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So, if they do an animated DC movie for the Outlaws, who would you want as who? Personally, I still love Jensen Ackles as Jason especially since he's got a rougher, gruffer voice now compared to 7 years ago.

Artemis - proper accent pls. Preferably someone from the area Bana-Mighdall actually is and not an American putting on a fake accent but I know i ask a lot. Voice actress must sound like she’s ready and willing to kill everyone at a moment’s notice. 

Bizarro - whoever they have doing Clark Kent, if he’s good. I am very out of date with DC Animated Universe I can barely watch a youtube video these days. If they try stereotypical zombie voice or try to act ‘dumb’, shoot them from the nearest canon and keep them away from my precious baby. 

Jason - I’m sorry but Jensen sounded too old 7 years ago and it’s probably only worse now. That kid who played teen Jason in Under the Red Hood maybe i legit don’t know. I’d say his Arkham voice actor but Troy Baker is in everything it’s time to give someone else a go. 

Anywho, on the subject of P5, I’m working on a little thing where Akira and Ryuji get Yusuke to relax via smoking with them (I was nostalgic for my misspent high school years today and it shows). Entirely overly sexual shotgunning and all that fun shit.

Can’t decide if Mishima gets to come along or not. I feel like he should get to come. Poor little high strung dear. But I also feel like he’d be one of those paranoid spaz out types of smoker. You know that guy. Everyone knows *that* guy (and if you don’t you’re probably that guy) 


For National Kissing Day, I just drew my favorite ships~

I was going to do Melanie and Ignacio, him giving her a forehead kiss, but the pose tired me out…..;;

Denna belongs to @soundlessroom

Daiki belongs to @scarlet959


No but seriously my playlist consisted of Super Mario 1,2&3, Super Mario World, 64, Sunshine and Super Smash Bros from Meelee to SSB4.ย 


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DATE: 31/05/2017

Ayyyayayayayayayyyyyyy where to even BEGINโ€ฆ
OH YES! Told ya Part 3 was a treat :D

I wanna go over something quicklyโ€ฆ

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remember all those theories in at that were like ‘OMFG FINN IS GOING TO LOSE HIS ARM???? WTF!11′ like way back when and now its just like ‘ah. he’s lost his arm again. that rascal. it keeps running off please stay put on that arm socket’

My timing… is IMPECCABLE!  …No, no, it actually really freaking sucks.  This blog JUST got off the ground, and here I am, making a hiatus post ^^;

whhhhhaaaaa?  A hiatus post?  Yeah.  I’m actually going overseas Monday night, and I’ll be gone for about two and a half weeks (July 3rd - July 19th) with no guarantee of internet access ^^;.  I’m also definitely NOT taking my laptop for safety reasons, so even if I do have wifi and time to use it, I’ll only have mobile .w. unless I manage to smuggle along a chromebook, but idk how that’ll go over with my parents so probably not

So what does this mean for roleplaying?  If I have internet, I’ll still be hanging around in my IMs, albeit with veeeeeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy long delays.  I probably won’t reply to any threads, simply because I hate typing/formatting on mobile, but if you’re willing to deal with the mess I can try ^^;  I most likely won’t be doing any digital art (I’ve got an app on my phone but drawing with your fingers is hard ewe), though I might make some traditional sketches if I have the chance.  I might do some simple, easy ask memes, but we’ll see.  If I don’t have internet… well, there’s a bunch of aesthetic stuff queued up I guess?  Any activity I do manage will be very limited and very slow .w.

If we have a thread going, don’t worry, I will get to it afterwards if you’re alright with having to wait a bit!  I’m still totally down to write and interact with you, it’s just that I do have a life offline ^^;  And if we haven’t interacted yet and you want to plot, I’d still love to do that!  …Just, again, it’ll be delayed.  So yeah.

I AM really excited for this trip though, it’s going to be super cool o3o  My family and I are going backpacking through the mountains for part of it (for which I am least likely to have internet, but we’re staying in huts, so maybe???), and it’s going to be great!  I just won’t really be able to roleplay much if at all during that time, so r.i.p. me.  Ah, well.  If you’re willing to be patient with me, we can still write togetherrrrr ;u;)b