beast (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

The servants of the castle turn back into their true selves and celebrate, while Maurice finds his way back to the castle and is in for a surprise.

Another one-shot! This one has the castle’s staff and has some extra bits of Lumiere/Plumette that some people asked fir a few days ago! Enjoy! :)

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I bet Ryuk is having a lot of fun with how Sangwoo thinks, even if he'a not really using the death note

You can bet Ryuk’s gonna be sticking around that boy a lot longer than he had initially planned to ( ಥ‿ಥ)

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Love your art! And so happy to see the Brakken Spiderverse growing, but if I could make just one selfish request, er, suggestion, Mayday Parker design maybe?

Since the original story has her donning Ben Reilly’s costume, I thought I’d try making it less form-fitting here - as if she’s put it on, found it too big, and had to make do with a bit of DIY tape and velcro! Whaddaya think? :)

It was a lot of fun combining facial features of makeoververse MJ & Peter to get a look for her.

I guess this also serves as a tease for whenever I get around to a sketch of Scarlet Spider, haha.

And glad you’re diggin’ the arts :) I remember talking Spidey designs with you some time ago - cool to see you around!

Hi Mister! A few weeks ago I told you that my best friend (of five years) and I had our first little space play date together and we’ve decided to buy a house together recently (that requires big girl pants!!) and so we were doing some new house shopping and we got lots of cute things & I wanted to share it with you!! 💓

oh my sweet moses… okay, packing up all my stuff. have my room ready when I arrive. 

seriously though, you guys are going to have soooo much fun. be sure to send pictures of your adventures often!

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Hi! I don't know if you saw that old video "Man Wakes Up After Surgery And Hits On His Own Wife!", (it's on youtube)... Could you please write the guys' reactions if Gardienne wake up high after a surgery without recognizing them and blatantly flirting on them (and they are already married for a long time)? Pleeease?

I hadn’t see that video before, but it’s super cute! I had a lot of fun writing this, and I hope you enjoy it, Anon!


  • Was really worried at first.
  • Why didn’t you recognize him? Did you have amnesia or something?
  • He calms down significantly when Eweleïn tells him you’re just high.
  • Then he’s milking the situation for all it’s worth.
  • “Aw, you think I’m cute? That’s so sweet~”
  • He’d tell he’s your husband, but he’s enjoying your flirting attempts waaay too much to try and stop them.
  • He brings it up all the time after your surgery, and loves to embarrass you with the memory.


  • He’s trying to pretend he’s amused, but honestly, he’s more embarrassed.
  • You’ve never flirted so openly with him and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.
  • That doesn’t stop him from pranking you though.
  • He tells you he’s an angel and all sorts of lies like that, and since you’re currently incapable of rationalising, you believe every word.
  • After you’ve recovered, Ez teases you endlessly about the whole thing, and bring it up whenever he can. Unfortunately for him, you remember very vividly what made him blush the hardest, and he’s not the only one who can do some teasing.


  • Though Val seems rather uninterested, the small grin on his face reveals his amusement and he’s really enjoying the scenario.
  • He does feel a bit guilty for laughing at your drugged up form, but you’re the perfect mix of cute and funny. He just can’t help himself.
  • It only gets more amusing as you go on, and soon Valkyon is shaking with barely contained laughter.
  • When he reveals he’s your husband, your reaction makes him laugh again, but this time it’s more a bashful laugh and he’s blushing.

6 mile Sunday

My youngest son Jack and I road tripped to KC to hang with Tiff and her son. The boys had a lot of fun at Dave and Busters and then took them to the local bar to play some pool, air hockey, and darts. We’re good parents like that :)

Got home, laundry, lifted, and ran 6 miles. Was really surprised at my pace, and I’ll take it :)

My oldest son Max is heading to Mexico with my neighbors and his son…he’s totally stoked. . I am taking them to the airport at 4:30 AM….so that’ll be a blast 😐 (I am not stoked).


