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Any advice to other writers?

yes. it is this: stop listening to advice.

in 2nd grade my advice was stop writing. i’m an adhd cuban kid writing bad poetry, trembling when i raise my hand in public. i get my first (and only) award at this age, when my colorblind self sees a picture incorrectly and writes a poem about the muddiness a toad sits in, where everyone else sees colors, blossoming.

at 15 you will not win awards. nor at 16, or 20, or 23. 

but if this is your heart and soul, you will keep writing. because it doesn’t matter. it doesn’t matter if 215,000 people read your writing, or just 3. what matters is that you write, in margins of papers you lose, in the edges of moleskins you burn, on your exposed skin. you write and write and write until you are drained of it. but you are never, not really, drained of it. 

in the meantime, i learned grammar so specifically i could teach it, so teach it i did, in a better way than i ever learned it. i explained: there, their, and they’re are easy to remember. there has “here” in it, which makes it regarding times or places. their has a little person in the form of “i” in it. that’s about you or other people. “they’re” is the easiest because the apostrophe means “they are”. and that’s the end of things. “breath” and “breathe” are different but related things, when you take a breath, you swallow the “e”, to breathe means you rEleasE the ending. 

and then i crushed it under a boot. a lot of people asked me: how come. but the how is easy. the lower case and all my lack of punctuation and things. i knew the rules and broke them because it was the thing to do. bc it felt weird to talk in a fake way, u know? like i was lying.

so i told the truth. while i talked about superpowers or magic or anything fake. i told the truth. and that’s what makes it real, isn’t it. that we look for the honesty of a moment. nobody says “hey how are you doing?” “oh, i’m fine, how about you?” unless they’re being fake. two friends say “what’s up?” the other says “i’m dead inside fuck you.” 

and you watch. i watch with big eyes. i observe. i know how people talk to each other, how they move in the world. so when she glides through the doors, people turn and look at her. so that blurting isn’t just blurting, it’s meant with uncertainty. so that things have meaning.

people ask me: how come your dialogue is so good? and the truth is: i cheat. i say it out loud, and think: does this flow? does it rest? does it sound like two people talking? “how is that going” “here is exposition about my being a spy i was once in the Russian army” doesn’t sound friendly. two people being like “how’s that vent crawling going?” “oh, you know, lovely, i’m belly-flat and hungry” sounds much more lovely. this is how you fit in character development. i almost never do it without spoken word. why say “she was mad about her past” when i can say “oh, you know, lovely, i’m belly-flat and hungry, but like, you know, they carved out my insides, so, like, extra room, thanks, you fuckers,” works twice as well.

and then i throw it out. people say “here’s a list of words that replace said” so i write a story where people only use said, and it works, because the narrator’s voice is strong enough it carries it on through the universe. and i throw out commas. and i throw out quotation marks. i use whatever i think the words need. and i move forwards.

i think what writers should be afraid of the most is stagnation. not agents or how the audience will take them or how the world will scoop up words or anything. just the healthy fear of constantly rewriting the same thing in different words. that’s the true fear. and this isn’t to say that you can’t write about the same emotions or people. but everything should be a new exploration into a concept. kind of a tall order. 

so i’ll say this. who gives a shit. if you spend 4 years writing a love poetry blog to your significant other, he still ends up hating your poetry. if you write to the wrong person, you feel stupid and numb, endless. in a bad way, i mean.

so write for yourself, always. who cares about notes. i write dumb shit all the time. write because it’s the only thing worth doing. write because people told you to stop.

people ask me all the time “how did you do that!” but the truth is all you need to do is look at the number of posts. at the end of six thousand, you find a way around your land. 

and you find your voice. and that’s all that matters, in the end.

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So, if they do an animated DC movie for the Outlaws, who would you want as who? Personally, I still love Jensen Ackles as Jason especially since he's got a rougher, gruffer voice now compared to 7 years ago.

Artemis - proper accent pls. Preferably someone from the area Bana-Mighdall actually is and not an American putting on a fake accent but I know i ask a lot. Voice actress must sound like she’s ready and willing to kill everyone at a moment’s notice. 

Bizarro - whoever they have doing Clark Kent, if he’s good. I am very out of date with DC Animated Universe I can barely watch a youtube video these days. If they try stereotypical zombie voice or try to act ‘dumb’, shoot them from the nearest canon and keep them away from my precious baby. 

