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2 B Chat (preferably Marichat but thats me being greedy) for the Falling in Love meme ^_^

Kitty ears are very sensitive and Marinette is going to use that in her advantage.

Blush meme

I’m not taking more requests im finishing the ones i have

!!! Okay so I went outside last night to get something out of the car and like I heard something in the bird feeder so I went over there right? And it looked like a leaf was on top of it so I was like “oh okay” but then that leaf FLEW off of it and onto the tree ;;; and then another creature flew onto the tree and long story short, turns out they were flying squirrels !!!! They’re hella cute but they’re super fast when running on the branches like they just nyoom everywhere,, but they’re so cute and I love them

does anyone else do this thing where no matter how many times people tell you that they want to know how you’re really feeling, even when it’s bad, you just feel like they’re lying? like they don’t really wanna hear it?


acowar countdown challenge:
favourite saddest scene from acotar

but I was being ripped apart from the inside out, and I thrashed, unable to out-scream the pain.
“feyre!” someone roared. no, not someone - rhysand.