Piddling around with skybox mods. The  sun is pretty small there, probably smaller than I want but I was trying to get a baseline number to work up from. I do a lot of world building on paper and have had an idea for a binary planetary system to have my sims “live” in for some time. I never messed with the idea seriously because I thought it’d be too difficult to pull off and frankly it may still be out of reach for me but I thought it’d be a fun project non the less.  I think this custom moon replacement I whipped up looks passable enough for what I had in mind for one of the planets to be. It’s an artists rendering of exoplanet Kepler-62f I found on google. 

From Canada, With love

I just wanted to say that I’m absolutely blown away by how many people participated. I’ve found out about so many incredible writers, artists and other talented content creators through this and I can’t wait to see more of what everyone comes up with. I can’t wait to do it all again in a year!

I’d also like to say a special thanks to everyone who sent me asks and replies letting me know how much you liked the theme and the backround/header photos, it really means a lot to me. You can always find more at my photography blog @images-of-the-canadian-dream and everything is free to use as long as you give credit. Thanks to Inkstranger for having me on board, I’ve had so much fun!


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I kinda feel like crying cause I had some thoughts about never being able to meet Mark or Jack cause I can't afford to travel and if it's okay I might need a hug

Aw sweetie, I know it’s not a very fun thought to have but please don’t give up hope! Mark is going on tour and Jack is currently trying to as well, so that’s a lot of extra opportunities if they end up going somewhere close to you! If not then there’s always trying to save up for a convention. It would be difficult but definitely not impossible.

Just please don’t give up okay? There is a LOT of time for things to fall into place.

I hope you end up meeting them. I really do. *hugs tightly* <3

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Do you remember my last ask about ware wolf Gladio and him reviling his true form to female reader when she was in danger in order to protect her from Ardyn? Well what if this time ware wolf Gladio and his now s/o and the boys were at the beach enjoining themselves, splashing the female reader and teasing her about how she ended up with Gladiolus, having a picnic and getting to know gladio's s/o and then to have their fun interrupted by Ardyn and his MTs. Can you all so add NSFW for gladio & s/o

I’m gonna post the NSFW separately and it will be placed on the other blog as well. (I really need to write in that omggg) ~ Lykos

It amused everyone how much a werewolf could actually move in terms of agility. Gladio, being the big and bulk mess of a supernatural man, had some… But not a lot.

For example, and the one that Prompto can’t stop laughing his behind off, surfing.

Gladio could barely stand on the board let alone go over the small waves by the coast of Galdin Quay.

He doesn’t even dare to try and go up to the tides running along the main section of the ocean.

He said it’s because of the water messing up his werewolf reflexes.

It provided a good amount of footage for the four of us, mainly Prompto and I, for us to remember this day for some time to come.

So when he finally fell off of the board for the hundredth time, he gave up with a small pout.

I smirked and tossed his a towel before he settled down next to me to watch the bigger waves crash against the golden sand. It was beautiful how the crystal blues of the waves mixed with the bright yellow rays from the sun to create a perfect white foam to absorb in the sand.

I placed a small kiss on Gladio’s shoulder and snuggled up to his side.

“At least you tried,” I said as laid my head on his warm skin. “That’s all that matters.”

He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me into his lap before placing his chin on the top of my head.

“I guess you’re right babe,” he said as his hands planted themselves on the curves of my hips.

My phone buzzed and I took it out of my shorts pocket to see a text from my best friend.

‘LOL,’ they texted.

“Did you record me and send it to them?” Gladio growled in my ear.

“Maybe,” I said with a small smirk.

He quickly stood up and grabbed me, pulling me up into the air and causing me to drop my phone in the sand.

“Wait! What are you doing? Gladdy!” I called as I squirmed in his grip.

“Punishing you,” he smirked as we neared the water.

“No! Noctis! Get out from your umbrella and help me you undead blood bag!” I growled as I grabbed on to his umbrella.

He quickly unhooked my fingers from the black material and smirked before waving a hand at me.

“Have fun!” he called.

Prompto gave me that look that meant sorry and Ignis just deadpanned and sipped from his Ebony can while giving you those eyes as well.

Gladio marched out until his knees were covered in the shimmering blue liquid before he dumped me straight down into the water. He quickly lifted me back up and placed me on his chest while looking down at me with glowing orange eyes.

