People tell me how awesome I am because I read books

They don’t know that I read to forget myself and sometimes cry over the pages

They don’t know how I hide behind the covers and I try to escape how shitty my parents are to me because I read too much but it’s actually the only reason why I keep going

Books are my only escape.

Get ready for some white girl problems
My skin was fully clear and radiant and amazing for a full two years AND NOW IM OFF THE MEDS FOR IT AND ITS BACK TO ITS OLD WAYS fucking acne everywhere mate because I’m resistant to this medication i h8 my birth parents for BOTH HAVINF OILY ASS AS FUCK SKIN why did you but now I’m going to take the pill and it will take three months to see results trust me people acne makes u feel like shit but the pill increases appetite and bruh I don’t wanna eat more though ‘cause eh eh EH I already eat a fair amount AJD I HAVE NO IMPULSE CONTROL satan these are my basic problems

sounds-gay--im-in asked:

12 24 44 45 and I love your blog so much omg

12: Relationship status:
- I’m single, but I have a thing for someone ♥╭╮♥

24: My relationship with my parents:
- tbh I use to h8 my mum, but now I see how much she means to me, but now I sorta hate my dad ;~;

44: A random fact about anything:
- mY BIRTHDAY IS IN 19 daYS!!1!1!’ ((March 24th))


im a bit nervous about going to the psy tomorrow…… i never went there before…..i h8 this……. and my parents are going 2 be there like no wtf im going there because of ur shitty attitude i dont see why any of you would come :-))

i h8 being on the phone w a parent while im with my friends bc i’ll be talking to my friends and forget my mom/dad is there and i end up swearing/saying something super inappropriate EVERY TIME i h8 it

danielleisnotonfire replied to your post “[[MOR] fucking christ i’m gonna rant about how i h8 my parents…”

That’s really stupid. I’m sorry :/ Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?? Or like less sad?

christ dani (can i call you dani or is that off limits?) you just existing makes me less sad????????? like thanks for being real. you make my day A+ ily so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

i can’t help but roll my eyes @ posts talkin bout how “smh some of you guys don’t respect your parents what’s wrong w you” 

congrats on ur functional and loving family that was built on respect and love. mine was built on shouting and curses and manipulation. sorry i don’t kiss the ass of the woman responsible for most of my current issues enough 4 you (: i’ll make sure to interrupt her next time she’s screaming at me that i’m a nasty little bitch to tell her how much i respect her (:

Name: Severus Marcus Snape II
Blood Status: Vampire-Siren Wizard Hybrid (Deceased)
Eye colour: Purple-Grey with black flecks
Age: 18 (I think)
Birthdate/Deathdate: 3/1
Height: 6’1 (But I’m always floating so I dun think it matters much)

Description: … You can see me? Oh. Well then hi. So I’m Severus II and I’m a ghost. Uh. According to Lord Hades I died as a child (not even I was a miscarriage) but because I’m his descendant I just kept growing up dead in the Underworld and now I’ve gathered enough power to float round on Earth. I don’t want to see my family yet… No point in making them sad really… I can’t ever be with them for good.

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