Jason - I’m sorry but Jensen sounded too old 7 years ago and it’s probably only worse now. That kid who played teen Jason in Under the Red Hood maybe i legit don’t know. I’d say his Arkham voice actor but Troy Baker is in everything it’s time to give someone else a go. 

Anywho, on the subject of P5, I’m working on a little thing where Akira and Ryuji get Yusuke to relax via smoking with them (I was nostalgic for my misspent high school years today and it shows). Entirely overly sexual shotgunning and all that fun shit.

Can’t decide if Mishima gets to come along or not. I feel like he should get to come. Poor little high strung dear. But I also feel like he’d be one of those paranoid spaz out types of smoker. You know that guy. Everyone knows *that* guy (and if you don’t you’re probably that guy) 


No but seriously my playlist consisted of Super Mario 1,2&3, Super Mario World, 64, Sunshine and Super Smash Bros from Meelee to SSB4. 


DATE: 31/05/2017

Ayyyayayayayayayyyyyyy where to even BEGIN…
OH YES! Told ya Part 3 was a treat :D

I wanna go over something quickly…

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who is more likely to hurt the other? this is so angsty?? but uhhh i can see tony accidentally saying something that hurts mike’s feelings w/o realizing it ;-;
who is emotionally stronger? idk i think they’re both pretty strong in this sense? tony might be a little bit more so though
who is physically stronger? mike. he’s tried to pick tony up and carry him around more than once….
who is more likely to break a bone? mike. tony is way too cautious lol
who knows best what to say to upset the other? tony. like….. he can occasionally hurt mike’s feelings without realizing, but he’s also good at playfully making fun of mike in his typical deadpan way
who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? mike. tony is (usually) too stubborn.
who treats who’s wounds more often? mike secretly has like… a really protective streak…… so he’s always super willing to help tony w anything like this, y’know, helping him if he gets injured, caring for him when he’s sick, all that stuff….
who is in constant need of comfort? tony, but he’s not always good at xpressing it…. luckily mike has sorta learned to read him and comfort him when he needs it.
who gets more jealous? tony. he doesn’t like to admit it tho.
who’s most likely to walk out on the other? hhh i think tony’s more likely to walk out on mike tbh
who will propose? hmmmm i could see either tbh? maybe mike would be a bit more likely but honestly this could go either way
who has the most difficult parents? mike, i think.
who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? mike !!
who comes up for the other all the time? (im taking this to mean ‘who stands up for the other’) mike !
who hogs the blankets? tony!! he gets cold easily :>
who gets more sad? tony does, but he’s also better at hiding it.
who is better at cheering the other up? mike. he usually knows how to bring tony out of a grumpy mood.
who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? tony’s doin the slapping here
who is more streetwise? mike.
who is more wise? tonyyyyy
who’s the shyest? tony !
who boasts about the other more? mike does- “look at my talented boyfriend u guysss”- tony thinks just as highly of mike, but he’s not really the type to brag abt him.
who sits on who’s lap? tony sits on mike’s lap simply bc mike’s legs are too long for this to work the other way around lol


Joint venture with @heart-attack-harry

Chapter 5


It had been almost a week since the party.  A week of not talking to Fiona at all.  She wouldn’t answer me no matter what I did.  

I tried apologizing.


I tried being cute.


I tried being funny.


I thought about going to Starbucks but cornering her at work where she couldn’t escape seemed rude.  So I did the next best thing.  I parked my ass outside of her house and waited until she got home.

I played every game on my phone at least twice.  I organized my Spotify into playlists.  I even went through and cleaned out my contacts.

She finally drove up after four hours.  She slowed when she saw my truck, she knew I was here.  I stepped out onto the street, closing my door and shoving my hands into my pockets.  

She rolled her eyes, I could see it from where I was standing it was so pronounced.  She pulled her car into the driveway and killed the engine.  I waited until she got out, which she took her sweet time doing, I might add.

She locked the door and made her way towards me, looking both ways before she crossed the street.  She folded her arms over her chest,

“Hey.”  She said after a few moments of awkward silence.

If I’d have been smarter I’d have sat in my truck for the last four hours and figured out what I was going to say.  But, I didn’t.

I took a breath,


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AAH its midnight here so MERRY CHRISTMAS I GUESSSSSSS tomorrow I will wake early to cook togheter my brother for the dinner!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 maybe infact tomorrow I will not be active and I think you too guys!
don’t stay infront the computers and stay with your family <3 NIGHT NIGHT!! <3