“Did you learn your lesson?” he joked.

“It’ll stay funny for awhile,” I warned as I crossed my arms.

He shrugged and leaned down.

“Back in you go!” he said as he dipped me back in the water for a few seconds.

When he pulled me back up, I slapped hi chest playfully and crossed my arms.

“I hate you,” I said as I eyed him with fire in my eyes.

“You love me,” he growled as he showed me his fanged smile.

He started to lean down just as hair started growing out from his jaw to kiss me, and I couldn’t help but be pulled in.

He moved his hand just enough to hold me closer to his warm body, his claws moving past my tank top to prick my skin.

If we weren’t in public, he would take me right here in the sand and ocean.

If that woman wasn’t screaming that people were dropping from the sky, he would snarl and try to get in my shorts.


Gladio pulled back and looked up at the sky just as I did to see MTs falling into the ocean and on the shore.

He growled and gripped my legs tighter before he set me down quickly.

“Stay,” he ordered as he flashed his eyes at me.

His eyes held that look that forced my legs to be still in the water as he rushed off to tear them all apart with his bare hands and claws.

As the boys were fighting and the citizens flee, I didn’t notice him coming up behind me until he placed a cold and disgusting hand on my shoulder and spun me around to press a hand to my mouth and another to my throat.

As I struggled, he laughed and squeezed a bit harder.

“Look at what we have here,” he growled.

‘Ardyn!’ my brain screamed as my body went into sheer panic.

He chuckled and gripped my neck a little tighter before his eyes flashed gold.

“Looks like someone remembered me. I’m back for my evaluation.”

Just as he said that, there was a vicious and spine-chilling snarl straight out of a horror movie that came from right behind us.

Ardyn just rolled his eyes and sighed in annoyance before picking me up by my throat and moving me to the side as I dangled in the air while trying to breathe.

I looked towards the shore to see him standing there.

Patches of his dark brown fur were singed black from the electricity shooting out from the wires of the MTs, tubes and wires were sticking out from his fangs along with saliva and rabid foam dripping from in between his large teeth. His eyes though, they were cloudy with an alien rage as the fur on the back of his neck and spine started stick up on ends.

“It’s you,” Ardyn sneered. Gladio just snarled and stalked closer. “I suggest you stop that right now before she loses her throat,” Ardyn warned as his hand clamped down even tighter on my skin causing me to cry out a bit. “That wouldn’t be pretty and it won’t be a good sight to see, now would it?”

I looked back at Gladio to see a small tuff of blonde hair and a small tuff of black har move up behind the rocks by the shore behind his massive shoulder.

I didn’t think about it too much, but when something zipped right past my face and into Ardyn’s wrist, I was fully aware.

I was dropped into the water and emerged just in time to see Ardyn yell out and dig a sniper bullet out of his bone. But when he was done, he was lifted up by the massive hand that was wrapped around his neck curtosity of Gladio and was practically mauled to death within two seconds.

He looked back at me with his ears pressed to his skull and nuzzled me with his cold snout before whimpering.

“I’m fine babe,” I choked out as I rubbed his cheek.

He quickly picked me up and rushed me out into a different direction that the other bros until he stopped right in front of a small cabin.

NSFW part coming soon. ;3

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Trans Kobra with his one treasured possession being his binder. He tries to wash it as often as possible if he finds any stray water which is clean enough to do the job. Sometimes he still wonders if he is trans enough or if he is going through a phase but these worries are almost always picked up on and he will alway remember the day that Fun Ghoul lashed out at that one girl who kept misgendering him. They met her as they were sleeping in one of the few buildings they had managed to squat in

I think binders are highly valuable in the Zones. It’s hard to find people who can make them right, so a lot of Killjoys resort to wearing layers, even in the heat. Newer Killjoys sometimes use bandages, which can result in injuries and cracked ribs. Kobra keeps a close eye on his binder when he’s not wearing it and always makes sure it’s stored safely.

Send me trans Kobra headcanons!

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Protective natasha being perfectly ok with commiting murder to protect shy!tony. Protective natasha finding a family where she didnt expect it. Just, nat and tony epic protective broship

Agreed. Agreed. A-FREAKING-GREED!!! I’m always here for the breathtaking awesomeness that awaits us in the IronWidow bromance! Just to be clear, shy Tony is off-limits as far as Natasha is concerned. 

And while you might assume that simply goes for villains, out-of-line gossip rags, too persistent reporters and the occasional sharp-tongued gala guest (it does, Nat destroys them–except for the occasional villain. She can’t ruin her favourite person’s fun after all), the same also goes for possible suitors. 

Never mind that Tony has had a lot of flings, short-term and even a hand full of long-term relationships, as far as Natasha is concerned none of that matters. She watches the team with hawk-eyes (and some very painful Widow Bites to back up her threats). (That does absolutely not keep her from making dirty jokes and watch everyone around her squirm)

The worst part is, Tony knows exactly what’s going on and enjoys it too much to put a stop to it. Because he could, if he asked Nat would stop, she respects him too much not to. But because he hasn’t asked, she’s taken that as an implicit permission to run wild. 

A moment of silence for the suffering Tony’s team mates, love interests and complete strangers have to endure please.

Here's How To Actually Become A Runner In One Month
Great for brand new runners and exercisers, and anyone who's always wanted to run but never stuck with it.
By BuzzFeed Promotions

I don’t like this.

Most of this is fine and truthful. It talks about how some people really race and others sign up just to have fun - we all know that’s true. A lot of the advice is sound and they make sure to tell people to get fitted for good shoes.

I do not like that this guy, Jason Fitzgerald, says C25K and similar programs are “overly cautious with building mileage.” Fuck you, douchebag.

1. It took me longer than the 9 week C25K to be able to run a 5k… as a first time runner I had a lot to learn including how to properly manage my asthma.

2. You cannot make a blanket statement like that - everyone is different and everyone runs at their own pace. Some people only need the 4 weeks he recommends. Others need longer for a variety of reasons. Who the fuck are you to tell them they’re being overly cautious?? Expert or not, you’re an ass.

3. It’s irresponsible for Buzzfeed not to mention that while this program may work for a lot of people, it may not work for everyone. Some people may need an extra rest day. Others may blow through this. But to not mention that you should do this at your own pace is just plain irresponsible and stupid.


On the Spot Comissions!

Dammit, I was a nervous wreck when I did these. I still can’t draw in public. My head goes blank when thinking of new poses. I still had fun either way. Thanks for being patient, and I learned a lot from these. I might cut back on comissions next time, haha! Markers take a while to master.

Sorry for the distorted angle and blurry pics. O.o

Don’t you think spoonies go through a lot that would send other people off to hospital in the back of an ambulance?
Like last night when my heart rate was 157bpm and I had palpitations and the worst pain I’ve ever had in my chest. I couldn’t work it out as I’d been asleep and the pain woke me up, it was horrific.
So I just lay there for a couple of minutes unable to breathe or call for help, all the while thinking this can’t be an anxiety attack, this can’t be stress… Anyway it went off in the end and I went back to sleep lol.

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I'd just like to say that as an older fan of the series, in my late-20s, I've never had as much fun watching nor been this emotionally invested in any show than Star Vs. How often do you guys share your life experiences with these characters when making the episodes?

Hey, thank you! I love that this show can transcend “age groups” and entertain anybody of any age. On a board-driven show we are given a lot of opportunities to insert our own life experiences into the boards, but it might be hard to pin down what that is, exactly. It could be the way a character wears their towel. Or the way they lean on a corner. A lot of it is just the way characters act! If you notice that Star acts a little more subdued in one episode and a little more wacky in another, it could be that those were the effect of two different people drawing her and acting with the way they would act in that situation. You kind of get a little glimpse into an artist’s way of life sometimes–but it’s interesting, because almost every panel is a collaboration between multiple artists (board artists, revisionists, and directors, plus more artists and writers in other departments) so it can become this funny mix of a lot of artistic points of view, and somewhere in there is where the magic can happen and the characters begin to be believable and alive as their own, unique person, with their own life experiences. I think that’s where we as audience members become invested, too. Now they feel real, and we want to know what happens to them and if they’ll be okay.